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In case you are thinking that your AC unit being covered in ice would make the air cooler in your home or office, you couldn’t be more wrong. The functioning of an air conditioner requires a certain balance of pressure, air flow and temperature. When any of them gets out of control, the refrigerant system that produces the cool air tends to overwork itself and gets frozen on its own, but it doesn’t make the air any colder.

You’d notice that if your air conditioner gets frozen, it blows out either warm air or absolutely nothing. Bearing with the heat in Cypress, TX can be agonizing so it’s best to get hold of an air conditioning service. But you if you’re curious about this phenomenon, we’ll tell you why it happens in the first place.

How Does the AC Produce Cool Air?

The coil is the most crucial part of the AC, which is filled with the cool refrigerant. When the coils are operational, the refrigerant needs to blow heated air over the coil. Doing so makes the air cooler and also allows the coil to stay warm so that they don’t get frozen. The indoor coil withdraws the heat from the air inside which is carried away by the refrigerant to the outdoor coil and then heat gets pushed outside. You’d be able to feel that the outdoor unit blows hot air as the extra heat gets transferred by the system from the inside to the outside.

This happens through the manipulation of pressure through the refrigerant circuit. The coils get cold and freeze up when either the warm air gets obstructed by anything and is unable to blow over the coils or in case the pressure inside the coil is less than optimal. So, when the insides of your AC start to ice up, you should turn to an air conditioning repair service and they’ll fix the problem that lies with the pressure or airflow, or perhaps both. Let’s go through the details for each of them.

Moisture Makes the Situation Worse

High humidity levels tend to worsen the problem of a freezing AC unit. The ice formation on the coils insulates it making it impossible for the warm air to get to them. Higher moisture content in the air promotes excessive ice buildup. The AC looks similar to a deep freezer as the insides get covered with ice and gradually creeps up the copper pipes. You’re more likely to notice this during the monsoon season, when the ice crawls up the copper pipes reaching towards the outdoor unit.

Airflow is Lacking

Lack of airflow is one of the most common reasons why your air conditioning unit might be freezing up. This can be due to several different parts malfunctioning, which ranges from the air intake to the blower motor. If the compressor keeps running while something in the airflow is blocking the warm air to flow over the coils, the unit would begin freezing up and it would grow worse over time.

Duct Has Collapsed

The ducts are designed to allow airflow within your place. But if the ducts get blocked by anything, the airflow would be obstructed and eventually lead to blockage of air to the coils. In case the air duct system of your place collapses or is blocked, the AC unit would lose the airflow, despite the fact that the remaining system is functional. Due to the absence of enough warm air, the ideal temperature can’t be maintained and as a result the coils start freezing. You can call an air conditioning service for a duct cleaning service at your place.

Blower Motor Has Stopped

A lot depends on the blower motor to keep the system running well. Be it the spinning motor itself or the blower motor’s run capacitor, when the blower fan comes to a halt the air won’t flow as fast over the coils as required. So when the air doesn’t flow over the coils, they start to freeze. An indication of a deteriorating blower motor is when you start to hear an unusual or rattling noise from the AC unit. Get it fixed by an air conditioning repair service company.

Fan Isn’t Receiving Enough Voltage

At times, low voltage could be the one to blame. The various high-power components inside the AC need electricity to function, that’s why you tend to notice a hike in your electric bills during the summer season. An airflow problem might be created when the fan or the blower motor run on low voltage and the compressor continues running, causing the unit to build up ice. Get the wirings of your unit checked by a professional to avoid this issue.

Air Filter Has Clogged Up

Although you can miss out checking up on the AC air filter, it shouldn’t be ignored for too long. The air intake filter keeps the air clean as it’s strategically placed between the AC unit and your dirty home vent. Overtime the filter can accumulate dust over itself that can get clogged up. It hinders the pathway of the airflow causing the airflow to slow down. Despite an efficient blower motor, the coils are bound to get frozen. You can get an air conditioning service to clean them for you.

Blocked Coils

Whether you’re lazy about replacing your air filter, using a low quality air filter or none at all, it can get risky. The damp air condensing on the cold surface makes the AC’s refrigerant coils moist. When the air passes through the damp coils, the dust in the air gets deposited and forms a thick cover over them. The dust works as an insulator as it traps the cooling in the coils in itself, producing an unnecessary amount of cold air. This gets along with more moisture that builds up on the dust producing an ice-box effect. To protect the refrigerant coils of your system, call an air conditioning installation and get high quality air filters installed or replaced.

Low Refrigerant Levels

The AC controls the pressure with the help of the refrigerant inside the coils, which is why it is important to have the right level of refrigerant at all times. The outdoor unit compresses the refrigerant after the collected heat is released. Liquid refrigerant heats up and releases pressure when it’s converted into gas by warm air. It’s compressed to a liquid back again and pushed forward to the blower fan inside with the help of the condenser.

In case of low levels of refrigerant, the flashing occurs too soon as the pressure is lacking, creating enough cold to condensate moisture on the coils that freezes immediately. Early occurrence creates higher ice buildup filling the AC and then crawling up to the copper pipes. So, whenever you contact an air conditioning repair service for maintenance, make sure they check the refrigerant levels.

