Air Conditioning Technique | Air Conditioning Service in Cypress, TX

Air Conditioning Technique | Air Conditioning Service in Cypress, TX

An air conditioner is an absolute necessity for a household, especially during the summer. When the humidity increases and becomes intolerable, an air conditioning unit must be fully functional in order to keep the temperature inside your four walls cooler than the scorching humidity beyond your home.

This is predominantly why residents who live in cities that are hit by augmented humidity can ill afford any circumstance where they have to contend with a defective air conditioner. However, like all electrical appliances, an air conditioner is prone to different issues, such as wires being damaged.

Also, in such instances, occupants would be better served if they are aware of air conditioning service in Cypress, TX. We will examine the ways home owners can ensure this.

Shut Off Power

The primary step when dealing with an air conditioner or any appliance for that matter is that you should switch off the power. This is obligatory since the risks involved with dealing with an electrical conduit that is operational can be fatal potentially.

Electrical currents have been known to claim unsuspecting lives in the past, which is why we are stating the obvious here. Typically, an air conditioner has several moving parts, which makes it an absolute necessity to turn its power off before toying with it.

Also, on the exterior condenser or compressor, users should find a shut off box near the unit. Residents should also switch the power off at the breaker box to be completely sure.

Cleaning Process

When it comes to air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, cleaning an AC is vital. This may be done by a professional but since we are on the subject, we will take readers through all the steps involved. First and foremost, an air conditioning service in Cypress, TX will be done on the outside as well as the inside. Cleaning the appliance within and without is essential for maintenance purposes.

First of all, residents should begin by cleaning the condenser. If the condenser is situated on the roof, they will be spared extensive cleaning as a result. However, if the condenser is located at ground level, then home owners are likely to find it covered in significant debris.

This should be removed by displacing the grate over the fan and vacuuming any debris and dust particles that have made their way inside. This may be done with a garden hose. Users should spray the fins from the inside out. It is important to consider the fact that they should avoid using a pressure washer, since the fins of an air conditioner are not dense enough to sustain the load and may be damaged in the process. This would defeat the purpose of an air conditioning service in Cypress, TX.

Furthermore, a thorough inspection of the fins must be carried out as well. Like we just mentioned, these fins are quite thin, which makes them susceptible to bending. This is why if users are able to identify any damaged spots, like the fins being flatter than usual, then they should straighten them tenderly using an instrument. For instance, a butter knife or a fin tool would suffice in this instance.

The only thing to note is that they should proceed with caution in order to avoid damaging the tubing within the fins. The next step of an air conditioning service in Cypress, TX is to rake any debris that is found on the ground. This should be kept away from the condenser and any branches or bushes that lie on top of the condenser should be removed as well.

Finally, the last step of executing air conditioning service in Cypress, TX is to level the condenser. Once the soil settles, it is not an uncommon occurrence for the air conditioners condenser pad to level off. Using shims and a level, users can carry out air conditioning service in Cypress, TX and restore the condenser to a level position.

Moreover, when you have to clean the internal components of your air conditioner, there are steps to complete that procedure effectively as well. The first step when attempt to carry out air conditioning service in Cypress, TX of the interior is to clean the evaporator coils.

Generally, these are found behind a door that is located above the blower motor. In some cases, it may be sealed with foil tape. This should be removed and the cover should be opened to perform the cleaning.

Once the cover is open, the cleaning can be done using a soft paint brush and the coil should be dusted off gently. Then, the next step of an air conditioning service in Cypress, TX is to let the spray drip into the drain pan. This should only be cleaned using soap and lukewarm water. Also, in this regard, adding a drain pan tablet to the pan can help as well.

Users should ensure that the drain is able to flow freely. Next, the evaporator drain should be cleaned thoroughly as well. In the vast majority of air conditioning units, this is a one inch PVC pipe that emanates from the evaporator enclosure.

For the best air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, users should see where the evaporator drains out. A dry vacuum should be fastened to this end and then sealed using duct tape or a rag. Then, the vacuum’s filter should be removed to avert any damage to it. Once the vacuum is switched on, it should be on for a few minutes to clear out any residual blockage.

Last but not least, the filter should be changed also. In principle, this should be done every six months on heating or cooling systems. The best time to do so is at the start of the cold season and when the warm season begins as well.

The final step is to switch the power back on. This completes the cleaning process and is an effective way to maintain your air conditioner.

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