It’s normal for your furnace to produce some odors. For instance, a burning smell may fill your living space when you turn the furnace on during the beginning of the winter season in The Woodlands, TX. Such burning odors are normal and should not cause any panic. This is because the HVAC gathers dust within the duct, heat exchanger, and ignition as it operates throughout the years.

Thus, it’s common for the furnace to give off a burning smell when turned on at the beginning of every season as the dust within the system burns off. This unpleasant smell does not significantly affect your indoor air quality because it disappears later.

However, some smells could indicate something is wrong with your system, and it would be wise to seek furnace repair services immediately. If you detect a smell of rotten eggs in your home, then your HVAC system could be leaking, and you should contact a qualified repair technician immediately. Other signs to watch include mold and mildew within the ductwork. In this blog post, we’ve covered common causes of abnormal odors in furnaces.

Grimy Furnace Filter

Furnace filters become clogged over time because they trap particles present in the air, such as pet dander, airborne contaminants, and dust. When these filters accumulate enough debris, they cause grime and dust to recirculate through the HVAC, causing a foul odor in your house.

Also, when the dust burns off at the beginning of the season, the dirty filter will trap some odor particles causing an unpleasant scent.

That’s why you need to check your air filters regularly and replace them whenever they become dirty. To be on the safe side, you can have some extra air filters so that you can quickly conduct a replacement when the need arises. You can hire a furnace repair company to work regular preventative maintenance on your unit to extend the furnace’s lifespan.

Overworked Blower Motor

Dirty furnace filters or clogged ventilation lines put your furnace at risk of overheating. Also, blocked air return ducts can cause poor movement, preventing cold air from flowing into the unit. This causes hot air to be trapped within the furnace, resulting in overheating the blower motor and heat exchanger.

An overheated furnace may shut down because the system is built with internal limit switches that flip to protect internal parts. It will emit a burning smell, and if no prompt action is taken.,the heat exchanger will crack, leading to carbon monoxide accumulation in your house.

When you notice you have an overheated furnace, you can inspect the air filters and replace them if they are dirty. Sometimes the issue could be due to thermostats or obstructed vents. Thus, it’s vital to ensure all the vents are open and that the thermostat is set in the required heat setting.

If the furnace is still overheating after performing the inspections, then you should look for a professional furnace repair provider in The Woodlands, TX, to troubleshoot your HVAC.

Wires Burning

A burning smell could mean an issue with electrical connections within the HVAC system. This may happen if the insulation on the wire has been damaged due to incorrect placement, physical trauma, or improper voltage, leading to insulation burn-off. It’s wise to immediately contact a furnace repair expert to detect a burning smell because the sizzling wiring can lead to a house fire.

The professional will check, replace, or tighten the problematic wires in such cases. To avoid these electrical issues, you can have a furnace repair company conduct inspections and turn-ups at the beginning of the season.


Dampness causes mold growth. Places with high humidity tend to have moldy furnaces. Also, if your furnace stays cool and damp, mold growth may occur in or around the heater area. Mold spores are pushed into your house when the furnace is running, affecting your indoor air quality.

Mold smell is musty, damp, difficult to remove, and may lead to health problems. Thus, it’s crucial to have a qualified furnace repair professional resolve the issue problem immediately.

A competent furnace repair company will locate the mold in the HVAC system and advise on a simple maintenance program to prevent future mold growth. For systems with more significant mold problems, the professionals may recommend you invest in a germicidal ultraviolet (UV) light to curb mold growth and eradicate the persistent fungus.


Your home may smell musty if your furnace sits in the basement. If your basement lacks waterproofing mechanisms, it will be damp and humid, causing moisture to settle on the heater. Therefore, when the furnace is running, the dampness will burn off, creating a smell of dampness in your home. Fortunately, this moisture will disappear as the furnace continues running.

If the musty odor is persistent or gets stronger, then you could be dealing with mold or mildew. In such cases, a furnace repair professional can thoroughly clean the furnace and ductwork.

There’s a Problem with Your Home’s Ventilation

Proper ventilation is essential to ensure fresh air is drawn in and properly circulated throughout your home. Inadequate ventilation may lead to foul odor and excess moisture in the air. If the area near the HVAC’s indoor vent is contaminated, it can lead to furnace smells.

The smell of urine and pet hair is the most common cause of vent contamination. It’s important to always inspect the vent area for any mess that may need cleaning.

Old Filters

Old furnace filters may produce a smell of motor oil. In such cases, you’ll need to conduct a replacement because the filter is already worn-out. But, if the smell is still present even after performing a filter replacement, then there could be a severe oil leak that would need the expertise of a competent repair professional.

