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Okay, so you’re trying to avoid some heating and air conditioning service needs by making sure you’re using the right air filters in your system. But maybe you’re not really sure what filters you should be using. If that’s the case then you’re going to want to take a little closer look here. We’re going to walk through what you need to know to get just the right fit and the right style for your home in Cypress, TX.

Filter Size

First, you can check the owner’s manual to make sure you’re using the right size filter. It’s going to be listed in that manual so that you can choose the right size when you head to the store. But not everyone actually keeps the owner’s manual, right? In that case you can also look at whatever filter you happen to have in the unit at the time. This should tell you the size that your purchased and that (hopefully) is the right size for your machine. Keeping this changed out routinely is going to cut down on your need for heating and Air conditioning service.

MERV Ratings

Once you know the size of the filter that you need you’re going to want to check out the different types of air filters that are available. Not all of them are created equally and when you think about the purpose of that filter you’re going to want something that can actually work, right? You’re trying to keep your air a whole lot cleaner and that’s definitely not going to happen if the air filter that you’re using isn’t actually pulling dust and particles out of the air that’s floating around. You end up with even more heating and air conditioning service and sick besides.

The MERV rating is the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, which means it’s going to let you know whether this filter is actually good at getting that gunk out of the air or if you should be looking elsewhere. You’re going to want to take a closer look at what the filter is rated at before you decide on something in particular and when you’re looking you’ll find standard ratings from 1 to 16. What you need to know is that 1 is the lowest possible rating, which means it’s not doing much of anything. 16 is the best possible rating, meaning you don’t get any better than this from your heating and Air conditioning service.

Now, you don’t necessarily need or want the heaviest duty air filter that you can find. First, your heating and Air conditioning service may not be able to actually handle it and if that’s the case you’re going to end up spending more on energy (or just replacing the filter) than if you bought a slightly lower level filter in the first place. You should check your owner’s manual to find out the different sizes of filters that are approved by the manufacturer.

Filter Styles

Finally, you’re going to want to take a closer look at some of the different styles of filters that are available. What you’re going to find are the standard disposable filters that most people use, pleated filters, electrostatic filters and reusable filters along with the higher quality HEPA filters. Each of these has their own benefits and drawbacks that you’ll want to take a closer look at before you decide which one is going to be the best option for your situation and your household to improve your heating and Air conditioning service.

Disposable Filters– These are exactly what you would think when you hear the term. They’re inexpensive and simple filters that you put in and when the time comes to change out your filter you just throw them away. They generally only have ratings up to 4 and they are made with a type of fiberglass or polyester mesh. They’re not great, but they can mostly get the job done and help out your air quality.

Reusable Filters– These are very similar to the disposable filters but they’re designed to be able to be washed out and reused. They’re still made with the same fiberglass and polyester mesh and they have the same MERV ratings, between 1 and 4. You will save a little bit of money using these even though the upfront cost is higher because they don’t need to be replaced for a long time.

Electrostatic Filters– These filters are good because they actually use an electric charge to help pull in particles. This actually makes them more efficient because it means that more particles are being trapped in them. They have ratings that can go up to 15, which means you’re definitely getting more power out of using one of these for your heating and Air conditioning service. But they’re not always going to be possible with your current heating and Air conditioning service.

HEPA Filters– These are some of the best filters that you’re going to find because they’re designed to remove as much pollution and contaminants as possible. They actually offer MERV ratings of between 17 and 20 (which is completely above the norm) and they definitely help out those households who have allergies and more. The downside is that they don’t fit in most systems and they require more power out of your HVAC.

Pleated Filters– These are a simple filter that could be disposable (usually) or reusable. They have MERV ratings of 5 – 13 and they’re able to trap even more particles than a standard filter. The reason is the pleats that provide even more surface area for your heating and Air conditioning service to pull in those contaminants and trap them there. But they’re not able to be used in many different systems.

Overall, your Cypress Heating and Air service in Cypress, TX is an important one. But you’re only going to get the absolute best out of it if you’re using the right filtration systems. Make sure you know what kind of filter you need to protect your Cypress, TX home.

