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The HVAC belt is probably the simplest component of your home’s air conditioning system. However, it is a critical one that must be functional for the unit to pump the conditioned air into your home efficiently. The belt allows the blower motor to pump the conditioned air to other parts of your home. Unfortunately, the motor belt might break or run out of place, meaning that your home will have heating and air conditioning problems. You might be tempted to replace or return the belt whenever this happens. Unfortunately, this is a bad idea because you could injure yourself or exacerbate the problem. You must enlist a professional heating and AC repair technician to replace the unit.

What Causes the Malfunctioning of the AC Compressor Belt?

An air conditioner is an intricate system. Every pulley or accessory should align properly for the unit to function properly. Although the air conditioner compressor belts are designed to last, they could malfunction for several reasons. If the different parts of the air conditioner get old or misaligned, the serpentine belt might malfunction. Another factor that might make the belt fail is age. You should call a heating and AC repair technician whenever this happens rather than attempt to repair it yourself.

If any pulley stops working, the belt might not move properly, resulting in a malfunction. This might also be a result of rust or aging. The A/C compressor belt in your car may have problems if these components are moved after an accident. Your air conditioner won’t operate if your compressor belt snaps. The compressor belt may potentially get out of alignment and stop functioning properly. The complexity of these components requires the expertise of a heating and AC repair technician to repair them.

Although AC compressor belts are strong, they occasionally sag with use. These air conditioner compressor belts are frequently composed of rubber, which can deteriorate over time. A normal air conditioning compressor belt is designed to last for many years. Hence, when your air conditioner has served you long, you might want to call a professional heating and AC repair company to replace it.

Whenever the compressor sizes, it might make the belt snap. Corroded parts or low refrigerant levels can make your compressor stop within a sudden moment. Whenever any aspect of the air conditioning system stops or becomes suddenly stationary, it could break the compressor belt. Hence, you will have to call a heating and AC repair technician to replace or even repair the compressor belt whenever this happens. Fortunately, a routine air conditioning service can avoid many of these issues. But what signs is your air conditioning system damaged or malfunctioning?

Whenever You Hear a Squealing Sound Upon Turning on the AC

The belt will make a loud squealing sound when the air conditioner is turned on, which is one of the most evident symptoms of needing to be replaced. In some circumstances, a loose belt or possible oil or water contamination may be to blame. This can sometimes result from a badly worn belt that can no longer adequately grip the pulleys. The belt can slip under the engine’s torque and shriek when it can no longer securely grip the pulleys. This squeal frequently has a high pitch and is audible. This is most likely the most evident indication that the serpentine belt needs to be checked by the heating and AC repair technician.

Cracks on the Serpentine Belt

The other visual sign that indicates your air conditioning belt requires a replacement is that it will begin cracking on the surface. The longer the serpentine belt has been in service, the more wear and heat it will have been exposed to. An aged belt will not properly grip. It will be more susceptible to breaking than a new belt. Whenever you notice the serpentine belt is showing some cracks, get a reliable heating and an AC repair technician to replace it.

AC Belt Breaks

Belt snapping is another unmistakable indication that the air conditioner belt has to be changed by a heating and AC repair technician in The Woodlands, TX. Belts that are too old or worn out will break for no apparent reason. When the AC is turned on, it won’t run. Thus you can tell a belt has broken. The belt must be able to be quickly visually inspected to determine whether it must be replaced if it has broken.

Ways to Avert the Malfunctioning Serpentine Belt

The best way to ensure that a malfunctioning air conditioning belt does not harm your entire unit is to inspect it by a heating and AC repair technician. After running in your HVAC system for some period, you might want to have it replaced. Although there are newer and more durable belts, they aren’t immune to damage. Hence, you should have a routine AC service to catch the problem before it develops.

No one solution fits it all when it comes to averting air conditioning compressor belt malfunctions. However, having a routine inspection of the air conditioning system can help. While some systems have a one-belt system, others have a two-belt combination. That being said, AC belts are sturdier and more durable today.

The AC system at your The Woodlands, TX home ensures that you have a comfortable home with high indoor air quality. Your AC unit comprises multiple components working in tandem to ensure that your home’s indoor air is cooled. However, this can be threatened by malfunctioning even a single component of that system.

An air conditioning belt helps the blower motor push the conditioned air into the home of The Woodlands, TX. Hence, if it has any issue, it might affect how your home is cooled. Do you need to have your belt replaced? Contact us at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air, your reliable heating and AC repair company.

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Keeping the systems running in your home full-time can be a chore. That’s why you need expert advice and assistance. When it comes to heating and AC repair in The Woodlands, TX, no one does it better than Mr. Reliable Heating & Air. We’re a name that people trust to help with HVAC systems.

If you’re in need of a heating and AC repair and don’t know who to call, don’t worry! All of our customers have been in a similar situation as you. Once you’ve found out what makes us exceptional at what we do, you’ll feel more compelled to reach out to us at the first signs of issues with your heater or air conditioner. You don’t put off a repair because you’re afraid it will cost you a fortune.

Why You Don’t Want to Delay Heating and AC Service Calls

When something goes wrong with your heater or AC, chaos ensues. It’s the main reason why you should get your HVAC system checked out by a professional. It takes no time at all to do and involves very little effort on your behalf. Hiring a company to do heating and AC repair work for you allows you to focus on other household tasks needing your attention.

