Air Filters | AC Repair Katy

Air Filters | AC Repair Katy

Air Filters | AC Repair Katy

The majority of the maintenance of your home’s heating and air conditioning system requires a certified HVAC technician to provide it. The homeowner can only provide limited maintenance tasks. Maintaining a clean air return grill, and routine filter changes are maintenance tasks you can provide. Changing the filter is essential for obtaining the maximum lifespan and performance of the HVAC system. Overly soiled air filters starve the system of air, resulting in the need for heating and AC repair in Katy. A Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning technician can provide the reliable service you need.

Filter Ratings

Filter quality varies, depending on the rating. Filters are rated with the minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV), ranging from 1 to 16. The higher the rating, the more effective the filter is. 

Filter types

The disposable pleated filters are the most common. They are available in a variety of ratings, and filter common particles and allergens. Inspect pleated filters each month and replace every 90 days or more often if required.

Permanent reusable filters have either a solid aluminum or plastic frame, and are more efficient than a disposable filter. They will last an average of 5 years, when routinely cleaned. However, due to their density, they may be incompatible with some heating and air conditioning systems, and may result in damage to the system components, resulting in the need for heating and AC repair in Katy.

Advanced filtration, such as a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter is highly efficient. A HEPA filter eliminates pollen, dust mites, mold, pet dander, bacteria, viruses, tobacco smoke and other contaminates. The HEPA filter can assist you in obtaining a better indoor air quality. HEPA filters are affordable and efficient air purifying systems

However, they can only be used in heating and air conditioning systems engineered for a HEPA filter. Using a HEPA in a system not designed for it, starves the system of air, and can result in the need for heating and AC repair in Katy, or replacement of the system. 

Electrostatic filters may be an option for your HVAC system. These filters are washable, and effective in attracting a number airborne pollutants. Electrostatic filters, self-charge themselves as air passes through them, increasing their ability to trap smaller particles, and making them a good choice for homes with pets or smokers. However, like the HEPA, before using you should check the manual to your heating and air conditioning system to ensure they are safe for use with your system to avoid damage to the system and the need for heating and AC repair in Katy

An ultraviolet filter for your HVAC system may be an option for households with those who suffer from allergies. A UV filter will reduce mold and other allergens. Call Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning’s experts to learn how we can help you improve the air quality in your home. 

Selecting a filter that is both safe for your system and effective can be more complicated than you would think. Using a filter with the incorrect performance value can cause a pressure drop that grows worse as the filter soils. Essentially, it can reduce the airflow to the unit, resulting in poor performance, an increase in heating and AC repair in Katy, and a reduction in the lifespan by causing premature wear of overburdened systems.

Filter Care 

Depending on the type of filter, filter care involves either changing the filter, or cleaning it on a routine basis. Furthermore, filters should display an arrow indicating the direction of the airflow. Proper installation will ensure proper operation. 

Dirty Filters Damage the System

The primary purpose of a filter is to protect the blower fan and coil from particulates and the debris pulled into the air return. These particulates can result in wear and damage to system components, resulting in heating and AC repair in Katy. Cleaning the air that moves through the air return is an added benefit of its primary job.

In addition, proper filter changes assist in maintaining clean HVAC ductwork. If dirt accumulates in the ductwork, and condensation occurs, bacteria and mold may grow. 

The problems caused by dirty filters do not end there. The following are a list of common problems the HVAC system can experience due dirty filters:

  • Dirty filters allow soiling of the system, once a filter is clogged, air is prevented from moving through the filter as it should, resulting in the system working a lot harder, resulting in an increased need for heating and AC repair in Katy
  • During the summer, a clogged air filter can cause the cooling coil to freeze up, resulting in the AC blowing warm air.
  • An unchanged filter for months on end will eventually result in the failure of a component, and the need for heating and AC repair in Katy. A dirty filter reduces the lifespan of the heating and air conditioning system.

There are a number of options available for heating and air conditioning systems. These options can improve air quality, control humidity, temperature, energy-consumption, and more. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning’s NATE certified HVAC technicians will be glad to explain the options available for your system, how they can benefit you. 

If you have questions regarding your system’s air filter your Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning technician can provide the answers you need. Our technicians offer expertise for your HVAC needs including installation, maintenance, and heating and AC repair in Katy. We serve Katy, Plano and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.