Air Conditioning Repair | AC Blowing Warm Air

Air Conditioning Repair | AC Blowing Warm Air

Air Conditioning Repair | AC Blowing Warm Air

As the last days of fall wind down, there is little need for air conditioning. When the AC breaks down on the last warm days of fall do not panic. The cause may a simple one to correct without the need for an HVAC technician<strong. When the AC is blowing warm air, check out the following before calling your technician for AC repair:</strong


  • First, check the thermostat and ensure it is in the COOL position. During the warm days and cool nights of fall, the thermostat is often changed from cool to heat by homeowner’s, and may have been placed on fan operation only to stir stale, but not hot air. It is easy to forget to change it back all of the time. 
  • Next, check the temperature of the room and the thermostat setting. The room has to be warmer than the set temperature for the AC to run. If the thermostat says the inside temperature is 74 degrees F; the air conditioner will not cut on with the thermostat set at 75 degrees or above.
  • Next, check the fan setting, which should be in the AUTO position. When the fan is in the ON or RUN position, the fan will run continuously, blowing room temperature air until the compressor kicks on.
  • Check the air filter, and change if needed. A dirty filter can clog, blocking the airflow to the system, lead to overheating and causing a breaker to trip. It can also cause dirty coils which leads to a lack of cooling. In addition, a dirty filter can cause a substantial loss in efficiency. Change filters monthly unless                                                                otherwise specified by the manufacturer. Ensure to use the factory recommended type of filter. 
  • Check the home’s electrical service panel for a thrown breaker. If the AC breaker is off, flip the switch back to ON and check for AC operation.
  • Check the outside condenser unit for a disconnect switch near the unit in a box. Ensure it is in the ON position. Listen for the fan running on the central unit. If ice is visible, you will need to contact your HVAC technician for air conditioning repair. Vegetation or other objects should not block the condenser. Ensure a clear area of at least 2-3 feet surrounding the outdoor condenser if needed. 
  • Split systems may have a breaker located in the unit’s indoor air handler. If applicable, ensure it is in the ON position. Be cautious of wiring and other components due to the risk of electrical shock. When the refrigerant line is iced over, you will need to contact an HVAC technician for AC repair. 

Tripped electrical breakers are a potential cause of the AC blowing warm air. In addition, a refrigerant leak is also a potential cause of the AC blowing warm air.

Once you have completed these steps, if the problem of the AC blowing warm air continues, it will require repair by a certified technician. Routine annual maintenance of the heating and air conditioning system, along with routine filter changes is the most effective action a homeowner can provide in preventing breakdowns and extending the system’s lifespan and efficient performance. 

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