Here are some of the many reasons why delaying heating and AC repair work isn’t a good idea:

  • It costs you more. When you ignore a heating and AC
  • repair long enough, you’ll find that it’s very problematic. Financially-speaking, it can be a gigantic burden. Rather than deal with the problem worsening and costing you more in time and labor costs, you can call a professional at the first signs of the issue. Doing so makes it possible for you to get the problem taken care of when it’s affordable to do so.
  • It damages your system. One small repair may lead to another which leads to another. You can remove the instigator from the situation by hiring a professional to get to the root of the issue. When the heating and AC repair company comes to visit, they find a resolution that keeps your system in excellent working order. Rather than pay for multiple repairs, you pay for a single repair that takes care of the problem that you’re experiencing long-term.
  • It leaves your home uncomfortable. Without heating and air conditioning, you can be forced to suffer through unbearable weather. Lucky for you, having the right company by your side takes that risk away. You can contact the service provider with your request for heating and AC repair work and relax knowing that it will be done to your liking. It makes it much easier to get the job done right when you have the best company available to assist you in keeping your home comfortable year-round.
  • It makes it a hassle to try to keep your house safe and free of pollutants. Without the right assistance, it can be very challenging to make your home safe. Thanks to the services an HVAC company provides, you’ll never lack what you need. You’ll always be able to turn the thermostat to the temperature you want to feel comfortable. You can keep the air clean and free of allergens, too, with regular filter changes. Since you have a company you’re willing to work with regularly, maintenance calls are something you believe in and want to spend your money on, too.

When you work with a professional to identify the problems that are taking place with your heater and air conditioner, you’re able to resolve the issues much faster. You tap into the knowledge and expertise of a skilled provider willing and able to assist you with your request for service. It makes it much easier for you to get the help that you deserve when you need it the most.

Working with a heating and AC repair company in The Woodlands, TX to resolve your issues is imperative. It makes it possible for you to get the help that you need long into the future. You’re not in a position where things become increasingly more uncomfortable for you and your household. Instead, you’re able to take care of things the way that you should by calling an HVAC company to assist you with your request for service.

Don’t Hesitate to Reach Out to Us Day or Night for Assistance

Ready to schedule your service call? We can’t wait to hear from you! Call 281-617-2234 with your request today. We take the time to get to know you so we’re able to offer you the greatest amount of assistance as we possibly can. When you work with us to resolve your issue, you’re able to get the problem taken care of in no time at all. That means that you’ll never be in a position where you’re without a heater or air conditioner that works.

Instead, you’ll have a comfortable The Woodlands, TX home that you can control the climate in with the greatest ease. Everyone inside the residence will benefit from your good judgment. Best of all, you’ll have a heating and AC repair company like ours by your side for future service calls. You can keep your systems maintained so that they’re not a problem for you in the future.

Routine maintenance on your heater and AC helps prevent expensive repairs from needing to be done. It’s much like insurance. You don’t know how valuable it is to have access to until you truly need it. That’s why you shouldn’t put off working with a company like ours to keep your home’s heating and cooling systems in excellent working order.

Instead, calling us gives you the peace of mind that you need when you require heating and AC repair services. You’re aware of who to call and know several reasons why you should give us your business. Best of all, you feel confident in our ability to do things right for you. There’s no doubt that you’ll get help from Mr. Reliable Heating & Air.

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Now, it’s impossible to avoid all heating and AC repair, but there are some things that you can do to help reduce the need for extensive repairs. Not to mention ways to improve your home otherwise. You just need to take the time to consider all of the options and work toward what your home actually needs. You may be surprised how much of a difference even small changes can make. And if you’re reducing the need for The Woodlands, TX repairs, it’s definitely worth it, right?

1. Check Your Energy Efficiency

One of the first things you should do around your home is to check out your overall energy efficiency. How well does your home retain heat in the winter and air in the summer? Is it doing a good job of keeping your home at a comfortable temperature? If it is then that’s great. But you may notice your system starting to have trouble for a number of different reasons. If that’s the case you may need heating and AC repair. And the truth is you may not even realize there’s a problem before it gets serious.

First, check things like the seals around your doors and windows. By standing next to these or putting your hand up next to them you can tell if air is leaking in or out. If you notice a difference in temperature that means you’re definitely losing some of the energy that you’re paying for. While you might think this is not a big deal for your HVAC system it actually can be. The problem is that your HVAC system is working a lot harder to heat or cool your home if you have energy leaks.

You definitely want to call a professional in heating and AC repair to take a look at your home even while you’re calling someone to take a closer look at your doors and windows. That way you can get the problem fixed and make sure there’s nothing wrong with the HVAC system at the same time. If there is a problem you can hopefully get it fixed quickly and won’t have to worry about more serious trouble down the line. After all, forcing your system to work more and work harder is definitely not going to help it last a long time.

Another thing you may notice in regard to energy efficiency is that your system is running a lot. If you know that you don’t have leaks around your doors and windows you may still want to get an energy audit or have someone come to your home to see if air might be leaking anywhere else. They may be able to find a source that you didn’t think about and take care of it, which will help you stave off some additional heating and AC repair needs. Or they may not find anything in your home that’s causing the problem.

If there are no leaks it could be that there is already something going on with your HVAC system and you need heating and AC repair. The good thing is there may be any number of reasons for this and some may be quite simple. The sooner you get things looked at and fixed the better it’s going to be for you and your family. And definitely, the less expensive your repair is going to be. So, talk with a professional in heating and AC repair to find out more about what’s going on and what you need to do in order to get that problem taken care of.

You may have dust and debris buildup in your ducts. If that’s the case your HVAC system will be working a lot harder to try and get the air you need through your home. The more dust and debris build-up, the harder it is for the system to work and that means it’s going to run more often, but you’ll actually notice very little difference or it will take a long time for you to notice a difference in your air temperature. It’s definitely a reason to call for heating and AC repair in The Woodlands, TX.

If there’s a crack or a leak somewhere in your system that’s another reason you may notice that the HVAC is running a lot but you’re not actually getting a good change in temperature. This is because the system is trying to cool or heat your home but the air is leaking out somewhere else. If that leak isn’t near the thermostat it means your system won’t stop because the temperature isn’t getting to the temperature that you set. But you may find other hot or cold spots in your home where the leak occurs.

Getting heating and AC repair taken care of is extremely important because it’s going to help you keep your home a whole lot more comfortable for your entire family. If you get these problems fixed quickly you’ll also find that they’re less expensive. So make sure you’re looking for a repair professional to help you with any of your needs. And definitely make sure you’re getting them resolved as quickly as you can. You don’t want to find yourself with a serious problem when it comes to your HVAC system.

