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Did you know that 93 percent of American homes built in the 2010s have air conditioning? Air conditioners are among the most valuable appliances in any household, particularly so in homes in the hot and humid climate in the Cypress, TX region. They provide relief under the unforgiving Texas heat. It can be a significant inconvenience for you and your loved ones when the unit isn’t functioning optimally.

Luckily, with the help of a reputable AC repair company near you, you can avoid such situations and keep your home cozy and cool during high-temperature seasons. Read on to find out how a professional AC repair service provider can keep your residence comfortable all year round.

Determine the Cost of AC Repairs

Without proper training in air conditioner repairs, it can be hard to know how much you’ll need to spend to fix your home’s unit when there’s a problem. You may also not know when you may require a replacement service altogether.

You may incur repairs that cost as much as a brand-new air conditioning system. Many AC repair companies are guided by profits and can provide unrealistic estimates for their benefit. This may force you to spend way beyond your budget.

Also, some may recommend scheduling a replacement service if the decision will benefit them financially. A professional AC repair company will offer accurate estimates and recommend the most budget-friendly options as needed. Consequently, you’ll comfortably manage to execute AC repairs when necessary, ensuring your unit’s functioning properly throughout.

Prevent the Loss of Conditioned Air

By working with a professional AC repair company, you may receive more than a simple energy audit. Your contractor can inspect the system to check for gaps and cracks in walls as well as window and door frames through which conditioned air could be escaping.

The loss of conditioned air could significantly impact your home’s comfort and personal finances. Your technicians can fix these cracks and gaps, ensuring your house receives a steady supply of cool air when needed.

Maintain Constant Thermostat Temperatures

It’s almost impossible to accurately tell how your home is cooled by reading the thermostat. It can be hard to know when there are fluctuations. Air conditioning systems typically keep up with your temperature requests by cooling your home indoors as efficiently as possible. This helps with energy conservation.

If your filters are dirty or the unit is running full-time, you’ll constantly have to lower the thermostat settings to help make the rooms in your home cooler. You’ll be wasting energy, which will, in turn, result in higher energy bills. However, your preferred AC repair company can help service the system and replace the filters when necessary, ensuring the unit runs efficiently around the clock.

Extend Your System’s Lifespan

With proper maintenance and care, a modern high-efficiency air conditioning system should operate optimally for 15 to 20 years. However, during this time, there are plenty of reasons why your unit may begin malfunctioning.

Although most of these issues are minor, requiring easy fixes, they may cause more significant problems in the future if they’re not addressed on time. The best way to ensure your residential air conditioning unit serves your household for a long time is by partnering with your local AC repair company for regular maintenance solutions.

During routine maintenance services, your contractor can inspect the system and fix minor issues detected on the spot. The assessments may involve visual inspections and listening to the unit while it’s in operation.

Provide Add-on System Upgrades

Technologies associated with temperature control are continually changing and diversifying. For instance, smart thermostats have become popular in most modern homes with air conditioning units. The technological advancements are meant to make the operation of the system seamless.

However, a few adjustments will need to be made to ensure both systems are working in tandem. With the help of trained technicians from a reputable AC repair company near you, it’ll be easier to know what’s required to get both machines to work together. They can assist with programming issues and recommend the best practices to ensure you get maximum output from your residential air conditioning unit.

Your contractor can also help install up-to-date air filtration systems for improved indoor air quality. A professional AC repair service provider can help keep your AC and any upgrades you may need operationally efficient.

Reduce Indoor Humidity

An AC repair company helps you achieve a low humidity. Excess moisture is drawn out as air passes through the air conditioning and filtration system, which can benefit your residence differently.

Humidity inside your Cypress, TX home can facilitate mold and mildew growth, which can impact the health of the inhabitants, particularly those with pre-existing respiratory issues.

A house with high humidity levels can also smell musty, making it uncomfortable. Air conditioning units are meant to enhance the comfort of your residence, but high humidity levels can compromise the comfort level.

Technicians from your local AC repair company can help check the humidity levels in your house and provide the most appropriate recommendations based on the findings. Each air conditioning system has different capabilities for regulating indoor humidity.

Your AC repair contractor can help execute system replacements to keep the humidity levels in check. They have the training to ensure your AC effectively contributes to keeping your indoors cozy when necessary.

Improve Air Quality

Besides blowing cold air indoors, many modern air conditioners enhance indoor air quality. They feature a filtration system that removes common air pollutants such as dust, pet dander, cigarette smoke, and pollen.

Without frequent maintenance or cleanings, dirt can accumulate on the filters over time, eventually causing the unit to malfunction. Dirty filters can allow contaminants to enter your home, which could put a damper on its indoor comfort. Your AC repair company can help clean the filters regularly, ensuring the indoor air is always clean.

Receive Professional Assistance to Keep Your Home Cozy

At Mr. Reliable Heating & Air, we’re dedicated to meeting our clients’ unique heating and air conditioning demands in Cypress, TX, and the surrounding areas. We ensure your home is cool and cozy under the sweltering Texas heat.

Our trained and experienced professionals can assist with AC installation, maintenance, and repair. We can also install any upgrades you may need upon request. Contact us at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air to get the help you need.

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When it’s summertime in Katy, TX, it’s time to break out the shorts and flip-flops and enjoy the warm weather. Of course, it also means that your air conditioner will work overtime to keep your home cool and comfortable. But what happens when your AC unit shows signs of wear and tear? How do you know when it’s time to call a professional for AC repair? In this blog post, we’ll discuss five signs that indicate it’s time to call an AC repair company in Katy, TX. You can avoid costly repairs down the road by keeping an eye out for these signs.