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If your furnace emits an offensive stench, you can call our furnace repair experts at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air. Besides handling foul odors from the furnace, our experts can tune up your furnace to keep it in top condition. We are always available; therefore, if you are in The Woodlands, TX, you can let us know if you require furnace repair.

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It’s important to take a look at your furnace’s function and performance before winter arrives. The last thing that you want to deal with is a malfunctioning or broken furnace that doesn’t blow hot air during the dead of winter. Not only is it difficult to get a heating and AC repair service in Spring, TX out to your home if the weather is bad, but you definitely don’t want to experience any downtime at all. This means having to layer up and bundle up!

If your furnace is no longer blowing hot air, it could be due to a wide range of reasons. Diagnosing the problem by yourself can be time-consuming and difficult. It’s easy to miss small signs and clues. The best thing to do is to call a heating and AC repair service in Spring, TX as soon as possible. Not only will we be able to quickly help you determine what’s wrong, but we can also provide you with multiple solutions to choose from. Knowing which solution may be best for your situation can be difficult, so our team will take the time to discuss the pros and cons of each option with you. This can really help you narrow down your options.

With that said, let’s take a look at 5 of the most common reasons why your furnace may not be blowing hot air.

#1. Thermostat Issues

One of the main reasons why your furnace might not be blowing hot air is because you have thermostat issues. Although there are many different things that could be wrong with the thermostat, the good news is that most of these issues are fairly easy to fix. In worst-case scenarios, a heating and AC repair service can usually quickly upgrade your furnace to a new thermostat with new features and functions. The cost isn’t too high compared to some of the more complex and complicated jobs out there.

Some of the reasons why your thermostat may be malfunctioning include:

  • The fan is set to “on”. This is a weird thing, but you’ll need to get the heating and AC repair service to check for you. Furnaces don’t blow out hot air continuously, so if the fan is set to “on” at all times, then there’s a good chance that you’ll deal with some type of hot air problem in the future.
  • The settings are wrong. Some people might have problems understanding how to properly adjust and set the temperature settings for their thermostat.
  • The battery is low. If your furnace has a self-contained battery, low power can be an issue and can have a detrimental effect on overall performance and function.
  • There are issues with the installation. If the thermostat was not properly installed, it could also run into issues down the road.

It’s important to have a heating and AC repair service take a look at your furnace in order to get a better idea of what might be wrong.

#2. A Dirty Filter

This problem happens most often to those who fail to get their filter changed regularly. If you don’t, it’s easy for your filter to become dirty and clogged up. This prevents the hot air from the furnace from being circulated in your home and will give you the illusion that your furnace is no longer producing enough hot air, or any at all. That’s completely false! The hot air is just getting stuck inside the furnace!

The best solution for this is to call a heating and AC repair service to come and change the filter. This is a good time to discuss with the heating and AC service about the type of filter that you currently use and whether there are any better alternatives or options out there. For example, most furnaces have pleated filters. These are standard filters that do a decent job at eliminating dust, pollen, and dirt from the air; however, these filters aren’t the most effective. If you struggle with respiratory conditions or even autoimmune diseases, you might want to upgrade your filter to a HEPA one. These filters can get rid of 99.9% of all contaminants in the air.

#3. Issues with the Condensate Line

The condensate line is another component in your furnace that requires regular maintenance and a lot of attention. If you fail to maintain your unit and take care of the condensate line, then there’s a good chance that you’ll run into some problems. There are a bunch of different problems that could come up; however, one of the most common ones is a furnace that no longer blows heat.

If the condensate lines get clogged with dirt and grime, it trips the float switch, and this causes your entire furnace to shut down. The obstruction can also have an overall negative impact on the function and efficiency of the furnace.

It can be difficult to maintain the condensate line by yourself. After all, you likely won’t have the necessary tools in your home. Heating and AC repair service will not only have the tools, but also the experience and training needed to deal with different furnace designs and types.

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If you are facing any of these problems, you should call our heating and AC repair service in Spring, TX, Mr. Reliable Heating & Air. We are one of the top HVAC companies in the area and have over 20 years of experience. Our team is reliable, experienced, and dedicated to helping you find the best solutions possible for your home. Trust us to provide you with honest, transparent advice and opinions, and an unrivaled level of care.

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Are you considering changing out the system that you currently have for heating and AC? Are you considering getting an entirely new system put in but you’re not really sure that it’s the right decision? Maybe you’re considering just how you could save some money if you switched out the system you have. Or maybe you think that it’s just not working. There are a number of reasons why you might be thinking about some changes for your Cypress, TX home, but we’re going to talk about just why you might want to make this investment.

