Air Conditioning Repair in Katy, TX – Ultraviolet Lighting

Air Conditioning Repair in Katy, TX – Ultraviolet Lighting

UV lightning is a growing trend across the United States. You might be asking yourself if this is the same UV lighting you used as a teenager. Remember, it was installed in your bedroom to get that cool effect from posters and UV reactive paints? No, this is not the same type of UV lighting and no it is not to provide cool effects in your home. This type of UV lightning is gaining popularity in the states due to its ability to help remove harmful microorganisms from the indoor air and the surfaces in homes. 

UV lighting is being used to help destroy harmful microorganisms on our kitchen utensils, bowls and plates. It is also being used in water purification systems in order to destroy harmful microorganisms that find their way into our water supply. Finally, UV lighting can also be used to destroy even the microorganisms that are found in home’s indoor air. In order for us to help you achieve best results and understand how it all works, you will need to know how often these ultraviolet light germicidal bulbs will need to be replaced, where to place them, how to use them, and the like.

When it comes to why anyone would install ultraviolet lighting in their homes for the purpose of cleaner air, it is no argument that we all of course would like cleaner, healthier indoor air. The indoor air that we breathe can contain microorganisms such as bacteria, mold spores, viruses and other airborne contaminants that can be detrimental to your health. This is especially true if you or any other person in your home suffers from problems such as asthma, allergies or any other chronic upper respiratory issues.

If you are in need of air conditioning repair in Katy, TX then get in touch with Cypress Heating and Air today to setup an appointment at your earliest convenience. One of our professional technicians will come on site and access the problem and get it fixed right away, getting your heating and cooling back in working order in no time. 

Most microorganisms luckily are susceptible to ultraviolet radiation and this UV light will kill them. UV lights are usually installed within the ducting system for a home’s existing heating and cooling system. Within the ducting system tends to be the best place as your system will not only help prevent these types of airborne pollutants from entering and being dispersed throughout your home but the ones that do manage to make it through the system can be eradicated with the added bonus of having ultraviolet lights installed through the duct system. 

The exact location to place ultraviolet lights will be determined upon how often the bulbs will need to be exchanged. Ultraviolet lights that are located within the duct system should be exchanged once per year. Whenever they are located near the indoor coil and condensate pan then they should be exchanged every two years. Ultraviolet lights that are used beyond three years may lead to excessive amounts of electricity being consumed from the ballast which can also lead to overheating of the power supply and cause the lamp to fail or reduced effectiveness. You should not use ultraviolet bulbs longer than three years. If you would like UV lighting installed in your home or if you need air conditioning repair in Katy, TX then give us a call today to schedule an appointment. 

Ultraviolet lights will lose their effectiveness by as much as fifteen percent per year. When you are replacing ultraviolet bulbs, you should never look directly at the lamps, instead you should turn off the system before you exchange the bulbs to be safe. Ultraviolet fluorescent lamp bulbs do contain small amounts of mercury and can be dangerous to you and your loved ones’ health if they are broken. So, when you are exchanging the ultraviolet fluorescent lamp bulbs do so with diligence and care. You should dispose of the bulbs accordingly to the local and state environmental laws also. 

Ultraviolet lighting can help reduce the number of harmful microorganisms that find their way throughout your home’s indoor air. UV lighting is a great, cost effective solution at reducing these harmful airborne particulates. If you would like to learn more or have UV lighting installed in conjunction with your home’s heating and cooling system or if you need air conditioning repair in Katy, TX, then give Cypress Heating and Air a call today.

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