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When the seasons change it’s important to take care of your home and make sure that you’re getting everything you need to be done. You want to be sure that you are going through a checklist of all of the important things that go into preparing your home for the seasons. And we’re going to talk about what you should be doing to make sure that you’re on the right track with your heating and air conditioning service, among other things that your The Woodlands, TX home is going to need.

1. Get an Inspection

A heating and air conditioning service inspection is going to be important because it makes sure that your HVAC system is going to work properly when you need it to. But just what goes into an inspection? Well, you’ll need to hire a professional to come take a look at your system, and then they’re going to look over the entire thing to make sure it’s doing what it needs to and isn’t going to fail on you in the near future. That involves a number of different parts.

They’ll look at things like the outdoor condensing unit, indoor evaporator coil, primary and secondary condensing units and pans, p-trap, blower assembly, refrigerant lines, wiring and controls, thermostats, electrical components, safety controls, and a whole lot more. In short, they’re going to evaluate the entire system to see how it’s working and if there are any problems. That’s all part of your heating and air conditioning service. And it’s going to ensure that you can count on your system going into the next season. That’s an important step before the season changes and you’re going to need to use either your heat or your air conditioner.

2. Check Your Windows and Doors

You’ll want to know that your HVAC system is working well and that it’s helping you to prolong your energy efficiency. But it’s not just your heating and air conditioning service that have to do with energy efficiency. You also want to check things like your windows and doors to make sure that they are also protecting your The Woodlands, TX home. The seals on your windows and doors may start to fail over time as they start to wear out. If that’s the case you’ll notice that your energy bills start to go up because your home is not sealed against the weather.

When the seasons start to change it’s a good time to look into this. Put your hand next to the edges of your windows and doors and see what it feels like. Do you feel cold air around the edges? If you do then that means you’re losing some of the energy you’re paying for in your home. In the short run, you’ll want to look into improving the seals around your home. But this could cause extra wear and tear on your HVAC system, which means you could need more heating and air conditioning service.

3. Get Duct Cleaning

Coming into a new season you want your The Woodlands, TX home to be fresh and clean, right? And getting your air ducts cleaned out is one way that you can do just that. You want to be sure that you get rid of dust and debris that can easily build up in your home. That’s because all of that dust and debris is causing a whole lot of problems that you may not even notice. After all, you can’t really see any of it but you’re definitely feeling it without even realizing it. And a heating and air conditioning service can help you.

When there’s a lot of dust and other debris in your air ducts it means that your HVAC system has to work a whole lot harder just to do the job it’s supposed to do. When that’s the case it means you’re going to need more heating and air conditioning service to make up for the additional workload. You end up spending a lot more just because there’s a blockage in your air ducts. And that’s definitely not something that you want to deal with.

Also, when your HVAC system keeps pushing through all of that dust and other debris it’s going to push some of it out and into the air. That means you’re going to be breathing it all in, which can cause or exacerbate health problems. For the very old or very young it’s important to avoid this kind of buildup because it can be even more dangerous. By getting a heating and air conditioning service team to your home to take care of duct cleaning you can help protect the air that your family is breathing, which is going to make a huge difference in the overall quality of your The Woodlands, TX home as well.

4. Clear the Ground

Whether you’re heading into the summer, the spring, the fall, or the winter, there are plenty of things to do around the outside of your house that will improve the way you feel as well. When summer turns to spring is a good time to start clearing out flower beds and preparing them for planting. As spring turns to fall you may want to change out those flower beds or start trimming and pruning. As fall turns to winter you’ll want to take care of leaves and branches that fall throughout the season. And as winter turns to summer you’ll be getting your yard ready for all those fun events again.

Clearing out the yard and making sure that it’s ready for the next season is going to make sure your home looks its best and you feel your best as well. After all, the way that your home looks is definitely going to play a part in what you feel about it. So make sure you’re taking a look around your yard, even if it doesn’t have anything to do with your heating and air conditioning service. You don’t want to find yourself with anything too extreme when it comes to your yard, after all.

5. Redecorate

Redecorating is another fun way to celebrate the changing of the seasons. It’s a great way for you to dress up your The Woodlands, TX home and really make it come alive again. There’s no reason you should be sticking with the exact same decor season after season and year after year, right? So why not take a look around and see what things you really like and which ones you’re ready to retire for a while? You might be surprised how much different your home looks when you take a little time to revamp.

The great thing about redecorating is you get to really showcase your personal style. You also get to take a little bit of time to try something new, add a few new items or a lot of them, and so much more. You’ll be more than happy when you see how big of a difference it makes for you to change out that decor. And don’t feel like you have to stick with any of the most common or trendy options. You get to choose exactly what you want most for your home and then you can make sure that you are dressing it up along the way.

6. Evaluate for Yourself

Getting an inspection is definitely important, but you don’t have to sit back and let someone else do all of the inspecting. You can actually take a look around your house for yourself as well. That’s how you’re going to get a better idea of just what’s going on with your The Woodlands, TX home. It’s a good idea to take a look at your HVAC system as well as other areas of your home to decide if there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

Looking for signs of energy leaks as well as potential areas that need repair is definitely going to help you in the long run. It’s going to save you money and it’s going to cut down on potential heating and air conditioning services as well. Taking a little time to walk through your home and look for anything that could be a potential problem is going to help you, and you can do this over several days to spread out the time involved. Take a single room at a time and evaluate.

Check the windows and doors for leaks and make sure the seals are good. Also, check to make sure that there is no condensation building in the windows, which could be a sign of poor seals. While you’re in the room check for any cracks in the walls or signs of water damage anywhere in the room including the floors, walls, and ceiling. You’ll also want to look at things like your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, lights, and anything else you can. By evaluating and fixing anything that’s not working the way it should you’ll be better prepared and your family will be safer.

Do You Need Heating and AC Service?

If it’s been a while since you had heating and air conditioning service done at your house then chances are you really need to have someone take a look at your system. You want to make sure that it’s not going to fail on you when you need it most, after all. But how do you know if you really do need service? You’ll need to be paying attention to your system to find out more about what it needs and just when it’s going to need it. And that means working with a professional.

When you work with a professional in heating and air conditioning service you’ll find out a whole lot more about your system and just how it works. Not only that but you’re going to have a much better chance of getting things taken care of faster than you might think. You want to talk to a professional in heating and air conditioning service about what’s going on with your system and what you’re noticing. Then, schedule an appointment to have them take a closer look and see what can be done to fix the problems you’re experiencing.

When you can relay information about what you’re experiencing with your system it’s going to make a huge difference in getting the problem taken care of more quickly. Paying attention to everything that’s happening around is going to make a huge difference, and it’s definitely going to allow you to get heating and air conditioning service problems taken care of more quickly. That’s going to be important to keeping you and your family a whole lot more comfortable in your home.

Hiring the Right Team

When you’re ready to take care of any of your heating and air conditioning service needs you need to know who to call. And that starts with making sure that you do your research. Once you’ve done that, you’re going to find that Mr. Reliable Heating & Air is the way to go. Our team can come to you wherever you are and whatever your needs are. And we’ll help you get prepared for the new season or take care of any heating and air conditioning service needs that you might have. It’s all about making sure that you and your family can feel safe and comfortable through the hottest months of the year and the coldest.

Heating and air conditioning service is going to make a big difference for you, but only if you know who to call when you first have a heating and air conditioning service problem. Mr. Reliable Heating & Air can take care of everything you need. When you’re ready to get your problems taken care of make sure you call us. We’ll send someone to meet with you right away, and we can schedule your next service in no time. This season make sure you’re getting your The Woodlands, TX home ready for what’s to come, no matter what season that may be or what it takes to get your home up to the standards you need. You’ll be more than happy with the results if you take the time to call us for your air conditioning service.

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If you’ve installed a new air conditioning system recently in Cypress, TX, you know how the technologies available have expanded. There’s a lot for homeowners to learn when selecting the right model for their homes, and our air conditioning service team at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air is well-trained on all of them. We even arrive for a service call in a vehicle that’s well stocked with common repair and maintenance components so we can perform more services in a single visit. Our test equipment helps us identify problems clearly including tiny refrigerant leaks, airflow problems, and electrical issues. In many cases, our expert team of technicians are equipped to get your system proactively repaired so you can cruise through the summer with everything ready to go. If you have questions or concerns about the performance or reliability of your system, we can address the issues or provide information about repair issues and compare them to replacement costs and efficiency gains of a new system if that’s an option you want to consider.

Maintenance Care for Your AC System and Components

If you’re missing your annual air conditioning service maintenance, it’s likely that your system is dragging its feet efficiency-wise and starting the summer season without being fully prepared to run reliably through the heat. Our team can do this “pit stop” for your AC system and provide tune-up services, failing part replacement before it becomes urgent, and an overall cleanup that’s especially healthy for the coils that transfer heat outside and cool inside. We also make sure that low refrigerant isn’t reducing efficiency and putting your compressor at risk, restoring proper levels and chasing down leaks as needed with our specialized equipment. We’ll make sure filters are fresh, motors are turning freely and ready to last through the summer, and everything else is in great condition, even if your system is decades old. If any small creatures have gotten inside and nested, it’s especially important to clean up their domestic mess and get your system in good shape before starting up your AC for the summer.

