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With the hot season in full swing, it is highly likely your air conditioner is working full time by now. On the surface it may seem to be working correctly, but, if you haven’t followed a good maintenance schedule, trouble may be brewing within your system before it breaks down in the middle of the night, leaving you without the ability to cool your home and your family.

When your air conditioner starts acting strange during business hours on any day of the week, it is highly likely a regular repair service can tackle the issue. But, what happens when your air conditioner fails in the middle of the night on a holiday weekend? It’s hot outside and the temperature inside your home is rising. You will need to contact an emergency AC repair service in Cypress, TX to solve the problem as soon as possible. In doing this, your family doesn’t have to deal with the consequences of heat exposure.

Keep in mind that not every issue constitutes an emergency, and sometimes minor issues can wait until a regular AC repairman is available, which can save you some money, but be aware that this isn’t always possible. To help you decide whether you should be calling an emergency AC repair service or not, here are some situations in which an emergency service should intervene as soon as possible.

Your Air Conditioner Is Making Weird Sounds

One of the basic facts of life when you own an air conditioner is that it’s going to make noise. It could be a low humming sound, or it might be a bit louder, depending on its age. The problem starts when your air conditioner starts making unusually loud noises, such as knocking, banging, or shrieking. In most cases, a good maintenance schedule can prevent this from happening, but if it does, it could be a sign of a major problem in the making. For example, if you hear a shrieking sound coming from your system, it could mean the compressor is probably experiencing a high-pressure condition. This, in turn, could pose a hazard to your family, so, turn off your air conditioner immediately and contact a reliable emergency AC repair service for help.

Your Air Conditioning System Is Emitting an Unusual Smell

The air coming out of your HVAC system should not have any scent at all. If anything, it should smell fresh and clean, but sometimes, a foul odor coming from your air conditioner could be a sign of something wrong. To know whether you can wait for a regular AC tech to fix the problem or you should call an emergency AC repair service right away is the exact type of smell. For example, a musty or moldy smell that has developed over time means you can wait a few days before you have it checked out. It may not be pleasant, but it’s not an emergency. On the other hand, a burning smell is one of the most urgent emergencies you can face. When you smell something burning in your air conditioner it could mean something is wrong with its electrical components or that your system is so hot, it is about to catch fire, which can spread to the rest of your home. This is a serious safety hazard that needs to be taken care of immediately, so turn off your air conditioner and call an emergency AC repair service right away. Not doing so will put your property and your family at risk, and eventual repairs could be thousands of times more expensive, so don’t ignore a burning smell coming from your air conditioner.

Cool Air Stops Flowing from Your Air Conditioner

It could happen that even though your air conditioner seems to be working, no air comes out of it. There are several reasons why this could happen, and in most cases, it is something that can wait a couple of days because it’s not really an emergency. But, with temperatures soaring during the hot season in Texas, having no cool air can become a dire emergency, especially if you have small children or elderly relatives living in your Cypress, TX, home. If this is the case, turn off your air conditioner and call for an emergency AC repair service right away to ensure your family’s safety during the year’s hottest days.

Other Types of Air Conditioner Emergencies

There are several other types of air conditioning issues that could be considered an emergency, including the following:

  • Your air conditioner stops working altogether.
  • Your air conditioning unit is leaking.
  • Your HVAC system is causing water damage to your furniture, floors, or other areas of your home.
  • Your AC is causing electrical problems, such as tripping your breaker or making your lights dim every time it activates.
  • There’s smoke coming out of your AC vents or unit.

None of these issues should wait to be repaired during regular business hours, they all constitute emergencies that could place your family and their health at great risk. Some of them can even cause a fire which will cause a lot of damage to your property and which could be very expensive to repair. Because of this, whenever your air conditioner starts having any of these issues, you should shut it down and call a reliable emergency AC repair service. Do not attempt to repair any of these problems yourself unless you have the right training and knowledge to do so.

Are You Looking for an Emergency AC Repair Service?

When your air conditioner starts acting up at the most unexpected time, it could become a major problem that could put your family and property at risk. If you are having any of the issues mentioned above, don’t put off calling an emergency AC repair service in Cypress, TX to get your system back to working properly. At Mr. Reliable Heating & Air, our techs are always available to help you solve your issues, so don’t hesitate and give us a call today!

