Furnace Repair

It’s normal for your furnace to produce some odors. For instance, a burning smell may fill your living space when you turn the furnace on during the beginning of the winter season in The Woodlands, TX. Such burning odors are normal and should not cause any panic. This is because the HVAC gathers dust within the duct, heat exchanger, and ignition as it operates throughout the years.

Thus, it’s common for the furnace to give off a burning smell when turned on at the beginning of every season as the dust within the system burns off. This unpleasant smell does not significantly affect your indoor air quality because it disappears later.

However, some smells could indicate something is wrong with your system, and it would be wise to seek furnace repair services immediately. If you detect a smell of rotten eggs in your home, then your HVAC system could be leaking, and you should contact a qualified repair technician immediately. Other signs to watch include mold and mildew within the ductwork. In this blog post, we’ve covered common causes of abnormal odors in furnaces.

Grimy Furnace Filter

Furnace filters become clogged over time because they trap particles present in the air, such as pet dander, airborne contaminants, and dust. When these filters accumulate enough debris, they cause grime and dust to recirculate through the HVAC, causing a foul odor in your house.

Also, when the dust burns off at the beginning of the season, the dirty filter will trap some odor particles causing an unpleasant scent.

That’s why you need to check your air filters regularly and replace them whenever they become dirty. To be on the safe side, you can have some extra air filters so that you can quickly conduct a replacement when the need arises. You can hire a furnace repair company to work regular preventative maintenance on your unit to extend the furnace’s lifespan.

Overworked Blower Motor

Dirty furnace filters or clogged ventilation lines put your furnace at risk of overheating. Also, blocked air return ducts can cause poor movement, preventing cold air from flowing into the unit. This causes hot air to be trapped within the furnace, resulting in overheating the blower motor and heat exchanger.

An overheated furnace may shut down because the system is built with internal limit switches that flip to protect internal parts. It will emit a burning smell, and if no prompt action is taken.,the heat exchanger will crack, leading to carbon monoxide accumulation in your house.

When you notice you have an overheated furnace, you can inspect the air filters and replace them if they are dirty. Sometimes the issue could be due to thermostats or obstructed vents. Thus, it’s vital to ensure all the vents are open and that the thermostat is set in the required heat setting.

If the furnace is still overheating after performing the inspections, then you should look for a professional furnace repair provider in The Woodlands, TX, to troubleshoot your HVAC.

Wires Burning

A burning smell could mean an issue with electrical connections within the HVAC system. This may happen if the insulation on the wire has been damaged due to incorrect placement, physical trauma, or improper voltage, leading to insulation burn-off. It’s wise to immediately contact a furnace repair expert to detect a burning smell because the sizzling wiring can lead to a house fire.

The professional will check, replace, or tighten the problematic wires in such cases. To avoid these electrical issues, you can have a furnace repair company conduct inspections and turn-ups at the beginning of the season.


Dampness causes mold growth. Places with high humidity tend to have moldy furnaces. Also, if your furnace stays cool and damp, mold growth may occur in or around the heater area. Mold spores are pushed into your house when the furnace is running, affecting your indoor air quality.

Mold smell is musty, damp, difficult to remove, and may lead to health problems. Thus, it’s crucial to have a qualified furnace repair professional resolve the issue problem immediately.

A competent furnace repair company will locate the mold in the HVAC system and advise on a simple maintenance program to prevent future mold growth. For systems with more significant mold problems, the professionals may recommend you invest in a germicidal ultraviolet (UV) light to curb mold growth and eradicate the persistent fungus.


Your home may smell musty if your furnace sits in the basement. If your basement lacks waterproofing mechanisms, it will be damp and humid, causing moisture to settle on the heater. Therefore, when the furnace is running, the dampness will burn off, creating a smell of dampness in your home. Fortunately, this moisture will disappear as the furnace continues running.

If the musty odor is persistent or gets stronger, then you could be dealing with mold or mildew. In such cases, a furnace repair professional can thoroughly clean the furnace and ductwork.

