Air Conditioning Service Katy, TX: 5 Maintenance Tips for Efficient Air Flow Conditioning

Air Conditioning Service Katy, TX: 5 Maintenance Tips for Efficient Air Flow Conditioning

Summer is fast approaching and it’stime to test your air conditioning system. Chances are that during the entirewinter season, you haven’t turned on the system even once. So now, be preparedbecause the system might have gone a little rusty due to months of sittingdormant.

One lesser known fact is thatduring summer, energy consumption is on its peak, which means that your airconditioning system will work extra hard to maintain a cool temperature insidethe house. Due to the dust it has collected during the winter season, it mightnot work at full capacity. Remove any thoughts of DIY tricks because all youwill do is confuse yourself with the system’s numerous parts and you might evenaccidently damage some.

Your first step should be to hirean air conditioning service Katy, TX to get the system checked. It mightbe the refrigerant that is leaking or the filter that needs replacement. Incase of the former, it would be a wise choice to call in a professional and getthe problem fixed. The latter is quite easy to fix but if it’s not properlyinstalled, it might need replacing after a month or two. These small repairsshould always be handled by an air conditioning service Katy, TX. Anadditional benefit that comes with the repair is that these professionals alsogive maintenance tips, which helps people to take care of minor problems. Followingare five tips that will help you maintain your air conditioning system withoutdwelling about the system’s intricate components:

Tip #1

Make Sure the Thermostat is Working

Dialer thermostats often give thewrong reading and are one the biggest reasons why your house is not warm inwinter. Even a small hit can make the thermostat give the wrong reading andsince you have no idea what the room’s current temperature is, you keep turningthe dial to find the right temperature.

A solution to this would be to geta digital thermostat installed. Hire an air conditioning service Katy, TXand get your thermostat replaced with a digital thermostat. A digitalthermostat offers a number of benefits, which include:

·      Itmeasure’s room temperature automatically

·      You can seta temperature schedule and control it remotely through your mobile phone

·      Helps saveon energy bills

Tip #2

Check Ducts for Leaks

Ducts are the pipes that allow thecold air to reach every room in your house. Leaks in ducts contribute to ahigher air loss than any other problem. However, this is not the only problembehind the air leaks. Cracked windows and doors, holes in walls or moisture inthe sealing are some of the other causes of air leaks. In order to insulatethese areas, you need to hire an air conditioning service Katy, TX forproper duct work. Using DIY tricks such as duct tape will only do a temporaryjob.

Before jumping on any repairs,consider an energy audit through an air conditioning service Katy, TX.This will give you an idea about how much you will have to spend on insulation.Depending on the area where the draft is, decide on which kind of insulationyou should go for. There are four reliable and green insulation materials,which include sheep’s wool, polyurethane, cellulose and Icynene.

Note: make sureto check your basement and attic because according to air conditioningservice Katy, TX professionals, these are the two most common areas that leakair.

Tip #3

Adjust the Thermostat to a High Temperature

When no one’s at home, turn thethermostat to high, so that the house traps the cold air. This helps you saveon energy bills because when you return home, you can turn down the temperatureway low and still enjoy a cool room.

Tip #4

Clean Visible Components of the System

Your air conditioning system hasvarious complex parts and cleaning them on your own can result in youaccidentally damaging a vital component. But this does not mean you let it colletdust and then hire an air conditioning service Katy, TX for therepair. Of course, we are not asking you to do the job yourself. We are onlysaying that you should leave the complex parts to the air conditioningservice Katy, TX. The air filter and the coils are the two visible indoorand outdoor parts that can be easily cleaned with a blow dryer. These two partsmake sure that the air flows to its full capacity.

Tip #5

Avoid Using Heat-Producing Appliances

When you use too many appliancesthat are a direct source of heat such as a portable heater, hair dryer or anoven, the air conditioning system works over time to maintain a cooltemperature. The heat from these appliances keeps certain areas of the housewarm, which forces the system to work harder. Not only does this increase yourenergy bills as the system works for a long time, it also affects its components.What you can do is why not try using the grill once in a while instead of theoven. Also, try setting your hair dryer to a ‘cool’ setting.

If you encounter a major problemsuch as the refrigerant drying or the filter getting destroyed due to over use,you should call for an air conditioning service Katy, TX instead ofhandling the job yourself. Following are some energy saving tips that will helpyou in keeping your house cool:

  • Whenever leaving the house, make sure that the windows and doors are closed
  • Draw curtains on all windows to trap the cool air in the room
  • From time to time, turn off the air conditioning system and turn on the fan
  • Plant deciduous trees
  • Avoid using a dehumidifier
  • Install blinds on your windows
  • Make sure your air conditioning system’s outside unit is placed under a shade on a high platform

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