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If you live in or around Cypress, TX, you can agree with us that having a properly functioning air conditioner in your house is extremely important. In summer, the weather can become too hot, but your air conditioner helps to keep your indoor temperatures cool and comfortable. However, although modern air conditioners are quite durable, they are not completely immune to mechanical and electrical problems that can affect their performance and even compromise users’ safety. But given the importance of the air conditioner in your house, most air conditioning problems cannot wait to be fixed another day. Therefore, you need to have an emergency AC repair service on speed dial to ensure that you have access to heating and air conditioning experts who can help you in the event of an unexpected air conditioning failure. But what are the issues that can prompt you to call an emergency repair service? Below is a rundown of some of the most common air conditioning emergencies you can face in your house.

AC Not Running

This is perhaps the most obvious sign of an air conditioning failure that can prompt you to call an emergency AC repair service. Your air conditioner can fail to turn on due to several causes. For instance, if there is a tripped circuit breaker, your air conditioner will not start. Besides, if the thermostat is broken or there is another internal issue, your air conditioner might also fail to turn on. If the issue is a result of a tripped breaker, you can fix it by simply flipping the circuit breaker switch. However, if you realize that the circuit breaker has not tripped, but your air conditioner is not turning on, you will need to call an emergency AC repair service. Professional emergency AC repair service providers have the necessary skills, tools, and experience to quickly diagnose the underlying cause of the problem and ensure that it is fixed decisively to restore your home’s comfort without any delays.

Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air

Your air conditioner is supposed to cool your Cypress, TX home when the weather gets too hot. Therefore, if your air conditioner is running, but the air coming from it feels warm, then it could be doing the opposite of what it is supposed to be doing. This can happen due to several reasons. For instance, if the outdoor unit or the condenser coil is covered with dirt, it will fail to release heat into the atmosphere, meaning that your air conditioner will start blowing warm air. Besides, if the level of your air conditioner’s refrigerant is below the recommended level, your air conditioner will also blow warm air. Other issues that can cause your air conditioner to blow warm air include outdoor unit failure, leaky ducts, blocked vents, and clogged air filters. But whatever the cause of the problem might be, you can trust a professional emergency AC repair service to offer a prompt solution.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is an important part of your air conditioner. It is usually found in your air conditioner’s indoor unit. The coil carries the refrigerant that absorbs the heat from your indoor air. Although it might seem counterintuitive, the surface of the coil has to be relatively warm for it to work optimally. Therefore, if the coil is covered with ice, then you might be facing a major air conditioning failure. This is because the refrigerant inside the coil might also be frozen, and therefore, if you continue running your air conditioner in this condition, you might end up damaging your air compressor, which might cost you a lot of money to fix or replace. Therefore, when you notice that your air conditioner’s evaporator coil is frozen, you will need to immediately switch off the air conditioner and get in touch with your emergency AC repair service to ensure that the issue is resolved before it can lead to more costly problems.

Water Leaks

Water leaks from air conditioners usually occur when the condensate drain lines are clogged, causing the water to back up. If this issue is not resolved promptly, the water might end up damaging your air conditioning equipment. Besides, the leaking water can create dampness that might encourage the growth of mold, which can compromise your indoor air quality and even put your home’s structural integrity in danger. Therefore, when you notice a pool of water near your air conditioner, you need to make an immediate call to your emergency AC repair services provider to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible.

Refrigerant Leaks

Your air conditioner’s refrigerant moves between the condenser coil and evaporator coil through hoses. If the hoses or the coils have cracks or holes causing the refrigerant to leak, many things could go wrong. For example, your air conditioner’s efficiency will gradually reduce as the level of the refrigerant goes down. Besides, a refrigerant is a highly toxic chemical that might put your family in grave danger. For instance, exposure to a refrigerant can lead to refrigerant poisoning, which is associated with symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and vomiting. Under severe circumstances, refrigerant poisoning can cause seizures, fainting, and even death. Therefore, when you notice that the refrigerant is leaking from your air conditioner, you need to immediately engage an emergency AC repair service to ensure that the issue is resolved within the shortest time humanly possible.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, your air conditioner can develop several electrical and mechanical problems that might negatively affect its performance and put your family and house in danger. When these issues occur when you need your air conditioner the most, you will need to make an immediate call to an emergency air conditioning repair service. If you are looking for a reliable HVAC company providing emergency air conditioning repair services in Cypress, TX, Mr. Reliable Heating & Air is an excellent choice. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our company and emergency AC repair services.