How to Deal with Ice on the Condenser

If you notice ice buildup on the outdoor unit of your AC, shut down the thermostat without further ado. Doing so would turn off the compressor and let the refrigerant to stop getting colder. Remember to leave the fan working when the AC is turned off. The fan would allow airflow and assist melting of ice.

Be quick to contact professional air conditioning repair service in the Cypress, TX area and handover the situation to them. As it can result in a permanent damage of the system until the source is detected and fixed. You can hire Cypress Heating and Air as they’re the most reliable service providers in the Cypress, TX area. They’ll be quick to reach at your doorstep to fix the issue as they’re available 24/7.

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A good air conditioning system ensures that the atmosphere of your house stays cool and comfortable. For that, you need a good air conditioning service in Cypress, TX to ensure that the job is done just right. It can be quite challenging to buy an air conditioner, but it is even more challenging to find the best air conditioning service in case anything goes wrong with your system.

Why is so hard, though? Well, sometimes, it’s because the air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, that you choose is either not authorized or simply because they are not good enough for the job. If you’re paying for something, you obviously want the job to be done perfectly. So what should you do then? We have a few tips for you that can help you find the right air conditioning service in Cypress, TX.

Examine Their Knowledge

In order for you to know whether or not the air conditioning contractor is well versed with the technical know-how of the job, you will have to do some research yourself. You will have to understand the intricacies and complexities of the ventilation system, the time period, and so on. You can do all of this by reading up online or reading through the manual that comes with your air conditioning unit. Once you are well versed with all of this information, you can cross-question the contractor to know whether the air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, is legitimate or not. Once you do this, the chances of you finding the right person for the job are very high.


You need to ensure that the air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, that you choose has spent a fair few years in the air conditioning repair business. Only then will they have all the knowledge about the product, the installation, etc. More extensive experience means that the contractor has dealt with a lot of different problems during the time that they’ve been in this industry and knows how to deal with a variety of issues.

This means that they will be able to solve your problems within the budget and the timeframe that they set. The more experienced the contractor is, the better he will be at his job. So ideally, you should be looking to find a company that has over 15 years of experience.

Look for Referrals

One excellent way to know whether an air conditioning repair company is right for the job is by asking your family, friends, neighbors, etc. about repair companies that they have worked with. It makes the work a whole lot easier for you, and you can easily find the right company for the job this way. We generally tend to trust the opinions of those that we know. This is because friends, family, and associates can give you a first-hand encounter experience with a certain situation. Owing to the fact that you trust them more, you place a high value on what they say. In addition, this also saves you time, effort, and money. If you don’t have the time to do the required research, then this is a great way to find out about the best AC repair companies in your area. Also, you won’t waste money by having to pay for services that aren’t up to the mark.

Legal Compliance

In order to find a good air conditioning service in Cypress, TXyou should ensure that the company you hire is licensed. To do this, you can check the certifications of a company and check whether they are licensed or not. This ensures that the company is legitimate. Another thing to look for is worker’s compensation coverage. This is there to ensure that if something happens to the worker while they’re working on your property, the company will cover the costs, and you won’t be held liable. In case they do not have all of this, you will be held liable for any accident that might occur while the worker is working in or around your house. Most companies have a one-page certificate that you can verify.

Environmental Friendliness

If you are someone who’s environmentally-friendly, you should look for a company that takes care of the environment, too. You should find out what exactly your chosen company does to promote water and energy conservation. The right air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, will provide you with all the information there is about the efficiency of the air conditioning system and the impact that it has on the environment.


You should make sure that the air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, provides you with the right cost estimate. There shouldn’t be any hidden costs since that can cause you a lot of issues later on. The cost should include factors like the cost of materials, labor, warranties, potential energy saving, and tax rebates.

Get It Written

Before you finalize any deal with an air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, make sure that you have everything in writing so that neither side can back out of the deal later on. This can then help you specify the job costs, project schedule, specific models, and, in some cases, warranty information. The terms and conditions of the agreement should also be specified in the written agreement.

These tips can prove to be really handy if you are looking for an air conditioning service in Cypress, TX. However, if you’re looking for a reliable and experienced air conditioning service, then you can stop searching. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning provides very reliable air conditioning services.

They have a team of contractors that are highly reliable and skilled at what they do. They have a customer-focused approach and will go the extra mile to help you with what you need. Their team of experts will provide you with all relevant information, they will guide you through the process, and they will give you a good estimate, too. All you need to do is give them a call on their toll-free number or visit their website and book an appointment. They will be right there to help you. So what are you waiting for? Just give them a call!

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Air conditioners are lifesavers. No matter how hot it is outside, a good air conditioner can keep you cool and comfortable. Like all electronics, the performance of an air conditioner depends on how well-maintained it is.

To ensure that your air conditioner is working to the best of its abilities, regular air conditioning service is mandatory. If you live in Katy, you know how hot and humid the summers are, and you definitely don’t want your air conditioner to break down on you when the sun is shining bright outside in all its glory. That is why we suggest that you hire the services of a professional company that specializes in air conditioning service in Katy, TX to ensure that your air conditioning unit is running at optimum capacity during the hot summer months.

