Air Conditioning Service & Tune Up

Air Conditioning Service & Tune Up

Air Conditioning Tune-Up | Air Conditioning Service

Providing an air conditioning tune-up before the heat of summer arrives will lower your electric bill, improve the system’s performance and reduce air conditioning breakdowns. Routine maintenance is essential to keep your air conditioner running efficiently and dependably during the season. Give Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning’s experienced professionals a call for air conditioning service.

Providing routine filter changes are the most important action you as a homeowner can take to keep your air conditioning running effectively, and efficiently. The filter traps particulates that can harm your system, and helps to keep it running cleanly. Check your filter monthly, and change it as needed. If you experience conditions more dusty than normal, such as during a remodeling project, check your filter more frequently.

A clean outdoor condenser, and clean indoor coils will improve your system’s performance. Often, when indoor coils are leaking water onto the floor, and the condensate drain isn’t stopped up, dirty coils may be the cause. Keep weeds and plants away from the outside portion of your system, it needs free flowing air to cool the refrigerant and keep your home comfortable. If you are experiencing water on the floor near your indoor coils, give our dedicated technicians a call for expert air conditioning service.


Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning’s HVAC technicians will provide a thorough check-up your air conditioning system during an AC tune-up:

  • Inspecting the electrical components. Over time, sensitive electrical components become dirty and can loosen, once this occurs energy efficiency can be lost. Loose connections can have the additional hazard of overheating, and can potentially cause a fire.
  • Lubricating the motors. All moving mechanical components create friction, and require lubrication to prevent premature wear and tear upon the system.
  • Ensuring the refrigerant level is within the manufacturer’s specifications. Systems with too little refrigerant is often the cause of an ac blowing warm air. A low refrigerant level may also cause the evaporator coil to freeze up and can cause damage to the compressor. If the coil is visible you will note the lines will be “frosted”, indicating frozen coils and low refrigerant. This will require the air conditioning service of locating the leak, and recharging the system.
  • Measuring the system’s airflow. The correct amount of airflow improves efficiency and comfort. If you have a room that seems too hot, the technician will check the duct system for air leaks and loose joints and seal them.
  • Cleaning the condensate drain and the drip pan. Blockages in the condensate drain can cause water to leak, damaging the system and your home. If you have water leaking onto your floor this may be the cause and should be attended to before damage occurs to your floors and walls. Give our certified technicians a call for air conditioning service.
  • Inspect the thermostat, check its accuracy and recalibration if required. Thermostats do wear out over time, when they do your system and comfort may suffer for it. If you find yourself consistently turning the thermostat up or down, it may require adjustment, or even replacement. If you need a new thermostat, consider a digital model. A digital thermostat will provide you with more accurate temperature control, and can provide programmable features or even access abd the ability to change the settings when you are away from home

Give Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning’s certified professional a call for further information about the benefits of an Air Conditioning tune-up. Our experienced technicians provide prompt air conditioning service for homes and businesses alike. Don’t suffer the heat, give us a call today!