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Your air conditioner is made of various components that work together to ensure that your Cypress, TX home is comfortable. However, several or one of these components may malfunction when you need cool air most, prompting you to call an emergency AC repair service to address the issue promptly. Remember, even if only one component is malfunctioning, the entire AC system’s efficiency takes a toll since they all work. In this article, you will learn about the signs that an electrical company needs the attention of an AC repair service provider.


This component of your air conditioner helps it run smoothly and start quickly. When this component fails, it could disrupt the entire operation of your air conditioner. Hence, it is critical to have it repaired by a nearby emergency AC repair service provider to ensure that your home’s comfort isn’t impacted. So, how can you determine that your AC has a capacitor issue? Below are some signs:

The compressor produces a humming noise: Is your AC unit’s compressor making a humming noise? That is a probable sign of a failed capacitor.

The compressor Doesn’t start: the capacitor helps the compressor start, ultimately your air conditioner. If it doesn’t start, then there is a high likelihood that the capacitor has failed.

Whenever you notice the signs above, it would be wise to call an ac repair technician for a further inspection. The professional will resolve the issue promptly to ensure that your family doesn’t stay for long without cool, clean air indoors.

Expansion Valve

The expansion valve is a component of your AC system that regulates the refrigerant flow. It is critical for maintaining the right pressure within the AC system. If the expansion valve fails, the air conditioning system might not work correctly.

Hence, you must have an expansion valve promptly repaired as soon as possible. But how do you know that it isn’t working correctly? Below are some signs the expansion valve requires the attention of an AC repair service provider:

Poor cooling performance: If the AC system isn’t cooling your Cypress, TX home sufficiently, then the issue may be a failed or failing expansion valve.

Refrigerant leaks: Have you noticed an uncharacteristic smell of chloroform, ether, or sweetness from an air conditioner or the vents? That is a sign of a refrigerant leak. It could be a sign that the expansion valve has malfunctioned.

The AC system isn’t cooling your Indoor space: Whenever the expansion valve isn’t functioning correctly, the AC system might stop cooling your home.

Have you noticed any of these signs on your AC? Enlist the help of an emergency AC repair service to have it repaired or inspected.


A compressor is among the critical components of an air conditioning system. Its function is to pump the refrigerant throughout the AC system. Hence, it has many different moving parts. If one of its moving parts fails, the compressor may consequently fail. And when the compressor malfunctions or stops working, the entire system will shut down. Hence, you will have to call an emergency AC repair service to repair it. The following are the signs that a compressor needs the attention of a professional air conditioning service provider:

Noisy Operation: If the compressor is about to fail, it makes loud noises. The many moving components are not working correctly; maybe a belt is out of place.

Leaking Refrigerant: Have you noticed a refrigerant trail leaking from your unit? Or even maybe a sweet smell? That is a sign that the refrigerator has failed.

Flames or smoke: Whenever you notice a flame or smoke coming from the compressor, you need to immediately call an emergency AC repair service. Air conditioner fires can result in huge losses through property destruction. Hence, you should handle them like the emergency they are.

The compressor’s functionality in your AC system cannot be overstated. If it fails, you may have to replace the entire air conditioner, and this isn’t cheap. Hence, have it regularly serviced by an AC technician.


A thermostat is an AC system component responsible for controlling the air conditioning temperature by the system. You must keep the thermostat in working order because it can impact your home’s comfort. If the thermostat isn’t working properly, it can make the air conditioning system frequently cycle on and off. Besides resulting in an unfavorable environment at your home, this can also make the unit wear out before the expiry of its lifespan. Therefore, it is critical to have it repaired by an AC repair service provider as soon as possible. So, what are the signs that an air conditioner needs some repairs?

Incorrect temperatures: Is the thermostat incorrectly controlling or reading the temperatures? Then you should have it inspected further. This makes it not cool your home sufficiently.

Frozen display: If your thermostat’s display is frozen, it may not accurately control the temperatures at your home. Hence, you should have a professional inspect it further and repair it.

The temperatures don’t change: If the indoor temperatures of your Cypress, TX home don’t change even after you adjust the thermostat, then there likely is an issue with your thermostat. Have an AC repair professional come to inspect it further and do the necessary repairs or even replacements.

No power: If your thermostat doesn’t have power, it will not efficiently function. Hence, you should replace the batteries.

Whenever you notice the above signs on your thermostat, it is imperative that you immediately call a reliable emergency AC repair service to have it checked. As mentioned above, an air conditioner is a collection of many working components, and a failure in one affects the entire system’s efficiency.


