Air Filter | Air Conditioning Repair Katy

Air Filter | Air Conditioning Repair Katy

Homeowner Maintenance – Air Filters

The majority of maintenance of the HVACsystem requires an HVAC technicianto provide it. However, your changing theair filter is essential for the system’s performance, efficiency, andlifespan. Furthermore, routine filter changes will avoid major issues fromoccurring, and will reduce the issues that can result in the need for air conditioning repair in Katy.

Keeping Your HVAC System Healthy

You need only to look at the filterthroughout the month to realize the amount of dust, lint and other debris thatwould have entered the system without a filter. If the filter isn’t changed,the debris will clog the filter and prevent air from flowing through the heating and air conditioning system.

Problems that can potentially damage thesystem can occur due to a clogged filter. When the filter is clogged, airflowthrough the system is reduced. This forces the system to work harder, causingunnecessary wear and tear on components. Furthermore, it may result inoverheating and the potential for immediate damage, or even a potential housefire. Without routine changing of the filter, the need for air conditioning repair in Katy is certain to occur as a result,and may even result in the need for a new system. The cost of a new filter eachmonth is miniscule in comparison to a new heating and air conditioning installation.

For those who change the filter beforedamage may occur, but not during the recommended timeline, problems can stilloccur that will affect performance, efficiency and will eventually result inthe need for air conditioning repair inKaty. A prime example of this is the condenser coil. Located inside thehome in a split system, the filter is located in the flow of air to capturedebris before it reaches the condenser coil.

How effective the filter is depends onthe type filter, and the frequency of its change. Assuming you are able toutilize a quality filter, once the filter is saturated with dirt this soil willbe pulled around the filter and onto the condenser coil. A dirty coil preventsthe system from performing effectively, and can result in issues requiring air conditioning repair in Katy. Routinefilter changes, and annual professional maintenance will prevent dirty coilsfrom becoming a problem, ensuring peak performance, extending the systemlifespan, and greater reliability.

An additional result of a dirty filteris reduced HVAC operatingefficiency. The system’s efficiency translates into increased utility costs.

Furthermore, filter condition plays asignificant role in indoor air quality.While the standard blue fiberglass filter is not going to provide anycontribution to improving indoor air quality, the commonly used pleated filter,and HEPA filters, will improve thequality of indoor air. A dirty filter allows the captured particles to enter thehome’s circulated air. Remember to allow time for washable filters to drybefore reinserting to prevent mold and mildew. If mold or mildew occurs,replace the air filter immediately.

Air Filter Changes

The frequency of filter changes dependson the type of filter, the condition of your home in regards to the amount ofdust present both indoors and out. Some filters require changing every month,such as the cheap fiberglass type. Others require changing every three months,such as pleated filters.

Generally, regardless of the type filterin the system, check it every month. Home containing pets may require frequentchanges due to pet dander. During remodeling jobs, it isn’t a bad idea to checkthe filter daily if the system is in use. Extremely dusty conditions outdoors mayrequire an increase in filter inspection and change.

Finally, before upgrading to a high efficiency filter, such as a HEPA, check with your HVAC technician or the system manufacturer for its approved use.The use of higher efficiency filters on some system may result in damage, andthe need for air conditioning repair inKaty.

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