Keeping Up with Modern Technologies

If you’ve invested in variable speed AC or other recent technologies, you may wonder who has the experience, parts, and training to take good care of them properly. Our team is up to date and ready to apply their experience to all types of systems, optimizing their performance and diagnosing any problems expertly. We’re also ready for homeowners who are using ductless mini-split systems for all or part of their home’s cooling, providing maintenance, filter changes, and other services for the outdoor unit and the different types of heads used in each room or space including wall, floor, and ceiling mount units. Our vehicles are well-stocked with parts and test equipment for all the types of AC systems our air conditioning service team cares for. With this, we can provide one-stop service in many cases. Our air conditioning service team also has many ways to check your system for proper performance such as thermal imaging, airflow testing, and humidity testing. These provide ways to scientifically diagnose problems and get to the heart of even hidden problems like damper door operation inside your ducts based on evidence, rather than time-consuming exploration.

Duct Cleaning Service for Cleaner Air and Clearer Ducts

Damper door malfunctions can cause airflow imbalances that cool some rooms more than others. We provide duct cleaning service, recommended every few years, that cleans out the sometimes heavy layers of dust and debris, from cooking grease to mold spores, that can settle from the air and accumulate in your ducts. We carefully remove the material keeping your Cypress, TX  home clean, and your duct walls get a fresh start. That can help your air quality by avoiding the re-release of material into the air, and even provide better air circulation, especially if it’s been some time since your last cleaning. While we’re cleaning we’re also inspecting for issues, such as damaged ducts or gaps between sections, which can also affect airflow and create unexpected cooling variations from room to room. Our airflow testing can also indicate problems, which may even be the result of floor ducts and intakes with clothes or other items stacked on top! Ceiling ducts need proper clearance around them to provide the airflow your rooms need to stay cool from one side to the other as well.

Zoned Systems to Efficiently Use Cooling Power Where It’s Needed

If you have a zoned duct system, our air conditioning service can clean and test them as well. Typically they don’t have as much build-up because well-regulated zoned systems only have airflow where needed at a given time, such as cooling bedrooms at night, and living rooms during the day. During maintenance visits, our air conditioning service will also make sure that all of your thermostat’s controlling zones in your home are working correctly, and help you with thermostat replacement and programming if needed. If you have smart home thermostats, we can also help with proper wiring which can sometimes be challenging.

Indoor Air Quality Components Enhance Comfort and Breathing

Many homeowners have indoor air quality, or IAQ, components installed including humidity management, HEPA filtration, air purification, and germicidal UV lamps, all contributing to the reduction of dust, allergens, pathogens, and even chemicals and cooking odors that get airborne. They work on a whole-house basis, and we can make sure that they’re in good shape as well.

Your Expert Air Conditioning Service

At Mr. Reliable Heating & Air, our AC service starts with a prompt, timely response to your urgent air conditioning service needs and scheduled appointment times. We’re efficient with your time, and also your AC system, keeping it running smoothly with preventive care and expert repairs when needed. Cleaning, tune-ups, and updates keep your system as efficient as possible throughout its service life. For all your air conditioning service needs in Cypress, TX, call us today!

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Utilizing a team of qualified HVAC technicians will ensure that you receive seamless service and a thorough air conditioner installation. You run the risk of poor installation, future repairs costs, and other costly expenses, such as city code violations, if you don’t employ an expert.

Are you willing to deal with air conditioner installation during a heat wave? Though we can’t schedule when current air conditioning units will fail and require replacement, the best time to consider new air conditioner installation is well before the warm season begins. The better prepared you are before the summer the less likely it is that you’ll have to deal with delays and costly repairs during the busiest time for HVAC companies.

These tips will help you ensure that your AC installation goes smoothly:

Get a Licensed Contractor

Do not hire someone without the appropriate license. Not only will you risk leaving your AC installation in the hands of amateurs, but you also run the risk of being held responsible for any injuries that occur under your roof during the air conditioner installation. Hire someone who has both a license and liability insurance.

Get a Work Warranty

A contractor who can’t guarantee their work is not advisable. Warranty covers not only the homeowner, but also the contractor. Coverage can vary between contractors, however. Many HVAC warranties expire before you actually use your AC. Other warranties can last one or more calendar years. Check before you agree to use an AC installation company how long the warranty period is.

Try to Avoid Subcontractors

Do not choose a company that subcontracts out their work. Subcontracting doesn’t necessarily mean substandard service, but using a direct contractor usually ensures high quality services. The latter brings in a team made up of professionals who have had their credentials verified and work according to their employer’s guidelines.

Search Locally for Trusted Air Conditioner Installation Providers

Professional service providers can help extend the life of your air conditioner, right from the very start, by utilizing proper installation techniques and supplying experienced, efficient technicians to handle the service. To find trusted local service providers, you can search online for companies using keywords like air conditioner installation company in The Woodlands, TX. Because AC installation is the foundation for future performance and use, it is essential to choose a trustworthy supplier.

If you don’t choose a trustworthy HVAC company to guide you through the purchasing, install, and maintenance process, you could find yourself with improperly suited AC. Here’re 6 tips to help you get the right air conditioner:

Avoid Low-Priced Air Conditioners

A common error if you don’t know much about AC is to go for the least expensive option. Since, if you make the wrong choice, it’s a less expensive choice. The trouble is, many AC manufacturers offer lower-quality units at lower price points. While these units can be visually appealing, they aren’t necessarily tricked out enough to effectively cool your home in The Woodlands, TX.

Bargain-priced units are often bought to save money, but they can also end up costing thousands of dollars in air conditioning servicing. If you’re looking for a bargain, try to select a trusted brand and scope out their sales offers and discounts. Well-known brands often have more reliable manufacturing machinery, and tend to offer longer warranty coverage than bargain suppliers.

It’s better to pay a fair price for a high-quality unit and get it working properly than to go for the cheapest unit from an unknown supplier and spend a lot on repairs.

Get the Right-Sized AC

Many people believe that a larger unit will provide more cooling in any given room, and always be the better choice. It’s better to have too much than not enough, right? When it comes to air conditioner installation, this is false. Larger air conditioners will use more electricity, which means that your monthly bills will be higher. A larger unit will not always cool a room as well or provide the same cooling power as the right-szied unit. The largest unit won’t always work as fast and can struggle to create uniform temperatures if it has to be switched on and off frequently. Power cycling frequently can also cause wear-and-tear on interior components and cause premature failures

A too-small air conditioner will also not cool your space as well. The unit will need to work harder and use more electricity than it can handle, which could lead to a premature breakdown. A wrong-sized unit, no matter how small or large, can lead to high electricity bills, poor air quality and overall inefficiency.

However, it is not easy for the average homeowner to calculate the perfect size air conditioner unit for any given room. A professional HVAC technician would be required to assist you. The right AC installer will inspect the space, assess the roof material, walls, and make an informed decision on the right-sized AC to install.

Pay Attention to the Refrigerant

A large majority of people don’t know much about refrigerant regulations. They often make the error of purchasing air conditioners that contain harmful refrigerants such as the R-22 refrigerant. Since 2009, the R-22 refrigerant has been banned because it causes ozone depletion. You may inadvertently come across older models that use undesirable refrigerants when looking for a bargain model. Better alternatives to R-22 include R-410, which has a lower chance of burning out and absorbs more heat.

Hire Mr. Reliable Heating & Air for air conditioner installation

Without a doubt, the most crucial tip for homeowners looking for new air conditioner installation is to hire a qualified, certified HVAC company to undertake the work. Air conditioning units can be surprisingly complex and sophisticated. So much so, that traditional handymen may not understand the nuances and regulations associated with installing the various units currently on the market.

Unprofessionally installed units can lead to serious issues, including poor performance, frequent breakdowns, and lower energy efficiency. Make the right choice and hire a certified professional from Mr. Reliable Heating & Air, in The Woodlands, TX, today.

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Air conditioning service is something that every household needs. It’s the type of service that can lead to greater comfort and security for all members of a family, even pets. If you haven’t put much thought into what to do if your air conditioner fails, it’s time to do so today. It’s better to be prepared than to be surprised!

This guide is one that helps you understand the necessity of air conditioning service and points you in the right direction in finding the best companies available in the area to do the work for you. By the time you’ve finished reading the guide, you’ll know exactly what to expect from the service provider you hire. It’s our hope that this makes things much easier for you, so you don’t put off getting the help that you need with your air conditioner for long.

You Can Use the Tools and Resources You Prefer to Find a Service Provider

Having the option to use more than one tool or resource may be preferable in your search for air conditioning service. Keep in mind that if one option doesn’t work well for you, moving on to another option might be best. That’s why we’ve listed all of the choices you have in locating an HVAC company that can work on your AC for you.