There’s a Problem with Your Home’s Ventilation

Proper ventilation is essential to ensure fresh air is drawn in and properly circulated throughout your home. Inadequate ventilation may lead to foul odor and excess moisture in the air. If the area near the HVAC’s indoor vent is contaminated, it can lead to furnace smells.

The smell of urine and pet hair is the most common cause of vent contamination. It’s important to always inspect the vent area for any mess that may need cleaning.

Old Filters

Old furnace filters may produce a smell of motor oil. In such cases, you’ll need to conduct a replacement because the filter is already worn-out. But, if the smell is still present even after performing a filter replacement, then there could be a severe oil leak that would need the expertise of a competent repair professional.

Anytime You Need Heating Repair, Call Mr. Reliable Heating & Air!

If your furnace emits an offensive stench, you can call our furnace repair experts at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air. Besides handling foul odors from the furnace, our experts can tune up your furnace to keep it in top condition. We are always available; therefore, if you are in The Woodlands, TX, you can let us know if you require furnace repair.

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If you live in Katy, TX, then you understand how cold the weather can get around here, especially in winter. Therefore, the importance of having a properly working heating system cannot be overemphasized. Without it, your house would become virtually uninhabitable when the weather comes brutally cold. As such, you need to ensure that your furnace is in good shape when the year starts to get cooler. But like any mechanical appliance and electrical appliance, your furnace can develop problems that could make it ineffective or even dangerous to run. As such, you need to be in touch with a furnace repair service you can call when your heating unit has a problem. But how can you tell that your furnace needs a repair? Below are some common signs of a failing furnace that should prompt you to call your furnace service.

Inadequate Heat

This is perhaps the most obvious sign of a failing furnace. The primary function of your furnace is to heat your indoor air to keep your house warm and cozy no matter how cold the weather gets. Therefore, if the furnace is not generating enough heat for this purpose or is taking longer than usual to warm your house adequately, then there could be a serious underlying problem. This problem can be caused by issues such as a faulty thermostat or leaky ducts. But whatever the cause might be, you need to ensure that you get a professional furnace repair service to diagnose and repair it before the furnace fails to heat your house completely.

Discolored Pilot Light

The color of the pilot light can also say a lot about the condition of your furnace. Under normal circumstances, the pilot light should be blue. Therefore, if your furnace’s pilot light has turned to a different color, say yellow, then there could be a serious underlying problem. In most cases, this can happen when your furnace is poorly ventilated meaning that gasses like carbon dioxide may not be getting dissipated as they should. With ventilation issues, your furnace may not also be receiving an adequate amount of oxygen, which means that it could be producing more carbon monoxide than normal. Unfortunately, these issues can severely affect the quality of your indoor air. As such, if the color of your furnace’s pilot light seems odd, it is imperative for you to seek the immediate attention of a professional furnace repair service, such as Mr. Reliable Heating & Air.

Increased Energy Consumption

Your furnace can consume a significant amount of energy, particularly during winter when it has a lot of work to do to keep your indoor temperature within a comfortable range. However, if you have used your furnace for more than a few years, you definitely know how much you pay for gas under normal circumstances. Therefore, if there is a sudden increase in your energy bills, but your utility company’s cost per unit has not changed significantly, then your furnace might be operating inefficiently. Unfortunately, this also means that your furnace might be working harder than necessary, and therefore, its lifespan might get reduced severely, and the risk of an emergency breakdown might also increase. Therefore, before the issue gets out of hand, you need to ensure that you get the attention of a professional furnace repair service to ensure that the issue is quickly diagnosed and solved.

Gas Leaks

If your furnace runs on gas, then you should be extremely careful with gas leaks. This is because a gas leak can lead to fire accidents that might not only be destructive but also fatal. The good news is that it is not hard for you to know when your furnace is leaking gas. This is because the gas used to power your furnace has a strong odor that is almost similar to that of a rotten egg. Therefore, when you realize such an odor in your home, you need to ensure that you open your door and windows and call your furnace repair service as soon as possible. Experts have the necessary skills and technology to locate the leaks and ensure that they are fixed decisively to keep you and your family safe from the risk of a gas explosion.