When we say air conditioners are nothing less than a blessing, we mean it. There are numerous reasons why you should get proper air conditioning service in Katy, TX. Some of the benefits of good air conditioning are listed below. We are sure these benefits will encourage you to get air conditioning service in Katy, TX, regularly!

Prevents Heat-Related Deaths

Based on a study conducted by the Environment Protection Agency, 9,000 Americans died due to excessive heat exposure in summers between 1979 and 2013. The magnitude of the problem is huge. Excessive heat in summers can result in heatstroke which is a very dangerous condition. Good air conditioning is literally a lifesaver in this case. When the temperatures soar high, good air conditioning comes to your rescue. Regular air conditioning service in Katy, TX will ensure that your air conditioner is working at its best and you are protected from heat-related health issues.

Improved Quality of Air

The air contains pollutants and mold spores which are harmful to a person’s health. If you are sensitive to allergens, these pollutants and spores may trigger an allergic attack. Air conditioners circulate and filter the air and remove these spores and pollutants. This way, good air conditioning can improve the quality of the air in your home. However, this is only true if the air conditioner has been serviced and cleaned properly. If not, air conditioners can actually contribute to air pollution. This makes air conditioning service in Katy, TX even more important.

Fewer Insects

An air conditioner is far more effective than a screen in keeping insects and parasites out. Good air conditioning ensures that the air indoors is healthy and clean. Moreover, good air conditioning is as good for pets as it is for humans as it can keep fleas and ticks away from pets as well. However, if you do not get your air conditioning unit cleaned and maintained by a professional air conditioning service in Katy, TX, the buildup of dust and pollutants inside the air conditioner filter can actually become a home for insects and parasites, which is something nobody wants!

Improved Productivity and Controlled Tempers

We all know how it feels to be working in a workplace with bad ventilation or bad air conditioning. With sweat running down your face, you don’t just get exhausted but frustrated as well. With increased environment temperature, the body gets heated up, too, increasing the blood pressure and heart rate, which results in aggressive behavior.

However, when the air conditioners at your workplace are working fine, you can work with more dedication and concentration. You work peacefully and your temper stays under control, too. A cool and peaceful environment is only possible when you get your air conditioning unit serviced regularly by a proper air conditioning service in Katy, TX. The better your air conditioner works, the cooler the environment will be.

Improved Sleep

As mentioned earlier, with higher temperatures, our bodies tend to get heated up as well. This leads to a rise in blood pressure and heart rate. A temperature that is either too hot or too cold interferes with the temperature regulation mechanism of the body. These changes in the body have a significant impact on your sleep cycle. You may find falling asleep and staying asleep difficult. However, good air conditioning is a solution to this problem as well. This is yet another reason why air conditioning service in Katy, TX should be done regularly.

Protects Furniture

Hot temperatures are often accompanied by humidity. If you have wooden furniture, humidity is the last thing you want. Wood absorbs moisture from the atmosphere, depending upon how humid or dry the air is. This can lead to your wooden furniture warping with time. Also, if you have leather furniture, you really don’t want humid air because leather, like wood, can absorb moisture.

If you have a leather couch, it will not only rot but will also become home to mold that thrives in moist and damp places. You can keep your furniture protected by ensuring that your air conditioner is working perfectly. You can do this by getting air conditioning service in Katy, TX.

Keeps Electronic Devices from Overheating

If high temperatures can cause your body temperature to increase, imagine what it can do to electronic devices. When electronic devices get overheated, they may stop working efficiently, or stop working altogether. In most cases, this shutdown is done to protect the device from further damage. However, the heat can still fry the internal components of a phone or laptop that’s left out in high-temperature conditions. This may lead to a loss of important data and additional repair costs.

However, when you have an air conditioner installed that’s working properly; it will prevent electronic devices from overheating and hence, keep them protected. By hiring a professional air conditioning service in Katy, TX to maintain and repair your AC, you are not just doing yourself a favor but doing your valuable electronics a favor, too.

Less Sweating

Sweating can gross anyone out, especially the sweat stains that form on your clothes. Good air conditioning keeps you cool and dry, and above all, smelling fresh and pleasant.

The benefits that have been listed above are the reasons why regular air conditioning service is necessary. As long as you have a perfectly functioning air conditioner, hot summers are not something to worry about!

If you are looking for the best air conditioning service providers in Katy, TX, Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning should be your choice! You can call them at 972-278-3506 and avail highly professional services anytime!

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Summers in Texas are quite brutal. Temperatures can easily exceed 100 for days in a row and don’t forget about the humidity. This further worsens the living conditions of the Texan residents.

This intense summer heat also lowers the productivity of the employees at your workplace. Scientists agree that humidity and temperature decrease the efficiency of employees and lowers their energy level. This is why commercial enterprises need to ensure that their air conditioning units are operational during the summer season.

Air conditioning systems often require routine maintenance and repairs to keep them in working condition. By doing so, you can save future costs and more expensive repairs. But while looking for a reliable air conditioning repair service in Cypress, you need to keep some pointers in mind.