An evaporator is an air conditioning system component directly involved in cooling the air. It has coils that absorb the heat from the air, making it cool. Since it is responsible for cooling the air that your indoor space receives, your home won’t be sufficiently cooled if the unit malfunctions. Therefore, you must have the evaporator repaired by a professional emergency AC repair service as soon as possible to ensure that it is working properly when you see the signs below:

Poor Circulation of air: If the cold air isn’t being circulated appropriately, the evaporator may have an issue. To be sure, enlist an AC repair professional for further inspection. The refrigerant in the coils may be leaking, resulting in poor air cooling.

Ice buildup: Have you noticed that ice builds up on your evaporator? That indicates an issue with the refrigerant flow. Hence, the unit might not be able to cool the indoor temperatures at your home appropriately.

Given the essence of an evaporator in your AC unit, any failure can immediately mean that your home will stop getting cold air. Hence, ensure that a professional AC repair technician regularly maintains it.

Reliable Emergency AC Repair Service

An air conditioner is a collection of many components working together to ensure the comfort of your home. Unfortunately, this means that the efficiency of the entire unit will be affected if one of the components runs into a problem. Hence, it is critical to have the unit inspected and regularly maintained by an emergency AC repair service. Do you need any AC repair service? Call us at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air.

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When you need emergency AC repair service in Cypress, TX to get cool quickly or find that suspicious noise or smell that’s getting worse, you get the same experts we always send, just more focused on the current issue. We’re available 24/7, and when we arrive we’re prepared for just about anything, well trained on all makes and models of AC equipment, and with a vehicle well-stocked with parts to take care of most issues. If you already know us, you’ll be glad to have the professionals you trust arriving to get your AC running safely again. If you’re a new customer, we welcome the chance to show you what Mr. Reliable Heating & Air’s amazing service is like, even under pressure as your family waits to get cool again! For one thing, we have scheduling and customer service down to a science, so waiting is something our customers don’t do much of. With our experts on-site to take care of your emergency AC repair service, you also know that a second visit is unlikely, and the work we do will keep your system efficient and reliable. Selecting your emergency AC repair service is important if you want great results that last, so we encourage you to get to know us even before you find you need emergency care for your system.

Convenient Emergency AC Repair Service in Cypress, TX

Most families are busy and don’t have time to wait around for an emergency AC repair service to arrive and complete repairs. Our team arrives promptly when we say we will, and focuses on the job at hand without delay. We arrive with the expertise to handle all makes and models, and the equipment and parts to perform most tests and repairs quickly in a single visit. Even if you need to get to work or school, or don’t want to stay up late waiting for AC repairs, when you call us you’ve made a good choice for your convenience. Reliability is an essential part of all our AC services, and especially our emergency AC repair services.

Protecting Your AC System from Wear and Damage is an Emergency for Us

In many cases, your AC system can be operating, perhaps “limping along,” and keeping you somewhat cool but not yet failing. You might wonder if it’s right to call for an emergency AC repair service instead of waiting for an appointment. You can call us and discuss your particular problem and symptoms, and often we’ll say that it’s a good idea to get the problem repaired before it gets worse, or before it does more damage to your system. For example, if your system is making noises outside and isn’t cooling as well as it usually does, you may have a refrigerant leak that’s starting to damage the compressor, a serious problem. We can respond quickly, find the leak if that’s the problem, and replace the refrigerant, then check and make sure the compressor hasn’t received too much damage. If you’re hearing a noise, especially loud squeals, we may also recommend that you shut down your AC system until we get there, to avoid further damage to the compressor. Other problems like ice on your evaporator coils indoors, which may also show as warm air circulating instead of cold, might also result in damage both from the problem itself and from the cause of the problem. In the case of ice, a clogged air filter or other air intake problem can be the cause, and damage to your air handling system may occur in addition to the ice. Also, attempting to resolve problems yourself in an emergency can create another one, such as trying to defrost delicate coils and winding up with damaged coils, a refrigerant leak, or even compressor damage if the leak persists over time. We definitely won’t criticize you for calling for an emergency AC repair service, we’re here to take care of all your AC needs!