Difficulty Starting the Furnace

As your furnace grows older, it might get more difficult for you to turn it on and keep it running for as long as it is needed. Therefore, you might notice that you have to try several times to start it, and even once it has started running, it could go off for no apparent reason and force you to keep restarting it. In most cases, such issues can occur due to a malfunctioning thermostat or a failing ignition system. The issue can also occur due to disconnected or loose wiring. Whatever the cause might be, you can trust a professional furnace repair service to diagnose it accurately and offer an effective solution. Professional furnace service providers deal with furnaces every day, and they know what needs to be done to keep your furnace running reliably well.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that if you live in Katy, TX, then your furnace is an important component of your HVAC system. It keeps your home warm and cozy no matter how cold the weather gets. Therefore, when it starts showing early signs of failure, you need to ensure that you get the attention of a professional furnace repair service to ensure that it is fixed before causing a serious inconvenience or danger in your house. If you are looking for a reliable furnace repair service in Katy, TX, then Mr. Reliable Heating & Air is an excellent HVAC contractor to consider. We have been dealing with furnaces for many years, and our reputation as a reputable furnace repair service is above board. Over the years, we have served dozens of satisfied homeowners, and we are a household name in our community. Feel free to contact Mr. Reliable Heating & Air today for more information about what we do.

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When summer comes to an end, the cold weather begins rolling in, and you need heat to keep your home comfortable. When it’s cold outside, you should be able to turn on the heat in your The Woodlands, TX home, and your home should get warm. If there is a problem with your furnace, you won’t be comfortable unless you dress in layers, which isn’t ideal.

If you are experiencing any of the following issues in your home, you should schedule an appointment for furnace repair right away.

#1 The Furnace Is Producing Cool Air

Cool air coming from the vents when the heat is on is the most obvious sign you may need to call a furnace repair company.

Before you make the call, check the thermostat. The furnace won’t produce warm air if it isn’t set correctly. First, make sure the thermostat is set to warming mode. Next, check the fan. If you leave it on, it will continue to run between cycles, and you will feel cold air coming from the vents in your home. The fan should be set to auto. Finally, check the thermostat setting. It needs to be colder in the house than the setting on the thermostat for the furnace to kick on. If everything checks out, it is time to schedule an appointment for a repair.

A few issues can cause a lack of heat, including:

  • The oil tank is empty
  • There is an issue with the computerized controls
  • The furnace is overheating
  • The pilot light is out
  • Problem with the gas valve
  • Faulty thermocouple
  • Clogged oil filter
  • Faulty electronic ignition
  • Dirty gas or oil burner
  • A compromised flame sensor

Because so many issues can result in a lack of heat, you will need an HVAC tech to inspect the furnace to find the source of the problem so it can be repaired.

#2 Gas Leak

If you smell rotten eggs in your home it is a sign of a gas leak, which is very dangerous. When you notice the smell, get out of the house immediately and call 911. A gas leak can cause an explosion; therefore, immediate action is essential.

The fire department will turn off the gas and air out the house so it will be safe for you to go back inside. The gas can’t be turned back on until you call a furnace repair service and the leak in the furnace is repaired. The sooner you make the call, the sooner life in your home will return to normal.

#3 Your Energy Bills Have Increased

Have your energy bills increased significantly compared to the same time last year? If you aren’t using a new appliance or your family’s electrical demand hasn’t increased, your furnace is likely to blame.

Even if the furnace produces warm air, there could still be a problem with the unit.

If there is an issue with your furnace, it will stop functioning efficiently and will need to use more power to keep your home warm. The same is true if the furnace is nearing the end of its lifespan.

When you schedule an appointment for a repair, an HVAC tech will inspect the furnace to determine why your energy bills have increased so much. The best-case scenario is the tech can repair the problem, reducing your energy bills. If the furnace is old and cannot be repaired, you will need to replace the furnace.

#4 The Pilot Light Is Yellow

If the furnace in your The Woodlands, TX home is clean and functioning correctly, the pilot light should be blue. If the pilot light is yellow, you should schedule an appointment for emergency furnace repair.

