Air Conditioning Repair Katy

Air Conditioning Repair Katy

Spring hasarrived and with the blooming flowers, flowering trees, and the resultingyellow pollen that coats everything in sight, comes the sneezing, sniffling,discomfort for those who suffer from allergies. There are steps you can take toprovide relief from the full effect of allergies. One means of reducing yoursuffering (besides the allergy medications) is to maintain indoor air qualityas much as possible during the allergy season, and schedule air conditioningrepair in Katy if needed. As the temperatures continue to warm up, the air conditioning unit will need to run moreoften. 

The following tips will assist those with allergies in reducing thefactors in the home that can cause them to be worse:

·      Inspect the air filters and cleanor replace them. Clean air-conditioning filters enable you to breathe cleanerindoor air.

HVAC professionals recommend replacing orcleaning the air conditioning filters at least everyfour weeks to improve indoor air quality. Routine filter changes assist in avoidingmajor problems, and reduce the need for air conditioning repair in Katy.

If you areusing a low-grade air filter, talk to your HVAC technician or thesystems manufacturer about the ability to utilize a higher quality filterwithout damaging the HVAC system. The majority of AC systems willtolerate pleated filters, although it is best to be certain. The use of afilter denser than the system can tolerate can result in damage to the system, andthe need for air conditioning repair in Katy.

·     Close the windows and doors to reduce theamount of pollen inside the home.

·     Maintaining the proper humidity of 30% to60% provides an essential factor in preventing dust mites, mold and mildew,which can aggravate allergies and cause respiratory illness.

·     Eliminate dust, dirty surfaces, petdander, and dead plants by maintaining a clean home. Cleaning dust fromsurfaces and using a vacuum with a HEPAfilter helps to eliminate indoorallergens. Do not forget to clean dusty drapes, and rugs. In addition, useproducts marked natural, and VOC free to avoid the use of chemicals in thehome.

·     Vacuum air registers, and routinely cleanthe air return grill to prevent clogging.

·     Schedule annual HVAC maintenance and cleaning of the air conditioning system.

·     A HEPAair cleaner improves indoor air quality and reduces respiratory problems causedby dust, pollen, mold, and other air pollution. A whole house system treats theentire home and not just a single room. A certified Cypress Heating and AirConditioning professional can provide assistance in the selection of an aircleaner for your home.  

·     If you need air conditioning repair inKaty, contact a Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning NATE certifiedtechnician.

CypressHeating and Air Conditioning’s certified HVAC technicians have theexpertise to provide reliable air conditioning repair in Katy, and expertinstallation and maintenance. If you are ready for cleaner air, call toschedule service, installation, or air conditioning repair in Katytoday. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We serve Katy, Plano and thesurrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.