Your System Is Old

If the system you have is old and that’s all then it’s not a big deal. But if your heating and AC system is actually old and it’s starting to fail that’s a good reason to look into getting a new system. You want to make sure that you’re not paying for something that doesn’t work, right? And if you have a system installed and trying to function it could actually be far less energy efficient than you would think. That’s going to cost you a whole lot of money.

Now, if the system itself is old that doesn’t mean that you need to change it out entirely. You may be able to change out pieces of the system or get some minor (or major) upgrades going. This can help you keep the costs down but still make sure that you’re getting the improvements that you need. That’s definitely going to help your heating and AC system to work better and to provide you with the energy efficiency that you’re actually looking for. This is going to be important to keeping the bills down.

You Added Square Footage

If you’ve added to your home you’re definitely going to want to look into a new system. Now, it’s possible that the system you have will be able to accommodate the extra size. In general heating and AC systems are going to have a range where they are most effective. If your house still falls within that range you may not need to do anything and you can simply continue to use the system you have the way that you have been. But if you expanded your house outside of the range of your current system you’ll need to make some changes.

Again, you may not need to change out the entire heating and AC system because you’ve expanded your home. In fact, you may be able to make the accommodations that you need with a minor upgrade to the system. In general, you want to make sure that you talk with a professional to find out what your current system can do and what you need to do in order to accommodate the rest of the home. That’s going to make sure you get something that’s highly efficient and effective at keeping your home comfortable.

Inefficient System

We mentioned that you could have an old system that just doesn’t work anymore, but it’s also possible that you have a system that’s so old that it’s not actually energy efficient. Some older systems cost a whole lot more to run than you might think, and they’re definitely going to be something you want to think about more closely. You don’t want to find yourself struggling to pay your energy bills each month because your heating and AC system is running in a way that it definitely shouldn’t. Talk with a professional about why your system isn’t working right.

You may find that there are some minor issues that you can take care of or the entire system might just be so old and outdated that you need to replace it. This is one of the reasons that you might need to replace everything about your current heating and AC system, but you’ll want to talk with the professionals before you decide to initiate this process. After all, you want to be able to save money wherever you can. Talk with someone about what might be able to be improved or saved in order to cut back on the cost.

Other signs that you need to buy a new heating and AC system are leaks in the furnace or air conditioning unit themselves. These are generally not easy to repair if they can be repaired at all. They’re also going to be expensive if you need to repair them. That’s why the best thing that you can do is change out the unit (once you talk with your HVAC specialist that is).

You may notice that the air quality in your home has started to decrease, which could be a sign that your entire HVAC system is starting to fail. Of course, this could be a sign of a number of other things as well so you’ll want to check into all of the possibilities before you jump to switching out your entire system.

Finally, you may just find that your heating and AC system can’t be fixed. Maybe you’ve been fixing it for so long and pulling it along so much that it’s just done for and there’s nothing else that can be done. If that’s the case, it’s time to talk with a professional about getting something new and better for your Cypress, TX home.

The best thing that you can do is make sure that you’re paying attention to your heating and AC system. You want to make sure that it keeps working for you just the way that you would expect and you absolutely want to make sure that you can improve your efficiency. So, what are you going to do? The best thing you can do is talk with a specialist about your options and make sure that you’re putting your money in the right place. Don’t spend money on an inefficient system. Get a newer system that’s going to help you save money moving forward and last a whole lot longer in the process. Contact Cypress Heating and Air to schedule an appointment today!

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Maybe you’re putting in a new HVAC system in your home or you’re building a new home and want to make sure that you have the right system, right? Well, it’s going to require a bit of work to figure out just what you’re going to need. Overall, you’re looking at the BTU’s, square footage of your home and a bit more to find out so you don’t need a lot of heating and AC repair for your Cypress, TX home.

The problem is that if you get a system that’s too small it’s constantly going to be overworked and trying to keep your house at the right temperature. But it’s just not going to be able to do it. That’s going to cost you a lot in energy and it could mean that you need some serious heating and AC repair a whole lot faster than you want to. Instead, you want to make sure that you are getting something that’s just the right size for your home. You don’t want anything that’s going to be too large either.

A system that’s too large for your home is going to actually push your house full of a whole lot more air than you actually need. It’s going to work a whole lot easier, but it’s going to end up costing you a whole lot more because it’s designed for a larger space and there’s no way to ‘turn it down.’ It only knows how to heat and cool a space the size it’s built for and if your space is smaller it’s actually going to try and force that air quantity on you anyway, which also means more heating and AC repair.