1. Strange noises coming from the AC unit

If you hear strange noises from your AC unit, it’s a good idea to call a professional AC repair company. These noises could indicate a bigger problem, such as a loose fan belt or motor. It may be something as simple as a loose screw, or it could be something more serious. Either way, it’s best to have a professional take a look.

2. Decreased airflow

One of the most common signs that your AC unit needs repair is decreased airflow. If you notice that the airflow from your vents is weaker than usual, your AC unit is having trouble circulating cool air throughout your home. This could be caused by various issues, such as a dirty air filter or ductwork.

We recommend calling a professional AC repair company to diagnose the problem. It may be as simple as cleaning the air filter or ductwork, or it could be something more serious, such as a coolant leak—regular scheduled maintenance for your AC unit to reduce the chances of this happening. Changing the air filter and cleaning the ductwork can help prevent decreased airflow.

3. Higher energy bills

Another sign that your AC unit needs repair is higher energy bills. If you notice a sudden spike in your energy bills, your air conditioning system is working harder than usual and using more electricity. This could be caused by several factors, such as a dirty air filter or a coolant leak. However, it may be more serious, such as a problem with the compressor.

To prevent higher energy bills, schedule regular maintenance for your AC unit and change the air filter regularly. If you notice a sudden increase in energy bills, we recommend calling a professional AC repair company. They can diagnose the problem and suggest the best course of action.

If your air conditioning system is outdated, we may suggest replacing it with a more energy-efficient model. Our certified technicians can help you find the best model for your home to save you money on your energy bills.

4. The AC unit is turning on and off frequently

If you notice that your AC unit turns on and off more frequently than usual, it could be a sign that something is wrong. This often indicates that the thermostat is not working correctly. One of our AC repair company technicians can come to your home and check the thermostat to see if it needs to be recalibrated or replaced.

This is a simple repair that can be done quickly. However, it may be more serious, such as a problem with the compressor, which is an integral part of the AC unit. Contact our AC repair company today. Our certified technicians can diagnose the problem and recommend the best course of action.

5. The AC unit is leaking water

If you notice water leaking from your AC unit, you must call a professional AC repair company immediately, as this could indicate a severe problem with the unit. Water leaks can cause extensive damage to your home and should be addressed as soon as possible by a professional. The problem may be as simple as a clogged drain line, or it could be something more serious, such as a refrigerant leak.

Our technicians have the experience and training to diagnose the problem and recommend the best course of action. For example, if the problem is a clogged drain line, they can clear it and prevent water from leaking in the future. If the problem is a refrigerant leak, they can repair it and recharge the system. This step is essential to prevent further damage to your AC unit.

Regular Maintenance Benefits

While you can’t avoid all AC repair issues, you can take steps to prevent some of them. Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your AC unit running smoothly and prevent small problems from becoming big ones that cost you a significant chunk of money. Here are some benefits of regular maintenance:

1. Increased lifespan

2. Improved efficiency

3. Reduced energy bills

4. Fewer repairs

5. Better indoor air quality

Ask your AC repair company about their maintenance plans. For example, at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air, our certified technicians offer a variety of plans to meet your needs. We also offer new unit installation. If your AC unit is over 10 years old, we recommend replacing it with a new, energy-efficient model. When you combine a new system with a maintenance plan, you can enjoy a cool, comfortable home for many years to come.

As a homeowner in Katy, TX, it’s essential to check for signs that indicate it’s time to call an AC repair company. You can avoid costly repairs down the road by being proactive and calling for repairs at the first sign of trouble. Mr. Reliable Heating & Air is here to help! If you have questions about this blog post or would like to schedule an appointment for AC repair, please contact our office today.

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Every homeowner and property manager in Spring, TX, understands the importance of having a properly functioning air conditioner. This is because the summers here are associated with extremely hot weather. Indeed, if you have been here for some time, you can agree with us that not many things feel better than walking into an air-conditioned room after spending some time in the scorching heat outside. Therefore, if your air conditioner breaks down, it can cause serious disruption in your home or business. As such, most air conditioning issues have to be addressed urgently. However, no matter how quickly you would like to see your broken air conditioner fixed, you shouldn’t be tempted to repair it on your own. This is because air conditioners are quite complex appliances, and handling them on your own might put you at risk of sustaining serious physical injuries. As such, you need to have a dependable AC repair company on speed dial.

However, if you do not have an AC repair service you can trust to help you resolve any air conditioning issue in your Spring, TX, home, finding one can, at times, be a daunting task. This is because some HVAC service providers lack the capacity to offer high-quality services and resolve more complex air conditioning issues. But how can you identify a reliable AC repair company? Below is a rundown of the important factors you need to consider when shopping for an HVAC company.


To establish the credibility of a given AC repair company, you need to find out what other people have to say about them. To this end, you can ask the people the company has served in the past to give you an honest assessment of the company’s quality of services. Alternatively, you can go to online business review sites such as Yelp to read customer reviews and testimonials. Of course, no business is 100% perfect, and you can expect even the best HVAC companies to attract some critical reviews. However, if a company has received so many negative reviews that its overall rating is below average, hiring it will put you at the risk of receiving substandard services. As such, before you can settle for a particular AC repair company, you need to be sure that the people it has served in the past are mostly satisfied with its services.

Licenses and Insurance

The HVAC industry is strictly regulated, meaning that not everyone is allowed to offer professional air conditioning services. Qualified HVAC contractors need to be licensed by the relevant federal and local authorities. Given the risks involved in handling air conditioning equipment, a Good HVAC company also needs to be licensed. If you make the mistake of hiring a company that is not licensed, you might lose your home insurance or even void your service warranties. Similarly, if you get an AC repair service that is not insured, you will have to pay for their mistakes and property damage. On the other hand, hiring a company that is insured and licensed will ensure that you are shielded against the risks associated with air conditioning repairs. Therefore, when shopping for an AC repair company, you need to ensure that the one you pick is well-licensed and insured.