2. Use a Programmable System

It can be tempting to turn up the heat in the cooler months and turn up the air in the warmer months. And that’s fine, but if you find yourself constantly adjusting the temperature in your home that’s actually causing more harm than good and it’s likely you’re going to need a lot more of that heating and AC repair. That’s because your system has to work a whole lot more when you keep adjusting the temperature, and the more it has to adjust the more it’s going to wear out, and faster too.

The best thing you can do is set your thermostat to a single temperature all year. But the next best is to have a programmable thermostat that will help you keep your home comfortable while you’re in it but a little less extreme when you’re not. You can set your thermostat to be a little warmer or cooler during the times that you’re actually going to be in The Woodlands, TX house and when you’re not going to be in the house you can let those temperatures be a little bit warmer in the summer or cooler in the winter.

Keep in mind that having too big of differences and too bit of extremes is definitely not a good idea, even if you’re not going to be home for a while. Big differences mean that when it comes time for you to get home the system has to kick in a lot more, which is going to make it work harder. And that leaves you open for more heating and AC repair needs. Instead, take a look at a programmable thermostat that will help you keep your temperatures where they should be. You get to set the temperature, but then you can leave it alone rather than constantly changing it up and down.

3. Have General Maintenance

If you want to avoid extreme heating and AC repair the first thing you need to do is make sure you’re getting the general maintenance done. You definitely don’t want to find yourself with a serious problem that comes about because of something minor. If you can get problems fixed when they’re still minor it’s going to be a huge benefit for you and it’s definitely going to make sure that you’re saving time and money on the process. And that kind of repair is definitely going to be important.

Calling a heating and AC repair professional in The Woodlands, TX to get your home taken care of is important. So make sure that at the beginning of each season you’re having someone look at your home. They should come out and take a thorough look at your HVAC to determine if you need any heating and AC repairs. Then, they should be able to take care of those problems right away or take care of anything that could turn into a problem long before it actually does. That way you don’t have to deal with your entire system shutting down for a period of time.

General maintenance should also be performed on a regular basis. Your repair team will be able to tell you how often you should get a checkup, which will be based on things like the age of your HVAC. If you have an older system you may need to get maintenance or a checkup done more frequently because it’s getting closer to the end of its lifespan. If you have a brand-new system then repairs should be less frequent and you may need fewer checkups and maintenance.

If you notice any problems with your system you should be calling a professional in The Woodlands, TX right away. That’s how the problem gets fixed quickly. But keep in mind that even seemingly small problems can still be quite extensive. And sometimes there are problems that don’t give you any warning at all before they become something major. That’s why watching for any sign that something is wrong with your system and you need heating and AC repair is so important. You don’t want to ignore something that could have been a warning sign if you had one.

4. Get a New System

If all else fails, getting a new system is going to be the last resort. You don’t want to replace your HVAC if you don’t have to, but you definitely don’t want to be without your heat or air conditioning system when the weather starts to get more extreme. So, what do you do? You’re going to need to look at the options and make sure that you talk with a heating and AC repair professional in The Woodlands, TX to find out more about how to make the decision. They’ll be able to tell you when it makes sense to replace your system rather than just continuing with the heating and AC repair.

If you do need a new HVAC system you’ll want to talk with a heating and AC repair technician as well to find out what the best option is for you. After all, you don’t want to find yourself with a unit that’s not large enough, that’s too large, that isn’t as efficient as you’d like, or any number of other things. You want to be sure that it’s going to work just the way you expect and keep your home as comfortable as possible. That way, you’re going to be happier and you’re going to have a more energy efficient system.

By working with a repair professional to find the right system you’re definitely going to end up happier with it. You’ll be able to get everything taken care of quickly and you’re not going to have a problem getting the right unit for your needs. Your HVAC is definitely an important part of your home and you don’t want to find yourself with one that doesn’t work. So, what are you going to do? Call a heating and AC repair technician like Mr. Reliable Heating & Air.

Our team of highly skilled technicians in The Woodlands, TX is here to help you with any of your heating and AC repair needs. If you’re in need of minor maintenance or serious repairs or replacement we can get to you in no time. We want to make sure that you’re comfortable in your home and that starts with making sure your HVAC system is working properly. When you call Mr. Reliable Heating & Air, we’ll set up a time to come to your house and work with you on whatever you need. It’s definitely time to make sure your HVAC is working for you and that means working with a team that knows what they’re doing and puts your needs first.

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Are you in the market for heating and AC repair for your residential property? Does your Cypress, TX home need a complete overhaul? If it does, it’s time to reach out to us to schedule service. As HVAC experts, we know a thing or two about the subject. We’re happy to share our knowledge, skills, and expertise. That way, you’ll have a comfortable home despite what the weather’s doing outdoors.

When it comes to taking good care of our customers, we can go on record saying that we’re excellent at providing HVAC repair. We’re committed to your satisfaction and go the extra mile to tackle whatever issues you’re experiencing with your heater or air conditioner. We’re the company that people call when they want superior service. Reaching out to us when you first discover heating and air conditioning issues is something we highly recommend.

What We Can Do to Make Your Home More Comfortable Throughout the Year

Comfort is king and you deserve to feel cozy in your temperature-controlled Texas home. Thanks to the heating and AC repair service we provide, you’re able to keep your air conditioner and heater in good working order year-round. In addition to heating and AC repair, we also offer maintenance services to keep your filters clean and your vents free of debris.

