Air Filter Mistakes That Will Result In A Need For <strong>Air Conditioner Repair</strong> | <strong>Spring, TX</strong>

Air Filter Mistakes That Will Result In A Need For Air Conditioner Repair | Spring, TX

It is estimated that about 10% of the entire world population is allergic to dust mites or some other sort of allergen. However, combating allergens at your Spring, TX home is pretty easy; you must ensure that you follow proper air filter hygiene. This means replacing the filters on time, keeping several filters with you, and ensuring that an air conditioner repair technician cleans the air ducts after every year. It is the role of an air filter to remove allergens and contaminants from the air to ensure high indoor air quality. Further, the air filter protects your air conditioner from issues such as mold growth. Unfortunately, some homeowners unknowingly make various air filter mistakes that result in severe consequences, such as a need for AC repair or allergic inflammations. This article lists the main air filter mistakes that could prove costly.

Incorrect Air Filter Installation

Do you know how to install an air filter in place for your air conditioner? If you don’t, it is better to consult your air conditioner repair technician for advice. This is because failing to install the filters properly can result in various issues. Unfortunately, even for the most seasoned of professionals, incorrect installation of air filters can happen. For instance, if you are stressed and the filter doesn’t have the “this side up” marking, you might end up installing them upside down. Improper filter installation means that the filter will not be trapping those allergens.

Skipping Inspections

How can you know that your air conditioner needs a repair if you don’t have it inspected regularly by an air conditioner repair technician? Some homeowners assume that the appliance is in the right state so long as it is working. They forget that unless inspected, the issue will have been exacerbated by the time it shows signs of damage and will cost more to repair. Routine maintenance and inspections are essential in the air conditioning sector. If your unit uses washable filters, you want to know whether the time to clean them is due, and you can only know this after an inspection.

Failure to Change the Air Filter

Out-of-sight, out-of-mind is a mantra that costs many. Changing the air filters shouldn’t be something that you forget. Failure to change the HVAC air filters means you’ll start noticing an increase in your electricity bills. This is because the HVAC system works harder to pump air through to your Spring, TX home as the filters are possibly clogged. As a result, your system is exposed to wear and tear that requires urgent air conditioner repairs. Another negative effect of not changing the air filters is that the dirt and dust particles initially caught might be blown by the now harder-working air conditioner into your indoor air. This will impact the indoor air quality, not forgetting the allergies your family members may sustain. Air conditioner repair technicians recommend that you replace the air filters after every 30 days if you have pets. Other factors influencing the frequency of filter replacement include the daily use of your HVAC system if you have young children at your home and the location of your home.

Improper Air Filter Sizing

Air filters aren’t a one-size-fits-all component. This means that you must choose an air filter that has a size corresponding to the air conditioner installed at your home. You will play a zero-sum game if you get a loosely-fitting filter. This is because the contaminants and dust particles you aim to filter will still escape to your indoor air through the gaps left by the filter. If you don’t know the filter size to purchase, carry the old one that the air conditioner repair technician initially installed to the store where you buy the replacement filter. Thus, you can find a filter that matches yours.

Failure to Stock Up on Air Filters

This doesn’t mean that you go out and purchase all the air filters in a store. However, you should have more than one filter at your Spring, TX home. This ensures that if an activity pollutes the indoor air, you can replace the air filters quickly before your IAQ is impacted. Remember, the indoor air quality may be impacted to the extent that you might have to call your air conditioner repair technician to clean the entire HVAC or install an air purifier. For instance, the store might be too far, and you need to renovate furniture or plumbing. If you have an extra filter, you will replace it after renovation.

Running the HVAC System While Replacing the Filter

Changing an air filter isn’t an activity that will take all the time of the day. You can complete it within a few minutes. Unfortunately, homomers make the mistake of running their air conditioning systems while changing the filters. Though this might not sound a big deal, you should suffer electrical shocks based on the unit you’re using. For instance, some air conditioning systems have wires in front of the system. If the system is running and you try to change the filters, it will shock you when you open the gate. Air conditioner repair companies recommend turning your entire system off when replacing the filters to avoid such issues.

Failure to Follow HVAC System Alerts

With the increasing adoption of smart appliances in smart homes, you can get notifications when a certain appliance needs your attention. For instance, pairing your HVAC system with a smart controller means that you also can receive notifications when the time to replace the filters is due. Ignoring these alerts could result in serious issues, such as the system working harder to push the air into the filter. As mentioned above, such a strain will result in air conditioner repair problems.

Observe HVAC Filter Best Practices

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