Air Conditioning Services in Katy, TX – Whole House Humidifying System

Air Conditioning Services in Katy, TX – Whole House Humidifying System

There is more than just temperature when it comes to playing the part of your comfort levels in your home. Relative humidity also plays a vital role in your comfort. With the installation of a humidifier in your home you can help become more comfortable during the winter and less likely to develop an illness. Lower humidity in the winter time can cause nasal problems and make your skin too dry. These problems can lead to other respiratory problems, such as, bloody noses, and sore throats. It can also cause static electricity and dermatitis. Low humidity also plays a big part in causing other respiratory infections, such as the flu. If you are thinking of purchasing a whole house humidifier for your home for the upcoming winter then give Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning a call to schedule for an install of one in conjunction with your existing system.


The relative humidity in your home also has a significant effect on controlling the spread of airborne infections from bacteria and viruses among other household members. This will assist in less illness during the winter when illnesses are more prone to happen.


What is Relative Humidity?


Relative humidity is the measurement of water vapor that is present within the air. Humidity tends to be much higher in the summer time when the combination of heat with increased relative humidity makes us uncomfortable. This will make the temperature feel hotter than it really is, because the humid air will prevent the perspiration from evaporating effectively.


During the winter when humidity is low, perspiration will evaporate too quickly. This will leave us feeling colder than the temperatures actually are. Generally, optimal humidity levels should be around thirty to fifty percent. When humidity levels are within this range, there is less drying and cracking of wood, and also when it is in this range, you are less likely to see mold and mildew. When you add a whole house humidifier to your home, you can lower the thermostat on your HVAC, saving you costs associated with your electrical usage.


How Does a Whole House Humidifier Work?


A whole house humidifier will directly connect with your home’s water supply system; this ensures that it uses only fresh water. A humidistat will measure the level of humidity in the air within your home to ensure that the ideal level is maintained at all times. If at any point the levels of humidity get out of your desired range the system will turn on to bring it back to your desired range. If you need assistance with your home’s HVAC then give Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning a call today to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience and one of our professional technicians will come and assess the situation and provide the necessary repairs.


Whole House Humidifier vs. Stand Alone Humidifier

A whole house humidifier operates by automatically measuring the humidity levels in the air with a humidistat. Whenever there needs to be more moisture in the air the system will kick in and increase the amounts of moisture in the air till desired levels are met. When those desired levels have been met the system will shut down until it is needed to increase levels again.

A whole house humidifier removes the need for multiple portable units being placed across the home. It will supply humidity to the entire household by drawing water directly from the home’s existing water supply. The disadvantages associated with a portable humidifier are that its effectiveness is only produced in limited vicinities. Its inability to control humidity levels is also another handicap. Additionally, a whole house humidifier offers the convenience of not requiring daily care and refilling, whereas a portable unit will. However, whole house humidifiers will need the occasional cleaning and descaling in areas that have hard water.

Furthermore, a whole house humidifier can be installed in conjunction with your existing heating and cooling as long as the system utilizes a variable speed fan. If your existing system does not take advantage of the multiple comfort and energy saving benefits that are provided by variable speed fans, then give Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning a call to schedule a variable speed fan installation.

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