Here are some of the reasons why you should call us for your HVAC repair needs in Cypress, TX:

  • We’ve got your back. We’re committed to you, our customer. We answer the call that you place to us for assistance. You don’t play phone tag with us. We make you a priority and get your service scheduled quickly. If you’re experiencing an emergency, we’ll be there in no time to help you with it. If the issue is something that can wait, we’ll schedule the next available appointment time for you and your household. When you’re searching for companies to give your business to, we want to be the first provider that comes to mind. Thanks to all the glowing reviews we’ve received in the past, it’s easy for you to see how our heating and AC repairs services will benefit you and your household.
  • We answer your questions. We don’t rush you off the phone. Instead, we address your concerns and give you answers. When you ask questions, you’re demonstrating interest in our company. The least we can do is make sure that you walk away from the interaction feeling confident that we can provide heating and AC repair for you in a positive and memorable way.
  • We value you as our customer. You mean everything to our business. We want you to know just how much you mean to us and why we want to be the company you continue to use years after first learning about us. That way, you get the same quality service with every appointment that you schedule with us.
  • We provide you with solutions that you agree with fully. When we can find more than one fix, we present you with options. It gives you full control of the situation. You feel like you’re able to choose the option that best meets your needs and keeps your budget in mind.
  • We’re affordable. We understand that repairs are an expense that some people put off because they’re concerned about the cost. We also know that the longer you put off fixing an issue, the greater the chance it is that it will grow in size and cost you even more to fix it. Our services are affordable. We can discuss the cost of your HVAC repair when you call us on the phone to inquire about our services.
  • We believe in long-term fixes, not quick fixes. We come up with the best solutions to meet your needs. We don’t want you to need to call us again shortly after leaving your home. We take great pride in the quality of the work we do for you. When you’re satisfied with a service call, we know we’ve done everything we can to fix the situation. The heating and AC repair that we’ve done lasts for a long time.

Cypress, TX heating and AC repair is something we do well. Just ask our customers who have been working with us for years. We make a difference with the services we provide. When you’re in need of repair work, there’s no one better than us to do it for you!

Having a HVAC repair company that you are able to reach day or night is advantageous. It allows you to get immediate assistance during crucial weather events. You won’t suffer through a heatwave or cold spell because you don’t have someone reliable to call for repair work. Reaching out to us in your time of need gets you the assistance that you deserve despite the time of day it is at the moment.

HVAC Services Await You at Our Reliable Repair Company

Contact Mr. Reliable Heating & Air to discuss the HVAC repair you need to be done in your home. Reach out to us by calling 281-617-2234. Once we’ve had a chance to speak with you and give you the attention that your issue deserves, you’ll be able to work with us to come up with the best resolution possible.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with your need for heating and AC repair. It’s your right to feel good in your home despite the temperatures outdoors. Make your house the most comfortable environment you’ve stepped foot in recently. We’re available to fix the issues that you’re experiencing with your HVAC system.

A temperature-controlled climate is yours for the taking. Requesting heating and AC repair is fast and easy as long as you have access to a phone or computer. As soon as we know the gravity of your situation, we’ll dispatch a service tech to your home to remedy the issue. It’s as easy as that! Get in touch with Mr. Reliable Heating & Air today.

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As a Cypress, TX homeowner, you will understand the dynamics of temperature fluctuation associated with this area. Although winters are not as severe as in other parts of the country, there are times when the temperatures can be uncomfortable. For example, temperatures can quickly rise to triple digits in summer to cause your family members an uncomfortable time. On the other hand, summers can be more unbearable in this region. Therefore, an adequately functioning HVAC system is crucial for your home’s comfort and health.

Over time, even the best heating and air conditioning systems will need maintenance or repair. Therefore, you need regular heating and AC repair services to ensure the continued operation of your system. It is also essential for you to understand the basic function of the HVAC system to adequately differentiate the maintenance steps you can attempt and those that need a professional.  

The AC Is Turning On and Off

When in normal operation, an AC unit should run continuously for the time you have set. Therefore, if your AC unit is turning on and off constantly, there is a problem. Some of the reasons this could be happening include low refrigerant levels, dirty air filters, or a problem with the thermostat. When you hire a heating and AC repair technician, your AC unit will return to normal operation.

Air Conditioner Blower Doesn’t Turn On

Is your Cypress, TX home’s blower not turning on? The best first step is to call a heating and AC repair expert. Since there is a range of potential causes that can result in an HVAC blower not turning on, it is not advisable to let the problem fester. For example, the underlying factor could be as simple as a tripped circuit breaker or a blown-out fuse. On the other hand, it could be because of the blower motor’s blower failing.

When an AC blower malfunctions, it can cause the AC unit to overheat, leading to high energy consumption and avoidable repairs later. Therefore, when your HVAC blower does not turn on, please do not wait as it could accumulate unnecessary charges. Regardless of the underlying problem, having an expert investigate the issue is the best step. Then, enlist the help of an HVAC repair technician immediately.

Strange Noises

Another sign an HVAC system gives when needing heating and AC repair service is strange noises. Noises such as rattling noises indicate a problem with the motor, blower fan, or other moving components. In other cases, loose bolts or screws can cause strange noises, which can eventually cause a total breakdown. In extremes, rattling noises can eventually damage your home’s HVAC system or cause an electrical fire. Therefore, if you hear rattling noises, it is advisable to shut off your AC unit and immediately call a qualified heating and AC professional to avoid putting your family in imminent danger.

Heat Isn’t Turning Off

Regular maintenance by an HVAC professional is the best way to prolong the life span of your HVAC system. Unfortunately, most homeowners take their AC systems for granted until a repair is needed or the system completely fails. When the heat in your home does not turn off, it is time to seek the services of a professional. The underlying factors could range from as simple as a tripped circuit breaker to a faulty thermostat. In addition, this problem could be caused by a blown fuse or a damaged heating element. However, a qualified technician is well-equipped to diagnose the problem quickly and find the best solution to get your HVAC system back to regular operation.  

Your Unit Is Blowing Hot Air

The major purpose of an air conditioning unit in your home is to keep it cool and cozy. However, there are times, mainly when the unit is not operating normally, that the AC unit will dispense hot air throughout your home. This can be very uncomfortable when outside temperatures are high. The first reason an AC unit can blow hot air is its low refrigerant level. When an Ac unit has inadequate refrigerant, it does not cool the air effectively, which leads to hot air in the system.

On the other hand, dirty air filters can cause the system to overwork since they restrict airflow. Therefore, if your AC unit is dispensing hot air into your home, it is time to schedule an HVAC system technician services. Frozen evaporator coils can cause your AC unit to blow hot air. When the evaporator coil is frozen, it prevents the air conditioning unit from absorbing the heat picked up from your house. Therefore, the air circulated back into the system is hot, causing an endless loop, and your home becomes hotter with each recirculation. Contact a heating and AC repair professional to diagnose and restore normal operation.