Experts at Diagnosing AC Problems and Repairing Them

Timely, reliable emergency AC service is one thing we’re known for, but there’s another reason why people call us when their AC has trouble: expert diagnosis and repair. We send our best on emergency AC repair service calls because that’s what we have. Great, well-trained technicians who are experts at focused, rapid diagnosis of problems and their root causes, that is, the real problem behind the symptoms you’re experiencing. You might find, for example, that resetting the power gets your system running again, but the power interruption was caused by a surge that also caused damage to your AC system control electronics. It might run again, but not respond properly to the thermostat, or have some other issue that’s discovered later. Our expert diagnostic technicians in Cypress, TX think about the whole picture when they respond to provide AC care for you and make sure that their repairs cover the issues they’ve identified, not just getting your system to run again. If follow-up care is needed, they’ll let you know and identify the reasons behind that approach. When they repair your system, they’ll also use the careful, thorough techniques they would normally use for routine AC repair service.

Customer Service Pros Who Communicate Well

When you call for an emergency AC repair service, you may be anxious. Perhaps your AC had trouble during a particularly hot day, or while you were sleeping you noticed that it had stopped working. You might have a party coming up, guests from out of town, people who need to stay cool for their health, or other reasons why your home needs to be comfortable right away. We understand. We respond quickly and reliably, perform quick, focused diagnoses and expert repairs, and we communicate during the whole process. We can answer your questions when you call, reassure and inform you when we arrive, and let you know our progress and the reason behind the repairs we recommend with associated costs. Having emergency AC repair service shouldn’t be a mystery, it should be transparent and trustworthy, helping you to relax and continue on with your life feeling in control. Then, once your system is responding to repairs and getting your home cool, we’ll enjoy giving you the news and explaining whether there’s anything else you should do, such as reminding you about air filter changes or suggesting that your thermostat be replaced.

New Systems or Old Faithful Ones, We Can Handle Them

Not every emergency AC repair service we perform is on a recent model using familiar technologies from the 21st century. Sometimes we answer a call to work on an older unit because many systems are underused and don’t wear out for a decade, or they’ve been idle for a long time and someone managed to revive them, but not much more. That’s ok, older units are usually simple to diagnose and repair, although there are always possible mysteries to solve with systems that are idle a long time, and of course, older units may have aging capacitors, and corroded electrical components, and outdated refrigerant that need special care. We’ll be glad to share information about upgrading these systems to newer models of course, but when we receive an emergency AC repair service call, our experts have many years of experience and can have timely solutions for age-old repair problems. The opposite issue also occurs, as someone with a new, two-stage system with other recent technologies calls. We have the training, experience, and knowledge to take good care of them, too. When your system is controlled by your smart home system, we’re here for you in Cypress, TX as well.

Repairing Smart Home Connected Systems Is Part of Our Expertise

A smart home system can provide great efficiency to your AC system, especially if you have zoned duct systems that can be independently managed. Many homeowners purchase off-the-shelf smart thermostats, only to face puzzles about the number or color code of the wires, or other specifics that aren’t well explained in the instructions that came with the unit. Or, they have an existing smart thermostat and it’s not working as expected, and they’re not sure if it’s the programming or the thermostat itself that’s causing trouble. Our team has the expertise that can be helpful during an emergency AC repair service to ensure that your AC system works first, troubleshooting from the thermostat connections through the system itself and identifying any operational problems. We can also help with thermostat wiring, including times when improper wiring using power supplied by the AC system control electronics causes damage to the AC system’s control board. Once you know that your system is working, you can work on programming, or use an intelligent or basic thermostat until your smart thermostat issues are resolved. When the goal is to get you cool, we’re here to get it done.

Repairs You Can Rely On

We’ll say it again: when we respond with emergency repairs, you don’t have to make a tradeoff between quality and speed. Our tradition of excellence and reliability applies no matter when we come to provide service, and even under the pressure of getting your home cool again quickly. We come prepared with knowledge, parts, and tools, the same as always, and our experience and training provide a uniform path to follow so we do a great job for you, every time we visit. Let us provide you with the comfort and convenience of being here for you when you need us, even if you didn’t have the chance to plan ahead for repairs!

Avoiding Emergency AC Repair Service with Expert Maintenance

Another way we can help you with emergency AC repair issues is to help you avoid them. It isn’t always possible, of course, problems do arise, sometimes an unexpected part failure, or a power surge or lightning strike nearby that causes your equipment to fail. Much of the time, though, we can do more than you’d expect to avoid unexpected failures. For example, during maintenance, we can check motors to see if they’re working harder than they used to due to wear and get them replaced before you’re working them hard during the summer. We can use a sniffing device to locate even small leaks before the refrigerant levels drop too low and cause poor performance or an emergency call for noises and possible compressor damage. We can measure electrical connections and make sure they’re solid so you have reliable AC every time your thermostat calls for it. Annual AC maintenance has so many advantages in preventive care, it’s definitely worth scheduling each year, from the first year you own a new system and, not surprisingly, the warranty probably requires it.