A yellow pilot light signifies a carbon monoxide leak, which is very dangerous.

Carbon monoxide is an invisible, odorless, and poisonous gas that can poison you without even knowing. Allowing the problem to persist can put you and your family at significant risk.

When you schedule an appointment for furnace repair, the tech will inspect the furnace to find the source of the leak, so it can be made before a catastrophe occurs.

#5 Strange Sounds

If the furnace in your home is making sounds other than the usual sounds you hear when the furnace kicks on and off, you should schedule an appointment for furnace repair.

Pops, creaks, and squeaks signify a loose or broken part that should be checked by a professional right away. Ignoring the issue could cause more damage to the furnace, which will increase the cost of the repair.

It is best to schedule an appointment for furnace repair as soon as the strange sounds begin.

#6 It’s Taking Longer For Your Home to Heat Up

Has it been taking longer for your home in The Woodlands, TX, to heat up?: If so, you should schedule an appointment for furnace repair.

There is likely an issue that makes the furnace function less efficiently and needs to be repaired. This problem can also occur if your furnace is nearing the end of its lifespan. You will need an HVAC tech to figure out why the unit isn’t functioning efficiently to resolve the problem.

#7 The Furnace Cycles Frequently

It is normal for your furnace to cycle when the temperature in your home drops below the setting on the thermostat. If the furnace is frequently cycling, you should schedule an appointment for furnace repair. There are a few issues that can cause this problem, including:

  • The thermostat isn’t functioning properly
  • The unit is overheating
  • The furnace is too large for your home.

Frequent cycling puts excess strain on the unit; therefore, it is best to schedule an appointment for furnace repair immediately.

Why Choose Mr. Reliable Heating & Air Conditioning?

If the furnace in your home isn’t functioning correctly, call Mr. Reliable Heating & Air Conditioning. We are a full-service HVAC company, serving customers in The Woodlands and the surrounding areas.

Our HVAC techs are professionally trained, skilled and can handle any job, whether a simple repair or a more complex repair.

To schedule an appointment, give us a call or contact us online.

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The furnace is one of the most important components of your home’s HVAC system. It keeps your home warm and cozy, especially in winter when temperatures in Cypress, TX, can get uncomfortably cold. But like any other appliance in your house, your furnace can develop problems that can affect its efficacy and efficiency. If it malfunctions on a cold winter night, you need to ensure that it is fixed immediately. However, no matter how quickly you need your furnace to be fixed, you should avoid the temptation to try a DIY furnace fix. This is because furnaces are quite sensitive appliances, and fixing them involves the risk of serious injuries and property damages. Therefore, unless you are a professional HVAC expert, you need to be in touch with a reliable furnace repair expert you can call at any time of the day or night. Below are some of the reasons DIY furnace repair is highly discouraged.

Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Your furnace most likely relies on natural gas or propane to heat your house. If it is not properly ventilated, there won’t be enough oxygen to burn the fuel efficiently. This will lead to the production of carbon monoxide. Unfortunately, this is a highly poisonous gas, and therefore, if it is inhaled in large quantities, it can even lead to death. When you decide to try DIY furnace repair, you will be exposing yourself to this kind of risk. To avoid the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, you need to ensure that all repairs in your Cypress, TX home, no matter how minor they might be, are done by a professional HVAC service provider. Professionals understand the risk, and they know what needs to be done to ensure that the job is done in the safest way possible.

Risk of Fire

Gas leaks are some of the most common reasons homeowners call furnace repair experts to their homes. You can know that there is a gas leak in your house due to the smell of rotten eggs. When you decide to repair a gas leak on your own, you might end up making the situation worse, and this might expose your home to the risk of catching fire. To prevent such an eventuality, you need to ensure that you open the windows and the doors and call a furnace repair expert as soon as you notice that you have a gas leak in your home. Experts have the necessary skills and experience, and they know what needs to be done to fix gas leaks quickly and decisively to not only stop the current leak but also prevent future ones. In a nutshell, by avoiding a DIY furnace repair and choosing to work with a professional HVAC expert, you can keep your home and family safe.