Here is how to get air conditioning service in The Woodlands, TX:

  • Ask a work colleague, neighbor, relative, or friend for a personal recommendation and referral. The people that you come into contact with on a regular basis could very well be exactly who you need to ask for a referral from today. They likely have had their experiences with AC service providers and can save you the time and effort involved in researching your options. If you haven’t had a chance to ask someone you know for a referral, you should soon. It will get you one step closer to finding a company that you can count on to deliver exceptional AC service. A referral makes your life easier and gives you a chance to ask questions that you might not think to ask the service provider. You’ll have a much easier time locating a company you can trust thanks to the help of your closest friends and family.
  • Use the internet to find out more about the companies you discover through a quick web search. You’ll find that many service providers are listed in online directories. You can choose the ones that interest you the most and start learning all you can about the companies. You can call, email, and message the companies on social media for more information. You can visit their websites and learn everything you need to know about the company’s hours, pricing, and guarantees. By the time you’ve finished researching the company, you should know that you want to work with it indefinitely. One of the best things about doing online searches is that you can do them on the go with a smartphone. When you have a moment free, get on the net and research your options.
  • Contact a company that you hear about on the radio or see on TV. There isn’t a lot of work involved on your behalf. All you need to do is jot down the number or visit the company’s website while you’re sitting down. You can ask about air conditioning service and find out what it takes to complete a project like yours. If you need maintenance work done on your cooling system, you can set up a regular schedule for it to take place. It makes life much easier for you to manage when you have an AC that you know works well day and night.
  • Select a review site to visit and see what people have to say about air conditioning services there. Read about the company and how its customers see it. When you find out about a service provider and want to know more about it, visit a free review site and take some time to read the feedback left there. It’s meant to help you avoid working with a company that doesn’t care about you. It also helps identify exceptional companies by pinpointing their strengths. If you see a company being praised repeatedly, it’s for a good reason. Call it and set up AC service right away.

The Woodlands, TX is one place where air conditioning is a must. If you’re experiencing problems and want to have them addressed, don’t hesitate to reach out to the company of your choice to set up an appointment. Even if it’s past regular business hours, you can contact a company that offers emergency air conditioning service and have your problem taken care of right away. AC issues in the middle of the night or early hours of the morning can be problematic, which is why you should pay attention to how your air conditioner sounds, smells, and displays temperatures.

When you work with a company that cares about you, life is good. You always get the help that you need when you need it. You’re not putting off a valuable service because you weren’t sure what to expect by hiring an AC repair company. Instead, you get the help that you need in record time and start to feel the cool comfort of a temperature-regulated home once again.

Get the Help That You Need with Air Conditioning Service Today

Mr. Reliable Heating & Air has got you covered. When you’re in need of air conditioning service, don’t hesitate to call 281-617-2234 with your request. We’ll dispatch a service tech to your home quickly. Doing without access to air conditioning is something we don’t want you to do for long.

The Woodlands, TX can be very hot during the summer. Taking the time to get your air conditioner in excellent working order today is imperative. It ensures that you’re never without a source of cool air in your home. Each room can be equally comfortable when you’ve taken the time to address any issues you’ve been having with your air conditioner.

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When it comes to your home in The Woodlands, TX you need to be sure that it’s running properly and everything is working the way that it should. When it comes to warmer areas of the country especially, you want to be sure that you have everything you need to keep your air conditioner running as well. After all, you don’t want to find yourself in the middle of the summer with no air conditioning, right? That’s why you want to make sure you get air conditioning repair taken care of right away.

Do You Need Air Conditioning Repair?

There are some very important situations where you absolutely need air conditioning repair. We’re going to talk about some of the most important things that you need to be paying attention to. That way, you can make sure that you’re always prepared for whatever might come your way. Make sure that you talk with an AC repair professional to find out more about any of these situations, and always pay attention to whether you’re having any problems with your system.

If your air conditioner doesn’t seem to be working you absolutely want to make sure that you’re getting a professional in air conditioning repair to take a closer look. This means that your air conditioner may be blowing out too much cold air or it may not be blowing out enough cold air. Either way, it means that there’s something wrong with the system and you’re going to want to talk with an AC repair professional to take a closer look at what’s going on.

If your air conditioner doesn’t stop running it likely means there’s something wrong with the condenser that tells the system that it’s already cooled the place down enough. You absolutely don’t want to find yourself sacrificing being too warm for being too cold, right? And on the other hand, you definitely don’t want to find yourself with an air conditioner that stops working entirely because that’s going to make you a whole lot less comfortable when it comes to getting through the day, especially when the weather starts getting warmer.

You may notice leaks around your air conditioner as well. If this is the case you want to call a professional in air conditioning repair to take a look at where the leaks are coming from and what needs to be done in order to fix them. Because of the way that the air conditioner works you’re likely looking at a problem with the condenser for this. It’s something you’ll need a professional to check out so you can know for sure, but you’re absolutely going to want to get it taken care of right away.

In general, if you notice anything with any of your senses that doesn’t seem quite right it’s a good idea to call a professional in air conditioning repair to help you. First, if you see anything that seems out of the ordinary, like leaks or ice on your air conditioner, that’s a sign that something is wrong. You want to make sure that you get a professional in air conditioning repair to take a closer look at it and get everything taken care of.

Next, if you hear anything strange you want to get a professional in air conditioning repair to look and see what they can do. You know what it sounds like when your air conditioner first kicks on and when it kicks back off again. You also know what it sounds like while it’s running. In general, you shouldn’t hear a lot of sounds while the air conditioner is running, but you definitely shouldn’t start hearing any new sounds. If you do then it means that you’re likely looking at a problem. You may need a professional in air conditioning repair to help you with the process.

If you are feeling anything strange, like your air conditioning unit not working or working too well, as we mentioned, that’s another sign that there’s something wrong and you are in need of a professional in air conditioning repair. But another factor is if your home feels more humid than normal. This might happen as a result of your air conditioner having a problem as well and it’s a good idea to get things taken care of as quickly as you can with an AC repair professional in The Woodlands, TX. But that’s also going to cause other problems in your home as well.

If you smell anything strange you should get a professional in air conditioning repair to take a look. If your system isn’t working right it’s possible that you could get too much moisture in the air and that could cause mold to grow. You definitely want to get rid of the possibility of mold as quickly as possible, which means getting that professional out to take a look at things as quickly as possible as well.

Taking Care of Business

So, if you’re noticing anything strange about your air conditioner and it’s time to call someone to take care of things what are you going to do? How do you make sure that you’re on the right track and getting everything taken care of as quickly as possible? You need to know who you’re going to call long before you actually need to call them. And that means doing a bit of research.

Make sure you’re starting your research process by using your favorite search engine to locate the different air conditioning repair companies in your area. You want to know what all of your options are before you start narrowing things down. Luckily, it’s a whole lot easier than you might think to find out the options for your needs. And once you have a list you’re going to have a much better chance at actually finding one that you want to work with or one that can take care of your air conditioning repair needs.

Once you have that list you can start talking to people that you know to find out more about the different professionals in your area. Chances are you know someone that has had to hire a The Woodlands, TX AC repair person recently. If that’s the case you’ll be able to talk to them about the person or company that they hired and will then be able to make sure that you are weeding through the possible names based on all the information you can get. That way, you’re going to be much better off and you’re going to start working through your list.

As you start learning more you can start to mark the companies that you like and the ones that you don’t. That way, you can make sure that you’re narrowing down to only the best options, and avoiding the ones that aren’t going to work for you. When it comes to hiring someone to work on your home you want to know that they’re going to get the job done right, after all. The best way to know that is to find out more about the people that they’ve worked with and what those people think of the service that they received.

Now that you’ve started to weed through your list you’ll be able to start talking to the actual companies. Or you could start checking out websites to find out more. The website of the different air conditioning repair companies around will help you understand more about what kind of work they do and whether they can take care of the type of problems that you’re experiencing. You definitely don’t want to work with someone who can’t handle at least the basic air conditioning repair needs. And you likely want someone who can take care of all of your HVAC needs at once.

Keep in mind that someone who only handles a few of the jobs that you might need for your HVAC system is likely not going to be a good option. After all, they’re only going to be able to help you with a few types of problems. And that means you’re going to end up needing to go through the entire research process again when you need anything else done. Finding an all-in-one company that can handle everything you’re going to need is definitely going to be a benefit for you.

If you need more specialized tasks or projects for your home keep in mind that those may not be listed on a website. Most The Woodlands, TX companies will list the services that they are most likely to offer. Or the things that more people are going to be interested in. If you are looking for specialized assignments you may need to call or send a message to find out what that specific company can do and if they can accommodate whatever it is that you might need them to do. From there, you can make sure that you are working with the right company for anything.

Now is definitely the time to talk with the companies you’re starting to narrow down to. You can find out more about their services and you can absolutely take a few minutes to find out how you feel about them in general. You want to work with someone that you feel comfortable with and if you have a chance to talk with someone from that company you’re going to have a better idea of how you feel about that particular air conditioning repair company. You’ll be able to decide if you want to work with them.

Once you’ve gone through all of these steps it’s going to be a good idea to actually choose someone that you want to work with. You’ve taken the time to do your research and make sure that you’re working with the best company in your area. So now is the time to make a choice and schedule the appointment that you need to get your AC repair service taken care of. You don’t want to be waiting around too long for it all to be done, after all. Especially as the weather starts to get warmer in The Woodlands, TX and you definitely want to use your system.