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Just like a car engine, your HVAC system has a lot of different parts that keep it working. When there’s something wrong with one of those parts, it can affect the rest of the system. One of the most important things you can do to avoid heating and air conditioning repair is by keeping a fresh air filter in your HVAC system. Having enough airflow allows your heating and air conditioning to do their job, but they tend to get dirty fairly quickly. Fortunately, we’ve got all the information you need to know about air filters and air filter maintenance.

Why Are Air Filters Important?

In order to deliver cool or warm air to every part of your Katy, TX, home, your heating and cooling systems use ducts and vents that are directed through your home. Over time, these ducts tend to get a lot of dust built up in them, so your HVAC system needs a way to filter it all out before it gets to you; this is what air filters are designed to do.

Since air filters are made of a material that’s designed to trap dust and dirty, they eventually get clogged up. While this might not seem like a huge deal, clogged air filters are a common cause for heating and air conditioning repair. When a filter gets clogged up, it restricts the airflow in your HVAC system which can cause serious problems with heaters and air conditioners.

Even if air filters didn’t get clogged and affect the performance of your HVAC system, it’s still smart to keep a somewhat fresh air filter installed so you don’t have to worry about indoor air quality.

Types of Filters

When you shop for air filters for your Katy, TX, home, you’ll notice that you have a decent amount of options. If you’re having trouble figuring out what type of air filter you need for your home, a heating and air conditioning repair expert can help.

Some of the different types of HVAC air filters include fiberglass filters, pleated filters, washable filters, electrostatic filters, HEPA filters and UV filters. The key to choosing the right filter is understanding the benefits that each type offers.

Fiberglass air filters are the most affordable option, but they also provide the worst filtration. Pleated filters are better than fiberglass filters, but they cost a little more and aren’t as good as the best filters on the market. Electrostatic filters attract dust and other airborne particles through magnetic force, allowing them to catch a little more than regular filters. However, they cost a little more so they may not be the best option for all homeowners.

If you want to avoid calling heating and air conditioning repair services and keep allergens out of your home, HEPA filters are a great option. HEPA filters remove up to 99.97% of contaminants, so they’re a solid option if you’re willing to spend a little more. UV filters are a good choice if you’re looking for something that filters out more viruses and bacteria.

Filter Ratings

Finding a good air filter for your Katy, TX, home means shopping for a filter with a good rating, but that can be a bit complicated when you don’t know how filter ratings work. There are two types of air filters: MERV and HEPA.

Most filters use the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, or MERV. When you shop for air filters for your HVAC system, you’ll see a wide range of MERV ratings available to you. A filter with a MERV rating of about 3 is fairly standard for low-end residential use. However, MERV ratings go from 1 all the way up to 20, so the higher rating you get, the better filtration you can expect. This not only helps you keep your indoor air quality good, it also means you don’t have to call heating and air conditioning repair services as often.

If you’re looking for the very best filtration, HEPA filters are the way to go. HEPA filters are great if you or someone in your home has allergies. Plus, you don’t have to worry about paying for heating and air conditioning repair as often.

Air Filter Maintenance

If you want to make sure the HVAC system in your Katy, TX, home stays in good shape, keeping up with air filter maintenance is one of the best things you can do. A lot of heating and air conditioning repair calls are due to clogged air filters, so you can save yourself a lot of trouble by keeping yours in good shape.

To avoid constant heating and air conditioning repair bills, you should replace your air filter at least once every 3 months. Of course, this depends on the type of air filter you have and its rating, so you might want to consult the manufacturer to get an exact schedule.

Another important thing to keep in mind when it comes to air filter replacement is that you might need to replace your air filter more often depending on your circumstances. If you live in a home with a lot of other people or you have pets that add to the dirt and dust in your home, you should change your air filter a little more often to avoid paying for heating and air conditioning repair.

Get Some Help

Keeping your HVAC system in good shape is a lot of work, but making sure you have a clean air filter at all times goes a long way. If you want to avoid paying for heating and air conditioning repair services frequently, there’s no better way to do that than to keep up with maintenance.

If you’re looking for a reliable heating and cooling company in the Katy, TX, area, you can count on Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning. Whether you need maintenance or repairs, we’ve got you covered. Call us at (972) 278-3506.

Why do we install HVAC systems inside our houses and commercial properties? This question has a simple answer as you may have guessed. These systems regulate the indoor temperature to maintain our comfort all through the year. Yes, HVAC systems are responsible for providing revitalizing chilly air during sweltering heat and cozy warm air during a biting cold. However, the function of any HVAC system doesn’t just end there. 

