Air Conditioning Services | AC Repair Katy

Air Conditioning Services | AC Repair Katy

Air Conditioning Services | AC Repair Katy

If your home’s AC is blowing warm air, is producing a strange sound or odor, call Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning for AC repair in Katy. While a number of air conditioning issues are minor, they can develop into a major problem if AC repair in Katy is not provided in a timely manner. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning offers expert technicians, and the air conditioning services you need.

The following are signs that your unit needs AC repair in Katy

AC Blowing warm Air

If the air conditioner is blowing warm air , or it is not as cold as it used to be, contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning for AC repair in Katy. While there are a number of potential causes, a common cause includes low refrigerant. With the leak repaired and the proper level of refrigerant restored, the unit resumes normal operation. However, if you ignore the problem, there is the potential for compressor damage, and the need for replacement.

An additional cause may be the thermostat settings. Check to ensure the thermostat is set to Cool, and the fan on Auto. If the fan is not on Auto, it will run constantly, including when the compressor shuts off. This can result in the AC blowing warm air.

Insufficient Air Flow 

If the airflow coming through the air conditioning registers is weaker than normal, contact our dedicated HVAC technicians for repair.   

Thermostat Issues
A broken thermostat can cause numerous problems, including not running when it should, resulting in discomfort in the home. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning can replace your broken thermostat.   

Moisture Problems
The presence of moisture or a leak near your air conditioning coil indicates the need for service and/or AC repair in Katy. Potential causes include a broken or clogged drain tube, which disposes of condensation from the coil. In addition, a dirty coil can cause leaks that may result in a damaged floor, and the potential for mold. 

No Power

Check the A/C Unit’s Power

If the unit will not turn on, and will not start up, ensure it is receiving power. Check the AC circuit breaker in the home’s electrical panel, and ensure it has not tripped. If resetting the breaker does not start the AC, call Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning for service.  

While a power surge can cause a tripped breaker, when the electrical breaker is repeatedly tripping, it may indicate a bad breaker, or the home’s wiring.

Repair or Replace

Consider the age of your air conditioner when you are facing the decision between repair and replacement. This is especially true if frequent repair is required. Consider the cost of repairs over the past two years, and add the cost of the current repair. If the total is 25% of the cost of a new unit, consider using the cost of the current repair as a down payment on a new, reliable system.

Aged systems have a host of problems; electrical issues are common with motors, contractors, and capacitors going out. Refrigerant leaks become common and eventually the compressor fails. An aged system is not worth the expense of replacing a costly compressor that may blow holes in thinned coils and refrigerant lines. A new system will provide reliability, improved energy efficiency, and greater comfort. 

However, if the air conditioner is new, it may benefit from repair. Routine annual maintenance and timely repair will improve its lifespan while providing optimal energy efficiency and peak performance.

In order to maintain our standards of excellence around the clock, Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning’s certified HVAC technicians offer 24-hour emergency service for all of your heating and air conditioning services needs. Give us a call when you need heating or AC repair in Katy, Plano and the surrounding areas. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.