If you’re ready to hire you should make sure that you are setting up an appointment for a time that is convenient for you. Your air conditioning service is going to be important and your time is important too. Make sure the company that you are going to hire respects your time and will give you an appointment that works for you. It’s all going to be part of the process of getting your air conditioner ready to go again in no time. Before you know it, you’ll be able to start enjoying your home and the nice weather.

Make the Call

If you’re ready to get any type of air conditioning repair taken care of it’s time to call Mr. Reliable Heating & Air of The Woodlands, TX. Our team is here to help you with any of your HVAC needs and we’ll make sure that you’re well on your way to getting your air conditioning repair taken care of fast. We know that it’s uncomfortable to get through the summer without an air conditioning unit, and that’s why we’re going to come to you quickly and get your air conditioning going again.

No matter what you’re experiencing, our team can help you. We know how to handle your HVAC system and we respect you and the services that you need. When you call us you’re getting a friendly and knowledgeable person to come out to your home and do what needs to be done. You can also count on us to take care of your home the way we would take care of our own. With Mr. Reliable Heating & Air you’re not going to be disappointed because we provide the best service every time. Our reputation definitely speaks for itself. All you need to do is make a call and let us know what time works for your air conditioning repair.

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Spring is a great time to start preparing for summer. That means inspecting your HVAC system, determining if it needs air conditioning repair service, and testing it to ensure it’s ready to cool off your Cypress, TX, home. If you closed your unit down at the start of the cold season having experienced no trouble with your AC unit, you might feel perfectly content that it’s in perfect functioning condition. Of course, it’s always a good idea to have the unit inspected and tuned up before the hot season.

On the other hand, if your unit experienced problems last summer that necessitated air conditioning repair service–maybe even multiple repairs–and is nearing the end of its expected lifespan, you might be worried about its performance and if it will last for another summer. Mr. Reliable Heating & Air has met with many customers with similar concerns. It’s never especially easy to determine when to replace an air conditioning system. In fact, there are numerous reasons to make the upgrade–and spring is the ideal time to do it.

AC Unit Is More Than 10-15 Years Old

Many customers in Cypress, TX, have older AC units. When these units reach 10 years of age, customers begin to suspect that the AC system might be on borrowed time. That’s especially likely if they’ve needed air conditioning repair services. Air conditioning systems are designed to last for 10-15 years. Once they reach their expected span, it’s not uncommon for electrical and mechanical parts to wear out.

In some cases, it makes fiscal sense to replace these parts during air conditioning repair service. However, once repairs begin to add up and expenses increase dramatically, it’s a good time to consider replacing the unit. Mr. Reliable Heating & Air can examine your AC unit to provide you with a report of its overall condition. Our goal is to support our customers’ decision, whether they opt to replace their aged unit or choose a repair.

Too Many AC Repairs

As mentioned, an aging unit can begin to need lots of AC repair services. Sometimes, however, even a unit that has not reached its life expectancy can break down and need numerous repairs. This can occur for lots of different reasons. For instance, the unit may be too small to cool the home’s square footage. Trying to cool off a large space can cause the unit to overwork; that can lead to lots of air conditioning repair calls and can reduce the longevity of the unit.

Air conditioning systems that haven’t been well maintained may also require frequent repairs. An AC unit that has sustained damage during a breakdown or for some other reason may no longer function in optimum condition. Our Cypress, TX, customers may begin to tally up the costs of each air conditioning repair and come to the conclusion that it’s a safer investment to replace the unit rather than sinking more money into repairs.

The Cost of the Air Conditioning Repair

Sometimes customers opt to replace their unit because a single air conditioning repair is simply too high. By spending a large amount to replace a major part of the AC system, some customers are persuaded that the money would be better invested in a brand new, energy efficient model. Mr. Reliable Heating & Air is widely respected for our fair pricing and unwillingness to price gouge our customers. Even so, the cost to replace some parts or a few parts can lead to a serious expense for customers.

When our air conditioning repair technician examines the unit, we go over our findings with transparency. We can provide customers with an upfront quote for the cost of the repair and needed parts. Often, when repairs hit the $4,000-$5,000 range, customers begin to think about putting that money into a new unit. Again, we support our customers’ decisions. We’re able to provide AC repair service or make the AC replacement.

Home Renovations

Another reason that our customers might choose to replace their AC unit is that they’re renovating their home. Home renovations are also popular during the spring when the weather is still pleasant and not too hot. Changes to the home’s ductwork will necessarily impact the AC system’s operation. Customers can count on Mr. Reliable Heating & Air to help with their HVAC renovations as needed.

Often, renovations involve expanding the home’s floor plan. This will certainly impact the HVAC system. The existing system may no longer be of an adequate size to properly heat and cool the house. Again, a unit that is too small to heat or cool space will be vulnerable. If your AC unit has to work overtime to cool a larger house, you will likely be in store for more air conditioning repair calls ahead. For this reason, it’s ideal to replace the existing unit with one that’s the appropriate size for the new floor plan.

Energy Bills Are Too High

If you have an older AC unit, you might find that it’s guzzling too much energy to cool your house. Units that are older than 10 years old are not as advanced as today’s more energy-efficient AC systems. While the costs of air conditioning repair service might not be a concern for your system, the higher energy expenses certainly could me.

Today’s HVAC technology has come a long way. There are many models that are revered for their energy efficiency. If you’re concerned that your energy bills are higher than they should be, it could be your AC unit. On the other hand, you might want to perform an energy audit. If your home is poorly insulated or there are cracks and gaps in the expertise that are allowing cold air to escape, you might want to put an AC replacement off and tend to those issues first.

Inadequate Cooling

If your current air conditioning system isn’t adequately cooling all areas of your house or removing humidity but is working properly, you might find that it’s simply not the right model for your house. Although the system might not be malfunctioning, it’s still a good idea to contact Mr. Reliable Heating & Air to let us take a look. It might actually benefit from air conditioning repair service. There might be ductwork leaks, for instance, that are causing inadequate cooling.

Choosing the Right AC Unit

If you have made the decision to replace your aging AC unit, be sure to discuss your plan with Mr. Reliable Heating & Air. We offer AC installation as well as air conditioning repair services to customers in and near Cypress, TX. It’s crucial to choose an AC unit that is designed to meet the cooling needs of your home’s square footage. Installing a unit that’s too small will only lead to more frequent breakdowns of your equipment–and the need to make more air conditioning repair calls.

Remember, too, that it’s also not a good idea to install a unit that’s too large. A unit that is too big will require more energy to operate. But your home doesn’t need that extra energy. You’ll wind up paying higher energy bills simply to operate your AC equipment. That can defeat the purpose of an energy-efficient unit.

When you consult with our experienced AC technicians, you don’t have to worry about installing an improperly sized AC system. We will take extra care to ensure that whatever model you choose is the right size to properly cool your Cypress, TX, house–not too big and not too small.

Maintenance and Tune-ups: Caring for Your New AC Unit

If you choose to keep your old AC unit and opt for needed air conditioning repair or if you invest in a new AC system, remember that proper maintenance and tune-ups can help you extend its longevity and keep it working optimally. Mr. Reliable Heating & Air offers professional maintenance and air conditioning repair solutions that are always delivered by our certified HVAC pros.

When you contact us to maintain your system, we always begin with a careful inspection of your AC unit’s major parts. We look for signs of wear and tear that can cause your unit to break down. Breakdowns are common during the hottest days of summer because that’s when AC units are tasked to work overtime. That extra stress can finally cause wearing parts to fail. For this reason, our technicians always look for signs of wear and tear. It can save you money and discomfort by replacing the part before it fails and potentially damages other elements of your air conditioning system.

Mr. Reliable Heating & Air: Inspection Services

While you can wait until you need an air conditioning repair to contact Mr. Reliable Heating & Air, it’s a better plan to call us during the spring, before the hot summer season, to inspect your unit. If you’re trying to decide whether you should keep your unit or replace it, this is also a good time to invite us to your Cypress, TX, home to inspect your unit. If you decide that you want to maintain the unit for another season or two, we can go ahead and perform a tuneup too. If your system requires any air conditioning repair service, we’ll be sure to let you know before we make the repairs.

During our inspection of your AC system, you can count on our team to perform services that include:

Thermostat Test

Thermostats are often the culprit for an AC problem. If you have an older thermostat, you might opt to replace it with a new smart thermostat. In any case, during our inspection, we’ll take a close look at this feature to ensure it’s working properly.

Check the Air Filter

A dirty air filter can lead to all sorts of trouble–avoidable trouble. A dirty air filter can detract from your home’s air quality. It can also cause your unit to work inefficiently, which again, can cost your money. A dirty filter may also be the reason why your home doesn’t feel as cool as it should when your AC unit is turned on.

Ductwork and Airflow

During our inspection, our technicians will check for ductwork blockages and leaks that could impede the operation of your AC system. Be sure that you trim any tall grass around your outdoor unit. Don’t pile any outdoor furnishings or kids’ toys near the unit either. These items can detract from good airflow.