Check the BTUS You Need

When you’re first starting out looking for a system you want to look at what you’re actually going to need. This is the BTUS that you’re going to want and it’s dependent on things like your windows, your square footage, the ductwork in your home, sunlight, insulation and a whole lot more. You’re going to need to take into account a lot of different things that are currently in your home and you may even need to call a professional just to find out things like how your windows are impacting your heating and AC repair and other needs or how much insulation you have.

An energy audit is one of the best ways to do this and it’s going to give you the information that you need. You’ll be able to plug in your information to get what’s called a Manual J calculation and that number is going to help you figure out just how many BTUS you need your system to be. Of course, if you hire a professional to come out they can do more than just heating and AC repair. They can actually create this calculation for you and then they can give you the level of BTUS that you actually need.

Check Your Home Size

On the other hand, you can take a look at the size of your house and get a general guide of just how many BTUS you’re actually going to need. This is going to be more generalized and if you have a house with a lot of windows or a lot of sunlight or not a lot of insulation you could find that this is a little bit off from what’s really going to keep you comfortable, but it’s going to be a good starting point to reduce your heating and AC repair needs as well.

In general, the average house is between 1,200 and 2,000 square feet. If you’re at the lower end of this, around 1,200 square feet, you can get by with approximately 21,000 – 23,000 BTUS. On the other hand, if you have a house that’s closer to 2,000 square feet you’ll want to get something that’s closer to 30,000 to 34,000 BTUS. This is going to keep your house operating at peak efficiency and it’s going to cut down on the amount of heating and AC repair that you actually need as well.

Choosing the Right Option

From there, it’s going to be time to find the right system and the right specific unit for your home. In most cases you’re going to want to talk with the professional that’s going to install your unit. They’re going to be able to steer you in the right direction and make sure that you have a quality unit that’s really going to work for your needs and your household. They can make sure that it’s not going to be too big or too small, resulting in more heating and AC repair needs.

Make sure that you at least take their thoughts into consideration. Remember that this is someone who knows a whole lot about the entire heating and AC system in your home. And they’re definitely going to be able to keep you from needing as much heating and AC repair if you listen to them. Choosing a system that they can understand and that they approve of is definitely going to set you up a whole lot better than trying to go out on your own to find something. They know what they’re doing, after all.

When it comes to choosing the right size heating and AC unit you want to know a whole lot more than just the overall size. You want to know how it’s going to work in your home and how it’s going to cut down on the amount of heating and AC repair that you need. So, what are you going to do and how are you going to make sure that you have the right system for your Cypress, TX home? Well, it’s definitely not going to be as difficult as you might think if you know how to work with the professionals at Cypress Heating and Air to pick it out and get it installed.

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If you have rooms in your house that you don’t use much you probably wonder if you should even bother keeping them heated or cooled, right? You might have a back bedroom that no one ever uses or an upstairs that hasn’t been used since your youngest kids left for college. But do you need to be heating and cooling those areas? You may have heard that not heating and cooling them leads to even more heating and air conditioning repair than just letting the air flow through your Katy, TX home, but is that really the case?

One of the biggest reasons that people think this is a good idea is that it’s going to save them on energy. After all, if you close off doors and vents you’re not pushing heat and air through those areas and that means you don’t have to pay as much money on your bills, right? But the truth is that you could be causing even more problems than you might think. And you might end up with even more heating and air conditioning repair needs than you think because of it.

The main reason that this is a problem is that you need to have plenty of ventilation throughout your home. If you’re sitting in your home right now and the heat or AC is not on you may not feel air movement, but your HVAC system is definitely helping air to flow around the room and throughout the house. When you seal off rooms by closing doors and closing air vents you’re actually decreasing the level of ventilation and circulation that’s happening in your home. This can result in more heating and air conditioning repair needs.

If you’re just closing off doors you’re going to find that air in the rooms that you’re not using will actually become stagnant. It doesn’t get to move the way that it should and that can lead to pressurization. When the air becomes pressurized it starts seeping out in any way it can. That air is definitely going to find every crevice and hole and space to flow out and that’s actually going to result in even more energy costs than the vents being open because you’re losing some of the air that your HVAC system would otherwise be using.

The same works in reverse. Because that air is being trapped in that specific room and can’t be pulled back into the HVAC system your HVAC is running low on the air that it’s supposed to pull in. As a result, it pulls air from wherever it can get it, including outside of your home. That means you’re pulling in cold or hot air from outside that then needs to be brought to the proper temperature. And this happens each time that the system runs. It’s definitely not going to be energy efficient and it’s actually going to cost you a whole lot more in the long run.

What if You Close the Vents?