Air conditioning repair experts get better at their work with experience. The longer an air conditioning repair services provider has been in the industry, the more conversant they are with the various air conditioning issues you might come across. Furthermore, given the competition that characterizes the air conditioning industry, an AC repair company that has been around for more than a few years must be doing something right. If you decide to trust an inexperienced air conditioning service provider, you will risk receiving poor services and even losing money due to poor workmanship. On the other hand, experienced professionals know what needs to be done, and you can trust them to resolve even the most complex air conditioning issues decisively. Therefore, before you can decide to hire a given AC repair company, you need to be satisfied that they have been in the industry for more than a few years.


Every HVAC contractor you talk to will obviously promise to do a good job. However, you need to know that no matter how much you must trust a given air conditioning repair company, there is a good chance that they may fail to resolve your air conditioning issue decisively. This is why good AC repair service providers decide to back their promises with their own money. In other words, they offer warranties for services offered to express the confidence they have in the quality of their services and assure their customers that if the issue at hand reoccurs, it would be handled without further charges. If an HVAC company is unwilling to provide such guarantees, you should never trust it with your air conditioning equipment. Therefore, no matter how much a given AC repair company may have been hyped by people you trust, you should avoid it if it is not willing to back its promise of quality with a warranty.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, your air conditioner, like any other electromechanical appliance, can break down at any time, including when you need it the most. However, DIY air conditioning repair is not an option you should ever consider. Instead, you need a professional air conditioning repair service you can trust to help you when your air conditioner develops a problem. Professionals deal with air conditioning equipment every day, and they understand what needs to be done to resolve any given air conditioning issue decisively and efficiently. However, since it is not easy to find a good air conditioning service provider, you need to be prepared to do your due diligence and make several considerations before you can settle for one. If you are looking for a reliable AC repair company in Spring, TX, Mr. Reliable Heating & Air is the answer. Get in touch with us to learn more about our company and services.

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With summer just around the corner, it keeps getting warmer and warmer with each passing day. If your AC unit is underperforming, now is the time to call in a professional AC repair company in Katy, TX, and have it checked. At Mr. Reliable Heating & Air, we often receive calls about inefficient AC units, especially during the warm months. Below are some recommendations from our technicians to keep your unit performing optimally.

Cleaning the Air Filter

The AC has air filters to capture pet hair, dust, and other contaminants. The filters prevent these contaminants from clogging the AC unit and interfering with its operation. The air filters in your conditioner will inevitably get dirty after prolonged use.

A dirty air filter can cause ice build-up on the air conditioning unit, making it work harder to keep you and your family cool. To prevent this from happening, the air filters need to be changed every air filter by a professional AC repair company.

Turning Off the AC When Not in Use

Some people like to run the AC on full blast, even when they are not at home, so their home can be chilly when they come back. This is not advisable as it will make the AC wear out faster. It is better to keep your AC running a few degrees lower (or higher) when not at home for an extended period.

Call a professional AC repair company if your AC wears out.

Getting a Programmable Thermostat

If you have an old, mechanical thermostat, you might want to think about upgrading to a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat eliminates the human element by allowing you to set the temperature remotely. It won’t allow you to turn the AC off, but you can set the temperature before getting home.

You will be able to save money and extend the lifespan of your AC unit. Contact a professional AC repair company to get a smart thermostat.

Cleaning the Coils

These coils help the refrigerant absorb heat and cool the room. Over time, dust can accumulate on the coils reducing the ability to absorb heat. The AC unit has to work harder to keep your house clean if this occurs.

Keeping the coils clean is, therefore, very important. These coils are sharp, and it can be risky to touch them. Let a professional air conditioning service handle this for you so you don’t hurt yourself.

Checking the Fins

The condenser and evaporator each have fins. Over time, these fins can bend, which restricts airflow. To ensure your air conditioning unit is running efficiently, check the fins regularly to make sure they haven’t bent.

If you notice any bending, call a professional AC repair company to avoid damaging your AC unit.

Prepping the AC Unit for Summer

Before that extreme summer heat arrives, make sure the air conditioner is functioning correctly. Call a professional air conditioning repair company to clear our debris, check coolant levels and replace the air filters.

Placing the AC Unit and Thermostat in the Right Place

Contrary to popular belief, the location of the AC unit is important. The AC unit should not be installed in direct sunlight or where airflow can be potentially blocked. Placing the AC unit in the wrong place means it will need to work harder to keep you cool, which wastes energy and increases electricity bills.

The thermostat should also not be placed in direct sunlight as it will read the incorrect temperature, making your AC unit work harder than necessary. If your AC unit or thermostat is not at the optimal position, call a professional AC repair company in Katy, TX, to fix the issue for you.

Cleaning the Air Conditioner Vents

The HVAC unit uses vents to release cold air. If there is dirt in these vents, dust will be released into your house, and airflow will be hampered. Inhaling these contaminants can trigger an allergic reaction, asthma attacks, and other health issues. This is worrying, especially for the elderly and children.

To prevent this from happening, clean the vents or call a professional air conditioning repair company to do it for you.

Ensuring the Condenser Unit Fan Is Working Properly

The condenser unit fan is responsible for cooling the refrigerant gas. However, if it is not working correctly, the AC no longer does its job. When you hear some weird noises coming from the AC unit, there is a strong possibility that the condenser unit fan is malfunctioning.

