Air Conditioning Installation Split System

Air Conditioning Installation Split System

Ductless Mini-Split System | Air Conditioning Installation

If your home already has a duct system installed a ductless system may not be right for you. But for those of you who have a new addition, are planning to build a new home or live in an older home that lacks space for ducts, the ductless mini-split system may be just the system you need and want for year round comfort. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning’s professionals will be happy to provide you with the heating and air conditioning installation of a mini-split system.

A ductless mini-split system is a heat pump system, this means the ductless system faces the same challenges of any heat pump when it comes to producing heat in extremely cold temperatures. It also has the same benefits of energy efficiency, reliability and comfort. Mini-splits contain two main components, the indoor air handling unit and the outdoor condensing unit.

Advantages of the Ductless Mini-Split System (Mini-Split)

One of the greatest advantages of the mini-split system is the ability to control separate temperatures in different parts of the house. You don’t have to heat or cool unused rooms and this will provide big savings on your energy costs, while reducing your homes carbon footprint.

If you are tired of the noisy, bulky, view blocking window AC you will love the quiet running ductless mini-split system. Mounted high on walls they are out of the eyes direct line, this slender system also provides an added security benefit. High out of reach, it requires only a very small hole to be cut in the wall during its heating and air conditioning installation to connect the indoor component to the outdoor component. Thieves can remove a window air conditioning unit and gain entry to your home, the mini-split system eliminates this risk.

The mini-split is an energy efficient system, partially due to the fact that there are no ducts to have to cool down or heat up and insulate. The fact remains they are even more energy efficient than conventional heat pumps and provides the reason for their growing popularity in heating and air conditioning installation.

The mini-split system can provide custom temperature control for each room containing an air handler. The air handlers are sleek and trim and can be installed on the wall or in the ceiling. A remote control will enable you to adjust the temperature.

Some persons find the indoor component unattractive. Each year the design is improving with sleeker, more attractive designs. The ceiling mount is a good alternative for those who find them unattractive. The technology continues to improve and provide the option of a ducted system using short ducts for the supply and return allowing the head to be hidden behind a drop ceiling. Even when installed in the ceiling using short ducts, the heating and air conditioning installation of the mini-split is still by far faster and easier than a traditional system.

Indoor Air Quality

The ductwork in forced air systems can be a source of indoor air pollution such as allergens, bacteria, dust and mold, dispersing these contaminants throughout the home via the duct system. Whereas, the interior units of ductless mini-split systems use advanced filtration to purify the air issuing from the air handling unit in each zone containing one. Some models can claim up to 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and other pollutants can be eliminated providing improved air quality.

Easy Maintenance

Mini-splits require minimal maintenance, only requiring a filter change with some having washable filters, and periodic maintenance by your heating and air conditioning technician to maintain performance and a long service life.

Easy to Install

To install a traditional forced air system in a new construction, older homes, a new addition or other location lacking heating and cooling, requires holes to be cut in walls and floors or ceilings and a duct system to be installed. A mini-split system only requires a three-inch hole in an exterior wall to connect the indoor handling unit and outdoor condensing unit. The mini-split requires less materials and time for heating and air conditioning installation.

Energy Star Rated

Models that are Energy Star qualified are available. While Rebates are determined by the federal, state and local governments and vary from year to year, purchasing an Energy Star qualified model always saves you money on energy. When rebates are available you can save even more by providing money back for your energy efficient heating and air conditioning installation.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning provides certified heating and air conditioning who are dedicated to providing exemplary service for all of your heating and cooling needs in the Katy and Plano regions. When you’re ready for a new heating and air conditioning installation give the dedicated experts at Cypress a call.