The Efficiency Advantages of Professional Emergency AC Repair Service

Because our emergency repairs are solid and professionally performed, they restore reliable, efficient operation of your AC equipment that benefits you long term. You’ll ensure that repairs avoid damage to components of your AC system that could otherwise degrade efficiency in the years to come, and if you’re calling for emergency repairs when maintenance hasn’t happened in a while, you’ll also have a chance to get information about any problems that could affect efficiency or performance. Trust our professional emergency AC care.

Your Reliable Emergency AC Repair Service in Cypress, TX

At Mr. Reliable Heating & Air we make and keep our commitments, with around-the-clock emergency AC repair service in Cypress, TX that our customers count on. We know that problems cause wear and tear on your AC system, and worry causes wear and tear on you, and we’re here to prevent both of those. Soon, you’ll see our vehicle pull up, easy to recognize, and you’ll know that inside are both an expert technician and the parts and equipment to get your home cool again. Our emergency AC repair service team is also available for maintenance, tune-ups, scheduled repairs, and new equipment upgrades and installation. Find out why we’re called “Mr. Reliable,” we’re proud to show you! Call today for great AC service.

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Texas summers are HOT! If your air conditioner quits on you unexpectedly, it can be a real emergency. When should you call a professional for an emergency AC repair service in Cypress, TX? What qualifies as an after-hours call?

This guide goes over all the important things to consider when choosing a company to provide you with an emergency AC repair service. It talks about the things you can do in your home to avoid future repairs, too. By the time you’ve finished reading what we’ve written here, you’ll feel like an expert on the subject. You’ll be giving your family and friends advice concerning calling an emergency HVAC company in the future.

Let’s explore what you need to do if your AC stops working suddenly. Empowering you to take charge of the situation is something we do. We want you to be able to recognize the different problems that occur with air conditioners. That way, you know emergency AC repair service in Cypress, TX, will resolve the problems you’re experiencing.

What to Do If Your AC Stops Working

The best thing to do when your AC stops working unexpectedly is to call an emergency AC repair service company to assist you with repairing it. Having access to such a resource in the middle of the night is highly advantageous. It provides you with peace of mind that you and your family won’t suffer through the hottest temperatures of the year because your AC isn’t working correctly.

Don’t panic! Companies offer emergency services for this precise reason. You shouldn’t have to wait until morning to get the help you need. Instead, you’re able to receive assistance after working hours to remedy the situation you’re facing. A service tech comes to your home and fixes the AC so you can rest well despite your initial interruption of sleep.

Having the name and number of a skilled emergency AC repair service professional on hand at all times makes the repair process faster and easier. If you wake up to discover the AC has quit, all you need to do is pull out your phone and take care of the problem without delay. You dial the number of the professional and wait for them to arrive to inspect your cooling system to see where the problem stems from currently.

The Benefits of Having a Maintenance Plan for Your AC

If the company you choose to work with has a maintenance plan available for purchase, consider buying it. It will ultimately save you time and money by giving you access to a specific number of service calls at no additional cost to you. You’ll still pay for the work done to repair the AC, but you won’t be charged extra for the visit.

It’s one of the ways to safeguard your home from loss when your cooling system suddenly fails. You’ll save money and still have access to emergency AC repair service in Cypress, TX. You’ll likely get preferential treatment, too, because you’re a VIP customer. Many companies prioritize calls from customers with a maintenance plan in place.

If you do purchase a maintenance plan for your AC, make sure to read through the fine print carefully. You want to know that the plan covers your emergency calls. If they’re not, you’ll pay out of pocket for the service. Asking the company you’ve bought the plan from for information about it is the best way to know what it can do for you.

Asking questions of the company that you seek emergency AC repair service is imperative. It allows you to get the help you need from a provider who knows what to do if something goes wrong in the middle of the night or early hours of the morning. Best of all, it helps you pick that one company that isn’t afraid to go the extra mile for its customers.

How to Choose the Best Emergency AC Repair Service in Cypress, TX

Many companies can answer the call after hours for you. Deciding who is the best suited to handle your AC emergency takes research. It’s something you should do before you need a company’s help with your cooling system. Being prepared with the name and phone number of an HVAC service provider that you already vetted is something we highly recommend.