In such a situation, call a professional AC repair company to check for any problems.

Inspecting the Condensate Drain

The condensate drain transports any condensation created within the HVAC outdoors. To keep your AC in good condition, the condensate drain needs to be regularly checked to make sure it is draining water correctly and efficiently. Over time, the drain can become clogged, which will prevent drainage.

Call a professional AC repair company if you notice the condensate drain is clogged.

Scheduling Regular Maintenance Appointments

Between working and caring for your loved ones, the last thing on your mind is your AC unit. At Mr. Reliable Heating & Air, we understand that you have a busy schedule which is why we offer quality air conditioning repair and maintenance services for your HVAC unit.

A lot of components in your AC unit may malfunction. Just like a car, your AC unit needs constant servicing. Engaging our air conditioning repair services is the way to make sure you can rest easy knowing you’re covered. When you book an appointment, our technicians will come to your house, inspect your AC, repair any broken components and ensure that the AC is functioning at the optimal level.

Mr. Reliable Heating & Air: Your Dependable Cooling Partner

An air conditioner can last for over ten years, but it will start to misbehave without proper care and attention. If you follow the above tips and call a professional AC repair company to take care of your AC, it should provide you with quality service for a long period.

Contact Mr. Reliable Heating & Air today to learn about the air conditioning repair services we offer in Katy, TX.

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A properly working HVAC system is a necessity for every home and office in The Woodlands, TX. This is because the weather around here can sometimes get too uncomfortable. For instance, summers are often hot and muggy, and it is hard to imagine how your family would survive without a properly functioning air conditioner. Therefore, as a homeowner, you have a responsibility to ensure that your air conditioner is always in good shape. However, this is not something you can do entirely on your own. You need to have a professional AC repair company you can trust to help you when your air conditioner breaks down and when your HVAC system needs preventive maintenance.

Although there are many HVAC companies in The Woodlands, TX, finding a good one is not necessarily easy. This is because most of them lack the capacity to offer high-quality HVAC services. Therefore, when you are looking for an air conditioning repair company, you need to do your due diligence and be ready to ask the hard questions to avoid hiring incompetent people. But how exactly can you identify a good HVAC contractor? Below are the top qualities of a good AC repair company.

Properly Licensed

The HVAC industry is highly regulated by both the federal government and local authorities. Therefore, not everyone can offer HVAC services. For any HVAC company to offer its services legally, it needs to be properly licensed. However, this does not mean that every HVAC contractor out there is licensed. Of course, you will find some unlicensed people trying to offer HVAC services against the existing regulations. But a good AC repair company must be licensed. If you hire an unlicensed HVAC company, several things might go wrong. For instance, if your HVAC system has a valid warranty, you might effectively void your warranty by hiring an unlicensed HVAC contractor. Besides, an unlicensed HVAC services provider might be incompetent, and they might fail to resolve your air conditioning issues decisively. Therefore, before you can settle for any particular AC repair company, you need to ascertain if they are properly licensed by the relevant federal and local authorities.

Extensive Experience

Given the value, complexity, and sensitivity of modern HVAC systems, you cannot afford to let an amateur lay their hand on your HVAC system. Inexperienced HVAC contractors might be unfamiliar with some HVAC issues you might face, meaning that they might not be up to the task. On the other hand, experienced HVAC service providers have most likely dealt with many different heating and air conditioning situations, and they are most likely familiar with most air conditioning issues you might come across, meaning that it will be easier for them to resolve them quickly and decisively. Besides, given the level of competition in the HVAC industry, an AC repair company has to be doing a good job to survive more than a few years. Therefore, before you can decide to hire a given HVAC contractor, you have to ascertain if they have been in the industry for more than a few years.

Offer Warranties

Air conditioning repair can be quite expensive. Therefore, when you call an AC repair company to fix your broken air conditioner, you need to be assured that they will do a good job. In other words, you need to demand a written quality guarantee. A good HVAC company will be willing to give you a warranty for the job done. With a warranty, you might be entitled to free future repairs if the issue reoccurs within the time stipulated in the warranty. On the other hand, if you do not get a warranty for the HVAC services offered, you will not have any grounds to hold your HVAC company accountable if they fail to fix your air conditioning issue decisively. Therefore, you might end up paying for their poor workmanship or errors. As such, before you can settle for any given AC repair company, you need to ask if you will get a warranty for their services. If an HVAC contractor is unwilling to back their promise of quality with their own money through a warranty, you should avoid them completely.  

Always Available

You never know when you will need the services of an air conditioning repair company. This is because your air conditioner can break down on any day and at any time. If it breaks down on a hot summer afternoon, you will definitely want to see it fixed immediately. Therefore, when you are looking for an HVAC company, you need to go for one that is always available and ready to swiftly respond to your calls. If you pick a company that is not always available, you might be forced to live in an uncomfortable house for many hours or several days waiting for help especially if your HVAC system breaks down during a weekend or a holiday. Therefore, before you can settle for a particular AC repair company, you need to ascertain if they offer 24/7 services. If they don’t, then you will have to avoid hiring them.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that although there are a lot of HVAC service providers in The Woodlands, TX, the good ones are not so many. Therefore, when looking for an AC repair company you can trust with all your HVAC needs, you need to be very careful and do your homework properly to avoid settling for an incompetent HVAC contractor. The good news is that when you know the qualities of good HVAC services providers, it is not hard for you to avoid the quacks masquerading as professionals. If you are looking for a dependable HVAC company in The Woodlands, Mr. Reliable Heating & Air is an excellent choice. We have been dealing with HVAC systems for many years, and you can trust us to help you resolve any air conditioning issue in your house. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our company and services.  