Listed below are guidelines to select the best commercial air conditioning repair service in Cypress. These guidelines will save you from splurging needless costs in repeat repairs and help form a long-term relationship.

1.   Avoid Over-the-Phone Contractors

Remember, no two air conditioners are the same. Be wary of any commercial air conditioning repair service in Cypress that gives you a quote over the phone. There are a number of aspects that are not factored in without a prior inspection of your house. Before finalizing a contract, certain factors need to be accounted for. These include:

  • The type of windows in your house
  • Ducting system
  • Kind of insulation
  • The amount of registers in a room

Apart from taking in consideration all of these factors, an expert service will also do a Manual-J calculation for better and efficient results. They will follow a strict protocol during completion of the project.

2.   Experience isn’t enough!

Expert air conditioning repair service in Cypress will readily admit that experience is not everything when it comes to repairing and maintaining air conditioners. Air conditioning technology is ever-changing and those repairmen who throw the ‘doing this for 20 years’ card should immediately raise red flags.

The AC market is rife with new and exciting technologies which reduces your electricity bills and provide efficient cooling, too. This is why you should be sure that your selected repair service has hands-on experience with latest HVAC units and computer systems as well.

3.  Terms in Writing

Some of the contractors have a habit of giving a bid and setting terms of a contract verbally. This is highly unprofessional and can endanger both the homeowner and a contractor. Although, it is acceptable in California to do so, but not in Texas State.

Any reputable air conditioning repair service in Cypress will provide terms and conditions in writing. The agreement will cover everything that will be taken care of, along with the pricing and schedule.

4.  Licensed HVAC Contractor

It is common practice for many unlicensed and inexperienced air conditioning repair service in Cypress to work under the radar. A lot needs to be taken in consideration; a licensed professional need to manipulate gas lines, plumbing and electrical appliances. A license is only granted when these necessary areas are thoroughly covered.

Prior to hiring an air conditioning installation and repair service, it is prudent to ask for a NATE certification and association with ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America). This is evidence that professionals are properly trained and have sound industry experience. If a repairing/installation entity fails to produce any of those, this should raise a red flag instantly.

5.  Air Conditioner Replacement

On an average, an air conditioning unit tends to have a lifespan of 10-15 years. There is a major difference between a model released in 2000 and a model released in 2015. An experienced air conditioning repair service in Cypress will suggest several new models before finalizing an option for you.

In some cases, certain services suggest an older model of an existing company. It means that they are unloading their own inventory. Steer clear of older air conditioning technology. Not only it is expensive, but it is also non-adherent with latest ecological protocols.

6.  Opting for the Lowest Bidder

This is a common occurrence. In an attempt to select an air conditioning repair service that offers a low-cost service or one that is nearby, a commercial entity ends up paying twice the amount for repairs. These ‘bargain contractors’ are working under the radar, without any liability insurance. It keeps them safe from suing due to malpractice.

It is simply impossible for an unlicensed service to purchase high-end repair materials or purchase replacement parts on their own. They use devious means to get the job done.

On the other hand, it is quite cheaper to seek the services of an experienced AC repairing entity because they charge based on their market reputation, certification and industry experience.

7.  Steer Clear from Cheesy Offers

During peak summer seasons, when customers are looking for immediate repairing and installations, certain services roll out their seasonal specials and discount offers that may seem nothing short of spectacular. But these are the ones that you should avoid first and foremost. They usually have an angle to play and you should not become their target.

Also, avoid discount offers that are far too low. Yes, you should save money whenever you can, but remarkably low discounts simply mean that the service will cut corners somewhere to compensate its rates. At the end of it, the customer endures the final loss.

8.  Contact Us!

Are you looking for a reputable company that offers air conditioning repair service in Cypress, Texas? If yes, then look no further than Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning.

Having worked in the industry for years, we are renowned for our exemplary commercial and residential air conditioning and repair services. Our sheer dedication, work ethic and focus on customer satisfaction has enabled us to build a massive clientele over the course of 6 decades.

We are available 24/7. Call us anytime at 972-278-3506 and book an appointment as per your convenience.



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Air conditioning units are a luxury that most of us invest in to ward off heat waves that are becoming increasingly common these days. HVAC units are expensive investments. This is exactly why you need to be extra vigilant about choosing the right model for your space. That is just the first step; HVAC units also need regular maintenance and repair. This is exactly why you need to avail the right air conditioning service in Katy, TX.

Summer season is difficult enough as it is, dealing with an unprofessional air conditioning service in Katy, TX is additional stress that can ruin your day. Choose the wrong company and you could be left with a malfunctioning air conditioner in your workplace or household. This will certainly affect the productivity of your workers or disrupt your rest at home.

Here is a guide to ensure that you make the right decision when choosing an air conditioning service in Katy, TX.

Your Budget

This might just be the most important factor that you need to take into account while choosing an organization. Set a budget before you start looking so that you know what is out of your range and what you could adjust to. Budgeting is important given that there are a wide variety of options available for you. If you do not budget accordingly to what you can afford it will leave you muddled and confused. You could end up opting for either a faulty service or one that is just not the right fit for your space.

