Air Conditioning Installation

Mr. Reliable Heating and Air is a leader in the field of air conditioning installation services. We have professional, friendly technicians who offer expert knowledge of air conditioning installation systems and can handle any task for your home or business needs.

Our priority lies in providing customers’ comfort; therefore, your satisfaction will always be our top concern throughout each project, no matter how big it may be. So, trust us when temperatures rise, and you need a new AC to cool down your steaming family.

Our Cooling Services

Our cooling services include air conditioning installation repair, maintenance, and upgrading your air conditioning system. From whole-house air conditioning to zoned mini-splits, we can help you decide which system would work best in your home. You don’t have to do anything but open the door and wait for your new system to start working!

Reason for Upgrading Your HVAC System

When you get your heating and air conditioning system, it’s essential to maintain them over the long term. You can do it by ensuring that you’re taking care of it regularly. Don’t worry; we also offer comprehensive annual maintenance programs to make life a little simpler and ensure that your new system lasts for many years.

Average Lifespan of an Air Conditioning System

The useful life of an HVAC system depends mainly on how you take care of it. If your air conditioner is maintained adequately with filters, oil changes, and other routine maintenance tasks scheduled at the appropriate time, it will last around 15 years before needing replacement.

Without regular attention, your air conditioner may run inefficiently, wasting energy dollars. So, after the air conditioning installation, maintain your AC on an annual basis for a longer lifespan.

Air Conditioning Installation Improves Indoor Air Quality

AC systems are essential to maintaining a comfortable home and work hard at keeping you healthy. Your new AC system helps manage and maintain indoor air quality by providing ventilation and moderating humidity levels for allergen removal. Air conditioning installation is suitable for maintaining indoor air quality.

Save Energy Cost

If you need energy efficiency and cost-saving, installing a new AC system is worth considering. It will help with the environment and save money on your electrical bill.

The number one way to save on energy costs is by upgrading your system. When it comes time for a new air conditioner, don’t forget about the ductwork. System efficiency can be significantly improved with an updated model and better-quality materials to keep the heat out of your home.

Smart Technology Integration

You probably know the feeling of being away from home and wishing you could come home to a cool house. Well, now, there’s no need to worry because intelligent technology has made it possible for us to do just that!

You can find thermostats on sale which connect through your home’s Wi-Fi, so you have remote access to them while away from home at work or play. Just make sure your system will work with your smartphones and tablets.

Air conditioning installation will provide this incredible benefit to you. Not only does it make life much more convenient, but this type of appliance also helps improve your home’s energy efficiency.

When shopping for a new HVAC, be sure that the one you want has been designed with compatible devices in mind. Many options are available on today’s market, including thermostats that can connect via Wi-Fi and allow monitoring from afar.

Zoning System

The most energy-efficient solution for heating and cooling your house is zoning. It means that instead of having one HVAC system in operation, you will have several smaller units. It can be more efficient to target specific areas or “zones” around the home where they’re needed most—saving money on utility bills while still providing comfort.

Health Benefits

Many harmful bacteria do not thrive in an air-conditioned environment. For the same reason, your allergy symptoms may also diminish.

Additionally, there is a higher quality of air due to lower humidity levels, and oxygen is better distributed using ventilation systems

Air Conditioning Installation Service in Houston, TX

Our team takes great care when installing your new air conditioning system. We work efficiently to cool your property. You can decrease machinery and equipment failure, keep occupants satisfied with a comfortable workplace, and improve safety.

You can also contact us at any time, 24/7, if you need emergency services.

Mr. Reliable Heating and Air is committed to providing you with the service that best suits your needs. We care about your safety and satisfaction. So, all potential technicians undergo a rigorous screening process, including testing drugs, alcohol, and any other prospective employer relevant information to make sure we can provide only top-quality services at all times.

Our technicians are qualified, experienced professionals who will do everything they can for you! All of them attend continuing education classes so that when new technology arises in the cooling industry, they’re already ahead of it. And we bring that advantage to every job we do!

Our experts are prompt and respond in no time, so you will not face any waiting issues. Mr. Reliable Heating and Air is the only company you’ll need for your air conditioning installation needs. We guarantee satisfaction with every job, so call today.

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