Risk of Electrical Shocks

Like other modern appliances, your furnace most likely has some electrical components, and when these components are broken, trying to fix them on your own can be extremely dangerous. For instance, handling electrical components without the right set of tools and skills might expose you and your family to the risk of electrical shocks and even electrocution. For you to stay safe and keep everyone in your family safe from such risks, it is imperative for you to ensure that the electrical issues affecting your furnace are handled by a professional HVAC expert. Professionals have the necessary skills, experience, and tools to handle such issues correctly and provide solutions that will not expose you and your family to the risk of getting hurt by electricity.

Risk of Voiding the Warranty

If your furnace is relatively new or has recently been repaired by a professional HVAC company, there is a good chance that it is protected by a warranty. However, it is imperative for you to remember that warranties come with some strict conditions. For instance, your furnace’s warranty could require that any repairs be done by a licensed HVAC professional. Therefore, unless you are a professional HVAC service provider, trying to fix your furnace on your own might end up voiding your warranty. On the other hand, by hiring a professional furnace repair expert, you can rest assured that the warranty will remain valid. Therefore, if your furnace develops some issues soon, you will find comfort in knowing that you can hold the manufacturer or the person who has been repairing it accountable.

You Could Lose Your Home Insurance Coverage

If you have home insurance, it probably requires that all appliances that can put your house in danger be serviced and repaired by a licensed professional. If you are faithful in this regard, your insurance might accept to compensate you if the fault in your furnace ends up causing a fire in your house. On the other hand, if you decide to repair your furnace on your own, you might end up breaching the terms of your insurance policy. As such, if something goes wrong and your house gets damaged due to a furnace fault, your insurance might refuse to compensate you, meaning that you might have to pay for the repairs from your pocket. To prevent such an eventuality, it is imperative for you to ensure that all your furnace repairs are done by a professional HVAC company such as Mr. Reliable Heating & Air.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that when your furnace has a problem, you should never be tempted to repair it on your own, no matter how quickly you want it fixed. As such, you need to be in touch with a reliable HVAC company you can trust to help you handle all HVAC issues in your house. If you are looking for a reliable HVAC expert in Cypress, TX, Mr. Reliable Heating & Air is an excellent choice. We have been dealing with furnaces for many years, and we know what needs to be done to keep your furnace running optimally. Feel free to contact us today for more information about our company and furnace repair services.

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HVAC systems in homes are the ultimate saviors when it comes to keeping homes comfortable during extreme weather conditions. And this is the reason homeowners don’t resist investing in buying a new system for heating and AC in Cypress, TX, regardless of whether it is first time installation or about replacing old, outdated units.

The sole purpose of an HVAC system is to regulate indoor temperatures and keep the indoor air clean for homes to remain comfortable and cozy. This is done by controlling the effect of external weather conditions on the indoors.

Typically, heating and AC in Cypress, TX and elsewhere includes 3 units. One for each of the following:

  1. Heating
  2. Cooling
  3. Ventilation

Nevertheless, the latest HVAC systems offer a wide variety of features for added comfort and superior performance. Hence, they are likely to include more components like those meant to keep the system clean including air filters.

Because of its importance and the costs involved in the purchase and air conditioning installation in Cypress, TX, it is easily one task that most homeowners dread. One mistake that has resulted in this fear is hiring local, unlicensed repairmen for heating and air conditioning repairs in Cypress, TX in the hope of saving a few bucks.

Unfortunately, this does more bad than good as unlicensed technicians barely know how to properly install/repair these systems. They don’t have enough knowledge, required tools and technologies, and things like insurance and service warranty; hence making both you and your investment vulnerable against damages and losses.

With that said, make it a point to always only trust licensed professionals working with reputed HVAC contractors/firms, such as Cypress Heating and AC in Cypress, TX.

From dealing with duct problems to clearing out clogs, air quality issues, and treating malfunctioning furnaces, the professionals can do it all with the use of sound knowledge, experience, and the right type of tools that are needed.

They can also be hired for routine maintenance and servicing of the HVAC system in your house. This helps diagnose potential problems beforehand and averting them straight away before they cause damages and result in HVAC emergencies.

