Air Conditioning Safety Tips in Katy, Texas

Air Conditioning Safety Tips in Katy, Texas

Across the country, every year,there are thousands of reported cases of fire involving air conditioners, fansor other related equipment.  With thesethousands of cases, it results in over two hundred million dollars in propertydamage and in some cases even death. Fires, among other issues that are caused by malfunctioning airconditioning equipment, can be detrimental. Whenever you use your air conditioning in your home you should keep thefollowing safety tips in mind.

Clean & Tidy – Keep the area aroundyour HVAC unit clean and clear of debris. You should always maintain the areaaround your outdoor HVAC unit.  If youhave trees or bushes near the unit you should trim them and keep them at a distanceof at least three feet from the unit at a minimum.   Always ensure that grass clippings, leavesand other debris is not surrounding the unit and you can use a vacuum cleanerto remove this debris that has found its way inside the unit.

Over Usage – Many times, air conditionersthat in usage 24 hours a day and without proper maintenance can becomeoverheated.   Many fires that arereported yearly are due to improper maintenance and over usage. Wheneverpossible and when there is no need for the system you should turn it off togive it a rest. If you do not have a programmable thermostat then you shouldlook into purchasing one or even a smart thermostat. Not only will this helpease your mind for safety but it will also greatly reduce the costs of yourmonthly electrical bill.

Scheduling Maintenance – Having your systemroutinely maintained and checked out by a professional NATE certifiedtechnician will provide some of the best preventive care you can provide foryour AC system.  You should at minimumhave your system professionally maintained at least once or better yet twice ayear to help detect and fix problems before they arise.

Professional Repairs – If your heating and airbreaks down, do not attempt to fix it yourself. If you are not familiar withwhat you are doing, then by trying to fix it yourself you not only can causedamage further down the road or immediately but it is extremely dangerous working on it to beginwith.

Safety – Air conditioners should beinstalled at minimum 3 feet away from any source of outdoor antennas or powerlines that connect to appliances, electronics, phones, radios or even securitysystems.  If you are having system orwindow units installed ensure you follow these guidelines in order to protectyou and your loved ones.

Window Units – Window unit airconditioners are the catalyst to more than half or air conditioning relatedfires across the country.  If at allpossible, you should minimize how often you are using yours. If you do need touse a window air conditioner, make sure that it is installed properly by aprofessional, safely secured, using its own breaker and do not ever useextension cords.

Fire Safety – It is always wise to beprepared.  If you do not have any so far,purchase smoke detectors and you should regularly check them to ensure thatthey are working.  Purchase a fireextinguisher or two and place them in areas of your home where you can easilyassess them.

Warning Signs – Never ignore thewarning signs. If you suspect, for any reason whatsoever, that there may be aproblem with your air conditioning system or window unit do not hesitate toreach out to a professional for help. Pay extra attention to signs such as strange smells or puddles aroundthe system. 

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