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When summer is right around the corner, that means peak AC season is coming too. Are you prepared? If your air conditioning unit needs repair, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Thousands of homeowners find themselves in the same boat every year. This post will teach you everything you need to know about AC repair services and how to find the best AC repair company in Cypress, TX for the job.

When to Call for AC Repair

As a general rule of thumb, you should seek AC repair services when your unit isn’t working properly. Trying to fix the problem yourself is usually risky and may not always result in a successful repair. Moreover, AC units, unlike other appliances in your home, contain dangerous chemicals that can be released if the unit is not handled with care. For this reason and more, it’s always best to leave AC repairs to the professionals.

Here Are Common AC Problems That Call for a Professional:

The AC unit is making strange noises: AC units usually operate fairly quietly. However, if your air conditioning unit makes grinding, squealing, and clicking sounds, it could signal internal damage. Professionals have the tools and knowledge to diagnose and repair AC units.  

AC unit is blowing warm air: AC system blowing hot air usually indicates a refrigerant leak. AC units use refrigerant to cool the air, so if there’s a leak, the AC unit won’t be able to cool your home as it should.

AC unit won’t turn on: If your unit doesn’t turn on, there could be a problem with the AC wiring or the AC unit’s thermostat, which should be checked by a professional.  

AC unit is leaking water: AC units can leak water for various reasons, including clogged drains and condensation buildup. These leaks can cause severe water damage to your property. They can also lead to mold & mildew growth, which negatively affect indoor air quality.  

AC unit is freezing up: An AC unit that is freezing up is usually low on refrigerant, has a dirty air filter, or has a faulty thermostat. If your AC unit is freezing up, turn it off and call an AC repair company to have it fixed.

An awful smell coming from the AC unit: Have you noticed a musty smell coming from your AC unit? This is caused by mold or mildew buildup in the system. AC units are susceptible to mold and mildew growth because they circulate air and moisture. 

Dangers of DIY AC Repair 

While it’s possible to do some AC repairs yourself, it’s not always safe. Here are the risks of doing AC repair yourself:

Cause more damage to the AC unit: Trying to repair an AC unit yourself could worsen the problem, which will cost you more money in repairs. 

Put your family at risk: AC units contain Freon, a dangerous chemical that can be released if the AC unit is not handled properly. Experts are trained to handle Freon and other AC chemicals safely.

Void your AC warranty: Most AC units come with a warranty, but if you try to repair it yourself, you could void the warranty. 

What to Expect from Professional AC Repair Services

When you call an AC repair company, they’ll send a certified AC technician to your home to diagnose and repair the problem. Typically, here’s what you can expect from professional AC repair services:

A thorough AC inspection: The AC technician will inspect your AC unit to determine the source of the problem. They’ll also check for any other AC problems that could cause AC repairs in the future.

A detailed AC repair estimate: After the AC inspection, the technician will provide you with a detailed AC repair estimate. The estimate will include the cost of AC parts and labor. 

AC repairs backed by a warranty: Most AC repair companies offer a warranty on AC repairs. If the AC unit breaks down within a certain period, the AC Company will return and repair it free. 

How to Find the Best AC Repair Company 

Finding a reputable AC repair company in Cypress, TX, is easier said than done. With so many AC repair companies, it can be hard to know which one is the right fit for you. However, here are a few sure tips to help you separate the wheat from the chaff:

Ask around for recommendations- Talk to your friends, family, and neighbors and see if they have any companies that they recommend. That way, you can be sure that you’re getting a company with which others have had good experiences.

Check online reviews- Another good way to get recommendations is to check online reviews. Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List are all great places to start your search. Always go with a company with positive reviews.

Get multiple estimates- Once you’ve narrowed down your options; get multiple estimates from different companies. This will help you ensure you’re getting the best possible price for the AC repair services you need.

Check the years they have been in business- You should also ensure that the AC repair company you’re considering has been in business for a few years. That will give you peace of mind knowing that you’re working with a company that is experienced and has a good reputation.

Check for proper licensing and insurance- Remember to check if the AC repair company you’re considering is licensed and insured to protect you if anything goes wrong during the AC repair process.

Call Mr. Reliable Heating & Air for Quality AC Repair Service 

It’s always best to contact an AC repair company once you notice a problem with your AC unit. Mr. Reliable Heating & Air has been in business for over 20 years and has a solid reputation for being the most reliable AC repair Company in Cypress, TX. We have a team of experienced, licensed, and insured AC technicians ready to help you with any AC repair needs.

For more information or to schedule a service, call us today at 281-617-2234 or fill out our online form.

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An air conditioning unit in your Katy, TX, home is an intricately complex system. It comprises many parts working in tandem to remove moisture and heat from your home. The air also has to travel from various components to cool. Because there are quite a few components that may inhibit your air conditioner’s functionality, it is recommended that you hire a reputable AC repair company to do the repairs on your behalf.

Some homeowners think they can repair their AC units after watching some DIY videos on YouTube. AC repair jobs are both demanding and technical, and due to the many issues that might arise, it is often not recommended. This post will find several reasons you should never try doing the air conditioner repair tasks yourself. You’ll also learn why it is best to entrust the task to a reputable AC repair company.

You Aren’t Trained

Air conditioner professionals from an AC repair company normally undergo intensive training both in the class and on the job to ensure that they understand the workings of various air conditioning systems. They also learn the various common issues and how they can install or repair the air conditioner. They are also trained in the use of specialized equipment and tools. Once the professionals have gone through the training, they then put what they’ve learned into practice.

