Air Filter | AC Repair Katy

Air Filter | AC Repair Katy

Air Filter | AC Repair Katy

When you make the decision to achieve cleanerair in your home through a better quality air filter, you are likely tofeel overwhelmed when shopping from the large number available. The followingguidelines can assist you in understanding your needs, and providing guidancein determining the best air filter for your home, goals, and HVAC system.The use of high efficiency filters in the system is not always the best choice.As MERV ratings increase, so does the density of the filter. Unfortunately,this can result in the need for AC Repair in Katy.

Size, MERV ratingand material are three of the primary factors used in the selection of an airfilter for your home.

1) Filter Size

Size is the simplest factor to determine.The proper measurements are located on the existing filter. Never use a wrongsized filter in the system. A poorly fitting filter will allow dust and harmfulparticles to enter the system, causing soiling and potential damage that canresult in AC repair in Katy.

2) Material & MERV Rating

Filter efficiency rating is based on ascale of 1 to 16, and is known as MinimumEfficiency Reporting Value or MERV rating. This number identifies howwell a specific filter will capture and hold contaminants of a specific size.

The majority of high quality filters canremove 90% or more of the particles in tests. To provide a greater understandingof MERV, filters with a rating of 1 captures large particles, but will not cleanthe air. On the other hand, a MERV rating of 16 is suitable for a hospitalsurgical unit with an extremely high level of efficiency not typically requiredin homes. Furthermore, not just any system can tolerate high efficiencyfilters, and may damage your home’s system, resulting in AC repair in Katy.

The following are typical MERV ratings,and is only a guide. Check the filter manufacturers’ information for accurateidentification.

Rating Average Filtration Efficiency

MERV 1-4 60-80% – These include fiberglass, disposable panel, washablemetal/synthetic, and self-charging filters, and accounts for the majority offilters commonly used. The higher quality filters in this group will filterpollen, dust mites, and fibers. However, they will not filter particles smallerthan 10 microns, which include mold spores, pet dander, and aerosol spray. Thisgroup is typically safe for all systems, meaning it will not cause damage inthe system resulting in the need for ACRepair in Katy. Check with your HVACtechnician to assure the safe use with your system before upgrading.

MERV 5-8 80-95%
These include pleated, media panel, and cube filters, and provides a superiorrange that meets the needs of almost all homes, with the ability to provide clean,healthy air and protection for your home’s heatingand air conditioning system. Filters in the range of MERV 6 to 8 providecleaner air, while remaining budget friendly. Ensure your home’s HVAC system is compatible with a higherMERV rating before purchase. Use of a too high MERV can result in damage to thesystem, and the need for AC Repair inKaty.

MERV 9-12 >95%
These include extended pleated filters. The higher numbers begin the filtrationneeds of those with health issues and allergies (MERV rating of 11 to 13).Considering this group provides a higher density and efficiency, talk to yourCypress Heating and Air Conditioning technician to ensure its safe use in yoursystem. Denser filters can overheat a system with inadequate airflow, and canresult in the need for AC Repair inKaty, or even the need for replacement of the system.

MERV 13-16 >98%
These include electronic filters and begins with MERV 13, the upper end rating approvedfor those with medical needs. High efficiency filtration requires specificconditions for use in heating and airconditioning systems. Ensure you talk to your technician before use toprevent damage requiring AC Repair inKaty.

Use Caution with High MERV Ratings

While it is true a higher MERV numbercan provide improved filter efficiency, it is essential to understand that ahigh MERV filter may result in higher cost to operate your heating and air conditioning system, and may in fact, damage it. Higherrated MERV filters are not for use in all systems, and can reduce the airflowthrough the system, potentially resulting in overheating, and consequentialdamage to the system. The ideal filter allows the required airflow to thesystem, and the cleanest air possible without causing damage. Your Cypress HVAC technician can advise you of themaximum MERV rating tolerated by your heatingand cooling system without causing the damage that may result in AC Repair in Katy.

The maximum MERV recommendation for mostsystems is a MERV 6-8. Before selecting a higher MERV filter, talk toyour Cypress Heating & Air Conditioning technician to confirm your systemhas the capability of safely utilizing a higher efficiency filter, andmaintaining energy-efficiency. However, if you have a family member with allergiesor respiratory conditions, and need high efficiency MERV filtration, awhole-house air filtration system may provide the solution.

Initially, the purpose of air filters was to protect the heating and air conditioning equipment. However, homeowners’ expectthe air filter to provide protection from a growing number of harmfulpollutants. It is a logical expectation; after all, the home’s HVAC system draws air from throughoutthe entire home, filters it, and returns it in a cleaner state with anappropriate filter.

When choosing an air filter, it is bestto factor in your expectations, including any health benefits, environmentalfactors, including pets, and other potential indoor or outdoor pollutants, yourbudget, and the system’s recommended MERV rating.

Contact Cypress Heating and AirConditioning certified technicians for answers to your questions about an air filter, or to schedule heating and air conditioning service. Ourtechnicians offer expertise for your heatingand air conditioning needs. Our services include professional installation,maintenance, and heating and AC repairin Katy. We serve Katy, Plano and the surrounding areas, and are amember of the BBB with an A+ rating.