Call Experts for Timely Repair of Your Heating and AC in Cypress, TX

Call Experts for Timely Repair of Your Heating and AC in Cypress, TX

If you don’t address heating and air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX in a timely manner, the Texas heat will finish you off pretty quickly!

There can be any number of reasons that are responsible for a sudden breakdown of the heating and cooling of your home.

You have to address these problems swiftly so you can avoid inconveniences that can prove to be fatal at times.

Let’s take a look at some of the major problems that may need heating and AC repair in Cypress, TX.

1.   The Condensers or Evaporators are Clogged

If your HVAC system stops working suddenly, don’t go dismantling it without a clue!

Consider less drastic options first. In most cases, the heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX is affected due to clogged condensers and evaporators. The air in this part of the state is heavy with dust particles. Due to this, the air conditioning system gets clogged frequently.

You just need to clean out the condensers and the evaporators on a regular basis to avoid such a situation. Set-up a quarterly or semi-annual practice for doing this!

Your system won’t shut down without warning!

2.   There is Leakage from the Air Conditioning Unit

Leakages are the worst of all problems!

You never see them coming until part of your wall looks like a waterfall that is emerging from the wall itself.

A leakage can be caused by a leaking refrigerant, clogged drainage system or from ice frozen on top of the evaporator coils. Several services of air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX only have to resolve a leakage to fix an AC.

This is the type of repair that always needs an expert’s attention! You simply cannot deal with it on your own!

3.   Leakage of Warm Air from the Ducts

This is a problem that generally occurs in case of centralized heating and air conditioning in Cypress, TX. You may feel as if your HVAC system is not heating up the place at all.

This happens when your ducts are leaking out all the warm air.

This is another one of those problems that you just can’t resolve on your own. You need professional contractors for heating and AC repair in Cypress, TX.

An expert crew will examine your entire duct work to locate the leak and fix it immediately to resolve the issue.

As an alternative, it may be a better option to switch to de-centralized heating and cooling systems instead of a fully centralized system. Unless you have owned one since you’ve moved into your home, try to avoid centralized systems at all costs! They are more trouble than they’re worth.

4.   The Compressor May be Affected

Many times, air conditioner repair in Cypress, TX only concern a defected compressor.

To find out if it’s just your compressor that needs to be looked at, turn the power off completely.

Clean the compressor to make sure it isn’t getting clogged by debris. Then turn the power on. If the fans still don’t move, then your AC definitely needs a new compressor.

Call the best air conditioning service in Cypress, TX for replacing the compressor immediately.

5.   There Is a Problem Turning it ON and OFF

You may experience that your heating and air conditioning system is simply stays OFF even when you’ve just turned it ON. This problem can arise when your thermostat isn’t functioning right.

You can easily find out if your thermostat isn’t functioning well by removing its batteries and replacing them with new ones!

If it begins working after changing the batteries then that was the only improvement it needed!

Although trying to repair the heating and air conditioning system on your own is not a wise option, a simple fix like this can be an exception!

Use the following tips to fix your HVAC system if you can’t find any contractors available for visiting your home!

1.   Take a Good Look at the Thermostat

Many times, your HVAC is working perfectly well. It is just your thermostat that has some kind of an issue.

It may have defect with its programming or it may just have weak batteries. In any case, explore if your thermostat is working fine before turning towards your AC.

2.   See If the Defroster Still Works

After an extreme winter, the evaporator coils heat up for defrosting ice from the HVAC. That system may be obstructed due to heavy ice frozen on top of the coils.

If you see such a scenario, then you need to call professionals to remove all the ice and free the system to continue the defrosting process.

If you try to remove ice on your own, make sure to use tools that are blunt so you don’t end up damaging the coils instead.

In addition, if your condenser begins collecting ice in the summer season, you should consider it as a very bad sign. Since, there is no snow in the atmosphere; the ice erupts as a result of leaking refrigerant gas.

Immediately call emergency services of heating and air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX to fix the leak.

3.   Try Resetting the Breaker

As a last resort, when nothing else works, reset the circuit breaker of your home. It may boost the system into retaining its usual function until outside helps arrives.

This is a rather dangerous thing to do on your own. You are at a great risk of getting electrocuted due to this. You should do this while wearing rubber slipper, rubber gloves and exercising extreme caution!


Your HVAC system sustains you all year long!

A minor disruption in its working can prove to be quite bad for you. Timely assistance can save you from many problems. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning is available 24 hours, 7 days a week for your help!

Our expert crew will be at your doorstep at one phone call!

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