Air Conditioning Repair | AC Blowing Warm Air

Air Conditioning Repair | AC Blowing Warm Air

The complaint of an airconditioner not cooling is a common reason for scheduling airconditioning repair. The cause of an AC blowing warm air can be due to a number of reasons, and notall requires a technician to provide repair. Before you call to schedule repair check thefollowing common issues:

The Forgotten Air Filter

It’s easy to forget to change the air filteroccasionally. Mark it on a calendar, or schedule it on a cell phone to remindyou. Selecting a specific day each month will also help. Routinely changing theair filter is key in maintaining the performance, and lifespan of theheating and air conditioning system.An excessively dirty air filter will restrict the airflow moving through thesystem, causing premature wear and tear, resulting in a dirty coil whichaffects the system’s ability to cool, and can potentially cause overheatingwith damage or a fire. A clogged filter can potentially be the cause of the ACblowing warm air, so check it every couple of weeks even if it isn’t timeto change it.

A Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker in the electrical service panel controlsthe power supply for the air conditioning system. If an overload occurs due tolightning, a surge, or short in the electrical system or the air conditioner,the breaker will trip to the off position, cutting off the supply ofelectricity to the AC. Although it isn’t a common occurrence, breakersthemselves can go bad. Contact a Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning HVAC technician for a circuit breakerthat continues to trip.

Some air conditioners contain circuit breakers in thesystem separate from the breaker in the home’s electrical service panel. Thesecan also trip when a power surge or other problem occurs, and it is a commoncause of the AC blowing warm air. Ifthis is an ongoing problem with your AC, give us a call for a technician toinspect the air conditioning andprovide a solution.

Check the Thermostat

Many people often take advantage of fresh, cool outdoormorning air by opening a window and adjusting the thermostat from cool to off,and fan from auto to run. You may have done the same if you have burned foodwhile cooking. It’s a common occurrence, and so is forgetting to reset thethermostat. Later in the day when the AC needs to cool things down, youdiscover the AC blowing warm air only.Check the thermostat, even if you haven’t changed the settings someone else mayhave.

Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant leaks are a common cause of the AC blowing warm air. Ifyou have a split system, you can view the refrigerant lines in the air returnwhere the filter is located. Remove the panel and inspect the copper lines for frostor ice. They should be sweating, but not frozen or frosted. Either is a signthe unit is likely low on coolant due to a refrigerant leak.

The repair of a refrigerant leak is not a DIY task. It requiresthe services of a certified HVAC technician with the proper equipmentand diagnostic tools to provide a proper repair, evacuation if needed, and toprevent complications due to overcharging or undercharging the refrigerant.

A Bad Compressor

The compressor is the heart of the air conditioningsystem. When it fails, the options are to replace the compressor or provide anew air conditioning installation. The latter is typically the wisestoption, especially when the system is 10 years old or older. A failedcompressor is unable to produce cold air, resulting in the AC blowing warm air.

Electrical Problems

Faulty switches, relays, contactors, damaged wiring, andother electrical components are potential causes of the AC blowing warm air.The HVAC system contains numerous components, and when one fails, theentire system can fail. This is the reason its best to call for AC repair in Katy when you firstsuspect a problem.

Dirty Coils

Dirty coils are another potential cause of the ACblowing warm air. While dirty coils are likely to develop over time, not changingthe air filter as required will lead to a dirty coil sooner than anticipated.

A dirty coil prevents the AC from being able to do itsjob and provide cold air. Scheduling routine annual maintenance will ensure allaspects of the system are inspected, tested and enable the HVAC technicianto provide a professional cleaning when required, and before the coil can becomethe cause of the AC blowing warm air.This ensures the optimal performance, energy efficiency, reliability, and helpsto reduce wear and tear.

Clogged Evaporator Drain

In a split system, the fan blower, and the system’sevaporator coil are located indoors, while the compressor and condenser coilare located outdoors. As the evaporator coil sweats, the condensation fallsinto the evaporator pan with a drain line leading outside. When the drainclogs, the evaporator pan can overflow, damaging flooring, and potentiallycausing extensive damage to the structure.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning provides a widerange of professional residential and commercial heating and airconditioning services, along with air quality solutions. Contact our NATE certified technicians for reliableair conditioning repair for theproblem of the AC blowing warm air. NATE certification means ourtechnicians are certified to a higher standard, and offer professionalexpertise. You can count on our professionals for HVAC services that meet or exceed the industry standards. We serveKaty, Plano and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+rating.