Maybe you’ve thought about closing the vents because that’s going to keep air from even getting into that room, right? If the air doesn’t get in there then it can’t get trapped and then your HVAC system should be just fine with the air that you already have, right? Well, that’s actually not the case at all. If you shut off the vents to certain parts of your house it’s actually extremely problematic for your HVAC system and it can cause some serious heating and air conditioning repair needs.

First, your system is actually designed to heat and cool specific sizes of spaces, which is why you don’t want to get a system too big or too small for your home. If you close off certain rooms your HVAC system is still pushing the same amount of air through your house as if you had that room open and there may not be anywhere for that air to actually go. Because your home is completely filled, that air starts pushing out of the house wherever it can, which can actually result in leaks and pressure that require heating and air conditioning repair.

You could cause some serious damage to the system that you’re running if you’re not careful and if you’re not doing something right away about the closed off rooms. That’s when you’ll need more heating and air conditioning repair. If you have a zoned system or you have specific areas where the heating is separate from others you may be able to turn off the system in certain parts of your house, however just closing the vents or even just closing the doors to these spaces is absolutely not going to help your house or your energy bills. It’s just going to mean more heating and air conditioning repair needs.

What You Need to Know

The most important thing that you need to know is how to keep your system running properly and efficiently. You don’t want to be spending a lot of money on energy that you’re not even using and that’s probably why you’ve thought about closing off rooms. But if you do seal off rooms you could actually be causing even more serious problems then just paying to heat and cool extra spaces. You don’t want to be paying for heating and air conditioning repair when you don’t need to be, so make sure you’re keeping your house running smoothly.

You can absolutely cut down on your energy use by lowering the temperatures (or raising them in the warmer months) or by setting wider ranges for when the system kicks in. No matter how you do it, however, you’ll want to call Cypress Heating and Air to make sure you’re taking into account just what your system actually needs. You definitely don’t want to spend a fortune on heating and air conditioning repair when you don’t need to. And if you’re doing some of the things you’ve heard about you might actually find yourself with more problems than anything else. That’s definitely not going to be a fun experience for your Katy, TX home.

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Okay, so you’re trying to avoid some heating and air conditioning service needs by making sure you’re using the right air filters in your system. But maybe you’re not really sure what filters you should be using. If that’s the case then you’re going to want to take a little closer look here. We’re going to walk through what you need to know to get just the right fit and the right style for your home in Cypress, TX.

Filter Size

First, you can check the owner’s manual to make sure you’re using the right size filter. It’s going to be listed in that manual so that you can choose the right size when you head to the store. But not everyone actually keeps the owner’s manual, right? In that case you can also look at whatever filter you happen to have in the unit at the time. This should tell you the size that your purchased and that (hopefully) is the right size for your machine. Keeping this changed out routinely is going to cut down on your need for heating and Air conditioning service.

MERV Ratings

Once you know the size of the filter that you need you’re going to want to check out the different types of air filters that are available. Not all of them are created equally and when you think about the purpose of that filter you’re going to want something that can actually work, right? You’re trying to keep your air a whole lot cleaner and that’s definitely not going to happen if the air filter that you’re using isn’t actually pulling dust and particles out of the air that’s floating around. You end up with even more heating and air conditioning service and sick besides.

The MERV rating is the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, which means it’s going to let you know whether this filter is actually good at getting that gunk out of the air or if you should be looking elsewhere. You’re going to want to take a closer look at what the filter is rated at before you decide on something in particular and when you’re looking you’ll find standard ratings from 1 to 16. What you need to know is that 1 is the lowest possible rating, which means it’s not doing much of anything. 16 is the best possible rating, meaning you don’t get any better than this from your heating and Air conditioning service.

Now, you don’t necessarily need or want the heaviest duty air filter that you can find. First, your heating and Air conditioning service may not be able to actually handle it and if that’s the case you’re going to end up spending more on energy (or just replacing the filter) than if you bought a slightly lower level filter in the first place. You should check your owner’s manual to find out the different sizes of filters that are approved by the manufacturer.

Filter Styles

Finally, you’re going to want to take a closer look at some of the different styles of filters that are available. What you’re going to find are the standard disposable filters that most people use, pleated filters, electrostatic filters and reusable filters along with the higher quality HEPA filters. Each of these has their own benefits and drawbacks that you’ll want to take a closer look at before you decide which one is going to be the best option for your situation and your household to improve your heating and Air conditioning service.

Disposable Filters– These are exactly what you would think when you hear the term. They’re inexpensive and simple filters that you put in and when the time comes to change out your filter you just throw them away. They generally only have ratings up to 4 and they are made with a type of fiberglass or polyester mesh. They’re not great, but they can mostly get the job done and help out your air quality.