Knowing how much money you have in your hands allows you to make smarter decisions in almost all regards.


When choosing an air conditioning service in Katy, TX, do diligent research on all the companies around you. Ask around and figure out what the average rates are. Once you have the average rates, make a list of those companies that are offering higher prices and those companies that are offering lower than usual prices.

The lowest priced companies might not always be the most qualified and the higher priced companies might be making exponential amounts of profit off its customers. Try to figure out what kind of services they are offering that other companies are not.

Furthermore, when deciding on an air conditioning service in Katy, TX, make sure that the company that you choose is up front in their pricing. Often, as a profit-making tactic, companies have hidden costs that could easily have been avoided had you chose an alternative that is upfront about all the costs from the second they identify the problem with your HVAC unit.


If an organization has been around for five-plus years in the industry, chances are that it is reliable. When you are doing your background research, make sure to look into the years of experience that any air conditioning service in Katy, TX has.

The flip side of this is that newer companies might be employing more innovative ideas and products to compete with well-established companies in the industry. Given this, you cannot completely discard a company just because it is newly established. Look at the advancements that well-established companies have made and compare them to the services being offered by the fledgling organizations. For the best fit, make sure the company you choose is well rounded in both aspects.

Know the Working Hours

When choosing an air conditioning service in Katy, TX, one important factor you should take into account is the work hours of any organization. You do not want to be stranded with a malfunctioning AC on a hot summer day or on the weekend when you are hosting a dinner just because your air conditioning company has an off that day.

Choose an air conditioning serviced in Katy, TX that provides emergency services 24/7 and has technicians available at all times of the day to assist you in case something goes wrong.


In today’s day and age facilities such as the internet provide abundant opportunities for companies to scam you or provide you with faulty services. To avoid being on the receiving end of such a plot, make sure that you choose a well-qualified air conditioning service in Katy, TX.

Check the companies license and make sure it fulfills all the rules and regulations. Furthermore, choose an air conditioning service that encourages growth and innovation. One quick way to check this is to look at the training programs that it offers to its employees and the marketing strategies that it employs.


While the internet might be a platform that people misuse, it comes with many advantages as well. One of those advantages is detailed online reviews. You can view these reviews either directly on the company’s website or on relevant social media groups. Facebook and Twitter are great places for you to start looking. You can look at other peoples experience’s before settling on one particular air conditioning service in Katy, TX.

Some reviews might be paid so you have to go through them carefully to figure out how genuine they are. The more unique sounding positive reviews, the more likely they are legitimate.

Keeping all the above pointers in mind, Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning checks out on all accounts. With a history of sixty plus years our organization has been around for a very long time in Katy, TX and we provide the best products and services in this area. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning is available to be with you throughout your HVAC journey.

From choosing the right air conditioner for your space to ensuring that it is installed correctly to being available for your routine checkups we have got you covered. Call us today at 972-278-3506 and allow us to assist you. Our employees will make sure that the outdoor weather never hinders your day in any way ever again.

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A lot of people tend to be very lazy when it comes to contacting an air conditioning service in Katy, TX for regular maintenance or repairs. This might be due to a busy work routine or due to a general lack of awareness about the importance of opting for an air conditioning service in Katy, TX.

Some might feel it’s an extra cost which is just not worth it. This is a general attitude shown towards the maintenance of most durable items. So, it’s not a surprise that people are hesitant to get in touch with an air conditioning service in Katy, TX.

But unlike other durable items that might survive despite this lack of concern, air conditioners need to be regularly maintained in order to be properly functioning. This is important especially when summer is around the corner and you haven’t yet scheduled an appointment with an air conditioning service in Katy, TX.

A mistaken perception about opting for air conditioning services in Katy, TX, is that it might cost a lot but as discussed further, this might not be the case. The following are some reasons that might underscore the importance of regular air conditioning service:

A Consistent Supply of Cool Air

One of the main reasons to regularly contact an air conditioning service in Katy, TX, is to ensure that you have an uninterrupted supply of cool air. This is especially crucial when summer arrives.

When summer arrives, the last thing you need is a broken air conditioning unit. This will increase the temperatures indoor and be a real nuisance inside the house or office. A regularly maintained air conditioning unit helps keep the temperature just right, not too hot or too cold. That right temperature helps keep a calm head in intense heat and makes sure you are comfortable.

A well-maintained air conditioner also helps with a good night’s sleep which keeps you fresh for your daily grind or routine. If your air conditioner keeps breaking down or doesn’t maintain that supply of cool air during the night, it might disrupt your sleep and in turn adversely affect your productivity for the next day.

Avoids Any Emergency Repairs

One of the pitfalls of not opting for an air conditioning service in Katy, TX, is that it might cause you some unscheduled hassles. This is the story of most people who delay contacting an air conditioner service in Katy, TX. 

This delay results in a non-functioning air conditioner when you most need it. Whenever this happens you have to wait until the professionals come to your house to fix the mess. In peak seasons, this waiting period might escalate pretty sharply. This is due to the surge in demand for these professionals in peaks seasons such as summer.

It will be extremely inconvenient to schedule an expected repair which needs to be done urgently. This increases the cost since charges for urgent repairs are inadvertently higher than pre-planned scheduled maintenance.