Frozen AC Coils

Being caught up in the summer heat or a freezing night without a functioning air conditioning system is uncomfortable and can expose your family to dire health effects. Therefore, if your AC coils freeze, it is vital to get the help of a professional heating and AC repair technician before summer or the winter season hits.

Apart from frozen AC coils exposing your family to severe health problems, it can also cause significant damage to your Cypress, TX home.

Unfortunately, the damages caused by frozen AC coils are extensive, so you cannot fix them alone. Therefore, leaving frozen AC coils unattended for a long time will incur additional house fixing expenses. However, an HVAC technician can help you avoid these effects when called upon on time. The technician will quickly diagnose and fix the problem, leaving you well equipped to face the summer season.

Unexplained Increased Heating Cost

Have you noticed an unusual increase in your heating bill? Although it is normal for the heating cost to increase in your home, especially as the weather gets cold, the increment should be gradual and minimal. Then it might be time to contact an HVAC systems expert. When an HVAC furnace is not working correctly, it strains to heat your home hence using more energy that skyrockets your energy bills.

A qualified HVAC system expert can inspect the furnace and fix the underlying issue to ensure your system operates efficiently. Apart from helping you save on energy bills, heating and AC repair services will also help boost your HVAC lifespan. Additionally, the technician will advise on the best replacement options if your furnace needs more extensive parts.

Call Us for Reliable Heating and AC Repair

When your HVAC system gives off unusual signs and disappoints you when you need it the most, you need to contact a heating and AC repair service provider. The technician at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air will help restore it to its normal operation and advise you on keeping it functional. Consequently, you will have a cool and comfortable place for you and your family.

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Need a good heating and AC repair service in Katy, TX? You’ve got one with us! People in the city trust us for good reason. We make their service calls a priority! If you’re looking for someone to work on your heater or air conditioner, we’ve got plenty of reasons why it should be us.

Once you’ve learned all you can about us, you’ll be in an excellent position to hire us for your home’s heating and cooling needs. You’ll know what makes us an excellent provider of HVAC services. You’ll have no problem scheduling appointments when your furnace or air conditioner isn’t working effectively. The sooner you reach out to us, the faster we’re able to resolve your issue.

Trust Us to Do the Right Thing for Our Customers with Every Service Call

We want to make sure you remember us for all the right reasons. It’s why we go beyond the call of duty to ensure your satisfaction with our handiwork. If you need future repairs or maintenance work done, we want to be the first company that you call. When you trust us, we continue to strengthen our reputation which makes it easier for other customers to find us when they need heating and AC repairs.

Here are some of the reasons why you can trust our heating and AC repair service in Katy, TX:

  • We’re committed to serving you well. It’s our mission to give you the best customer service experience possible. It’s the reason why we go to the lengths that we do to make things as easy as imaginable for you. Outside of your initial phone call and explaining what’s occurring, the only real guidance we need from you is to the areas where your furnace and air conditioner are currently. That means that you can sit back and relax while we get to the bottom of your issue. We’ll ask for feedback from you only when it pertains to you. The most important thing to remember is that we’re working hard to get your heater and air conditioner working well once again. We are here to make the process easy.
  • We have a wide range of knowledge and skills to resolve your issue. We’re experts on the subject of heating and AC repair services. It’s how we’re able to get to the root of the problem and figure it out for you. We want you to feel good that we were able to come up with a solution that meets your needs. Having more than one option that exists allows you to explore opportunities that could potentially save you money and provide you with greater overall satisfaction.
  • We also service your HVAC system to keep it in excellent working order year-round. Regular maintenance services make your life easier. It prevents big issues from deeming your heater or air conditioner inoperable. By hiring us to come in and right any wrongs, you’ll have access to a working HVAC system whenever you need it most. It’s a great way to stay on top of one of your most pressing issues inside your home with relative ease.
  • We have a long-standing reputation in the community for being a company that people trust. People associate us with a heating and AC repair service company they know and trust. For that reason, we’ve been able to serve new customers each year. Thanks to the feedback that you’ve given, there’s no issue finding the perfect provider of heating and AC repair service. You can reach out to us and have the issue examined from the inside out to see what’s causing the problem.
  • We want you to feel comfortable asking us for assistance day or night, which is why we offer emergency services. You never know when your furnace or air conditioner will fail you. That’s why you should make it a point to reach out to us right away. We’re concerned about your HVAC system and its ability to heat and cool your home correctly. Helping you helps us be a better service provider.

Now that you’ve learned what you need to know about heating and AC repair service, it’s time to put it to good use. Reaching out to us with any questions that you have allows us to address the most important things that take place during one of our service calls. It’s a way for us to get the job done according to your high standards without compromising quality. Making you a partner in the process is an excellent way to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

We go out of our way to make you feel comfortable with us being in and around your home and family. If there’s something we can do to make things easier for you, let us know. We’re happy to have your feedback and be given the chance to improve things on our end. When you speak to us directly about what you’re trying to achieve, we have a much easier time delivering on our promises to you.

Heating and AC Repairs Are Something We Offer Round the Clock

Contact Mr. Reliable Heating & Air with any questions you have about your Katy, TX home. We offer heating and AC repair service along with many other options that keep your residence in order. Call us with any questions that you have today. Our phone number is 281-617-2234.

Heating and AC repair service is worth every penny that you spend on it. It gives you control over your home’s environment throughout the year. It doesn’t matter if it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter. You can use your home’s heater and AC all you want.

We are the company to request heating and AC repair service from today. We make being punctual and on time an important part of our business model. If you need assistance with anything relating to your furnace or air conditioning repairs, contact us. We can’t help you if we don’t know what types of problems you’re having today.

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Nothing spells happiness like fresh air in your home. That’s why it’s important to improve the indoor air quality of your home to make it a safe and healthy place for you and your loved ones.