Contrary to the hyped misconception, you need to hire professionals for heating and AC in Cypress, TX for maintenance of all HVAC systems, regardless of how old or modern they may be.

In case you find yourself needing HVAC services and repairs a little too often, chances are the furnace in the system is not in good shape. In this article, we will discuss everything about furnaces in HVAC systems, their upkeep, and importance.

HVAC Furnace – What Is It and Why Is It Important?

From what a furnace is to types, maintenance requirements, and types of problems, here is everything that you need to know.

•  Furnace – What Is It?

Derived from a Latin word ‘Fornax’, the term ‘furnace’ literally means oven. Depending on the type of heating and AC system in Cypress, TX home of yours and the kind of furnace, the furnace can function by acquiring power through direct fuel usage, induction heating, or electricity.

A furnace is the component of your HVAC system that enables it to heat indoors and make your house comfortable during the chilly winter season. It is the heating component that needs to function well to facilitate heating and AC systems in Cypress, TX to warm up homes.

In case a furnace is too old or is damaged because of any reason, it will not supply enough heat to the system to regulate indoor temperature. This implies a far greater impact of cold weather on your home, more discomfort, and even extensive damages to the system because of straining.

•  Furnace Types

The United States Department of Energy has defined different types of furnaces based on their model, power source, and other features. The most common types include the following:

  • Room Heater (Uses gas or oil)
  • Heating Furnace (Uses wood or coal)
  • Portable Heater
  • Central Warm-Air Furnace
  • Fireplace
  • Heat Pump
  • Built-in Electric Units
  • Steam Furnace
  • Floor/Wall or Pipeless Furnace

•  Furnace Maintenance

Furnace maintenance is the key to pleasant indoor temperatures, good quality indoor air, and fewer HVAC problems. Regardless of the type of furnace in your HVAC system, the following are a few things that you should always take care of:

Electric Furnace

  • Monthly filter replacement
  • Smooth and correct thermostat operation (This can be confirmed by comparing the temperature that you set with the temperature being displayed on the thermostat)
  • Tidy grill and ducts to ensure nothing blocks the flow of air to your home and damages the furnace

Gas Furnace

  • Monthly filter replacement
  • Smooth thermostat operations
  • Smooth flow of air/heat by ensuring no ducts are clogged
  • Quick identification and treatment for gas leaks by regular examination
  • The functioning of the control valve and make sure it’s open at all times

Preventive Maintenance Program

Unlike other home appliances, HVAC systems need regular maintenance and service by the professionals for heating and air condition service in Cypress, TX. In case of HVAC systems, you should not wait for a problem to occur before you finally pick your phone up and call a technician at your service.

This is important because it is better to get your HVAC system inspected and treat potential or underlying problems than introducing heating and air conditioning repairs in Cypress, TX once a problem is already there.

But how is it better? Here are the reasons.

With routine maintenance and servicing:

  1. You don’t have to face emergency situations and bear with the extreme weather conditions because of a faulty system
  2. Less risk of extensive damages that occur when a problem stays for a long time
  3. Reduced costs because of low chances of having to avail emergency services
  4. Comfortable home

Do these benefits sound like something you can let go of?

If you are noticing heating and cooling problems in your home or other signs of a bigger problem, such as strange sounds, bad indoor air quality, etc., pick up your phone and dial 972-278-3506 now. The experts at Cypress Heating and Air are waiting to serve you!

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Waking up in the middle of the night, cold and shivering to a malfunctioning furnace can make long and chilly nights difficult to bear. Most often, ignoring the symptoms of a troublesome unit can worsen the problems. The furnace can end up broken, or the problem can become too daunting to deal with a DIY session.

The problems that grow out of hand require professional heating and AC repair in Cypress, TX or they may chew up holes in your wallet. Knowing the troubling signs beforehand can save you from repairs which are beyond your budget.

Here are signs you should never ignore and instead call the best in heating and AC repair in Cypress, TX for an immediate fix if they appear:

1.  Poor Heating

Poor heating can occur either when the thermostat is not set on heat, or if there is an issue in the circuit breaker which is easily resolved by resetting the thermostat.

