Air Conditioning Service

Air Conditioning Service

The Annual Tune-up

You can prevent the majority of ACproblems by scheduling annual airconditioning service. The service will provide an inspection and testing ofthe system, allows developing issues to be caught early and enables thetechnician to provide AC repair,without your being placed in the situation of a broken AC. Refrigerant leaksare a subject you see often in the causes of air conditioning problems. That isbecause refrigerant leaks a common problem that can cause numerous problemsfrom the AC blowing warm air to afailed compressor.

From a functional viewpoint, a lowcharge of refrigerant prevents the airconditioner from providing the cold air you rely on to be comfortable.  Low refrigerant can also cause a frozenevaporator coil, and can lead to serious damage to the air conditioner. Prompt AC repair of the leak and recharging isrequired.

In addition, during the service visit,components that should be oiled are lubricated, worn components are changed, requiredadjustments are made and once all the maintenance tasks are complete, your ACoperates with peak performance. If your home’s HVAC system hasn’t already received air conditioning service this year, contact Cypress Heating and AirConditioning to schedule service from our experts.

 Furthermore, the air conditioner has numerouselectrical components, and during airconditioning service the technician will ensure the connections are tight,and without damage.

Loose or damaged electrical connectionscan cause short circuits and arcing, and can result in the system tripping itsbreaker. In addition, electrical problems can result in numerous problems, afan that won’t blow, the system won’t turn on and others.

An additional task the HVAC technician will check is thecondensate drain. As the air conditioner cools your home or office, it removeshumidity from the home’s air, which drains away through the condensate drain. Ifthe drain becomes clogged, the water can back up into the condensate pan andoverflow, causing serious water damage to your home.


The HVACsystem contains an evaporator and condenser coil. Eventually the coils willrequire cleaning or the system’s performance and effectiveness will be impaired.Dirty coils can cause a number of problems, including:

·      Dirty coils decrease energy efficiency.

·      A tripped breaker can be a sign of severalissues, including an overheating air conditioner due to dirty coils.

·      A dirty evaporator coil can’t operate properly,potentially resulting in a frozen evaporator coil.

·      The A/C blowing hot air can be due to the coilsinability to perform its job.

Routinely changing the air filter is anessential task that ensures cleaner coils for a longer period of time, higherair quality (depending on the type filter), greater energy efficiency, andassists in extending the system’s lifespan along with annual maintenance.Always use the manufacturer recommended filter to avoid the risk of damage tothe system.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning NATE certified technicians strive toprovide the best possible heating and airconditioning service available. You can rely on our services to meet and/orexceed the industry standards. We serve Katy, Plano and the surroundingareas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.