Air Filtration | Air Conditioning Installation

Air Filtration | Air Conditioning Installation

Almost everyone knows those who suffer fromallergies can benefit from the installation of a system capable of utilizingHEPA filters. HEPA filters are an advanced filtration system first designed foruse in hospitals. The essential factor in determining the best airfiltration depends on what you are allergic to. Let’s look a little deeperinto the subject of how considering filtration type with air conditioninginstallation can assist in reducing allergy symptoms.

The Purpose of Air Filtration

Air filtration was originally designed to trap particles that coulddamage the HVAC system. Later, improved filtration was designed to trap pollenand other airborne particles, providing a cleaner system, and cleaner air with airconditioning installation.

A certified HVAC technician provides the majority of systemmaintenance. A homeowner can provide little, when it comes to maintenance.Maintain a clean intake grill, vacuum the registers, and the all-importantfilter changes are the extent of DIY maintenance. If you’re not changing thefilter routinely, it becomes a source of contaminates in both the system andyour home. A dirty filter can ruin the system, and has adverse health effects.

To avoid damage to the HVAC system, and reduce allergy stimuli,change the air filters once per month or according to the manufacturer’sspecifications. Filter quality varies widely, with blue fiberglass filtersbeing the minimal filter, and does not filter out pollen, dust or otherpollutants and allergy triggers. Check with the system’s manufacturer and usethe recommended filter. When providing a new air conditioning installation,remember to assess the system’s filtration abilities for providing cleaner air.

Genuine HEPA filters, or High EfficiencyParticulate Air, have a MERV between 17 and 19 have a minimum efficiency ofmore than 99 percent in removing 0.3 ìm particles. A MERV of 20 is rated for0.1 to 0.2 ìm particles. HEPA filters have higher efficiencies for removingboth larger and smaller airborne particles, includingpollen, dust mites, mold, pet dander, and other contaminates.

However, HEPA filters can only be used in HVACsystems designed for them. The typical residential system may not haveenough fan or motor capacity to accommodate higher efficiency filters. Consultwith the manufacturer before using to avoid damage to the system.

Medium-efficiency air filters, with a MERVbetween 7 and 13, may be all that you require, depending on the size of thefiltration required for the specific allergies involved. Medium efficiencyfilters are almost as effective as HEPA filters in reducing the concentrationsof the most common indoor particles that are the cause of allergies and asthma.

However, any filter will clean only the air that passes through it.For severe allergies and asthma, talk to a Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning professional for a solution when providing air conditioning installation.

Both medium and HEPA filters requireproper installation to avoid air bypassing the filter. The higher a filter’sefficiency, the more attention must be provided to ensure sealed installationdue to airflow resistance creating leaks.


·   Stay indoorsbetween 10 am and 4 pm when pollen counts are highest. Ensure windows areclosed and the air conditioning system on.

·   Shower and shampoo beforebed to remove pollen, especially if you have been outdoors.

·   Talk to your doctor aboutnasal irrigation for the removal of pollen to reduce symptoms.

·   Use HEPA airfiltration systems in each room to reduce the pollen count within the home.Sleeping with one in your room is especially important.

·   Vacuum carpets routinelywith a HEPA vacuum cleaner.

Modern heating and air conditioning systemsoffer a number of features for cleaning the air, reducing humidity, savingenergy, and even hot water production. If you are considering a new airconditioning installation, give us a call.

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