Circuit breakers are prone to tripping, and if you are new to furnace maintenance, it is best to check the panel for possible issues such as the circuit being turned off or possible trips.

However, if the furnace still does not operate despite resetting it, it could be a warning of possible issues within the circuit breaker. This may require an immediate heating and AC repair in Cypress, TX from a professional before the issue becomes more complicated.

2.  Battery Issues

Furnaces that shut down suddenly even if they are relatively new are a common complaint that most repairmen receive. One of the issues behind this is problems with the thermostat batteries, which has a limited shelf life.

Although some models may operate with electricity, there are certain models which utilize batteries for an effective performance. It is entirely normal to have a battery run furnace halt its heating as it nears the time for battery replacement.

A regular change of batteries will keep your furnace running longer without major glitches. Hence, before calling any services for heating and AC repair in Cypress, TX, it is important to inspect your thermostat for possible warning signs indicating a need for battery replacement.

Most furnaces will have a light with a ‘low battery’ sign that blinks when new batteries are required. Ensure to keep an eye out for this light to avoid poor heating.

3.  Clogged Filters

Most furnaces have filters to improve the quality of air reaching your rooms.If the issues reside with the filters, the furnace usually gives warning signs. This could be in the form of a filthy and dank smell emanating from the vents.

These filters require regular upkeep to keep the furnace working at its optimum. Ignoring to do so can hike up the electricity bills. The air handler has to overwork to generate an adequate flow of air as the clogged filters cause the furnace to overcompensate.

Clogged filters can cause the furnace to break down in addition to increasing the energy bills. Hence timely maintenance from the best in heating and AC repair in Cypress, TX, is recommended to keep the clogs away.

4.  Noisy Sounds

Frequent rattling, grinding and high pitched sounds can indicate problems with the ducts, blower belts, motor or unhinged panels. If your furnace has become incredibly noisy, then it is perhaps time to seek services for the best heating and AC repair in Cypress, TX to resolve these issues. Timely upkeep and inspection will also keep such problems at bay.

5.  Faulty Safety Switch

Most furnaces have a safety switch installed on the door of the furnace for user convenience. However, glitches with this button may ensue, which will require timely services for heating and AC repair in Cypress, TX.

If the switch is turned on, it can halt the operation of the furnace. The function of the safety switch is to ensure the furnace does not turn on by preventing components such as the burner and the fan from commencing operation.

The switch can shut down the furnace either when the door of the furnace is unhinged or if the switch itself develops a glitch. Regular inspection of wiring and door can keep the switch from malfunctioning.

6.  Issues with Blower

If the blower does not blow air properly then the furnace’s heating can be minimal at best. The problem can reside within the furnace inside the internal components such as the blower motor, transformer, belt or more.  If you have a gas blower that keeps running continuously, then the control switch may have faults and may require immediate repair.

A furnace that has issues with the blower will warn you so by sounding noisy at times. If the problems with the blower belt ensue, the furnace can make a painfully high pitch noise. Hiring regular heating and AC repair in Cypress, TX can maintain the belt at its best form, replace broken or faulty parts and keep your furnace working well for years.

Timely Maintenance: A Solution for Long Lasting Furnaces

Malfunctioning furnaces can make it unbearable to pass even a single night in the cold. From thermostat issues to circuit breakers, if slight issues grow rapidly, then the furnace can ultimately stop working. This can make it bothersome to live comfortably in a chilly house.

Poor repairs can fail to fix the issue completely and put a gaping hole in your wallet. It is hence important to hire the best in heating and AC repair in Cypress, TX to bring your furnace back to its former brilliance.

We at Cypress Heating and Air specialize in all types of heating and AC repair in Cypress, TX. From broken thermostats to exceptional preventive maintenance, we have an extensive range of repair services ready to fix all your heating and AC problems.

If superior solutions are what you seek, then contact our helpline at 972-278-3506 for exceptional heating and AC repair in Cypress, TX. Contact us today and find out why everyone prefers us above others.

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