But another drawback of getting an emergency repair as opposed to a scheduled repair is that it requires you to take time out of your busy routine and get the air conditioner fixed. The opportunity cost could be lost earnings or an unplanned leave from the office. This means money or leaves lost, which you were probably saving up for a vacation with the family or that cool motorbike.

Discover Problems Before Warranty Expires

A regular maintenance might uncover a broken part in the air conditioning unit before the warranty expires. If the part is discovered too late, it might end up costing you much more. Hence, it is better to take advantage of an air conditioning service in Katy, TX, as soon as you discover problems.

On the other hand, if a broken part that is covered under your warranty, is discovered during the warranty period, it could save you a lot of money. On most occasions, depending on your warranty, it will be replaced for free, except the labor costs.

So a person who is short sighted and is only looking to save money might actually fork out a lot more when they will have to get it repaired. So a wiser decision might be to actually be proactive and regularly maintain the air conditioner.

Higher Electricity Bills

A well-maintained air conditioner is more likely to be efficient. This is in stark contrast to air conditioners that aren’t regularly serviced. When air conditioners aren’t regularly maintained they consume more energy and hence inflate your electricity bills.

The high electricity bills might offset the saving you made when you forgot to opt for an air conditioning service in Katy, TX.

Well-maintained air conditioners will consume lesser energy and hence increase efficiency. This will obviously result in savings in the form of reduced electricity bills.

Longer Life of the Air Conditioning Unit

The major cost of running an air conditioner is obviously the initial investment of buying the air conditioner itself. Therefore, it makes sense that the longer it functions, the lesser your annual electricity depreciation expense will be.

Well-maintained air conditioners have a longer life than their counterparts. So opting for an air conditioning service in Katy, TX, seems like an obvious choice, especially when you’re looking to delay your next purchase till the time you’ve completely consumed your current unit.

It would be extremely unfortunate if your air conditioner is broken beyond repair and you have to buy a new one earlier than expected. Especially if it’s due to problems that could have been easily prevented had maintenance been scheduled more regularly.

The Solution?

The procedures to carry out standard maintenance are extremely technical and should be carried out by a professional who knows what they’re doing. A “do it yourself” attempt at carrying out this maintenance might actually cause more damage to the delicate parts of the air conditioning system. Therefore, it is advisable that you contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning for all your air conditioning needs. Call now at 972-278-3506 and schedule your air conditioning service in Katy, TX.

An air conditioner, working in top-notch condition, is a fundamental need for every household, especially in Cypress, TX and the surrounding area. However, if you feel like you are not enjoying the best comfort in your home, whether physically or emotionally, then perhaps it’s time for you to take a look around your house.

It probably wouldn’t take you long to figure out that the culprit is your air conditioner. However, many times confusion ensues and you stay on the fence, thinking whether you should go for a total upgrade and call for a new air conditioner installation in Cypress, TX, or should you leave it as it is?

After all, the air conditioner is working, albeit badly.

To make the decision making process easier without making any mistakes, we’re listing down some hardcore facts about air conditioner Installation in Cypress, TX.

When you see these signs in your air conditioner, know that it would be a lot wiser to go for new air conditioner Installation in Cypress, TX rather than live in discomfort with the old one.

Here you go:

·     Your Home Isn’t as Cool as It Used to Be

The sad part about living with an inefficient air conditioner is that you actually forget about how an upgraded and full functioning AC air is supposed to feel like. It isn’t until you enter someone else’s house that you realize you have been living with a compromised version the whole time.

Always keep in your contact list a company for air conditioner Installation in Cypress, TX. Call them for annual service of your air conditioner. This will keep your unit running in best condition.

However, if even the tune-up is not making it work this time, then that means either the AC has served its time, or perhaps it was always small to start with and isn’t covering the square footage of your house/room.

·     Old Is Gold but with an Expiry Date

Old does not always have to be gold when it comes to electrical appliances. If your AC unit is super old and you have already had it repaired many times, then it is taking more than it is worth. Buy a new unit instead and call for air conditioner Installation in Cypress, TX pronto. The more you delay this, the more you will pay for a lost cause.

·     Energy Bills Are Skyrocketing

Remember how we told you that ACs can cause you pain emotionally? Well this is what we were talking about. When an AC does not have what it takes to cool your house, it ends up struggling. The more it struggles, the more energy it pulls and as a result, your energy bills skyrocket.

Now it is up to you, you either keep paying the bills, or you call an expert for an upgraded air conditioner Installation in Cypress, TX and save yourself unnecessary energy losses and expenditures.

·     There’s A Noise Coming from The Unit

We know, air conditioning units make a soft whirring noise when the system kicks in. However, what we are referring to here is the uncommon loud, booming noises coming from your unit. All the shaking, rattling and rolling are bad signs, and the minute you hear them, you should call a professional to have it inspected.

The professional will help you determine if the problem is fixable for long-term or if it’s better to go for a new air conditioner Installation in Cypress, TX.