Here are some of the most common ways to find a company to help you with emergency AC repair:

  • Search the web using your zip code. Find out who can help you by using your research skills and an internet-enabled device. Your smartphone, tablet, or laptop can be a great source of information. You can narrow your search for emergency AC repair services by simply putting your city and state or zip code into the search fields. Only the companies that are close to your home will come up in the search results. You can start calling the companies you feel are best to assist you with your request. Once you’ve had a chance to speak to several company reps, you’ll know without a doubt that you chose the right company to give your business to that day.
  • Ask for a referral. There are people in the area willing and able to assist you with your request for emergency HVAC services. All you need to do is ask the right individuals for help. You can do it online or when speaking to them in person. Either way, you’ll know that you’ve made the right decision by requesting help from them. The people you interact with regularly know of companies to call in an emergency. They’ve used emergency AC repair services themselves.
  • Go to review sites and read about emergency service providers. If you don’t have anyone you can personally ask about a company, you can use review sites to give you insight into who you could potentially hire in an emergency. There’s a lot of info written in the review. Take a few minutes to consider what it has to say and how it applies to your situation. You can avoid a potentially bad situation by taking time to read reviews and learn more about an emergency AC repair company before giving it your business.
  • Keep the mail piece you received from an emergency AC repair service company. It likely gives you information about emergency services that you didn’t know existed. If you have a place to put the flyer or card, stick it somewhere you can see it easily. Make sure the side with the phone number shows up, so you’re not fumbling to find it in the dark after discovering a problem with your air conditioner.

The sooner you do these things, the better. You don’t want to waste valuable time searching for a service provider when your air conditioner has quit. Instead, you know that it will only be a matter of time before the problem gets resolved because you prepared in advance for the worst-case scenario to happen.

Factors to Consider When Selecting an AC Repair Service

The best emergency AC repair service is one that you can reach right away. It provides you with the answers you need to rest with greater ease. If there is more than one solution available, they’ll make sure you know what it is to choose the most affordable option for you. When you hire the company, you know that it’s the right choice for you because of how willing it is to work with you to develop a successful solution to your problem.

Companies that care about their customers come highly recommended. They arrive at your home quickly and come prepared to resolve the issues you’re experiencing. They treat you with a great deal of respect. They also leave your home in better shape than they originally found it on that day. It makes you feel good that you were so selective when choosing an emergency AC repair service provider in Cypress, TX.

Time is of the essence when you’re searching for a company to hire for your household AC emergencies. Waiting for too long makes the problem exacerbate in size. It makes it, so it’s far harder to get what you need out of the experience. Instead, you wind up with a big repair bill and an equally large utility bill due to the energy your machine wasted.

A company willing to help with emergency AC repair services puts your needs first. It’s committed to making things as easy as possible for you. It shows up on time and gets to work uncovering the root of the issue. Before it leaves, the service tech thanks you for taking the time to use its services because it appreciates you and your business.

How the company addresses your issue when you call to inquire about emergency AC repair service makes all the difference. It helps you know what to expect from the expenditure. You have a very good feeling about what takes place during the service call so you can ready your home and family for a visit. If it’s in the middle of the night, you can keep everyone calm while the service tech works to fix the problem.

How to Stay Cool When Your AC Quits Unexpectedly

If your air conditioner has quit and you can’t get the help that you need immediately, there are things you can do to stay cool in the meantime. One is to dress in lightweight, moisture-wicking clothing. If you have access to sleeveless shirts such as tank tops and shorts, wear them. You’ll feel much more comfortable even if the temperatures continue to soar.

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. You’ll lose a lot of moisture by sweating. Keeping a cold drink by your side helps you regulate your body temperature better. It prevents you from becoming dehydrated and ill.

Wet a towel or bandana and wear it around your neck. You can use it to wipe your face and dampen your hair, too. Staying cool requires every ounce of effort you’ve got. If you don’t have an air conditioner that works, you’ll need to pull out all the stops and do what you can to avoid heatstroke.

None of the ideas listed here are fool-proof, but they can help temporarily. If you need assistance with your request for an emergency AC repair service, you and your family can remain comfortable until the problem gets resolved. It means that you won’t feel as bad as you could without access to the resources. You’ll be a lot cooler than you would after you’ve taken the time to reach out to a professional with your service request.

