Air Conditioning Repair in Katy, TX

Air Conditioning Repair in Katy, TX

You rely on your home’s air conditioner to maintain your comfort during the summer season. Routinely changing/cleaning the air filter, scheduling routine maintenance and ensuring prompt air conditioning repair in Katy, TX ensures the proper performance, best possible energy efficiency and a long lifespan for the unit. 

Homeowner Tasks

Changing the air filter is the most important task the homeowner can provide. However, there are a few other actions you will need to provide. Outdoors, you will need to keep the area around the condensing unit free of debris, clutter and overgrown vegetation. The failure to so so can result in reduced airflow, and potential damage to the unit. In addition, never aim the lawnmower’s discharge chute towards the air conditioner to avoid damage that can result in air conditioning repair in Katy, TX.

Indoors, routinely clean the air return grill. The air return grill is located in the section where you change the air filter. Dust and lint can eventually block the grill, and can potentially result in damage to the system. To avoid the need for air conditioning repair in Katy, TX, provide a quick vacuum to the grill once a month when you change or clean the air filter. 

Finally, use the vacuum cleaner to occasionally vacuum the registers. Doing so helps to keep lint, dust and debris out of the system. 

Professional Service

Professional service of your air conditioning system is more than a fast check and oiling moving parts. When you contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning, our NATE certified technician will provide an inspection and testing of components, as well as oiling components that require it. The inspection is comprehensive using both a visual inspection and testing with specialized equipment. Professional service can detect the weakening and of some components. This allows the technician to provide on-the-spot repair, preventing a service call at a later date, and avoiding your discomfort due to a non-functioning AC during the height of the summer.

Common AC Repairs

Some problems are more common than others.

For example, a refrigerant leak is a common AC problem. When the leak occurs, the system will eventually lose all the refrigerant, resulting in the AC blowing warm air. Adding refrigerant is not solution, as it will leak out again until the leak is repaired. If you notice your air conditioner progressively providing air that is less cool, shut the system down and contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule an air conditioning repair in Katy, TX. It is important to shut the system down, as low levels of refrigerant can result in compressor failure, the heart of the system, and a costly component. Furthermore, it does not pay to ignore even a small leak. Just a 10 percent loss of refrigerant can result in a 20 percent increase in the cost of cooling your home or business. 

Sealing Leaky Duct Work

In a home with central air conditioning, leaky ducts may be costing you money. Check the duct system for loose or separated joints, loose sealant or tape at the joints, and damaged duct. You can seal the joints with metal, aluminum tape, but never use duct tape, it really is not for ducts. You can also contact our HVAC technicians to take care of the task of sealing ducts for you. You will need to contact your HVAC technician to take care of the damaged ducts by providing air conditioning repair in Katy, TX.

Dirty Coils

Dirty coils are an additional common problem  in air conditioners, typically due to not changing the filter as required. While, changing the filter routinely will help to keep the coils clean, eventually professional cleaning will be required. Both dirty filters and coils reduces the system’s performance, and can cause the coil to freeze up, resulting in a lack of cooling, and potentially the need for air conditioning repair in Katy, TX.

A properly functioning air conditioner should shut off when it reaches the set temperature. If it is running nonstop, there is a problem. Common causes are a problem with the thermostat, and/or the need for air conditioning repair in Katy. Another potential cause of a continuously running unit occurs when the system is smaller than your home requires. Wrong size units are a common issue and the source of many problems. When undersized, the AC will run continuously as it struggles to attain the set temperature. Higher electric bills result from the continuous operation, and the unit will wear out prematurely, requiring a new unit to be installed sooner than should be necessary. 

In a nationwide survey, the majority of HVAC companies reported more over-sized units than undersized. 

A Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning NATE certified technician can determine the cause of your air conditioning problems, and provide the required air conditioning repair in Katy.

While an undersized unit runs continuously when it is hot, an over-sized unit brings the temperature down quickly. This creates a problem with humidity remaining in the home, as the unit does not run long enough to extract the moisture from the air. High humidity causes you to feel hotter than it actually is, and can lead to mold and mildew in the home. In addition, it also wastes energy as the system does not run long enough to attain maximum efficiency. Due to its frequent on/off cycling the over-sized system will also wear out prematurely, requiring air conditioning repair in Katy or replacement. 

It is essential to receive a properly sized system in order to ensure your comfort, the unit’s lifespan, and to achieve energy efficiency. There is more to sizing a system than simply replacing it with the same size as the existing unit. Furthermore, modern technology has greatly improved the performance and efficiency of HVAC systems, whereas your existing system is a 3 ton unit, for example, you may need a 2 ½ ton unit due to technological improvements. You can rely on Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning to adhere to the industry guidelines in assessing the size required for your home. 

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning NATE certified technicians ensure professional expertise for all your HVAC needs of installation, air conditioning repair in Katy, air quality solutions and others. Contact us today to schedule annual spring service for your AC. We adhere to and/or exceed the industry standards, and  ensure your satisfaction. We offer 24-hour emergency services, and serve Katy, Plano and the surrounding areas. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.