Electrical and Mechanical Parts

Again, our technician needs to assess your unit’s electrical and mechanical parts to ensure they’re not worn or that can lead to a breakdown. We’ll check all the major parts of your unit, including the condenser, evaporator, and coils.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leaks are bad news for your AC system. We’ll take time to make sure that your unit isn’t leaking refrigerant and that it has the right amount of refrigerant. Your AC unit will not be able to adequately cool your home or remove humidity from the interior space if the refrigerant level is low.

AC Tune-up

If you choose to allow our technician to tune up your AC unit, we’ll lubricate moving parts, change the air filter, provide cleaning, and other services designed to enhance the function of your air conditioning system. Our technicians will run tests and spend time making sure that all elements of your AC system are performing as needed. Our tune-up will get your AC system ready for the hot season ahead.

Contact Mr. Reliable Heating & Air for our help maintaining your AC unit and providing any air conditioning repair service you may need. We have years of experience providing top-notch service to our Cypress, TX, customers. Call us to schedule your inspection and tune up today.

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There are two things that we bring in our Mr. Reliable Heating & Air repair vehicles to every air conditioning repair call that make us different from other companies. We carry a full supply of most repair parts, of course, but we also have test and repair equipment, and the training to use them, along with years of experience in air conditioning repair that makes us experts at diagnosing and repairing your problem in The Woodlands, TX. It’s a given that we arrive on time, we’re known for our reliability, and once we do you’ll see an expert at work with his or her tools, many of which you’ve probably never seen before. Waving the magic wand over your AC’s evaporator and condenser coils can detect leaks, for example, and other gadgets can help us scientifically make sure one bedroom isn’t a lot colder than the other. There are a lot of routine air conditioning repairs that don’t require much science to figure out, like noticing a lot of accumulated dirt, dust, chemicals, mold, grease, and so on in your ducts, and recommended a duct cleaning service. Likewise, cleaning out your outdoor AC unit after a rough winter can be a great idea, part of annual maintenance service, even. You never know what — or who — you’ll find in there! It wouldn’t be the first time we found teeth marks on the contactor wires.

Checking the Airflow Can Save You a Lot

Replacing your air conditioning system can get your house cooler, but sometimes so can removing your kid’s laundry from the air intake. We start with the simple things when indicated by our tests or experience, to make sure we make the right air conditioning repair for your situation. If your air intake is blocked, your system doesn’t have enough air flowing through to carry all the cooling that it’s doing, and your efficiency and effectiveness will be reduced, sometimes significantly. It’s a lot like having a really dirty air filter, and in both cases, you can actually wind up with more repairs, as the fan motors and belts can wear prematurely trying to get air to move, while the evaporator coil, starved of flowing air to keep the moisture it removes from freezing, starts to ice up. Now that’s a reason to have your kids clean their rooms! It’s just one of many airflow issues that we frequently sort out as part of our air conditioning repair process.

Rivers and Streams of Air

If the vents into your rooms are blocked by furniture, clothes, books, pets, or whatever, you’ll get reduced airflow into that area. The air pressure has to go somewhere, though, so you’ll get more coming out in another room, possibly reducing the temperature more than you want. Doubly so if the thermostat is in the warm room, as the system will keep pushing cool air to bring the temperature down, and the blocked vent will divert all or some of it to that cold room and make it even colder. Don’t worry if you can’t quite describe the problem when you call us, just tell us what you know, like “my bedroom is freezing cold by itself and I don’t know why.” We’ll figure out the mystery. One way that we detect trouble that’s not as visible as a blocked vent is by using air flow meters that tell us how the air pressure is doing in different parts of your vent system or room. These devices, plus our experience, help us accurately balance the distribution of cool air, and scientifically get your home more comfortable.

Vents Are Like Plumbing, But They Leak Cool Air

Our air conditioning repair team in The Woodlands, TX pays a lot of attention to your home’s vents because they’re the delivery system for the work your AC does. If the vents have been damaged or are getting older and leak, you’re losing cool and air pressure at the same time, an AC performance problem that can be easily fixed in most cases by a simple repair. When we perform regular duct cleaning service, we not only remove all the mess that’s accumulated in there from the air that blows through, we also take a look at the ducts and notice any issues that need attention. One problem that some homeowners experience is malfunctioning dampers in their ducts. Those are little doors that some systems use to divert airflow, often located along the main line which runs in your attic or other inconvenient location. If a damper door gets stuck, it can cut off airflow to some areas of your home. The same thing happens if it’s not responding to your AC system’s commands to open or close. Our air conditioning repair experts will get a feeling when they suspect that a damper door is messing up your flow, it’s a lot like when a clog appears in your pipe, and air measurements will provide good evidence.

Cool Gadgets and Pretty Pictures of Your Ducts

Another way to diagnose problems when hot or cold air or water is flowing is infrared imaging. Those are the colorful pictures that, interpreted by our air conditioning repair experts, indicate areas where temperature changes are occurring that might indicate trouble. A quick dropoff might mean a leak, while a slower one might indicate the cool air in your uninsulated attic duct is getting warmed along the way. Infrared imaging can also identify heating and cooling problems of other kinds, such as issues along your refrigerant lines and in the coils that show hot or cold spots where repairs are needed. For the big picture, energy efficiency experts use this technology to take pictures of your entire home and reveal where the insulation is missing or too thin in the walls and roof. As you can tell, a big part of our air conditioning repair team’s objective is to make sure you get the most out of your AC system as well as keep it functioning. In fact, a system that has tight ducts, solid refrigerant lines, and is in generally great shape can help your AC system work less and last longer while still keeping your home nice and cool.

Don’t Go Sniffing for Refrigerant Leaks, Let Us Do It!

Refrigerant leaks can smell sweet or something like chloroform if you’ve ever smelled that. That odor is toxic, and using your nose isn’t the best way to find problems with your AC or any other refrigeration system. Our air conditioning repair experts have a sniffer device that can help them find even pinhole leaks in your refrigerant lines and coil systems, helping you to avoid recurring repair like annual refrigerant recharging that’s costly for you, especially as refrigerant costs rise, and often bad for the environment as well. As your refrigerant disappears, so does the efficiency of your AC system, and your system’s compressor won’t be happy, either. In fact, if you hear a loud squeal from your system outside, it’s time to hit “pause” on your AC and call our air conditioning repair team, as it’s quite possible that low refrigerant is damaging your compressor and you don’t want that to continue at all.

When It’s Time for a Refill, and Other Refrigerant Line and Coil Issues

Our air conditioning repair experts can add refrigerant in most cases, or replace it with an equivalent type. Some have fallen out of favor due to problems with the environment or other issues, so it’s important to let our experts figure out the right way to approach a low refrigerant problem. We’ll put the right kind in there and make sure we capture any old refrigerant that needs to be removed. This cooling material makes the magic of compressor-based AC work and also makes heat pump possible flow into your home, through evaporator coils, back out to the condenser coils, with a kick by the compressor along the way. When your system does dual duty, there’s a special valve that reverses the process for heating and cooling, but our air conditioning repair team experts and their mobile parts supply are right for heat pumps, too!

Electrical Testing and Diagnosis

While refrigerant and compressor technology are at the heart of your AC system, electrical equipment manages the operation. Our air conditioning repair team in The Woodlands, TX finds trouble with the thermostat more often than you’d think, a simple and essential repair that can get your system going again. If there are other AC noises, smells, or leaks that you’ve been concerned about, make it a dual-purpose trip and ask about those once the system is running again. There are several key components in the outdoor cabinet of your AC system that we typically service, the capacitor and contactor. Years of solid service can wear them out, but also dust, dirt, and other materials blown in can disrupt their operation. Even the invasion of little critters building nests during the winter can cause all sorts of havoc inside the cabinet and require an air conditioning repair visit to get your system ready to run. In fact, checking for these kinds of problems is part of your annual AC maintenance visit, so make sure yours is scheduled ahead of summer cooling season in the Woodlands, TX!

When Motors Stop, Cooling Doesn’t Flow

Another advantage of AC maintenance service is testing electrical equipment, including motors, using standard and more advanced electrical test gear. We can inspect your wires, then measure to make sure they’re properly connected, check relay coils and other components, and most of all check motor operation. An aging motor will show up differently on our test gear than a new one, so we can recognize when your fan motors are getting close to failure and replace them at maintenance time, rather than on an emergency visit when they’re working hard during the summer. Preventive maintenance is powerful! Our expert air conditioning repair people know where to look to find developing problems as well as current ones, which can save you a lot and keep you comfortable as well.

Motor Wear and Coil Icing from an Unchanged Air Filter

It’s always worth mentioning that reduced airflow from your fan motors trying to pull air through a clogged air filter can cause many problems. In fact, even blocked intakes around your house can contribute to that. When the air filter is clogged, usually because it hasn’t been changed in a couple of months, the motor and fan belts wear more as they work hard. The air passing through the evaporator coils keeps the moisture they condense from freezing, so when airflow is low, you can get icing on the coils. The ice can disappear when the unit’s not operating, but you should probably have our air conditioning repair team check out the root of the problem. It’s also important to leave coil deicing to them, otherwise, you may get into the realm of needing that leak sniffer device to find small pinhole damage from deicing, or even wind up replacing an expensive coil unit. And yes, don’t forget to change that air filter!