Reusable Filters– These are very similar to the disposable filters but they’re designed to be able to be washed out and reused. They’re still made with the same fiberglass and polyester mesh and they have the same MERV ratings, between 1 and 4. You will save a little bit of money using these even though the upfront cost is higher because they don’t need to be replaced for a long time.

Electrostatic Filters– These filters are good because they actually use an electric charge to help pull in particles. This actually makes them more efficient because it means that more particles are being trapped in them. They have ratings that can go up to 15, which means you’re definitely getting more power out of using one of these for your heating and Air conditioning service. But they’re not always going to be possible with your current heating and Air conditioning service.

HEPA Filters– These are some of the best filters that you’re going to find because they’re designed to remove as much pollution and contaminants as possible. They actually offer MERV ratings of between 17 and 20 (which is completely above the norm) and they definitely help out those households who have allergies and more. The downside is that they don’t fit in most systems and they require more power out of your HVAC.

Pleated Filters– These are a simple filter that could be disposable (usually) or reusable. They have MERV ratings of 5 – 13 and they’re able to trap even more particles than a standard filter. The reason is the pleats that provide even more surface area for your heating and Air conditioning service to pull in those contaminants and trap them there. But they’re not able to be used in many different systems.

Overall, your Cypress Heating and Air service in Cypress, TX is an important one. But you’re only going to get the absolute best out of it if you’re using the right filtration systems. Make sure you know what kind of filter you need to protect your Cypress, TX home.

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HVAC units are critically important in office buildings and homes throughout Katy, TX. They are designed to enhance the comfort of building occupants, especially during severe weather. A properly functioning HVAC unit helps in controlling the indoor climate and good airflow, making sure you neither freeze or sweat. But these units also get damaged like other systems and when that happens, heating and air conditioning repair is needed to restore them to their operating condition. While breakdowns can completely disrupt your HVAC thus hindering it from performing optimally, the last thing you would wish is to be faced with the responsibility of fixing these breakdowns.

That’s why Cypress heating and air conditioning is more than willing to work towards restoring your faulty HVAC. Our certified HVAC repair experts will troubleshoot your HVAC, locate the problem and then fix it promptly. They are experts in heating & cooling technology, air conditioning, and energy product installations. Our repair service is meant to increase your HVAC’s lifespan and keep it functioning several years down the path.

We understand just how unbearable Katy, TX summers can be. Consequently, we work dedicatedly to keep your HVAC functioning throughout. Our top-notch heating and air conditioning repair service always offers the perfect solution to any HVAC problem that comes along. Whether you want air duct cleaning or filter replacement, contact us today either by phone or online and we will perform the HVAC repairs at hand,

Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Service, Katy, TX

Cypress heating and air conditioning can repair and service any HVAC unit irrespective of its model. Our technicians have specialized in virtually everything touching on HVAC systems, from coils, condensers, HVAC unit replacements, air filtration to HVAC installations. Our HVAC professionals can provide you with whatever HVAC repair service you require to get your unit up and running. We also offer preventive maintenance after performing the necessary repairs on your unit, just to prevent unanticipated breakdowns and improve your unit’s efficiency. Our world-class HVAC repair service is perfect for all types of air conditioning units. Our repairs are done with factory genuine, authorized HVAC parts. Besides repairs, our technicians are quite successful when it gets to heating and air conditioning installations. They install every HVAC unit properly to ensure that every room gets an adequate supply of conditioned air.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to heating and air conditioning repair, we are pretty sure you have a wide array of options given that there are countless HVAC repair services in Katy, TX that we have already performed over the several years. We have multiple quality services at Cypress Heating and Air. Some of them include:

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Unlike most heating and air conditioning services, we aim at meeting customer’s satisfaction irrespective of their needs. Below is a list of the HVAC services that are available on our offer, they include:

  • Commercial HVAC repair
  • Repair HVAC repair
  • HEPA filter installations and replacements
  • HVAC balancing
  • HVAC maintenance
  • HVAC installations
  • HVAC room zoning
  • HVAC upgrading
  • Equipment retrofit and replacement
  • Dust and allergy solutions
  • Noisy HVAC equipment
  • Freon and coolant leaks

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Cypress heating and air conditioning repair services are taken care by qualified experts and they also have high-quality products for replacement during repairs. As such, we guarantee our customers with high level of satisfaction they can’t easily get with any other HVAC repair service. Customer service and satisfaction is our priority in everything we do.