·     The Unit Has Already Undergone a Number of Repairs

Here’s how you can determine whether you need a new system or not.  If your AC unit has already gone through more than three repairs and is asking for more, you have every reason to invest in a new system for air conditioner Installation in Cypress, TX.

Investing in a new system unit will outweigh the extensive costs of repairs you have been paying for or will probably for in the future.

·     You Are Selling Your House

Most people think to leave the old unit in the house when they are looking for potential buyers. They are not going to use it then why bother with air conditioner Installation in Cypress, TX?

They have all the reason to bother. A new AC unit in the house is a really good selling point, additionally it will increase the value of the home and give it a far better price than it was before. In fact, the expenditure on the AC unit will come back. A win-win situation!

·     Your House Is Ridiculously Covered with Dust

If you suddenly notice an excessive amount of dust in your house, covering every layer, or coming back up right after you cleaned the house, then your AC might be the culprit.

When leaky air ducts and faulty filters are unable to do their job, they fill the house with dust and contaminants. While the contaminants can’t be seen, the dust can. It’s a dead giveaway that there’s something wrong with the AC. You can call an expert for air duct cleaning and filter change, but it might be useless and an upgrade would be a better choice.

Is your air conditioner screaming for an upgrade? Don’t worry, it isn’t as big an issue as you think. As long as you know a reputable company for air conditioner Installation in Cypress, TX then you are good to go. You can reach out to Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning and they’d make it even easier for you with their experienced advice and recommendations.


Do you hate the process of installing an air conditioner at your house? Do you think it’s too much of a hassle? Are you looking for an easy solution? Well, you are in the right place. Cypress Heating and Air has got you covered for air conditioner installation in Katy, TX.

To save yourself from the summer heat, you need to get an efficient air conditioner installed at your house. You need to talk to a reliable contractor for providing you with a skilled technician. You also need to ensure that the air conditioning unit is installed properly and it will not be a problem for you in the future. If you are looking for air conditioning installation service in Katy, TX then Cypress Heating and Air is the best option for you.

The installation process will cause a lot of noise and disruption in your house. While the technicians are working, there will be a lot of disturbance. You need to prepare yourself mentally before the process starts. There are some factors that you need to consider to prepare yourself for the process. By following these tips, you can stay in your comfort zone while the technicians take care of the installation.

1. Choose a Reliable Air Conditioning System

Do you want a window air conditioner? Or are you looking for a split air conditioner? There are different types of air conditioning systems available in the market. Before installing an air conditioner, you should do a little research about its types. In this way, you can select an air conditioner that matches your cooling needs and isn’t too heavy on your pocket.

You should also consider the size of the air conditioner. It shouldn’t be too huge for your room. The size of your room should help you decide the cooling capability of the air conditioner that you are buying. If you are unable to make the choice, you can always contact Cypress Heating and Air. We will help you make the right choice and guide you through the process of air conditioner installation in Katy, TX.

2. Decide the Location

Before installation, you should decide where you want to place your air conditioner. You should consider a suitable location for the indoor and outdoor units. Try keeping both the units as close as possible. If they are far apart, the air conditioner will not cool your room properly.

You know your house more than the technicians. You should ensure that the air conditioner is not installed on a false wall. It should be placed on a wall that is strong enough to withstand the weight. You should plan the site of installation efficiently so that it does not cause any problems for you in the future. If you are in Katy TX, we can help make air conditioner installation easy for you.

3. Prepare your Home

In order to provide ease to the technicians, you must prepare your house prior to air conditioner installation. Make space for the technicians to work. You should remove furniture that is blocking the way and cover your furniture to protect it from dust. If there are any fragile items around, you must keep them away from the site of installation.

Kids should not be present in the room where the technicians are working. They might end up hurting themselves. You should keep your children busy in another room until the installation is complete.

4. Clean Air Ducts

The air ducts in your house can get blocked because of dust particles, pet fur and, other contaminants. Before installing an air conditioner, you should ensure that your ducts are clear and there are no contaminants present. This will make it easy for the technicians to start working at your house.

Cleaning of air ducts is necessary for the proper functioning of your new air conditioner as well as for the quality of air inside your house. If the ducts are not cleaned, your air conditioner will spill out dirty air which might lead to a dust allergy. You can ask our technicians for a dust inspection prior to air conditioner installation in Katy, TX.

5. Insulation for Better Cooling

Insulating your house will not allow the cool air to escape and neither will it let warm air enter your house. This will make your air conditioner run more efficiently.  Insulation in your attic and walls will help keep your house cool. To prevent heat from entering through the windows, you can use protective films on them. You should draw curtains and lower blinds over your windows when they are exposed to the sun.

You can also reduce the heat by powering off unnecessary devices such as chargers and computers. They emit heat while they are powered on. You should also avoid cooking unnecessarily. A direct flame will radiate heat and affect the cooling inside your house. For more information, you can contact Cypress Heating and Air. We will guide you through the process of air conditioner installation in Katy, TX.

6. Ask Questions

Before installation, you should ask for a step-by-step guide on how the installation will proceed. The contractor must guide you properly and tell you everything about the installation process. This will ensure that there is no miscommunication between the two parties.

