Air Conditioning Service in Cypress, TX

Air Conditioning Service in Cypress, TX

This year appears to be poised to bring an early spring, and before you know it, summer will arrive with the heat and  sun. While most people are ready for summer’s arrival, the question is will your air conditioner ready for it? When it is time to ready your home’s air conditioner for summer use, prior to calling your HVAC technician for its annual spring air conditioning service, plan ahead to provide the tasks you can do, such as the following. 

If you covered the outdoor condenser to provide protection during the winter, remove it before starting the system. Failing to remove the cover would result in a restricted air flow, and could result in damage to components such as the compressor, or even the need for a new system. It is not uncommon for homeowner’s to forget to remove the cover, and the best protection against what can be a costly mistake, is to make it the first step on your checklist. 

Clean up any debris and vegetation surrounding the outdoor condenser. Debris can also constrict air flow, and may cause soiling of the coil, so keep the area neat and free of debris or clutter. If there is a lot of dust and pollen on the coils, shut the power off to the unit in the home’s electrical panel, and wash it off with a garden hose. However, even though the power is off, keep the water away from any electrical components. 

Furthermore, your technician can provide this task for you and provide a professional cleaning of the outdoor coil. Clean coils help to ensure the system’s performance and your comfort. Contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule air conditioning service.

Next, replace the indoor air filter. Routine filter changes are the single most important task a homeowner can provide for their heating and air conditioning system. A clogged filter can obstruct the normal airflow, resulting in soiling of the evaporator coil and negatively impacting the unit’s performance and the ability to provide cooling. Replacing a dirty, filter can reduce energy consumption and extend the units lifespan. A dirty coil will require professional cleaning in order to provide proper performance. Contact our technicians before the arrival of hot weather to schedule air conditioning service.

The condensate drain is located in the indoor air handler. It is in the air handler where moisture is removed from the air in your home. The moisture drips into the pan below the coil and drains away through the condensate drain.  Since the coil’s temperature is lower than the air temperature, water from the air will condense on the coil and drip into the tray below. 

Inspect the condensate drain for cracks or other damage. In addition, the drain can clog, resulting in an overflowing pan and damage to your home and potentially the indoor electrical components of the system. When you contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning for air conditioning service, the inspection of the condensate drain is but one of the many tasks we carry out. When it is in need of cleaning, our technician will provide the service.

Inspect the air return grill and clean it, if necessary. When the grill is clogged with lint and debris the system will starve for air. This results in decreased performance, increased energy consumption and may result in severe damage to the system. Any blockage of the air flow is detrimental to the system and should be avoided. Air registers should also be vacuumed routinely, especially those located on the floor.

As the summer cooling season draws near, and after completing your checklist, turn the system on to test its performance.  The thermostat will need to be set lower than the room temperature enabling the unit to turn on.  If no air is coming out, or if the air is not cold, shut the system off at the thermostat and contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule a technician for air conditioning service.  Our technician will test and inspect the system,  determine the cause of the problem and provide the necessary repair.

Routine professional maintenance, and ensuring the filter is routinely changed, along with these tips will help to ensure your air conditioner will maintain your comfort this summer. Annual air conditioning service ensures the performance and life span of the system, schedule yours in advance of summer.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning offers NATE certified technicians, providing a higher standard of air conditioning service and reliability for you. In addition, we offer a wide range of HVAC services for residential and commercial clients. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating, and offers 24 hour emergency services for your convenience.