Air Conditioning Repair in Cypress, TX— The Common Problems that Decrease the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning Repair in Cypress, TX— The Common Problems that Decrease the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner

Saying that the Texansummer is hot is like saying that the sky is blue. We all know it. The heatprompts the residents to crank up the air conditioning all day long, which meansthat most of the times the unit is ignored and not well-maintained. Thisnegligence can cause problems that affect the cooling, and you would need tocall for a reliable air conditioningrepair in Cypress, TX.

Ignoring the first signsof problems can lead to serious issues with your air conditioning unit. And ifthey are not addressed soon enough, you will get into the dreadful situation ofhaving a damaged air conditioner in the middle of the Texan summer. Of courseyou wouldn’t want that. No matter issue you are facing, whether the unit doesnot provide enough cooling or if it simply stutters and stops working, you needto call in professional services for airconditioning repair in Cypress, TX who would have a look at yourunit, diagnose the problem, and fix it immediately. If you try to attempt it athome, you will only make matters worse, because you may not understand theproblem, or misdiagnose it, and end up with a bigger problem at hand—and yes,still no cooling.  

If you are wondering about the problems that can causedamage to your air conditioner, and for which you need the aid of a service forairconditioning repair in Cypress, TX, we are listing some of the mostcommon issues with air conditioners here for your ease.

1. Frozen Evaporator Coil

This is one of themost common problems with air conditioners that call for air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX. The evaporator coil freezesup due to the improper flow of air, which can be caused by any of thesereasons:

  • Blocked air return grill
  • Dirty air filter
  • Dirty evaporator
  • Failed blower motor
  • Low refrigerant

On your end, you canprevent your unit’s evaporator coil from freezing up by cleaning and replacingthe air filters on a regular basis. Make it a habit and include this as one ofthe important chores on your checklist, as the dirty air filters are the mostcommon culprits of this issue. That said, this is a prevention method. If, forsome reason, you evaporator coil freezes, whether or not you replaced thefilter regularly, do not attempt toopen it up, under any circumstances. This is because it is important todiagnose the root cause before attempting to fix it.

For instance, if theissue has arisen because of low levels of refrigerant, then replacing thefilter will not fix it. Not to mention that thawing an evaporator coil theright way is important so that you do not damage it. Simply call a service for air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX,and have them deal with the issue.

2. Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant is the keythat provides cooling to the system. It converts the hot air passing through itin cool, relaxing air. If the level of refrigerant does not match themanufacturer’s specified level, the unit has to work harder to convert cool airand uses up more energy. The low levels of refrigerant can be caused by eitheran inefficient installation or leaks. In both cases, you would need a service forair conditioning repair in Cypress, TX tofix the problem. In the case of leaks, simply filling in refrigerant will notwork. The level has to match exactly to the level of refrigerant that themanufacturer has prescribed.  

3. Outside Fan Not Working

Issues with fans areanother problem that requires airconditioning repair in Cypress, TX. The compressor in the outside unitgenerates heat, and the outside fan makes sure that it doesn’t heat up too muchto incur serious internal damage to the system or tripping the safety overload.The fan rotates and throws the hot air outside and maintains optimum workingtemperature for the compressor. If you notice that it has stopped working,immediately call for a repair service before the problem festers.

4. Clogged Drains

An air conditionerremoves moisture from the air to prevent a clammy atmosphere, and all theaccumulated moisture has to be drawn off through the drain line and drain. Ifthe drain is clogged, then the water can drip through the cooling unit andcreate a mess on your floor or carpet. It can also damage your walls andfurnishings. A serious problem that can result from a clogged drain is thatthe water can go back into the system and damage it.

You should clean the drain pan and drain regularly toprevent this from happening. But if the problem persists, you should aprofessional air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX company right away.

5. Blocked Condenser

Another common issue with air conditioning includes theblocking of the compressor. Many people mistakenly block the condenser withtheir plants or other vegetation. Or they are unaware of the weeds that growand block the passage of air for the condenser. This blockage will result inthe damage of the cooling system. If you notice that your air conditioner isnot providing uniform cooling, check if the condenser is blocked, and removethe blockage. If the problem continues, call a service for air conditioning repair in Cypress,TX.

If you try to fix these problems without taking any helpfrom a professional air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX, you will only prolong the issue and get chargedmore when you finally do call in the experts because the damage would begreater by then. Handling the problems of an air conditioning system requires efficientand trained individuals who understand the requirements of different models, andcan diagnose and fix the problem quickly. The professionals at Cypress Heating and Airare the best in the industry. Once you hire them, you can rest easy knowingthat your problem will be fixed in no time. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.