In the earlier days, the technician worked as a trainee or an apprentice under a mentor for some period to get some hands-on experience before attempting air conditioner repairs by themselves. By doing this, they effectively avoid any mistakes, and if any mistake arises, the technician will be able to resolve them within no time without causing additional damages.

Surely, such training cannot be compared or substituted by an hour of a DIY video on YouTube. No amount of YouTube videos can prepare you for the common faults and errors. Additionally, most problems are inherently different, and various variables are always at play per issue. It also means that you might take longer to fully repair the air conditioner yourself than if you hired a professional AC repair company.

You Lack Proper Tools

The various components of your air conditioning system have several various parts. Some of these parts need specialized tools to tighten or open them. It is essential to ensure that you use the right tools to don’t damage the components more than they are. You may not pay enough attention to the tools used in a DIY video that you might be following. This means that it is already too late by the time you realize that you are using the wrong tool or do not have the right one.

Even when you’ve got the right tool, they are quite costly, meaning that you’ll be wasting money by purchasing the tools for only one project or single-use. The other issue you may experience when it comes to tools is not knowing how they work, meaning that you’ll waste more time trying to figure out how to use the tools safely.

If you did hire a professional AC repair company in Katy, TX, to handle the repair or installation job, they’ll come properly equipped to handle the issue. The professionals will know how they can use the tools correctly and safely. The technicians from these repair companies also wear safety gear to ensure they remain protected while repairing the air conditioner.

It Is Dangerous

You should never consider trying to repair the air conditioner by yourself because you’ll be putting yourself and your family at risk of harm. DIY air conditioner repair might also result in a fire that may damage your home. Because you do not know whatever you’re doing, it is easy for you to sustain an injury.

The air conditioners are electrical powered, and if you don’t know what you’re doing when working on electricity, you’re at risk of electrocution or electrical shock. Your AC also uses harmful gasses as refrigerants. When breathed, it can make you lose your consciousness, and, in some instances, it might have fatal consequences, including death.

An AC repair company employs technicians who have safety and handling training to understand what they should do in an air conditioning emergency. The technicians are also equipped with the right safety equipment to protect them from risks or even death. Hence, you should hire professionals from a reputable AC repair company and never think about repairing the unit yourself. Remember, the air conditioner produces water from the condensing air, and if that were to mix with the electrical power, it might result in a Catastrophe.

Voiding the Warranty

Besides all the other reasons to never attempt DIY air conditioner repairs, voiding the warranty is the most direct or instant. When you purchase an air conditioner, the manufacturer extends a warranty because of its sheer cost. The warranty is a document that indicates that the manufacturer is sure about the quality of their products and is willing to back that up with their money. They undertake to repair the air conditioner for free or even replace the entire unit if it develops some problems within some conditions.

One of the main conditions for your unit is that a licensed AC repair company must do any repair, maintenance, installation, or replacement service. Hence, the moment you start repairing your air conditioner yourself, you make the warranty void, which the manufacturer should know. You won’t have the proof to submit to the manufacturer to claim a refund. If a manufacturer’s fault resulted in the malfunctioning, they would send their technician to repair the unit or replace the component. Additionally, if you have a home in Katy, TX, insurance cover, the insurer might also require that any repair or maintenance be done by a licensed professional.

Your Reputable Air Conditioning Repair Company

Because of its sheer importance to your home, you should always ensure that the air conditioner operates at a top condition and efficiency. This means enlisting a reputable AC repair company to handle the installation, inspections, repairs, maintenance, and replacement services. Call us at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air today if you need such services.

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Although you rarely think about it, your air conditioner works hard behind the scenes to keep your Cypress, TX home comfortably cool, irrespective of how hot the weather gets. Although air conditioners are built to last for more than a decade, many homeowners are forced to replace them more frequently due to negligence and failure to get air conditioning problems fixed before they can cause avoidable damage.

The good news is that there are deliberate steps you can take to protect your air conditioner and add more years to its life. For instance, you need to work with a professional AC repair company to ensure that your air conditioner is maintained by a professional who understands what needs to be done to keep it in good shape. Besides, you need to understand how your air conditioner behaves to be in a good position to pick out the earliest signs of failure and ensure that they are promptly addressed by a professional AC company. Below is a rundown of some common signs of air conditioning failure that should prompt you to make an immediate call to your air conditioning repair company.

Water Leaks

In addition to keeping your house cool, air conditioners are also designed to get rid of excess humidity. Your AC essentially condenses the water vapor in your indoor air and drains the condensate through the condensate drain line. Therefore, if water is leaking from your air conditioner, there could be a problem with your condensate drain line. For instance, if the condensate drain line is clogged, water will back up towards your air conditioner and leak. If the issue is not fixed promptly, the water might end up damaging your air conditioning equipment. Besides, the dampness created by the leaking water might encourage the growth of mold, which might make your family ill. Therefore, you need to ensure that you call an AC repair company as soon as you notice a puddle of water collecting around your air conditioner.

Unusual Air Conditioner Noise

Of course, the air conditioner does not work completely silently. However, if you have been using it for more than a few months, you should know how it sounds under normal circumstances. Since the natural sound of your air conditioner is not a nuisance, it should be easy for you to know when there is a change. An unusual air conditioner noise can be a result of issues such as a worn-out bearing, a broken fan motor, a loose screw, or even a refrigerant leak. But whatever the underlying cause of the noise might be, you need to get it addressed by an AC repair company before it can cause more serious problems.

