Air Conditioning Services in Katy, TX — Innovations in HVAC

Air Conditioning Services in Katy, TX — Innovations in HVAC

Heating and air in your home is becoming easier, cheaper and more efficient year after year. Innovation in heating and air, new developments towards operation and monitoring and even newer heating and cooling processes are happening every month.  Some of the biggest leaps in heating and air innovations in the past few years are ductless heating and air, intelligent systems, and something not really new, but making a comeback is iced-powered AC.

Ductless Heating and Cooling

For a very long time ducting has been an essential part of most homes when it comes to heating and cooling them. Ducted systems did their job well, however, they were very crude, expensive and for the most part not very energy efficient. Within the past decade ductless heating and cooling has been gaining in popularity and is being installed in more homes across the nation than ever before.

Ductless heating and air gets rid of ducting and has no need for it whatsoever since cooling is brought to the indoor unit via a very small copper tube. Ductless systems can heat and cool rooms and zones in a home very efficiently.  Ductless heating and cooling systems, also often referred to as ductless heat pumps or mini-split systems are composed of an indoor and outdoor unit. The outdoor unit collects heat from the outside air via coils that are filled with refrigerant. These coils collect the heat even when it is cold outside. The heat is then moved into the inside of the home and through the system to a fan which will blow the warm air throughout the room or zone.  Alternatively, the system can be reversed in order to cool the home too.

Ductless heating and cooling systems can also save homeowners as much as thirty percent or even more on conditioning the air inside the home. Additionally, there may be local, state or even federal rebates available to help offset the costs by going ductless.

Intelligent HVAC Systems

Nowadays, it seems like there is an intelligent variation for almost everything for the home. Intelligent lights, doors, refrigerators, coffee makers, phones and more. You can also purchase intelligent HVAC systems too. Coming in the form of smart thermostats and sensors that can activate the home’s heating and cooling when it is needed the most or turned down when no one is at home or when the occupants are asleep.

There are many different types of intelligent HVAC devices available today. Some monitor the activity of the occupants of the home to automatically learn and adjust to when the home’s air should be conditioned. Others will learn the habits of the occupants and what temperatures the occupants like and automatically adjust as needed. There are even sensors that will detect where occupants are in the home and adjust conditioning to those areas of the home while the occupants are occupying those areas and shut off while there are no occupants in the areas also.

Ice Powered AC

A very long time ago, ice was used by the wealthy to not only cool their homes but to keep their food cool as well. Recently, engineers while looking for further ways to create energy-efficient methods to cooling homes have developed a novel method of making use of ice in order to cool a home or building. Water stored in a specialized tank that will cool overnight until it hardens into ice will then be used in the daytime to cool the home or building.  However, depending on the size of the system, the ice will not last the entire day, but it helps supplement the lack of need of electricity for up to 8 hours or more in a day that would otherwise be using electricity in order to effectively cool the home or building.

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