Air Conditioning Repair Plano, TX

Air Conditioning Repair Plano, TX

One of the mostfrequent problems that may arise with your HVACunit during the summer is a frozen evaporator coil. Numerous problems can causethe evaporator coil to freeze over. If the evaporator coil has frozen over,turn off the HVAC system. Continuing operation of the system can damage thecompressor, requiring air conditioningrepair in Plano, TX.

The following are potentialcauses of a frozen coil.

·     A restricted airflow around the evaporator coil can cause the coil tofreeze over. Check the air filter toensure it isn’t clogged. The air filter should be changed each month, or asinstructed by the manufacturer, using the proper filter for the system. 

·     Over time, the coil becomes soiled, especially if poor quality filters orinfrequent filter changes are provided. A dirty coil can’t perform properly,diminishing efficiency, and potentially causing damage to the system.

Annual maintenanceby a professional HVAC technician isrecommended to maintain a properly performing system, and peak efficiency.During maintenance, the technician can identify a dirty coil and provide thenecessary air conditioning repair inPlano, TX.

·     Inspect your home’s intake grille, located where the filter is changed.Clean them often to prevent reduced airflow.

·     Check the supply registers ensuring they are open. If too many are closedthe coils can freeze over.

·     A failed blower motor can cause the evaporator coil to freeze over. Whenthe system runs, you should be able to hear the fan during operation.

·     A common cause of a frozen coil is due to a refrigerant leak or lowrefrigerant charge in the system. Contact a qualified HVAC technician for airconditioning repair in Plano, TX.

Refrigerant isn’tused up as oil is. If your system is low on refrigerant, either you have a leakor it has been improperly charged. Repair of a refrigerant leak may be assimple as tightening a loose fitting, or as complicated as replacing anevaporator or condensing coil, as well as other potential causes of arefrigerant leak.

Our certifiedtechnicians are skilled in leak detection for your air conditioning, and you can rely on the air conditioning service, and repair a Cypress technician provides.

Scheduling annualmaintenance by a certified professional will extend the lifespan of the system,reduce the frequency of air conditioningrepair in Plano, TX, and provide peak performance for the highest possibleenergy efficiency. In the long run, routine maintenance saves you money, bothon the system, and in your home’s energy consumption.

Contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioningtoday to schedule maintenance, or airconditioning repair in Plano, TX. Needan emergency AC repair? Give usa call for emergency AC services 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. Yoursatisfaction is guaranteed when you call Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning. Weoffer NATE certified technicians, and serve Plano, Katy, and the surroundingareas. Our technicians can provide the expertise you can count on for reliablerepair, and installation. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning is a member ofthe BBB with an A+ rating.