Air Conditioning Installation in Plano, TX – Indoor Home Air Quality

Air Conditioning Installation in Plano, TX – Indoor Home Air Quality

Air Conditioning Installation in Plano, TX – Typically when we think about air quality, we think of the outdoors.  When it comes to our Texas homes, we should really be thinking about indoor air quality.  Usually indoor air quality will be worse off than the air quality outdoors.  Low indoor air quality can lead to many health problems such as allergies, illness and more.  In this article we will discuss tips for assisting in keeping the indoor air in your home fresh, crisp and free from harmful air pollutants.

Keep your home clean – Cleaning your home on a regular basis will avoid dust, allergen and particle build up. You should make sure to dust and vacuum your home at least once a week.  When cleaning, make sure you clean fans and the dust off the ceiling near fans as they will circulate the air around your home.

Filter Replacement – You can help maintain your HVAC system and keep it working efficiently by changing out the filters based upon the manufacturer’s instructions.  By replacing filters you will help ensure the indoor air quality of your home as well as avoid potentially costly repairs or replacements further down the road.

Make sure your home is dry – Excessive moisture in your home will increase the likelihood of mold and mildew growth.  If there is too much moisture in your home you can rectify this by installing a dehumidifier.  Dehumidifiers work with existing HVAC systems and do not require extensive work in installing one. If you have any water damage in your home make sure that you get that repaired as soon as possible and if you do not have any exhaust fans in your bathrooms or kitchens you can benefit by having those installed.

Humidity levels – If you frequently experience static shock from the carpet in your home, your humidity levels might be too low.   If there is condensation on your windows then your indoor humidity levels might be too high.  When humidity is too high or too low it can lead to various health problems and potential issues to your home itself. Adequate humidity levels range between 30 – 50% and if your humidity levels are off, you will need to look into either installing a humidifier or dehumidifier to fix the issue. If you look like to have a dehumidifier or humidifier installed then give Cypress Heating and Air a call and schedule air conditioning installation in Plano, TX for a dehumidifying or humidifying system today.

Smoking – Cigarette smoke contains multiple harmful chemicals and toxins that can cause serious illnesses and diseases. These dangerous toxins can get trapped inside your home by attaching themselves to the carpet, furniture, curtains and more.  This upon itself will further increase your health risks and if you are not able to quit smoking altogether then definitely avoid smoking inside the home.

Shoes – Shoes track in all kinds of harmful pollutants.  You should never wear shoes within the home ever.  Consider taking your shoes off before you enter the home and slipping on slippers or just using socks when walking around the house.

Air Ductwork – Dust, mold, bacterial and other airborne particles will build up quickly in the air ductwork and ventilation of your HVAC system.  If you notice dust buildups then clean it. You can also vacuum the inside of your ductwork but for a more thorough job, consider contacting your local heating and cooling company to have a professional do this for you.

Air Circulation – No matter what time of the year it is, try to allow fresh outside air into your home every day by opening the windows even just for a few minutes.  If it is during the winter then make sure to turn your heat off as to not waste energy when you do so.  Circulating fresh air throughout the home will increase the indoor air quality. You could also look into a whole house fan to automate the process for you by requesting for air conditioning installation in Plano, TX.

Frequent Service – By allowing a professional technician from a local heating and air company frequently maintain your system on a bi-yearly or annual basis not only will ensure that the components inside your HVAC system are working at peak performance but it will also keep the system clean from mold, toxins and other airborne pollutants. You should schedule a regular maintenance program with your local local HVAC company if you haven’t done so already.

Indoor Plants – Some indoor plants will help purify the indoor air around you by helping with the removal of harmful chemicals and other airborne toxins. If you are unfamiliar with what type of plants to get a quick Google search for indoor air quality plants will help you out. You could also get in touch with your local heating and cooling company and ask their advice as well.

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