AC Running Constantly

Your air conditioner is designed in such a way that it only runs when needed. This is meant to minimize its energy consumption and reduce the rate of wear and tear. Therefore, when you notice that your air conditioner is running without stopping, there is a reason to be concerned. For instance, if your air conditioner is running constantly, it will consume more electricity than necessary and wear out more rapidly than expected. Therefore, in addition to paying high energy bills, this issue can force you to call an AC repair company more frequently. As such, if you have noticed that your air conditioner is running without stopping, you need to seek the attention of your AC repair company to ensure that the underlying cause of the problems is fixed before the issue can get out of hand.

Ice on the Surface of the Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is found in your air conditioner’s indoor unit. It essentially increases the surface area for the refrigerant in it to absorb heat efficiently. For your air conditioning equipment to work as expected, the surface of the evaporator coil must be relatively warm. Therefore, if you notice ice forming on the surface of the coil, then you should be very concerned. This is because the formation of ice on the evaporator coil sometimes points to frozen refrigerant, which can have devastating impacts on your air conditioner. For instance, if your refrigerant is frozen, continuing to run your air conditioner in such a condition might end up damaging your compressor, which is very costly to repair or replace. To circumvent such an eventuality, you will need to ensure that you call an AC repair company as soon as you see ice building up on your air conditioner’s evaporator coil, especially in summer.

Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant is one of the most important parts of your air conditioner. It circulates between the evaporator coil and the condenser coil from where it absorbs and releases heat respectively. Therefore, for your air conditioner to work optimally, it must have enough refrigerant. As such, if there is a leak, a drop in the level of refringent in your air conditioner might negatively affect its performance. Consequently, your air conditioner might consume more electricity and fail to achieve your desired level of comfort. To avoid such results, you need to call an AC repair company to help you promptly seal the leaks and refill the refrigerant.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, many air conditioning issues can make it necessary for you to call an AC repair company to your Cypress, TX home. Some of them must be addressed as soon as they have been identified to protect your air conditioning equipment from getting severely damaged. As such, you need to have an HVAC company you can trust to promptly respond to your calls. If you are looking for a dependable AC repair company in or around Cypress, TX, Mr. Reliable Heating & Air is the best HVAC contractor to consider. We have been dealing with air conditioners for many years, and you can trust us to handle any air conditioning issue effectively and efficiently. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our company and services.

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As the temperature outside rises, you rely on your air conditioner to keep your home cool and comfortable. But what happens when your AC unit breaks down? Rather than trying to fix it yourself, it’s always best to contact a professional AC repair company. Here are 11 reasons to make the call in Cypress, TX.

1. You Don’t Have the Expertise Necessary

AC units are complex pieces of machinery, and they need to be handled by trained professionals. Attempting to repair your AC unit on your own could do more harm than good. No matter the problem, the best course of action is to call an AC repair company. Mr. Reliable Heating & Air has licensed, insured, and bonded technicians who are experts in AC repair.

2. You Don’t Have the Tools

Professional AC repair companies have all the tools and equipment necessary to complete the job correctly. Trying to repair your AC unit without the proper tools is likely to result in a half-finished job—and a more extensive repair bill down the road. It can also cause injury to you or your unit if you’re not careful. Skip the headache and call Mr. Reliable Heating & Air, a licensed and bonded AC repair company serving Texas.

3. The Job Is Too Big for One Person

An AC unit is not something that one person alone can repair. It’s a big job that requires multiple people with the proper expertise and training. Even if you have some knowledge, it’s best to leave the repair to the professionals.

4. It’s a Time-consuming Job

Repairing an AC unit is a time-consuming process, and it’s one that you probably don’t have time for if you’re working full time or taking care of a family. You don’t need anything else on your plate. Instead, call a professional, let them do the work, and spend the time you’ve saved enjoying your life outside of work and family.

5. You Could Void Your Warranty

This is the big reason you need a professional. If you attempt to repair your AC unit yourself and something goes wrong, you could void your warranty. When you contact a professional AC repair company, you won’t invalidate your warranty.

Also, if something goes wrong and there’s damage to your home, it won’t be on your homeowner’s insurance. Instead, the AC repair company‘s insurance will cover it. Trying to fix the problem yourself could also limit any help from your insurance if something goes wrong. This situation could cost you a lot of money out of pocket.

6. It’s Not Worth the Risk

Attempting to repair an AC unit on your own is risky, especially if you’ve never done it before. It’s much better to leave it to the professionals who know what they’re doing. A licensed, insured, and bonded technician from Mr. Reliable Heating & Air will have the experience and expertise necessary to fix your problem quickly and correctly.

7. You Might Make the Problem Worse

If you don’t know what you’re doing, there’s a good chance you’ll make the problem worse rather than fix it. This will only end up costing you more money in the long run. For example, if you’re trying to repair a leak and don’t do it correctly, the leak could get worse and cause more water damage. Also, if you’re not careful, you could electrocute yourself.

8. You Could Injure Yourself

As mentioned, you can harm yourself if you’re not careful. Repairing an AC unit involves working with electricity, which can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. The last thing you want is to get injured while trying to fix your AC unit yourself. Also, if it’s ductwork, you could spread contaminants around your home, which is a health hazard that can endanger everyone in your household. Even checking inside the vents on a ladder may be too risky for some people.

9. It’s Not as Easy as It Looks

Just because you saw someone repair an AC unit on TV doesn’t mean it’s as easy as it looks. In fact, it’s probably a lot harder than it looks. If you don’t have the proper training, you’re likely to make a mistake that could cost you a lot of money.

10. It’s Better to Be Safe Than Sorry

With an AC unit repair, it’s always better to be safe than sorry—and that means calling a professional AC repair company rather than trying to fix it yourself. You’ll get peace of mind knowing the job was done correctly and that your HVAC system is in expert hands. That feeling alone is worth its weight in gold.