Usually, attempts to ensure your home has a healthy environment include ensuring it’s clean and minimizing hazards. But, most folks overlook indoor air quality, which is one crucial aspect of a healthy home.

Although indoor air is invisible, it’s vital for the health and safety of your family members. If you don’t take steps to improve indoor air, pollutants build up, causing poor air quality and exposing your family to mild and severe infections.

Katy, TX, is a humid area; thus, airborne organisms and mold are an issue in most households. But, you can kill these organisms and keep your home free from mold using UV lamps on the HVAC unit, which contain electromagnetic rays.

If your unit does not have UV lights, you can request an HVAC technician to install them during the heating and AC repair service. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of HVAC UV lights.

Eliminates Mold, Mildew, and Bacteria

Fungal contamination in your HVAC units is a common problem you can’t just ignore. The air filters in your furnace encourage the growth of mold and mildew in your air ducts.

One of the significant benefits of investing in UV lights is that they destroy fungi, bacteria, germs, and pathogenic elements in the system, helping keep you and your family safe.

If you or any of your family members have asthma and recently have been experiencing breathing difficulties, this is one of the significant signs of mold and mildew in the air. Hence, to protect your family, hire a heating and AC repair service technician to install an ultraviolet germicidal light system in your home.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

The HVAC UV lights improve the air quality in your home by eradicating air contaminants such as bacteria and decreasing cold and flu germs in the air ducts and insulation. Also, they reduce smells and foul odors in your home by removing volatile organic compounds from your indoor air. Doing so helps ease asthma and allergy symptoms such as headaches, eye irritation, fatigue, and rashes.

UV lights are even more convenient for Katy, TX, homeowners with weak immune systems and chronic illnesses. Consider hiring a heating and AC repair service company to install the lights in your home to reduce diseases by eliminating these air contaminants.

Increased Air Flow

Airflow is one of the major factors you consider when considering how to cool your home. For a long time, ultraviolet technology has been used in HVAC systems. UV lights enhance the indoor air quality in your home by eradicating pathogens and germs and eliminating excessive moisture.

As time goes on, the debris and dirt may build up in your HVAC system, and although the system traps some of these particles, it cannot eliminate them.

The solution to this for homeowners in Katy, TX, would be hiring a heating and AC repair service professional to install UV lights in their homes. These lights can give your system a severe boost increasing airflow.

Reduces the Spread of Viruses

The HVAC system circulates air through every room in your house, so if anyone is sick, their germs will spread bacteria and viruses to your other healthy family members. UV light has germicidal qualities, eliminating viruses, germs, and bacteria.

These microscopic particles can circulate throughout your home’s ventilation. The UV lights, however, break down the generation of germs or bacteria, so they can neither reproduce nor function.

With proper installation of UV lights by your heating and AC repair service technician and maintenance, you can minimize the chances of you and your family getting ill.

Utilizing the UV Technology Results in an Increase in Energy Savings

By preventing microorganisms from reproducing, UV lights stop them from damaging your ductwork, ceiling, walls, and carpeting. Also, they prevent the organisms from clogging your air filters and limiting the airflow in your HVAC system.

This will, in return, expand the lifespan of your HVAC system and lower maintenance costs by reducing the likelihood of expensive repairs in the future and enhancing the system’s performance.

Enhance the Comfort of Your Home

When your air conditioning and furnace are in top-notch condition, you enjoy increased airflow; hence, a higher level of comfort. Also, by keeping your HVAC system clean, the UV system prevents unpleasant smells in your home that can cause dirty sock syndrome.

Biological growth can cause unattractive stains on your walls, ceiling, and furniture. Homeowners should consider hiring heating and AC repair service electricians to install UV technology to prevent these growths from happening in their houses.

Cost Effective Long Term

While several costs are associated with installing UV lights, such as the fee for hiring a heating and AC repair service technician and materials, the cost of maintenance and extra light bulbs is relatively minimal.

The life span of these bulbs is about 9 to 14 months, depending on your usage. Proper maintenance will ensure you obtain the best results from each light while maximizing the efficiency of your HVAC system. Homeowners should consider hiring a heating and AC repair service contractor to add UV lights in their homes since they help the HVAC system clean itself.

Contact Mr. Reliable Heating & Air for UV Light Installation in Your HVAC System

Do you want to install UV lights in your home? Call Mr. Reliable Heating & Air. We are a heating and AC repair service company offering professional UV light services.

Our licensed and skilled technicians also provide air conditioning, heating systems and repair, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, furnaces, filtration systems and controls, and thermostat services. We are only one call away!

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Most homeowners in The Woodlands, TX, know a lot of things need to be taken care of to keep a house running smoothly. One of them, often the most expensive, is the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC). This complex system is responsible for providing comfortable indoor temperature levels year-round, and when something goes wrong, it can cause serious health issues, high energy bills, and more.

While you may be tempted to try to handle heating and AC repairs yourself, it’s generally not advisable. HVAC systems are complicated and interconnected, and even minor repairs can be challenging for someone without experience. In addition, HVAC systems are often located in hard-to-reach places, making repairs even more difficult. However, professionals are highly trained and experienced in handling any repair job; hence, it’s wise to take the assistance of an expert.

Read on to learn more about why hiring a professional for Heating and AC repair service is essential.

What Is HVAC Maintenance?

You depend on your HVAC system for heating and cooling your home. HVAC maintenance is one of the reasons for a long-lasting and efficient system. It involves inspecting, cleaning, and adjusting the various parts of your unit to ensure it’s running at peak efficiency. If you don’t maintain the system, it’ll have to work harder, leading to frequent breakdowns and a shorter lifespan. Hiring a professional for your heating and AC repair is vital to prevent that from happening.

What Are the Benefits of HVAC Maintenance?

Although you might be wondering whether the maintenance cost is worth it, it’s essential to understand that it comes with plenty of benefits. A well-serviced Heating and AC system will:

Improved indoor air quality: Dirty HVAC units can circulate dust, pollen, and other allergens throughout your home, posing a health risk to you and your family. However, regular HVAC servicing will ensure that your system is clean and operating as it should be. This, in turn, will lead to improved indoor air quality and fewer health problems for you and your family.