Air Quality Technology

Your standard air filter protects your system from damage by removing airborne particles, fur, dirt, dust, and other debris that’s big enough to make a mess in your coils and other locations in the system. They don’t take care of everything airborne, as shown by how dirty the ducts get in a couple of years. We provide duct cleaning but also specialized HEPA sub-micron filtration, air purifier systems, germicidal UV lamps, humidity control, and other indoor air quality features attached to your duct system for great indoor air. Ask our air conditioning repair team about them!

Air Conditioning Repair in The Woodlands, TX

For the experience and technology you need for reliable air conditioning service, trust Mr. Reliable Heating & Air and our expert team. We keep your HVAC system in The Woodlands, TX running reliably and efficiently. Call us today and see!

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Property owners in The Woodlands, TX, rely heavily on their air conditioning systems to cool their homes during the long, hot summer season. Naturally, you want to get as much value out of that system as possible before investing in a new one. However, if your old AC unit barely limped along last summer and it needed air conditioning service calls a few times in order to keep working, it may be time to discuss AC replacement with Mr. Reliable Heating & Air. Deciding on whether or not to replace your AC unit is a big decision. Depending on its condition, you might be able to get another summer out of it. Or, you might be paying more than you want to for utility bills because of its inefficient use of energy. The following information will help you decide and acquaint you with the AC replacement process.

Air Conditioning System Age

If your air conditioning system is nearing the end of its lifespan or has surpassed it, you may already have needed air conditioning service to keep it running. Repairs and replacement parts are common as your HVAC system gets older. However, pay attention to how many air conditioning service calls you’re making and how much you’re paying for new parts. There comes a point when you’re putting too much money into a unit that simply won’t last for another summer or two. At that point, you may want to talk about an AC replacement with a skilled technician from Mr. Reliable Heating & Air.

Poor Operation

Did you find that your aging air conditioning system was struggling to cool your home last summer? That’s a common occurrence as AC units reach the end of their lifespan. You’re forced to pay for your AC’s operation even if it’s not doing a good job of cooling your house. In fact, you might even be paying more than necessary as the unit works overtime, struggling to maintain the temperature set on your thermostat. In these cases, it’s usually time to think about having the unit replaced, especially if its poor operation is accompanied by numerous air conditioning service calls.

Inefficient Energy Use

Older air conditioning systems won’t work as efficiently as new models. There have been many technological advances in HVAC design that allow these systems to work more efficiently. More efficient operation means that the unit requires less energy to cool or heat your house while still providing optimum temperature control. It’s possible that you could save a few hundred dollars annually on energy costs simply by upgrading your HVAC system.

Types of Repairs

Replacing a wearing belt is one thing, but replacing more expensive and major components of your old AC unit is another story. When you contact Mr. Reliable Heating & Air to place an air conditioning service call, we can explain why your part has failed and how much it will cost to replace it. You may find that the cost of replacing a major part isn’t worth the expense when you can more reasonably use the money paid on that repair toward replacing the unit with a new, energy-efficient model.

Consult with the Experts at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air

Mr. Reliable Heating & Air has helped hundreds of customers all over The Woodlands, TX decide on the right time to replace their existing air conditioning systems. We serve our customers with honesty and integrity. We don’t try to upsell customers and we always present them with accurate information so that they can make informed decisions about moving forward with any type of air conditioning service repair or an AC replacement.

When we visit your home, we can inspect your AC unit and provide you with a thorough report of its condition along with our recommendations. Sometimes, with proper maintenance, it makes sense to get a few more summers of use from an aging unit, simply because the repairs are minor and the unit is still functioning well. In these cases, property owners have more time to start saving for a new AC system and to consider the various options they might choose to install.

On the other hand, if our technician determines, upon inspecting your unit during an air conditioning service call, that it’s in poor condition and has actually become unsafe to operate, we can advise you about how best to proceed with a replacement. We know how hot it can be in The Woodlands, TX. So, if you choose to replace your AC unit, we can move quickly to help you source the ideal model for your home; then, we can install it right away.

Choosing a New Air Conditioning System

Anytime you have to replace a major home system like an AC unit, it’s a big purchase decision. Today, there are many different options to consider. The certified air conditioning service technicians of Mr. Reliable Heating & Air make it a point to stay up to date with the new AC models that enter our industry each year. We know who the most dependable manufacturers are. We can definitely help our customers choose the best make and model for their home and budget.

Talking Turkey: How Much Does an AC Replacement Cost?

A new residential central air AC unit costs, on average, between $4,000 – $7,000, including installation. However, some units run as low as $1,200. Mr. Reliable Heating & Air frequently features specials so we always encourage our customers to check our website to learn about any current incentives. Sometimes our specials include a percentage of an air conditioning service like AC repairs or replacement.

Keep in mind that the cost for an AC unit varies considerably depending on the make and model you choose as well as its size. A price quote this summer will probably look different the next simply because new products enter the market. Because there are many options to choose from, you can rely on the expertise and advice of our HVAC pros.

Energy Efficient Performance

When choosing a new AC unit, you’ll want to consider its energy-efficient operation. Note the model’s SEER number. The higher the number, the more efficient the unit. Why wouldn’t anyone want to choose the most energy-efficient model for their home? Well, those most energy-efficient models tend to be the most expensive models. Even so, because of the cost savings associated with reduced energy bills, customers can usually recoup the extra cost well before the unit nears its suggested lifespan, which may run anywhere from 10 to 15 years.

On the other hand, many property owners in The Woodlands, TX are concerned about reducing their footprint and conserving energy. Choosing an energy-efficient AC unit will help you do just that. These air conditioning systems operate with less energy but still provide optimum cooling functionality. The result is that they are better for the environment as well as your pocketbook when it comes to monthly energy expenses.

Financial Incentives

When you place an air conditioning service call with Mr. Reliable Heating & Air to discuss your AC replacement, we can discuss whether or not there are any manufacturer incentives associated with the models you’re interested in. Sometimes manufacturers offer reduced rates for specific models or rebates. Our company stays up to date with what the most reliable manufacturers have to offer clients. We’re always happy to pass on this potential money-saving information.


When considering new air conditioning units, always ask about their warranties. That could impact your purchase decision. Our licensed HVAC technician can help you understand the ins and outs of the warranty for the model you select. Having a clear understanding of its terms is crucial because you certainly don’t want to void the warranty. For instance, some warranties are rendered void if you ever hire someone who isn’t certified to provide air conditioning service on the unit.

Noise Level

Finally, when you choose a unit, you’ll want to learn about how noisy it may be. That could alter your decision. A noisy air conditioning system can be a nuisance. AC units that have a variable speed blower tend to operate more quietly than those that don’t. Be sure to mention your noise preference when you consult with one of our heating and air conditioning service technicians during your air conditioning service consultation.

Important Considerations for Air Conditioning System Installation

When you go shopping for your AC unit, definitely consult with your installation expert from Mr. Reliable Heating & Air. It’s essential to select a model that is the right size for your home. It can’t be too small and it shouldn’t be too big. Our experienced heating and air conditioning service technicians can ensure that you purchase the right size unit for your house.

Keep in mind that an AC unit that’s too small is going to have to work extra hard than the right-sized unit in order to cool your home to your thermostat’s temperature setting. When your unit has to work extra hard, you will need to pay extra on energy costs. You’ll also very likely be making extra air conditioning service calls to address the extra repair needs that inevitably accompany units that are too small to properly cool the home. Another downside, besides more frequent breakdowns, of a small-sized unit is that it’s likely to require replacement sooner than a unit that is sized right. The extra wear and tear on the unit and the damage from frequent breakdowns can definitely reduce its longevity.

Conversely, you don’t want to buy a unit that’s too large for your house either. While it won’t struggle to cool your home, it will guzzle up much more energy to operate than a right-sized unit. So, you’ll be paying more on energy bills than is reasonable for your home in The Woodlands, TX.

When you consult with Mr. Reliable Heating & Air, we’ll ensure that you don’t wind up with the wrong sized unit. We will make the calculations and help you determine your home’s cooling needs. Then, you can choose a model that’s a perfect fit.

Proper Air Conditioning Installation Is a Must

It’s crucial for property owners to have their new AC system professionally installed by a certified HVAC technician. Poor installation can lead to a whole host of problems. In fact, it can ruin a perfectly good unit and squander your investment. Air conditioning systems demand attention to detail when it comes to their proper installation. Mr. Reliable Heating & Air features a team of certified heating and air conditioning service technicians who have proven experience to install and replace air conditioning systems. Our pros have experience installing all types of residential AC units. You can trust their expertise. Moreover, we stand by the quality of our workmanship.

Other Considerations

When you contact Mr. Reliable Heating & Air for an air conditioning service call, we can discuss other important details of your installation. For instance, when installing a new AC unit, you may opt to install a smart thermostat at the same time. Smart thermostats will help you enhance your unit’s energy efficiency even more because they get to know your cooling preferences. You will never have to walk into a hot house again, but you also don’t need to let the unit run all day to maintain the house’s comfortable temperature. The thermostat will begin the cooling process before you are typically due home from work, for example.

