Better Air Conditioning with Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans | Air Conditioning Katy, TX

Ceiling fans have been around for more than a century, and are an inexpensive means of supplementing your air conditioning in Katy, TX. Ceiling fans produce a breeze that evaporates moisture away from your skin. They don’t actually lower the temperature of a room, but they will make you feel several degrees cooler. By using a ceiling fan you can typically lower the AC thermostat by 4-7 degrees, saving you on the cost of cooling. Ceiling fans will assist your air conditioning in Katy, TX to increase your comfort.

Selecting the correct fan for your room is important to successfully increase your comfort. In the following we will discuss the factors to consider when buying a ceiling fan.

  • Select the correct size ceiling fan for the room. Ceiling fan ranges in size from 24 to 84 inches wide. Select the largest fan that can be installed in the room and still maintain at least 18 inches between the fan and walls, cabinets or doors. This provides adequate air flow. A larger fan will move more air than a smaller fan at a lower speed.
  • Select a fan with an adequate blade pitch to achieve maximum air movement. The greater the pitch the more air it will move.
  • The minimum distance between the fan blades and the ceiling is 8-10 inches. The greater the distance between ceiling and blades the greater an air flow you will obtain.
  • Ceiling fan’s weighing over 35 pounds will require additional support. The outlet box must be rated for ceiling fan use and support the fans weight.
  • Install the ceiling fan in the best location. For square rooms mount the fan dead center of the ceiling. Rectangular rooms typically require two fans.
  • Rooms with ceilings that are 8 feet or higher are best suited for a fan. Ceilings that are lower than this presents a safety risk and require the use of flush mount ceiling fans. Even then, tall persons can strike the light kit if not the blades.
  • Select a fan with a reverse blade function, also called a direction switch.

Use a 52 to 60 inch-diameter fan for a room that is 250-300 square feet. Rooms that are larger than 300 sq. ft. will require a 62-84 inch blade span.

Set the fan direction switch according to the season. In the summer you need the fan to force the air up (blades should turn counterclockwise), while in winter you want the fan to force the warm air down (blades should turn clockwise). The direction switch is a small slide switch on the fan. Let the blades completely stop before reversing the direction.

By circulating the air in a room, a ceiling fan can assist with even distribution of heated air in the winter. The old saying is heat rises and cold falls is true. A ceiling fan circulating on its winter function in the low mode will help to keep the warm air down where you are. In the summer mode it simply provides a breeze that will assist you in staying cool, and enable you raise the thermostat of your air conditioning in Katy, TX.

A good brand of ceiling fan will cost you $200 and up and will have a 10-20 warranty. However, you can watch for sales and clearances where good fans are often priced 50% off.

Using Other Fans

Ceiling fans will not pull air into the home through an open window, a box type fan or attic fan will provide this function when outside temperatures are cool enough. A typical box fan will only cool the room it is in, while an attic fan will pull hot air out of the house, and cool air in through open windows or doors, allowing you to shut off your air conditioning in Katy, TX when outdoor temperatures allow

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