Get Help Day or Night with Your Air Conditioner So You’re Never Uncomfortable for Long

If your AC stops working without warning, act quickly to prevent the problem from worsening. By then, the temperatures have likely soared, and you and your household have suffered from the lack of cool air in the home. Avoiding astronomical utility bills is also something you’ll want to do because they can really eat away at your savings if you’re not careful. Selecting the right emergency AC repair service in Cypress, TX, ensures that you’re never without a way to cool your home day or night.

When choosing a company to help you with your request, consider its experience, reputation, and track record for customer service. Keeping the contact information of a company you know and trust to assist you with a broken AC makes a big repair feel like a minor inconvenience. Call Mr. Reliable Heating & Air today to schedule an emergency AC repair service immediately.

The number to reach us at is 281-617-2234. We are committed to serving you well at all hours of the day and night with our emergency AC repair service. Let us know what we can do to make your experience exceptional in every way. We want you to feel satisfied with our services and willing to call us again when you need help in the future.

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Emergencies do not occur often but when they do occur it is a stressful period for any homeowner. It is best to remember never to conduct emergency AC repair services by yourself as you could injure yourself or damage the air conditioning system. It is always recommended to hire a professional but there are so many emergency AC repair service providers to choose from that it makes it difficult to find the best one. Mr. Reliable Heating & Air in Cypress, TX would like to share with your some red flags you should look out for when hiring a service provider.

Poor Response Time

The first thing that you will notice about a company that provides subpar services is that they have a poor response time. This can include how easy it is to get in contact with the customer service agent that sets up the appointments. If you have to call the company multiple times in order to get through to an agent then this is a good reflection of how much trouble you will go through in order to get quotes or information from the agents. You should also make a note of how punctual the emergency AC repair service provider is. If they are often late to the inspection and they are not prepared for the work then this is a big red flag. Emergency situations usually need a timely response and if your service provider cannot provide that it will make your life a lot more inconvenient. It is best to hire a professional who values your time and provides timely responses.

No Reviews

In order to see what a company is like, you can look for reviews online. These reviews are written by prior customers and their opinion on the service they received then they hired the service provider. As a homeowner, you should not only look at the reviews on the company’s website. Companies are able to post false reviews or delete bad reviews. This creates a false idea of what you can expect from their services. It is recommended to look at the reviews on third-party sites because that will give you an accurate depiction of what their services are like. It is also important to recommend that no company is perfect thus you should look for a company that has the majority of positive reviews. This will save you time and effort because you know which companies do not deliver quality services.

No Cost Estimate

Emergency air conditioning repairs are expensive thus you should know from the start how much the repairs will set you back. One thing you should look out for when hiring an air conditioning service provider is how detailed the quotes are. It is common practice for air conditioning and heating service providers such as Mr. Reliable Heating & Air in Cypress, TX to do an initial inspection before sending a quote that details the repairs that need to be conducted as well as the price. If the service provider does not provide detailed quotes or they do not add the exact but rather ballpark figures then there is a high chance that they will add last-minute costs before you have to pay. These quotes also allow you to compare the prices of the different services in order to find a company that will match your budget.

No License or Insurance

This is probably one of the things that you should pay the most attention to. You should make sure that the emergency AC repair service provider you plan on hiring has a license to operate. You should also make sure that the technician is licensed. They need to have gone through the proper training and benchmark tests to ensure that they know what they are doing. You could ask for proof of the air conditioning company license as well as their technician’s licenses. These licenses guarantee that your warranty will remain valid when repairs are conducted and you can be sure that the technician knows what they are doing in emergency situations. You should also make sure that the company you plan on hiring is insurance. Workers’ compensation and liability insurance will protect you from paying for medical bills or damages caused due to negligence on the contractor’s side. You should always ask for proof of the insurance policy so that they know that they have adequate coverage.

Negotiating Prices

The last thing that you should look out for is when companies want to negotiate the price of things on the quote after you have agreed upon a certain amount. In the construction industry prices of some services and parts are regulated so that all companies have to at a certain cost. If you decide not to go with an emergency AC repair service provider because of the cost and they offer to decrease it then this is a warning sign that they are likely to cut corners to make the discount worth it. You could also check online reviews to see if previous customers have had problems with it so that you can completely avoid these companies.

These are some of the things that you should be aware of when you are determining which company to hire for emergency AC repair services. As mentioned before it is always best to hire a professional to work on your air conditioning system instead of doing it yourself. If you are looking for a trustworthy emergency AC repair service provider in the Cypress, TX area then you should have a look at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air. They provide a wide range of services for all your air conditioning needs.

If you are in need of emergency AC repair services then give Mr. Reliable Heating & Air a call.

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