When you’re installing a new air conditioning system, it’s also the ideal time to repair any ductwork that needs addressing. You can place an air conditioning service call and we’ll visit your home in The Woodlands, TX to make these additional repairs and upgrades as needed.

Choose Mr. Reliable Heating & Air if you need any type of heating or air conditioning service. Our technicians are friendly, experienced, and known for their excellent work. Be sure to ask us about our maintenance plans for new AC installations so we can help you maintain your new unit and keep it functioning at its best.

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We at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air are fully aware of the real dangers that you and your family are facing, should your air conditioner break down. When temperatures are sky-high in Cypress, TX during the summer, life inside your home can soon get pretty unpleasant. Soon the interior temperature will start to climb along with the humidity. Until you can get things sorted out, there is a heightened risk of heat exhaustion, dehydration, and heatstroke. The air quality will also deteriorate which will severely affect those with chronic breathing problems such as Asthma.

This will be a very stressful time especially if you have children or older adults to look after. You need a trusted air conditioning repair company, with many experienced technicians available 24/7, weekdays, weekends, and over the holidays. You want quality work at prices that will not break your budget. If you live in Cypress, TX you want Mr. Reliable Heating & Air. If you do not believe us, just check all our five-star reviews online.

Get Your Unit Regularly Serviced to Prevent Needing an Air Conditioning Repair

Is there anything you can do to lessen the risk of needing an air conditioning repair? Yes, there is! The best thing you can do for your air conditioner is to have it regularly serviced. Mr. Reliable Heating & Air advises all our customers in Cypress, TX to have this done, and there are many good reasons why you should do this.

The air quality inside your home will be better – During a service from Mr. Reliable Heating & Air, your air filters will be replaced or cleaned. A dirty air filter will allow less dust, dirt particles, and pollen to enter the air conditioner and then your home. Dirty air filters will also restrict the amount of warm air blown over the evaporator coils. This is important as the coolant inside the coils needs enough heat from the warm air to work properly. If not, the evaporator coils will start to freeze over, and you will notice frost and ice starting to form on them. If you ignore this problem eventually you will need an expensive air conditioning repair.

Your energy bills will be lower – energy costs have been on the rise recently and anything you do to lower them is good news. The service will help towards this by ensuring that all the components are working as efficiently as possible. If you have noticed frost and ice forming on the evaporator coils, this will reduce the coils working efficiency, this forces the other components such as the compressor to work harder to maintain the temperature and humidity levels you have set. A harder working component will also use more energy, which drives up your energy bills. Any component that is forced to work harder is more likely to overheat, burn out, and need replacing during an air conditioning repair. Most people will have their air conditioners on all the time during a heatwave, so you should expect your energy bills to increase. But, if they go up by more than you expect, you could have a problem with your unit. This would be a good time to call Mr. Reliable Heating & Air and let us have a look.

You minimize the risk of an air conditioning repair – Many checks are performed during the service ensuring that the components are working within the manufacturer’s specifications. The inside of your unit is also given a good clean and all the electrical circuits are inspected for any signs of problems or loose connections. We are told that “prevention is better than cure”, and in this case it is. Any problem component can be replaced before it breaks down. Doing this during the service will be cheaper than during an expensive callout for an air conditioning repair, and also avoid the inconvenience of your air conditioner being out of action when you need it most.

Extend the life of your air conditioner – a regularly serviced air conditioner is going to have a longer working life than one that is not. It is like having a sports car and not changing the oil. A regularly serviced air conditioner will have an effective lifespan of between ten to fifteen years.

Any warranty will still be valid – without a regular service, most warranties will not be valid. Replacing any defective components will cost you many hundreds of dollars. Mr. Reliable Heating & Air advises you to check the warranty, to make sure you are fulfilling the terms and conditions.

You are helping to save the planet – by using less energy you will automatically be reducing your carbon footprint. If you have an older air conditioner then it is likely to be using Freon as a coolant. Freon is known to have a harmful effect on the Ozone layer, and it is no longer manufactured in the United States or imported from overseas. It will be very expensive to completely replace Freon if you have a bad leak. It may be more cost-efficient (and environmentally friendly) to have a new install, but more of that later.

Better cooling effect – after the service you will notice an improvement in the cooling output of your air conditioner, improving the working conditions in your home and office. It has been shown that workers in an overheated office are a lot less productive and more likely to take time off for illness. So, if you want a happy workforce, have your air conditioner regularly serviced.

Recent events have placed a great strain on everyone’s budget, and we are all looking for ways to cut back. Many people will consider giving the annual service a miss, but we at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air think this would be a big mistake. A service represents excellent value when compared to the cost of an emergency callout and air conditioning repair. A service from one of our highly trained technicians will give you added peace of mind, that your unit is not only running smoothly but is less likely to break down and need an expensive and inconvenient air conditioning repair.

Signs You Need an Air Conditioning Repair?

Even having an air conditioner regularly serviced is no guarantee that it will not break down and need an air conditioning repair. But, by keeping alert for the following warning signs you may be able to take remedial action and avoid an expensive air conditioning repair.

Increased Energy Bills

Energy costs have been on the rise recently, and you will expect an increase in running costs during the summer because you will be using your air conditioner more often and for longer. But if your energy bills go up more than you expect, there could be a problem with your unit. A less efficient unit will use more energy and will be more likely to need an air conditioning repair.

You Notice Short-Cycling

If you start to notice that the compressor is switching itself on and off more frequently, you could be experiencing short cycling and this needs to be addressed quickly. A typical air conditioner has a cooling cycle of about twenty minutes, during which time the compressor is switched on for about ten minutes and then off for a further ten. This ensures efficient cooling of your home or office. Short-cycling can be caused by several factors, ranging from dirty air filters to low levels of coolant. These issues will normally be dealt with during the service, but if you experience short-cycling and take no action the most likely outcome is your compressor will break down and need replacing during an air conditioning repair.

You Notice Frost and Ice Building on the Evaporator Coils

Without enough heat supplied by the warm air from inside your home, frost will start to form on the evaporator coils. Unless you act the evaporator coils will eventually freeze, and your air conditioner will shut down. This is not something that you want happening on a hot humid day in Cypress, TX. You may have to wait up to 24-hours for the coils to thaw out completely before you can safely turn your unit back on. As the coils start to freeze you will notice that your air conditioner starts to produce less and less cool air. If you allow the evaporator coils to repeatedly freeze you run the risk that they will break down completely and need an air conditioning repair from Mr. Reliable Heating & Air.

There are several reasons why frost and ice begin to form on the evaporator coils, and these include dirty air filters, low levels of coolant, or faulty fans. Even the ice layer itself creates its own problems. As anyone who has built an igloo will tell you, ice is a very good insulator of heat. Its presence will reduce the rate at which heat is removed from the warm air to the coolant inside the coils. This further increases the build-up of frost and ice on the coils.

Less Cooling Coming from Your Air Conditioner

A problem with any part of your air conditioner will cause less cool air to leave your unit. When you start to notice any reduction of cool air you should call Mr. Reliable Heating & Air before you need an emergency air conditioning repair.

Increased Humidity Levels

It is a law of physics that cooler air carries less moisture than warm air. Once the cooling effect is reduced your home will feel warmer. Because it is warmer the air will carry more moisture and it will feel more humid.

Faulty Fans

A fan is vital in extracting warm air from your home and blowing it over the evaporator coils. A problem with the fan will restrict the airflow over the coils and reduce its effectiveness. Any grinding or squealing sounds usually show that you have a worn-out fan belt or bearings. A loud banging sound can be a sign of a loose or bent blade hitting the inside of your unit.

Strange sounds coming from your unit are never a good sign and you likely need an air conditioning repair. You should call Mr. Reliable Heating & Air straight away once you hear any strange noises.

You Notice Puddles of Water around your Air Conditioner

Any water around your unit could be due to a loose water hose connection, or a blocked AC drain line. Any water inside your unit could cause an electrical short and its presence means you need an air conditioning repair.

Blocked AC Drain Line

Once the warm air is cooled, any moisture in it condenses into water and is collected in the drain pan. This water then flows outside your home through the AC drain line. The increased amount of moisture encourages the growth of moss and algae in the pan and AC drain line, which may cause a blockage. Water will overflow the pan and potentially damage your air conditioner before falling onto your floor. Dirt and leaves outside in your yard can block the AC drain line and could cause your unit to shut down, so these need to be cleaned away in Cypress, TX,

Father Time Is Catching Up with Your Air Conditioner

Eventually, your old air conditioner will need replacing. As it gets older it costs more to run, produces less cool air, and needs more repairs as the components wear out. It may be more cost-effective to have a new install.

A new air conditioner is not going to be cheap, but you will recover your initial costs over time, because a new model is more energy-efficient, reducing your energy bills. If you are thinking of having a new install then please call us. Our Cypress location will help you in selecting and then installing the right-sized unit for your needs and budget.