11. You’ll Save Money

Yes, that sounds contradictory, but it’s true. While it might cost you more money to call a professional AC repair company, it will save you money in the long run. This is because the repair is complete and correct the first time, and you won’t have to worry about the repair not being covered by your warranty.

Consider regular maintenance to reduce the likelihood of your AC unit breaking down and needing repairs. This will also help you save money in the long run by extending the lifespan of your unit. It includes services like changing the air filter, inspecting the belts and pulleys, and more.

We recommend scheduling maintenance at least once a year, but twice a year is even better—especially if you live in an area with extreme temperatures. Mr. Reliable Heating & Air offers a range of maintenance plans for homeowners in Cypress, TX, to choose from.

The bottom line is that it’s always best to call a professional AC repair company when your unit breaks down. Mr. Reliable Heating & Air is Cypress, TX’s best AC repair company. We’re experts in AC repair, and we’ll make sure your unit is fixed quickly and correctly. Relax and let us take care of everything. Contact us today to schedule a repair.

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When the furnace or air conditioner suddenly conks out, you may panic and want to call the first contractor you find in your phone book. However, it’s essential to take a few moments to research your options before making a decision, as not all contractors are created equal.

At Mr. Reliable Heating & Air, we understand the needs of our clients in The Woodlands, TX and know that finding a reputable AC repair company is at the top of your list. With us, you can rest assured that you are working with a licensed, insured, and bonded contractor. We are also happy to provide references upon request.

Read on for common air conditioner problems and essential tips on how to choose the best AC repair company:

Common Air Conditioner Problems

Homeowners often face different types of air conditioner problems. Some of these problems are related to the AC unit itself, while others have to do with the ductwork or vents in the home. Hiring a good AC repair company will help diagnose and fix any problem you’re experiencing.

Some common air conditioner problems that homeowners face include:

  • Water Leak (Inside or outside the house)
  • Dirty Air Filter
  • Refrigerant Leak
  • Weak Air Flow
  • Condensate Drain Line
  • Ductwork Problems
  • Damaged Compressor
  • Frozen Evaporator Coil
  • Capacitor Failure
  • Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping
  • AC Making Noises
  • AC Smells Bad
  • Leaking Ducts
  • Electrical Failure
  • AC Fan Failure
  • Thermostat Malfunctioning

Tips on How to Choose the Best Air Conditioner Repair Company

The task of finding a reputable AC repair company can be daunting. Here are tips to help make the process a little easier:

Read Customer Reviews

Thanks to the internet, it’s easier to find customer reviews for AC contractors in your area. These can be incredibly helpful in weeding out the good from the bad. An overwhelming number of negative feedback should serve as a giant red flag. However, if most reviews are positive with a few outliers, that is not necessarily a cause for alarm.

In addition, you can also ask your neighbors, friends, and family members for recommendations. Chances are, they have had to call an AC repair company at some point and can give you their honest opinion about their experience.

Trained, Licensed, and Insured Technicians

Ensure the AC contractor you’re considering is licensed, insured, and bonded. That protects you if something goes wrong during the repair process. Furthermore, all of the technicians working for the company should be adequately trained and experienced. That gives you the benefit of doubt that the job will be carried out correctly the first time.

Get Multiple Quotes

When your AC unit breaks down, you may be tempted to call the first AC repair company you find and agree to their quote without shopping around. However, it’s always a good idea to get multiple quotes before making a decision. That allows you to compare pricing and services to choose the right company for your needs.

A company with the lowest quote isn’t necessarily the best option, as they may cut corners to save money. Likewise, the most expensive company isn’t always the best either. The key is to find a company that offers fair pricing and quality services.

Look for a Satisfaction Guarantee on All Work Performed

Any AC repair company in The Woodlands, TX operating without a satisfaction guarantee is not worth your money or consideration. Often, it’s a clear sign that they are not confident in their ability to do the job right. The company you choose to work with should have a posted policy that states they will make things right if you are unsatisfied with the work performed.

As an example, here at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air, we have a clearly outlined Customer Trust Guarantee:

  • One Year Buy-It-Back Guarantee: If you’re unsatisfied with a newly installed AC product, we will make the necessary adjustments or repurchase it and remove the equipment.
  • Lifetime Repair Guarantee: We guarantee all repairs we make on your existing AC unit for as long as you own your home.
  • Customer Respect Guarantee: Our team will always treat you and your home with the utmost respect. Our technicians are always prompt, neat, courteous, and refrain from using tobacco or swearing.
  • Property Protection Guarantee: We take measures to protect your home and belongings from damage while we’re working. We’ll also clean up after every job and leave your home as clean as we found it.

Experience in the Industry

New businesses open their doors daily, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best choice for your job. You want to work with an AC repair company that has a proven record of accomplishment and not one that is still working out the kinks.

It takes time to learn the trade’s ins and outs and build a reputation for excellence. At Mr. Reliable Heating & Air, we have more than 30 years of experience in the industry. We have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to get the job done right the first time.

Mr. Reliable Heating & Air: We Are the Answer to Incredible Air Quality

If you’re looking for an AC repair company that ticks all boxes, look no further than Mr. Reliable Heating & Air. We are a family-owned and operated business serving The Woodlands, TX area for more than 30 years. Our technicians are licensed and certified, and we offer a satisfaction guarantee on all work performed. We provide upfront pricing so that you know the cost of the job before we get started. Therefore, when you choose us, you can rest assured you’re working with experienced professionals who will treat you and your home with the utmost respect.

Don’t wait until your AC unit breaks down to find a reputable repair company. Contact Mr. Reliable Heating & Air today to schedule AC repair and get your home back to being cool and comfortable!

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