Air Filter | Air Conditioning Installation

Air Filter | Air Conditioning Installation

It is essential to know when to replace the airfilter on your heating and air conditioning system in order toprovide cleaner air, the highest efficiency of the system, and to preventunnecessary wear and tear  that willresult in premature replacement of the system. There is no better time to consider upgrading the quality of airfiltration than when you are faced with the need for a new heating and airconditioning installation.

Filter Changes are Not Optional

The primary purpose of the air filteris to prevent large, potentially damaging particles from entering the systemand negatively impacting its performance and lifespan. In addition, the filtercan improve the indoor air quality high by reducing pollutants and allergens,when the right type of filter can be utilized by the system. A dirty filter notonly impacts the HVAC system’s performance and longevity, it alsoimpacts your health, especially for those with allergies and/or chronic lungdisease.

A dirty filter causes your system to workharder to pull air through the system, which can lead to overheating and wearwith the consequence of mechanical failure and the need for premature heatingand air conditioning installation. In addition, a dirty filtercan also increase the likelihood of conditions conducive to the growth of  harmful mold.

The Recommended Frequency

The recommended frequency of filter changedepends on a few factors. First, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines forfilter type and the frequency of change. This is why it is essential toconsider air filtration and air quality before heating and  air conditioning installation. Onceyou purchase a system and it is installed, you are limited to the recommendedtype of filter. For example, you simply can’t use a HEPA filter on just anysystem without risking overheating and damage to the HVAC system. If youwould like the benefits of HEPA filtration, discuss this with a CypressHeating and Air Conditioning technician during the initial consultation beforepurchase.

However, if your existing system is unable touse advanced air filtration, our NATE certified technicians can provide youwith a solution for cleaner air in your home. That said, the air filter of anytype should be inspected monthly. Filter type is a factor in the recommendedfrequency. For example, the basic blue fiberglass filter should be changedevery month. Pleated filters are typically changed every two to three months.However, it is essential to inspect the filter monthly, and change it whendirty, damaged or damp.

Filter Quality

Filter quality is determined by theirthickness and the materials used. Cheap fiberglass filters will requirefrequent inspection and replacement.

Consider the Environmental Factors

If your home is undergoing a dusty remodelingproject, or if you live in an area with frequent construction, near dutycommercial facilities, or on a farm, the filter should be checked every week ortwo, depending on the amount of dust in the air.

Home Occupants

Pets in your home will also increase thenecessary frequency of air filter changes. Pet dander circulates throughthe air, increasing allergies and the need for frequent filter changes.

Recommended Filters

When purchasing a new system for heating and airconditioning installation, if you select one designed for high efficiencyfilters, you will have options on which types of filters you can use.Filters come in a number of  MERVratings, and filters capable of trapping up to 99% of contaminants areavailable for the cleanest air possible with an approved HVAC unit.

Electrostatic filters are also an option forsystems that can safely use them. They extract a variety of contaminants, fromdust and mold to smoke.

Furthermore, while permanent filters may offerthe best protection for your system against airborne contaminants, rememberthey typically need to be cleaned once a month. Maintenance is a considerationin selecting a system for heating and air conditioning installation.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning provides NATE certified technicians you can rely on forsuperior services., and who can assist you with selecting an air filter, HVAC repair,and  heating and air conditioning installation. We serve Katy, Plano and thesurrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.