A Trusted and Dependable Air Conditioning Company in Cypress, TX

We have been serving the community of Cypress, TX for many years, and we realize how important it is to offer a prompt air conditioning repair service. If your air conditioner breaks down, please call Mr. Reliable Heating & Air straight away. We will have your unit back up and running ASAP.

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Air conditioners and air conditioning services play a considerable role in our lives, especially during the heat of summer. But what many people don’t know is precisely what each part of the air conditioner does and how it helps keep us cool and comfortable. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the main components of an air conditioner and explain what each one does. Stay cool!

How Does Your Air Conditioner Work?

It’s all a matter of temperature! When the weather is hot, those little metal fins on the sides of your AC unit heat up and start to sweat. The compressor turns on, sucking in the hot air and compressing it until it’s so hot that the liquid inside starts to turn into a gas. That gas is sent off to the condenser, cooling it back down until it becomes liquid again. Then, the liquid heads back to the coils to start the process again! Your thermostat determines how long this whole process should take by telling your AC unit when to turn on and off. So make sure you keep that little guy happy by not turning it up too high or too low- you don’t want to be too hot or too cold!

Detailed Functions of Air Conditioner Components

The Compressor

The compressor is one of the most critical parts of an air conditioner because it circulates refrigerant and helps to cool the air. Without a working compressor, your air conditioner will not work correctly. In essence, it creates the cooling power that removes heat from indoor spaces.

Vaporized refrigerant is compressed and passes through a condenser coil, releasing its heat and turning it into liquid form. The newly cooled refrigerant then flows into the evaporator coil, absorbing more heat from the surrounding air and turning back into a vapor. This entire process repeatedly occurs, creating the cool air that we enjoy when using our air conditioners.

Without a compressor, the air conditioner would not circulate the refrigerant and remove heat from indoor spaces. The compressor is the beating heart of your AC unit. Without the compressor, your AC unit wouldn’t work!

When your compressor is not working, you will likely hear a loud noise. This is because the fan belt that drives the compressor is slipping on the pulleys. You may also notice that your air conditioner isn’t cooling as well as it used to. If you’re experiencing either of these issues, it’s time for an air conditioning service! You should contact an air conditioning service provider in Cypress, TX, to schedule an appointment.

Evaporator Coil

An evaporator coil is another crucial component of an air conditioner, and its function is to remove heat and humidity from the air. The coils are made of metal tubing that circulates refrigerant in a closed system. The refrigerant absorbs heat from the air as it passes over the coils and then releases that heat into the outside environment when it condenses. This process keeps the inside of your home cool and comfortable during the summer months.

If you’re thinking about having your air conditioner serviced or replaced, be sure to ask an air conditioning service provider, about the condition of your evaporator coils. Coils that are dirty or blocked can reduce the unit’s efficiency and cause it to break down sooner than expected. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help keep your evaporator coils functioning properly and improve the overall performance of your air conditioner.

Frozen coils are another common issue that people experience with their air conditioners. When evaporator coils are frozen, it’s usually an indication of a problem with the refrigerant system. This can be caused by several things, such as a leak in the line, low refrigerant level, or clogged filter. If you suspect that your evaporator coils are frozen, call your Cypress air conditioning service provider for assistance.

Condenser Coil

A condenser is a heat exchanger used to transfer thermal energy from one medium to another. In the context of air conditioning, the condenser’s function is to convert vaporized refrigerant gas into a liquid so that it can be piped outside to the compressor.

The typical way this is achieved is by passing the gas through a series of coils while exposing it to a cooling agent, such as water or air. By doing this, the temperature of the gas will be lowered, and it can then be compressed without causing significant damage to the mechanism.

The condenser is responsible for transferring the heat out of the refrigerant and releasing it into the atmosphere. Without a properly functioning condenser, your air conditioner will not be able to cool your home or office.

When it comes time for a condenser replacement, be sure to contact your Cypress air conditioning service provider. They will recommend a condenser that is compatible with your air conditioner and ensure that it is installed correctly.


Because so much overheated refrigerant is running through the outdoor condensing unit, it gets scorching. A fan is needed to cool the refrigerant as it passes through the condenser coils. The fan also helps to circulate air around the coils to cool more effectively.

As with any other mechanical device, fans can break down over time and will need to be replaced. If your outdoor unit is making strange noises or if the fan isn’t running as smoothly as it used to, it’s time for a replacement. Your Cypress air conditioning service provider can diagnose the problem and recommend a compatible fan with your system.

The Blower

A blower is an integral part of an air conditioner. The blower sends cooled air into the room while drawing in hot air from the outside and blowing it out of the unit.

This process keeps the room at a comfortable temperature. Without a blower, the cool air would stay in the unit and not reach the desired areas. If your AC isn’t blowing cold air, it may be because of a problem with the blower. Reach out for an air conditioning service to get it fixed.

When the blower in your air conditioner breaks down, it will need to be replaced. Be sure to contact a professional air conditioning service provider in Cypress, TX, for assistance.


The thermostat in an AC unit is responsible for monitoring and controlling the temperature in a room. It does this by turning on and off the AC fan, compressor, and evaporator to maintain the desired temperature. It’s essential to keep it at a comfortable temperature so that you’re not too hot or too cold!

A malfunctioning thermostat can lead to inconsistent temperatures and increased energy usage. If you are having problems with your thermostat, be sure to call an expert air conditioning service provider to have it repaired.

Air Filter

Many people don’t realize the vital function of an air filter in their air conditioning unit. An air conditioner’s job is to cool the air in your home by extracting heat from it. The heat is then transferred to the outdoors, leaving your home nice and cool. The AC needs clean, filtered air to push into your home for this process to work effectively.

If the filter gets too dirty, it can restrict airflow and cause your AC unit to work harder than it should, leading to decreased performance and higher energy bills. That’s why it’s essential to keep your filter clean and replace it when needed. Dirty filters can also cause problems with your indoor air quality, so it’s best to avoid them altogether!

You should replace your air filter every few months, or more often if you have pets or live in a dusty area. If you’re not sure how to replace your air filter, contact your Cypress air conditioning service provider for assistance.


For an air conditioner to work, it needs a refrigerant. This is the chemical that helps cool the air inside the unit. The refrigerant circulates through the pipes in the air conditioner and absorbs heat from the surrounding air. It then transfers that heat to another area where it can be dissipated, such as outdoors.

Several different types of refrigerants are used in air conditioners, and each one has its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks. Choosing the correct refrigerant for your home can be tricky, so it’s essential to do your research before making a decision.

If you’re unsure which refrigerant is suitable for your home, reach out to an air conditioning service provider in Cypress, TX, for assistance. They will guide you through the process and help you choose a refrigerant compatible with your AC unit.

An Expansion Valve

An air conditioner’s expansion valve is an integral part of the system. It helps regulate the flow of refrigerant into and out of the evaporator, which is essential to maintaining correct cooling levels. Too much or too little refrigerant can cause the air conditioner to work improperly, so the expansion valve must be in good working order.

The expansion valve opens and closes in response to pressure changes inside the coils, allowing the refrigerant to circulate steadily. This helps keep your home cool and comfortable during the summer months. Without a properly functioning expansion valve, your AC may not work as well as it should. If you’re experiencing problems with your expansion valve, be sure to contact a professional air conditioning service provider for assistance.

Tips for Choosing the Right AC Unit

Now that you know more about the different parts of an air conditioner, you can start shopping for a suitable unit for your home. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Consider the size of your home: The size of your home is an essential factor when choosing a suitable AC unit. A unit that is too small will not be able to cool your home adequately, while a too big unit will cycle on and off frequently, costing you more money in the long run. To find the right size AC unit for your home, you need to measure the square footage of your house and consult with an air conditioning service professional to ensure you select the best AC unit for your needs.

Look for an AC unit with a high SEER rating: The SEER rating is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio of an air conditioner. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the AC unit. Not only does this save you money on your energy bill, but it’s also good for the environment! So when choosing an AC unit, be sure to look for one with a high SEER rating.

Current wiring and plumbing compatibility: When choosing an air conditioner, you may want to take compatibility with your existing wiring and plumbing into account. Some units require special wiring or plumbing that may not be compatible with what you currently have in place. Talk to an air conditioning service professional if you’re not sure whether or not your home can support an AC unit.

Ease of maintenance: Another critical factor to consider when choosing an AC unit is its easy maintenance. Some units require more frequent cleaning and maintenance than others. If you’re not comfortable performing regular maintenance on your air conditioner, be sure to choose a low-maintenance model.

When shopping for an air conditioner, it’s essential to keep these tips in mind. With a little bit of research, you’ll be able to find an AC unit that is perfect for your home. If you have any questions, be sure to reach out to an air conditioning service provider in Cypress, TX, for assistance. They will be able to help you choose the suitable AC unit for your home and provide you with tips for maintaining it over the years.

Get the Best Air Conditioning Service in Cypress, TX

If you need air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, be sure to reach out to the experts at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air. We provide quality air conditioning services to homeowners in Cypress, TX, and the surrounding areas. We have years of experience servicing all types of AC units, and we can help you find the perfect unit for your home. Contact us today for a free consultation!

We look forward to helping you keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long.

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