Air Conditioning Service Tips: Putting Your AC System To Bed, For Good | The Woodlands, TX

Air Conditioning Service Tips: Putting Your AC System To Bed, For Good | The Woodlands, TX

Property owners in The Woodlands, TX, rely heavily on their air conditioning systems to cool their homes during the long, hot summer season. Naturally, you want to get as much value out of that system as possible before investing in a new one. However, if your old AC unit barely limped along last summer and it needed air conditioning service calls a few times in order to keep working, it may be time to discuss AC replacement with Mr. Reliable Heating & Air. Deciding on whether or not to replace your AC unit is a big decision. Depending on its condition, you might be able to get another summer out of it. Or, you might be paying more than you want to for utility bills because of its inefficient use of energy. The following information will help you decide and acquaint you with the AC replacement process.

Air Conditioning System Age

If your air conditioning system is nearing the end of its lifespan or has surpassed it, you may already have needed air conditioning service to keep it running. Repairs and replacement parts are common as your HVAC system gets older. However, pay attention to how many air conditioning service calls you’re making and how much you’re paying for new parts. There comes a point when you’re putting too much money into a unit that simply won’t last for another summer or two. At that point, you may want to talk about an AC replacement with a skilled technician from Mr. Reliable Heating & Air.

Poor Operation

Did you find that your aging air conditioning system was struggling to cool your home last summer? That’s a common occurrence as AC units reach the end of their lifespan. You’re forced to pay for your AC’s operation even if it’s not doing a good job of cooling your house. In fact, you might even be paying more than necessary as the unit works overtime, struggling to maintain the temperature set on your thermostat. In these cases, it’s usually time to think about having the unit replaced, especially if its poor operation is accompanied by numerous air conditioning service calls.

Inefficient Energy Use

Older air conditioning systems won’t work as efficiently as new models. There have been many technological advances in HVAC design that allow these systems to work more efficiently. More efficient operation means that the unit requires less energy to cool or heat your house while still providing optimum temperature control. It’s possible that you could save a few hundred dollars annually on energy costs simply by upgrading your HVAC system.

Types of Repairs

Replacing a wearing belt is one thing, but replacing more expensive and major components of your old AC unit is another story. When you contact Mr. Reliable Heating & Air to place an air conditioning service call, we can explain why your part has failed and how much it will cost to replace it. You may find that the cost of replacing a major part isn’t worth the expense when you can more reasonably use the money paid on that repair toward replacing the unit with a new, energy-efficient model.

Consult with the Experts at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air

Mr. Reliable Heating & Air has helped hundreds of customers all over The Woodlands, TX decide on the right time to replace their existing air conditioning systems. We serve our customers with honesty and integrity. We don’t try to upsell customers and we always present them with accurate information so that they can make informed decisions about moving forward with any type of air conditioning service repair or an AC replacement.

When we visit your home, we can inspect your AC unit and provide you with a thorough report of its condition along with our recommendations. Sometimes, with proper maintenance, it makes sense to get a few more summers of use from an aging unit, simply because the repairs are minor and the unit is still functioning well. In these cases, property owners have more time to start saving for a new AC system and to consider the various options they might choose to install.

On the other hand, if our technician determines, upon inspecting your unit during an air conditioning service call, that it’s in poor condition and has actually become unsafe to operate, we can advise you about how best to proceed with a replacement. We know how hot it can be in The Woodlands, TX. So, if you choose to replace your AC unit, we can move quickly to help you source the ideal model for your home; then, we can install it right away.

Choosing a New Air Conditioning System

Anytime you have to replace a major home system like an AC unit, it’s a big purchase decision. Today, there are many different options to consider. The certified air conditioning service technicians of Mr. Reliable Heating & Air make it a point to stay up to date with the new AC models that enter our industry each year. We know who the most dependable manufacturers are. We can definitely help our customers choose the best make and model for their home and budget.

Talking Turkey: How Much Does an AC Replacement Cost?

A new residential central air AC unit costs, on average, between $4,000 – $7,000, including installation. However, some units run as low as $1,200. Mr. Reliable Heating & Air frequently features specials so we always encourage our customers to check our website to learn about any current incentives. Sometimes our specials include a percentage of an air conditioning service like AC repairs or replacement.

Keep in mind that the cost for an AC unit varies considerably depending on the make and model you choose as well as its size. A price quote this summer will probably look different the next simply because new products enter the market. Because there are many options to choose from, you can rely on the expertise and advice of our HVAC pros.

