Benefits of Replacing an Old HVAC System

Benefits of Replacing an Old HVAC System

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When to Replace a Heating and Air Conditioning System

Neglect and lack of maintenance are factors that can adversely affect your HVAC system and one that you can avoid. Age and wear are among the worst enemies of heating and air conditioning and one that will occur eventually regardless of how well maintained a system is.

The average service life of HVAC systems are 10 to 15 years. That may not seem very long, but when you consider that the Department of Energy recommends the replacement of units that are more than 10 years old to receive the greatest efficiency, it works out that the time for a new system is also a good time for the latest in energy efficiency. Significant advances in technology are occurring in the heating and air conditioning industry with energy efficiency and increased comfort being the end result. Newer systems provide definite advantages over their predecessors as outlined in the following:


The newer system provide for a more even distribution of temperature throughout the home. Multi-stage operation and variable speed blowers adjust to the output that is required. These systems also offer the option of zoning for individual rooms needs in heating or air conditioning. The room that tends to stay cooler in the winter or hotter in the summer becomes a thing of the past with a zoned system. If you are planning to install a new system this is a great time to assess if a zoned system is an option for your home. Energy Efficiency

The installation of a new high energy efficiency system can save up to 50% or even more on your energy bill. There are more options available today for homeowners than ever before. Choose Energy Star rated systems for potential tax credits and save even more. Talk to your HVAC contractor to discuss which option would be the most efficient for your home.

Protecting the Environment

For over forty years R-22 was the refrigerant of choice. Due to its negative impact on the environment it is being phased out causing the repair of old systems that use R-22 to be very costly to work on. New systems use more environmentally acceptable alternatives.

Quieter Operation

Today’s systems run much quieter than its predecessors and take up less space. That means that your home will be more peaceful when the AC or heat is running, and you will have more space available for storage.

Technological Advances in HVAC

If you forget to adjust the thermostat before leaving, it is no problem with today’s advanced systems that can be controlled by Wi-Fi using a smartphone, tablet or computer. You even receive reports on how much energy you’re saving. Better yet, your new energy efficient system can be matched to an appropriate digital thermostat and programmed to automatically adjust temperature according to your chosen schedule. Some digital thermostats can even alternate between heating and air conditioning for those spring and fall days when both are needed.

Today’s technology provides the assurance your home is always comfortable when it needs to be and makes the most out of every energy dollar. With so many new technologies that provide comfort and energy savings there has never been a better time for a heating and air conditioning installation.

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