Air Conditioning Repair Katy

Air Conditioning Repair Katy

Air conditioning is an investmentworth protecting. Taking thenecessary steps to protect your AC is essential for maintaining a unit thatperforms effectively and efficiently. Maintenance, changing the filter andtimely air conditioning repair in Katyare the key to a long lasting, andefficient air conditioner, and maintaining your comfort.

Maintenanceand AC Repair

HVAC technicians do more than a fast check on your air conditioner during maintenance.They inspect it, test components with specialized equipment, oil moving parts,and a host of other tasks ensuring the best possible performance andefficiency. As the technician goes through the AC, weak and failing componentsare identified before further damage occurs. The overall condition of the unitis understood, and problems can be addressed with air conditioning repair in Katy while the technician is onlocation.

Common issuesthan can result in poor performance are a refrigerantleak, or an overly dirty air conditioner. A dirty filter is one commoncause of poor performance, and changing the filters every month helps extendthe unit’s lifespan, and will reduce the need for air conditioning repair inKaty. The failure to provide filter changes as needed, results in a dirtycoil, a component essential for proper operation and cooling. Your air conditioningsystem may use reusable filters, ensure they are clean for the best performanceand energy efficiency.

The AC thatNever Shuts Off

A properlyfunctioning air conditioner shouldrun for the required time to pull the air temperature down, and shut off whenit reaches the selected temperature. If it is continuously running, there islikely a problem. The thermostat may be faulty, or you may need airconditioning repair in Katy. In addition, an undersized unit will runcontinuously. An AC that runs all the time will wear out faster, requiring anew unit sooner than is necessary. A Cypress NATE certified technician can determine the cause of your non-stopAC, and provide the required airconditioning repair in Katy, or other services.

Sizing Correctly

Wrong-size HVAC systems are a common problemthroughout the U.S. The most common is over-sizing a system. This creates itsown set of problems that affect your comfort. Whereas an undersized system willrun continuously, an oversized system will not run long enough to extract thehumidity from the air. High humidity causes you to feel hotter than the actualtemperature would indicate. Furthermore, an oversized system is unable toachieve maximum efficiency due its short run time, resulting in wasted energyand a reduced lifespan. Homeowners often assume a larger system is better andshort run times and excess humidity is the reason it is not.

It is essentialfor the home to receive a properly sized system to ensure your comfort, thesystem lifespan, and energy efficiency. Sizing is not as simple as replacing a3 ton unit with the same size. The original system may have been the wrong sizeto begin with. Furthermore, today’s system with modern refrigerants may enableyou to utilize a smaller system without a loss in performance, efficiency, orlife span.


When theunit needs air conditioning repair inKaty, waiting may cause more components to fail. An example is a refrigerant leak. By waiting forrepair, you risk the permanent failure of the compressor, the costliest component,and the heart of the system. When the system is making unusual sounds, or performingpoorly, contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning for expert air conditioning repair in Katy.


Ductwork isthe component of a central airconditioning system that delivers conditioned air throughout your home.Over time the seals between the ducts can deteriorate, loosen, and ducts mayeven separate, spilling air into a basement, crawl space or the attic,depending on its location. Resealing the ductwork ensures you receive theconditioned air where you need it, rather than wasting it and energy. Inaddition, non-insulated ducts, and especially if they are located in an atticor basement, are costing you money with lost energy, Insulating them will saveyou significantly on energy costs.


CypressHeating and Air Conditioning HVACtechnicians are NATE certified, attesting to our technicians professionalexpertise. NATE certification ensures you are receiving the best-trained andexperienced technician to provide airconditioning repair in Katy, and for your other HVAC needs. We adhere to and/or exceed the industry standards, andstrive to ensure your satisfaction. We offer 24-hour emergency service, andserve Katy, Plano and the surrounding areas. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioningis a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.