Energy Efficient Performance

When choosing a new AC unit, you’ll want to consider its energy-efficient operation. Note the model’s SEER number. The higher the number, the more efficient the unit. Why wouldn’t anyone want to choose the most energy-efficient model for their home? Well, those most energy-efficient models tend to be the most expensive models. Even so, because of the cost savings associated with reduced energy bills, customers can usually recoup the extra cost well before the unit nears its suggested lifespan, which may run anywhere from 10 to 15 years.

On the other hand, many property owners in The Woodlands, TX are concerned about reducing their footprint and conserving energy. Choosing an energy-efficient AC unit will help you do just that. These air conditioning systems operate with less energy but still provide optimum cooling functionality. The result is that they are better for the environment as well as your pocketbook when it comes to monthly energy expenses.

Financial Incentives

When you place an air conditioning service call with Mr. Reliable Heating & Air to discuss your AC replacement, we can discuss whether or not there are any manufacturer incentives associated with the models you’re interested in. Sometimes manufacturers offer reduced rates for specific models or rebates. Our company stays up to date with what the most reliable manufacturers have to offer clients. We’re always happy to pass on this potential money-saving information.


When considering new air conditioning units, always ask about their warranties. That could impact your purchase decision. Our licensed HVAC technician can help you understand the ins and outs of the warranty for the model you select. Having a clear understanding of its terms is crucial because you certainly don’t want to void the warranty. For instance, some warranties are rendered void if you ever hire someone who isn’t certified to provide air conditioning service on the unit.

Noise Level

Finally, when you choose a unit, you’ll want to learn about how noisy it may be. That could alter your decision. A noisy air conditioning system can be a nuisance. AC units that have a variable speed blower tend to operate more quietly than those that don’t. Be sure to mention your noise preference when you consult with one of our heating and air conditioning service technicians during your air conditioning service consultation.

Important Considerations for Air Conditioning System Installation

When you go shopping for your AC unit, definitely consult with your installation expert from Mr. Reliable Heating & Air. It’s essential to select a model that is the right size for your home. It can’t be too small and it shouldn’t be too big. Our experienced heating and air conditioning service technicians can ensure that you purchase the right size unit for your house.

Keep in mind that an AC unit that’s too small is going to have to work extra hard than the right-sized unit in order to cool your home to your thermostat’s temperature setting. When your unit has to work extra hard, you will need to pay extra on energy costs. You’ll also very likely be making extra air conditioning service calls to address the extra repair needs that inevitably accompany units that are too small to properly cool the home. Another downside, besides more frequent breakdowns, of a small-sized unit is that it’s likely to require replacement sooner than a unit that is sized right. The extra wear and tear on the unit and the damage from frequent breakdowns can definitely reduce its longevity.

Conversely, you don’t want to buy a unit that’s too large for your house either. While it won’t struggle to cool your home, it will guzzle up much more energy to operate than a right-sized unit. So, you’ll be paying more on energy bills than is reasonable for your home in The Woodlands, TX.

When you consult with Mr. Reliable Heating & Air, we’ll ensure that you don’t wind up with the wrong sized unit. We will make the calculations and help you determine your home’s cooling needs. Then, you can choose a model that’s a perfect fit.

Proper Air Conditioning Installation Is a Must

It’s crucial for property owners to have their new AC system professionally installed by a certified HVAC technician. Poor installation can lead to a whole host of problems. In fact, it can ruin a perfectly good unit and squander your investment. Air conditioning systems demand attention to detail when it comes to their proper installation. Mr. Reliable Heating & Air features a team of certified heating and air conditioning service technicians who have proven experience to install and replace air conditioning systems. Our pros have experience installing all types of residential AC units. You can trust their expertise. Moreover, we stand by the quality of our workmanship.

Other Considerations

When you contact Mr. Reliable Heating & Air for an air conditioning service call, we can discuss other important details of your installation. For instance, when installing a new AC unit, you may opt to install a smart thermostat at the same time. Smart thermostats will help you enhance your unit’s energy efficiency even more because they get to know your cooling preferences. You will never have to walk into a hot house again, but you also don’t need to let the unit run all day to maintain the house’s comfortable temperature. The thermostat will begin the cooling process before you are typically due home from work, for example.

When you’re installing a new air conditioning system, it’s also the ideal time to repair any ductwork that needs addressing. You can place an air conditioning service call and we’ll visit your home in The Woodlands, TX to make these additional repairs and upgrades as needed.

Choose Mr. Reliable Heating & Air if you need any type of heating or air conditioning service. Our technicians are friendly, experienced, and known for their excellent work. Be sure to ask us about our maintenance plans for new AC installations so we can help you maintain your new unit and keep it functioning at its best.

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