Every reputable contractor of heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX is of the opinion that HVAC systems are also responsible to provide clean and fresh air to the indoors. This frequently overlooked function of HVAC systems can’t be realized without working air filters in place. 

HVAC Air Filters Are Essential for Absolute Comfort

You can’t feel relaxed if your room is reeking of damp and other funny smells amid the indoor temperature is being efficiently regulated. This happens when the evaporator and condenser unit of the HVAC system are working properly but the vents are fitted with broken or clogged filters. 

HVAC Air Filters Are Essential for Health 

It’s not just the comfort that is derailed by faulty HVAC air filters. If they are broken or dirty, then you and your family can also encounter many health issues as well. Professionals have concluded that households persisting with dirty HVAC filters can experience these health issues. 

  • Chronic coughing and wheezing
  • Recurrent ENT infections with no apparent cause 
  • Sore throat 

People breathing in an indoor with dirty air filters generally experience inexplicable body fatigue all the time as if they are having flu. 

Due to these critical implications, experienced contractors of heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX advise homeowners and commercial property owners to change HVAC air filters after 12-20 weeks, depending on the use. 

If you are using washable air filters, then wash them at regular intervals. Ask the technicians of any reputed company providing heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX to guide you regarding the right and effective way of washing the HVAC air filters. 

It has been estimated that we normally spend more than 20 hours indoors (work, home, cars, etc). So, there is no way one can get around the discomfort and perils caused by clogged and out-of-order air filters. Replacing them is the only viable solution.

Types of HVAC Air Filters

There are two filters that the majority of contractors of heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX recommend homeowners for their HVAC systems.

Fiberglass Filters

It is the most common type of HVAC filters because they are cheap and easy to replace. A fiberglass meshwork is the filtration medium in these HVAC filters.  A more efficient form of these filters is made of polyesters. 


High-Efficiency Particulate Absorbing (HEPA) is a state-of-the-art air filter with the ability to trap more than 90% of airborne pollutants. They are expensive but worth the cost. Have a prior consultation with any experienced contractor of heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX to be sure if HEPA filters are compatible with your HVAC systems.

Indicators of Dirty HVAC Air Filters 

Apart from the bad indoor odors, contractors providing reliable heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX also recommend homeowners to actively look for the signs mentioned below to be sure if air filters need the replacement. 

Grizzled Air Filters 

Have a close look at the fringes and meshwork of air filters fitted on vents. If they are appearing gray, then you need to replace them. This graying indicates that a layer of dust and pollutants have accumulated in between the filter internal assembly. Try to use all-white air filters so that you can easily detect this color change. 

A Dusty Indoor 

When air filters are clogged, they can’t trap the majority of dust particles in the conditioned air. As a result, the indoor starts getting more dust. If you notice that you have to do more dusting around the house than the usual, inspect the air filters of your HVAC system. Replace them before they start affecting the cooling/heating ability of your HVAC system. 

You don’t need to look up for any of these signs if you subscribe to regular tune-ups from any trustworthy contractor of heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX. They inspect and replace the dirty air filters during these routine inspections.

Air Filters and the Performance of Your HVAC System

Timely replacement of air filters is also important because it can eventually affect the performance of your HVAC systems all through the year.  Some experienced contractors providing heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX has enlightened us with the functional implications of dirty HVAC air filters. 

In Summer

A clogged HVAC filter can’t keep up with the temperature set on the thermostat. As a result, the blower has to work for longer without any break. This definitely shortens the operating life of its fan motor. Experts of heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX have also attended the cases where dirty filters led to the complete failure of blower due to burnt coiling. Even if the motor is not breaking down due to clogged filters, you will still have to pay extra in your utility bills. 

In Winter 

Air filters can also create functional hazards for your HVAC system in winters too. Vents can’t pass all the warm air into indoors due to dirty and blocked air filters. When this happens, it starts accumulating around the heat exchanger of the furnace. The overheating of the heat exchanger can eventually lead to a sudden breakdown of the furnace. This will require a detailed repair from reputed contractors of heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX. 

Cypress Heating and Air is a well-reputed HVAC company operating in Cypress and as well as Katy. The company has one of the best team of technicians to provide heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX. Get in touch with them if you are facing any HVAC issue.

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