While the technicians are installing your air conditioner, you can ask them questions related to its maintenance. You can ask them how often the filter needs cleaning. This will help you ensure that your air conditioner is functioning properly. You can clear your doubts by discussing everything related to air conditioner installation in Katy, TX with our technicians.

Now that you know what the essentials of air conditioner installation are, you can get it installed without any hassle. By following these tips, you will create a win-win situation for yourself as well as the technicians. It is essential that you hire a reliable contractor for this task. Cypress Heating and Air provides the best air conditioner installation services in Katy, TX. Visit our website to have a look at the products and services that we offer.




If you forget to call an air conditioning service provider in Katy, TX for an annual gas furnace inspection, you can run into problems. You should never skip a gas furnace inspection, but put it on your agenda of things to do each year. By skipping it, you are only giving fuel to the fire.

This means that small problems, which a professional could have uncovered during a routine inspection, would not have had a chance to become bigger. For instance, when you leave a sliced apple outside for several days, it begins to turn brown and rot. If you had eaten the apple, you would not have had to buy a new one to replace it.

Your gas furnace is the apple in this scenario. You need to get it checked out each year by contacting a professional and experienced HVAC technician for air conditioning service in Katy, TX. Just imagine your gas furnace giving up on you during winters. Since you would rather avoid fathoming such a scenario, it is better to go for a gas furnace inspection. If you do not, here is what you will encounter:

  • Poor Indoor Air Quality

Both the furnace and its ductwork collect dust and debris. When your heating and cooling system generates air, it brings dust and debris into your home. You can breathe in the dust and debris, which can lead to illnesses such as respiratory issues. For this reason, you need to clean the ducts of the heating and cooling system after every few years and clean the gas furnace each year. For furnace and ductwork cleaning, you can get in touch with a professional air conditioning service provider in Katy, TX.

  • Incorrect Readings on the Thermostat

You need to inspect your thermostat to find out if it is reading the indoor temperatures correctly. If the thermostat is not reading the indoor temperatures, you might need to change the location of the thermostat. It may be a computer error, or you may need to reset it. The longer you forgo calling an air conditioning company in Katy, TX to check the calibration between the gas furnace and thermostat, the higher your electricity bills will be. Therefore, it is important that you contact a professional HVAV technician to resolve the issue.

  • Complete Malfunction

If you have gone several years without contacting air conditioning service in Katy, TX for a routine inspection of your gas furnace, there is a chance you will find yourself buying a new one. To avoid a complete breakdown of your gas furnace, you need to get it inspected in early fall in the event the HVAC technician uncovers parts that need to be either replaced or repaired.

Now that you know the consequences of not having your gas furnace inspected on a routine basis, you need to know the importance of having your furnace maintained.

Why Routine Gas Furnace Inspection is So Important

Here is why a routine gas furnace inspection is so important:

  • You risk the safety and integrity of your home if you do not contact air conditioning service in Katy, TX for a routine gas furnace inspection,
  • Hot water can leak from the boilers, resulting in excessive and costly damage.
  • Clogged or dirty air filters, burners, and pilot lights can decrease the performance of your gas furnace and may cause it to stop working altogether.
  • Clogged or dirty air filters will result in higher electricity bills.
  • In the event your gas furnace malfunctions and breaks down, it could lead to frozen pipes,
  • If you do not follow the manufacturer’s recommended routine gas furnace inspection, it could void warranty.

If you want to ensure everyone in your house is safe and sound, you need to ensure your furnace works properly, especially if it runs on gas. Neglected gas furnaces can pose a danger for you and your family.

By calling for air conditioning service in Katy, TX, professional technicians can remove buildup causing your gas furnace to overwork and eventually, malfunction. Moreover, the HVAC technician also looks at the cracked heat exchanger and for carbon monoxide leaks. When you contact air conditioning service in Katy, TX for a routine gas furnace inspection, they will send their HVAC technician over to look at it.

What Do HVAC Technicians Check During a Routine Gas Furnace Inspection?

Measure and analyze the combustion to ensure it follows the guidelines set by the manufacturer:

  • Inspect the pilot light, burners, flame sensors, and hot-surface ignitors
  • Inspect, clean, or replace the air filters
  • Clean out the intake grills
  • Inspect and clean the blower motor
  • Inspect for possible blockage and air flow throughout the ventilation system

You should not delay getting in touch with a HVAC company for routine gas furnace, but call for air conditioning service in Katy, TX each year. It is important that you stay on top of this and remind yourself that you need to get your gas furnace checked out by a professional and experienced HVAC technician. Another cost savings benefit you will get by getting a routine gas furnace inspection is that it will reduce the chance of repairs. Since the HVAC technician would have caught it early, it will save you money in repairs.

You Should Not Delay Gas Furnace Maintenance Any Longer

By contacting a HVAC technician for gas furnace maintenance, you are increasing the lifespan of your gas furnace. With the average lifespan of a gas furnace being 15 to 20 years without routine maintenance, but with frequent repairs and replacement of parts, you can extend it to more than 25 years with routine maintenance. If it has been a while since you last called for routine gas furnace, know that it is never too late to call for one now.

You can get in touch with Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning for air conditioning service in Katy, TX.




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