Specialized Equipment 

We use state-of-the-art HVAC repair equipment. Our latest HVAC tools and equipment are crafted for maximum efficiency, thus helping our customers save money in the long-run. Due to our reliance on modern equipment, we always succeed in fixing our customers’ HVAC units the first time they present them to our technicians. We also ensure they are very safe and at the end of the service, no issues or incidents are observed or reported after we have completed our HVAC repair services.

Our Repair Service Is Guaranteed

Our heating and air conditioning repair service is fully guaranteed. Cypress heating and air conditioning stands behind its products and work. We offer a free annual service contact-which includes tune-ups and courtesy maintenance to all customers who use our service.

Highly Trained Technicians

Our technicians are the cornerstone of our heating and air conditioning repair service. We thus handpick the best and highly trained technicians. Our strict and competitive hiring process is intended to ensure we end up recruiting the best technicians, whose performance is unquestionable. We provide ongoing lessons to our technicians to ensure they are on track with the recent areas of expertise in the HVAC installation and repair business.

Licensing, Certification, and Insurance

One of the multiple factors that have consistently distinguished us from a sea of HVAC repair services in Katy, TX is that our service is fully insured, licensed and certified. We have received certification from relevant bodies in the HVAC and plumbing industry. More importantly, Cypress heating and air conditioning is licensed, which is a solemn sign that our company is authorized to offer heating and air conditioning repair service. Best of all, we have an insurance plan that ensures all our operations are fully insured. Therefore, customers don’t have to worry about losing money while working with us. If anything is likely to make our customers lose money, our insurance coverage ensures we can repay our customers.


There is zero doubt that Cypress Heating and Air is the right HVAC service destination to settle for if you are facing troubling HVAC faults that risk compromising your family’s comfort. Our heating and air conditioning repair service is top-notch and meant to solve your prevailing HVAC problems effectively. Contact us now and we shall address any pressing problem that your unit is experiencing.

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Okay, are you looking to finish up a basement in your home and you want to make sure that it’s going to be comfortable? Maybe you don’t even plan on spending much time down there but you want to know that it’s taken care of properly and it’s not going to cause you any problems. Well then, you might be wondering about vents and how the air actually flows through this space. That way, you can cut down on heating and AC repair needs for your Cypress, TX home, right?

If you’re going to be using your basement or not you’re going to want the space to be a ‘comfortable’ level. This is set to make sure that you will be able to go down there if you need to but even more importantly that the air quality is going to be good. If you don’t have good air quality in this space, you could actually end up with serious problems that require heating and AC repair. You’re definitely not going to want that to happen, so you’ll want to keep the air to a set standard.

If you talk with an HVAC professional they’re going to tell you to check things like the temperature and the humidity more than anything. You want your humidity level to be low because moisture that gets into the basement is going to eventually start to work its way up through the rest of your house. If the humidity is too high then it means your air is too wet. On the other hand, dry air can cause irritation and problems for the people who live in your house as well. So either way you could end up needing heating and AC repair.

You also want to make sure that the temperature is staying within a reasonable range as well. After all, your basement is connected to your house and if you’re not keeping it at a reasonable temperature whatever actually is down there will start to seep up into your home. That’s going to mean that your HVAC system is working a whole lot harder to keep the temperature where you want it and it’s also going to mean that you feel the heat or the cold (which you don’t want). You could end up with minor heating and AC repair needs from this process.

Venting Your Basement

Now, let’s backtrack slightly because you may be looking at venting your basement to the outside when you’re talking about venting and we want to address that as well. If you’re not talking about something that would deal with heating and AC repair then you’re talking about the vents that go on the outside walls of your basement and allow air from the outside to get in and air from inside to get out. Conventional wisdom was that this helped to keep the moisture levels in your basement down so that you would have less of those heating and AC repair needs.

The truth is that there’s no evidence to suggest that this actually works. Instead, it actually seems to cause even more problems than anything. If you’re looking at venting your home to the outside you’ll actually want to look at sealing it off instead. Even your basement should be sealed to make sure that the air outdoors isn’t getting inside. It’s not going to cut down on moisture and it could actually cause you more problems and needs for heating and AC repair than anything else does.

Heating and Cooling Your Basement

If you’re planning to use your basement frequently or if you find that it stays too cold or too hot then you may need to look into expanding the system that you already have to add HVAC to your basement (or improving it if it’s already there). You want the basement to be reasonably moderate if you’re not using it but you definitely want it to be comfortable if this is going to be a space that everyone tends to hang out, even just sometimes.

So, what are you going to do about it? Well, you’re going to want to call your HVAC specialist and find out just how you can set up your system to get the most out of it. You want to make sure that you’re going to have something highly efficient and that you can enjoy the space. That’s going to require you to have some level of control. You may or may not want to set up the same HVAC system into your basement as the rest of the house because if you do it’s going to try and keep your basement at the same temperature as well.

