Air Conditioning Repair Plano, TX

Air Conditioning Repair Plano, TX

Common Problemswith an Oversized Air Conditioner

As an air conditioner ages, it isn’t uncommonfor it lose efficiency and experience poor performance. While it may havemaintained your home’s comfort for 10 years, its ability to do so becomes lessand less as components weaken due to age and wear, resulting in the increasedcost of frequent air conditioning repairin Plano, TX. When this occurs, homeowner’s may request a larger airconditioner for replacement. Assuming the existing AC was properly sized tobegin with; replacing it with a larger air conditioner can be a very bad idea.

Oversized unitsresult in problems such as discomfort, excessive energy use, the premature wearand replacement of the new system, and even mold in your home.  You want the highest level of comfortpossible in your home, and you also expect a new system to perform reliably aslong as possible. Over sizing an AC will undermine it all, resulting infrequent air conditioning repair inPlano, TX, and an early replacement.

Oversized Air ConditionersResult in Short Cycling

The thermostat controlswhen the air conditioning cools yourhome. When the AC unit starts cooling your home and shuts off too soon, it isknown as short cycling. Short cycling can cause a number of problems, such asuneven temperatures in your home, high humidity and the associated discomfort,and as the unit never cycles through the entire process of cooling, you can seean elevated energy bill and premature wear and tear on the system resulting infrequent air conditioning repair inPlano, TX.

TemperatureVariations and Humidity

Oversizedair conditioners operate more frequently than a correctly sized one would. Alarger unit will cool your house quickly, and unfortunately, does not give theunit the time required to remove the humidity in the air. As a result themoisture inside the home makes you uncomfortable with sticky moisture, withsome areas feeling cold and damp and others hot and sticky. Humidity makes theenvironment feel hotter than it actually is, and is a primary issue with anoversized air conditioner.

Theincreased humidity is also likely to result in mold, and musty odors in thehome.  In addition, the humidity and moldare not the only problems worsening the symptoms for those who suffer fromallergies and respiratory issues. The increased humidityalso provides an ideal environment for dust mites to thrive.

Reduced Lifespan

The frequent shortruns of an oversized air conditioner will result in an increased amount of air conditioning repair in Plano, TX, anddue to the increased wear and tear the unit will fail, and require replacement.On the average, a typical air conditioner with routine maintenance will last 10to 15 years. Occasionally, some units will last beyond this mark. However, itisn’t uncommon for an oversized air conditioner to last a mere 5 years of itsestimated lifespan before requiring replacement.

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