Reduced energy bills: A dirty system has to work harder to heat and cool your home, leading to higher energy bills. However, when your unit is properly cared for, it’ll operate at peak efficiency. Thus, if you opt for professional heating and AC repair service, your system would consume less energy to keep your home at comfortable temperatures.

Fewer repairs: You don’t want to deal with sweltering summers and frigid winters because your HVAC system isn’t working right. However, if you take care of it and get regular servicing done, you can minimize the chances of it breaking down when you need it the most.

Longer lifespan: All machines have a limited lifespan, and your HVAC system is no different. One faulty part can cause significant problems for your unit. However, with proper care and maintenance, you can increase its longevity and prevent it from breaking down.

Safer System Operation: If an HVAC system isn’t properly maintained, it can pose a safety risk to you and your family. For example, a gas furnace that isn’t appropriately cared for can start leaking carbon monoxide, which can be deadly to your family. However, if you get regular heating and AC repair and maintenance done, you can prevent such an incident.

Why Should You Leave Such Repairs to the Experts?

There are many reasons why you should get your HVAC system serviced regularly. However, it’s also important to understand that you should leave such repairs to the experts. HVAC repair is a complicated task; only someone with experience and training should handle it. Here are other reasons why you should hire a professional:

They have the right tools and equipment: HVAC repair isn’t something you can do with a screwdriver and a hammer. It requires specialized tools and equipment that are very expensive, and only professionals have access to them. Therefore, it’s pretty convenient and easy on the pocket to hire a pro for heating and AC repair in The Woodlands, TX.

Warranty: If you want your HVAC unit’s warranty to be valid, then don’t attempt to fix the HVAC issue yourself. Most HVAC manufacturers state in the warranty card that only a certified professional should do repairs or maintenance work. So, if you ever try to repair your unit on your own, you’re not going to get any help in case a significant issue arises.

Saves You Time: HVAC repair might seem like a quick fix, but it’s a very time-consuming task. Therefore, if you don’t have the time or patience to do it, you’re better off hiring a professional. Heating and AC repair service is their bread and butter, so they can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Potential injuries: The primary risk associated with HVAC repair is the potential for injuries. HVAC units contain many moving parts, sharp edges, and electrical components that can cause severe injuries if you’re not careful. However, when you hire a professional, you can rest assured that the job will be done safely and without any accidents.

Well-being Concerns: HVAC units use a variety of chemicals and gasses that can be harmful if not handled properly. If you’re not trained in Heating and AC repair, you could end up causing harm to yourself or your family. Try not to risk your loved one’s well-being to save a few coins, as it could cost you big time.

Peace of Mind: Hiring a professional gives you peace of mind knowing that if something goes wrong, you’re not the one who’s going to be responsible. You can relax and let the experts take care of everything while you sit back and enjoy the comfort of your The Woodlands, TX, home.

Your HVAC system is vital for the health and comfort of your home. Get in touch with Mr. Reliable Heating & Air today at 281-617-2234 to schedule an appointment for heating and AC repair service!

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Spring, TX, is no stranger to extreme weather. The last thing you want is your air conditioner or heater to break down in the middle of a heat wave or cold front. While there are some repairs you can do yourself, 99% require a professional. So, unless you’re changing the air filter, this blog post will cover ten heating and AC repair service situations you shouldn’t attempt yourself.

1. Replacing the evaporator coils

Replacing the evaporator coils is a repair that a professional should only attempt. The coils are located inside the unit, and removing them can be difficult and time-consuming. In addition, if the coils are not installed properly, it could damage the unit and lead to further issues down the road.

Not only can this cause your AC to stop working, but it may also void the warranty. Leave this task to the professionals. Call Mr. Reliable Heating & Air for all your heating and AC repair service needs.

2. Replacing the condenser coils

The condenser coils are located outside the unit and can be difficult to access fully. Not only are these units challenging to install, but if installed improperly, they could damage the unit and cause further issues in the future. Much like with the evaporator coils, replacing the condenser coils is best left to a professional.

Also, similar to the evaporator coils, you may lose your warranty if you attempt to fix this issue on your own. Our technicians are trained and experienced in performing this repair, so please call us.

3. Cleaning the ductwork

Cleaning the ductwork is another repair that a professional should only attempt. Ductwork can be challenging to access, and if it’s not cleaned correctly, it could lead to health problems for you and your family. It’s also dangerous.

Unless you have the training and proper safety equipment, you should not attempt to clean your ductwork. For example, if there’s mold, you could be exposed to harmful toxins and spread the problem to other parts of your home. We recommend regular duct cleaning by a professional every 3-5 years to avoid any health risks.

4. Replacing the air filter

While replacing the air filter is a repair you can do yourself, it’s essential to know how often it needs to be done. Depending on your filter type, it may need to be replaced every few months or yearly. If you don’t know how often your filter needs to be replaced, it’s best to consult with a professional. During a maintenance appointment, one of our technicians can check your filter and let you know when it needs to be replaced.

5. Cleaning the outdoor unit

You can clean around the outdoor portion of your system. We recommend clearing away all leaves, dirt, and debris. However, you should never attempt to open the unit or remove any parts. If you notice any issues with the outdoor unit, please call a professional for heating and AC repair service instead.

6. Repairing leaks in the ductwork

Repairing leaks in ductwork is another repair that a professional should only attempt. Just like cleaning ductwork, fixing it yourself isn’t recommended because it can be difficult and dangerous.

Ductwork is often in hard-to-reach places, and if not repaired correctly, it could lead to more leaks and cause health problems for you and your family. The best way to prevent leaks is to have your ductwork regularly inspected and cleaned by a professional. Schedule heating and AC repair service today to ensure your home is cool when the temperature rises.

7 . Adjusting or repairing damper doors

Adjusting or repairing damper doors is another repair that a professional should only attempt. Damper doors help regulate airflow in your home, and if they’re not working correctly, it could lead to discomfort or even health problems. Instead, schedule a heating and AC repair service to handle the work for you in Spring, TX.

