Air Conditioning Repair | AC Blowing Warm Air

Air Conditioning Repair | AC Blowing Warm Air

One of the most common service calls inthe HVAC industry is due to the complaint of the AC blowing warm air. There are a variety of issues that can causethis condition, and the reasons can vary from simple fixes the homeowner canprovide to those requiring the expertise of an HVAC technician to provide repair. However, before you call CypressHeating and Air Conditioning to schedule an air conditioning repair, check the following common causes of the AC blowing warm air:

Check theThermostat First

It is notunusual for people to turn on the fan of the AC system and open a window tobring in fresh air, or to remove the odor of burnt toast. It only requiresturning the thermostat from cool to off, and the fan from auto to on or manual.It’s also not unusual to forget to reset the thermostat for the AC to be ableto run. Later in the day it becomes noticeable that the AC is blowing warm air. Even if you didn’t change the settings, ifit is possible someone else did check them to ensure they are properly set to cool and the fan toautomatic.

A Clogged Air Filter

Let’s face it, many of us are so busywith jobs, caring for aging parents and children with after school activities,it’s easy to forget to change the airfilter occasionally. Mark it on a calendar, in your daily planner, orschedule a reminder on a cell phone. Select a specific day each month for thefilter change, and you won’t have to wonder if it’s time.

Routine air filter changes are essentialin maintaining a clean system and ducts, the unit’s performance and energyefficiency, and the lifespan of the system. An extremely dirty air filter will restrict the airflowmoving through the system. Without the proper airflow, the system canexperience premature wear, and can potentially cause overheating with damage ora fire. A dirty coil is unable to cool properly and grows worse over time, and canbe the cause of the AC blowing warm air.  Check it every couple of weeks, even if itisn’t time to change it, especially during times of high pollen or increaseddust, such as from remodeling.

A Circuit Breaker

The air conditioner or HVAC system has its own dedicatedcircuit breaker in the home’s electrical service panel. This breaker controlsthe supply of electricity to the unit, and when an overload occurs the breakerwill trip to the off position, cutting off the supply of electricity to the AC.An overload can be due to lightning, a power surge, or a short in the wiresupplying the air conditioner, or even in the unit itself. Although it isn’tcommon, breakers themselves can go bad. If the breaker has tripped, push itback to on. If this doesn’t solve the problem, or when the breaker trips again,contact a Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning HVAC technician for a diagnosis and repair of the issue.

Other common issues behind the AC blowing warm air require a skilledtechnician for repair, these include:

Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant leaks are a common cause ofthe AC blowing warm air, and requirethe expertise of an HVAC technician to repair. In a split system, refrigerant lines are located in the air return wherethe filter is located. If the lines are covered in frost or ice, rather thansweating as is normal, the unit is likely low on coolant due to a refrigerant leak.

The Failed Compressor

As the heartof the air conditioning system, andwhen the compressor fails, the options are to replace it or to install a newsystem. Most homeowner’s opt to replace the air conditioner, especially when the system is 10 years old orolder.

Electrical Problems

There are numerous electrical componentsthat are potential causes of the ACblowing warm air. Your technician has the equipment to test the componentsand determine which is bad. Contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning NATE certified technicians for AC repair in Katy.

Dirty Coils

As previously discussed, dirty coils area potential cause of the AC blowing warmair. Dirty coils prevent the AC from being able to do its job and providecold air. Scheduling routine annual maintenance will ensure the system isinspected, tested and when coils are identified as in need of cleaning, the HVAC technician will provide aprofessional cleaning.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning providesthe professional residential and commercial heating and air conditioning services you require. Contact our NATE certified technicians for reliableair conditioning repair when your AC is blowing warm air. NATEcertification means our technicians are certified to a higher standard, andoffer the highest professional expertise available. You can count on a Cypresstechnician to provide services that meet or exceed the industry standards. Weserve Katy, Plano and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB withan A+ rating.