8. Installing a new thermostat

While installing a new thermostat is a repair you can do yourself, it’s vital to ensure you buy a compatible model for your heating and cooling system. If you’re unsure about which model to buy, it’s best to consult with a professional. Our technicians can help you find a thermostat during your heating and AC repair service appointment that’s compatible with your system and install it to ensure it’s working correctly.

9. Adding Coolant to your AC unit

Adding coolant to your AC unit is another repair that a professional should only attempt. Coolant is harmful if not handled correctly and could cause serious health problems if inhaled. Never try to add coolant to your AC unit yourself. Instead, call Mr. Reliable Heating & Air. One of our technicians will be happy to help with your heating and AC repair service needs.

10. Replacing a Furnace Blower

Replacing a furnace blower is the final repair on our list that a professional should only attempt. The blower is located inside the furnace and can be difficult to access. In addition, if it’s not installed correctly, it could damage the furnace and lead to further issues down the road. The best way to avoid these problems is to have a professional replace the blower.

Regular maintenance is vital to the longevity of your system. We recommend scheduling a maintenance appointment at least once a year, but twice a year is even better. Professional heating and AC repair service can help identify potential problems before they cause severe damage to your system.

During a maintenance visit, our technicians inspect your system and perform any necessary repairs or tune-ups. This is the best way to reduce the risk of future repairs and keep your system running smoothly for years to come.

We hope you found this blog helpful. Please call us if you have heating and AC repair service needs. Mr. Reliable Heating & Air provides quality heating and cooling services to the Spring, TX, area, and we’re always happy to help.

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If you live in Cypress, TX, you can appreciate the importance of the HVAC system in your home. In winter, your furnace ensures that your house remains warm. In summer, the air conditioner works hard to keep your home comfortably cool. Therefore, when your HVAC system breaks down, it is hard to imagine how your family would service. To minimize the disruptions that might occur as a result of HVAC issues, you need to have an emergency heating and AC repair expert on speed dial. The expert should be willing and able to receive your calls of distress at any time of the day or night and respond accordingly. But what exactly can make it necessary for you to call emergency heating and AC repair services to your Cypress, TX home? Below is a rundown of the most common heating and AC problems you can come across as a homeowner.

Water Leaking from HVAC Equipment

Under normal circumstances, you should not expect water to leak from your air conditioner or furnace. Therefore, if you have noticed a puddle of water collecting around your HVAC equipment, then you might be having a serious HVAC problem. For instance, water might leak from your HVAC equipment if the condensate drain line is clogged. If this is the case, the water could also damage your HVAC equipment. Besides, the leaking water might create dampness that might encourage the growth of mold, which might compromise your indoor air quality and even make your family ill. To avoid such problems, you should make a quick call to your heating and AC repair services provider as soon as you notice a puddle of water collecting around your HVAC equipment. The expert will come with the right tools to unclog the condensate drain lines in a way that will not cause any damage to your HVAC equipment.

HVAC Equipment Running Constantly

Of course, when it is too hot, you can expect your air conditioner to run for extended periods as it works hard to keep your home cool. The furnace might also behave in the same manner when the weather gets too cold. However, your HVAC equipment should not be running constantly. Therefore, if you have noticed that your air conditioner or furnace runs without stopping, you could be facing a serious HVAC failure. Ordinarily, the thermostat should help to ensure that your HVAC equipment runs only when it is needed. Therefore, if you have noticed that the furnace or AC doesn’t stop even when your ideal temperature range has been achieved, the thermostat could be broken. In such a situation, you will need a professional heating and AC repair expert to fix the broken thermostat or replace it altogether. If your thermostat needs to be replaced, you might be advised to go for a smart thermostat, which might help your HVAC system to achieve higher levels of efficiency.

Leaky Air Ducts

The ductwork is one of the most important parts of your HVAC system. Its job is to ensure that the cooled or heated air from the air conditioner or the furnace is evenly distributed throughout your home. If the furnace is leaking, some of this air will be lost on the way, meaning that your HVAC equipment will need to work harder than necessary to keep your indoor temperatures comfortable. Therefore, when ducts are leaking, your energy bills might increase sharply. As such, you need to work with professional heating and AC repair experts to ensure that any developing leaks on your ductwork are promptly sealed.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is found in your air conditioner’s indoor unit. It essentially increases the surface area for the refrigerant to absorb heat from your indoor air. For your AC to work as expected, the surface of this coil needs to be relatively warm. Therefore, if you have noticed that pieces of ice are collecting on the surface of the coil, then you could be staring at a serious HVAC failure. It actually means that refrigerant could also be frozen, and if you continue running your air conditioner in that condition, you might end up damaging its compressor, which can be very expensive to repair or replace. To avoid such an issue, you have to switch off your air conditioner and seek the immediate attention of a heating and AC repair expert.

Leaking Refrigerant

The refrigerant is an extremely important part of your air conditioner. This chemical absorbs heat from your indoor air to keep your house cool even on the hottest days. For your air conditioner to work optimally, it must have enough refrigerant. Therefore, if there is a refrigerant leak, it can negatively affect the performance of your HVAC equipment, meaning that it might become more difficult for your air conditioner to achieve your desired temperature levels. Besides, given the toxic nature of the refrigerant, a refrigerant leak can pose a severe safety hazard. For instance, refrigerants can cause refrigerant poisoning, which is associated with symptoms such as headaches, nausea, vomiting, and even fainting. Therefore, you should call a professional heating and AC repair expert as soon as you notice your air conditioner’s refrigerant is leaking. Professionals will properly and safely seal the leaks and refill the refrigerant to restore the performance of your HVAC system.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that there are many heating and air conditioning issues that can negatively affect the efficacy and efficiency of your HVAC system. Most of these issues can be very costly, especially if they are not addressed on time. Therefore, you need to have a heating and AC repair expert who can help you deal with such issues accurately and promptly. If you are looking for a reliable Heating and AC repair company in Cypress, TX, to help you in this regard, Mr. Reliable Heating & Air is the answer. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our company and the services we offer.

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