Vents into the basement are sometimes a good way to help balance out the temperatures but this will do the same. If you are going to keep your basement opened up and usable then you’ll definitely want to talk with a specialist about whether you need some heating and air conditioning repair to make sure that everything is set up properly and to make sure that your current system can handle it. The increased load may be more than what your system is actually designed to handle and that could be a problem.

Talk with the professionals about just what you need if you add a basement or if you want to make your basement a more usable space. They’ll be able to walk you through the best steps and the best way to make sure that everything stays comfortable without you having to spend a lot of money on heating and AC repair or on expensive HVAC systems. After all, you want to be able to get the most you possibly can for the money that you’re spending, right? You want to make sure that you’re actually getting everything taken care of in the best way possible? And that’s definitely going to happen here with the right heating and AC repair in Cypress, TX.

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The HVAC industry comprises ventilation, heating, and air conditioning. It is a necessity for both commercial and residential properties. Heating and air conditioning services are some of the biggest consumers of energy in a household or commercial property. There are lots of upcoming trends in the industry. Most of them push for energy efficiency and eco-friendliness. Technology is always changing to improve lives. The following are some emerging trends in the industry.

1.  Green Technology

With the right maintenance, your heating and air conditioning service systems can last up to 15 years. The life of your system is highly dependent on maintenance. Recent technologies have streamlined the process of maintenance to promote efficiency and eco-friendliness. Proper insulation improves the life of your HVAC system. Another aspect of green technology is the use of electronic air fresheners. They are about 40 times more efficient than conventional filters.

2.  Adopting Habits That Promote Energy Efficiency

Everyone is trying to save money and reduce their carbon footprint. As a result, more and more people are adopting habits that save energy. Some of them include; drawing the blinds during the day, running ceiling fans clockwise, and using modern air conditioners.

3.  Sustainable Construction Trends

The construction industry is directly related to the HVAC industry. An increase in new constructions means an increase in heating and AC installations. An increase in the demand for sustainable building designs has led to an increase in the demand for sustainable HVAC systems.

4.  Solar/Geothermal

Even though the use of solar heating and air conditioning service has been popular for a long time, it has recently become very popular. Solar/geothermal heating and air conditioning systems are great for the environment and they save on energy costs. Geothermal systems use underground pipes to regulate the temperatures in a building. Since the pipes are laid six feet underground, the temperature remains relatively constant.

5.  Focus on High Air Quality

On average, you breathe in 11,000 liters of air every day. If the quality of air in a room is poor, you may be taking in a lot of germs. High air quality promotes better breathing, elimination of allergens, reduce odors, and improved quality of sleep. Many buildings now have systems that monitor the quality of air. They can detect the amount of debris, dust, and CO2 in the air. Getting rid of pollutants from the air keeps it fresh and healthy.

6.  The Use of Smart Technology

Modern heating and air conditioning service systems are smart. Modern air conditioners connect to Wi-Fi for improved convenience. They allow you to regulate the temperature of your home on your device. With the help of a good HVAC expert in Cypress, TX, you can learn how to make smart technology a part of your system. The convenience of controlling the appliances in your home from wherever you are is something that many people enjoy.

7.  Ice-Powered Air Conditioning

Ice-powered air conditioning units are a fast-growing trend. Get an experienced Cypress, TX technician to help. Such units work by freezing some water in a tank overnight. The ice is great for cooling a building overnight. It can save on energy costs since peak hours are at night.

8.  Dual Fuel Heat Pumps

A common heating and air conditioning service trend in Cypress, TX is the use of dual-fuel heat pumps. Heat Pumps are the most efficient way of heating a room. A dual heat pump is a blend of a gas furnace and an electric heat pump.

When the temperatures are low, the pump draws on the gas. It maximizes efficiency. When the temperature goes beyond 35 degrees, it starts using electricity. The dual-fuel heat pump is a great way to save money. Even though the initial cost may be high, you will save a lot of money over the years.

9.  Fully Automated Homes

The trend of owning smart homes has been around for a long time. However, fully automated homes are relatively new. Many building owners in Cypress, TX, have embraced the trend. With a good heating and air conditioning service technician, it is possible to fully automate your home. There are lots of automated appliances and systems in the market. The systems are connected to other systems in the home. This means you can make adjustments while away from home.

10.  Floor Heating

Floor heating systems can improve the efficiency of your space up to 30% more than regular heating systems. You need the help of a good heating and air conditioning service expert. Floor heating allows you to enjoy the warmth from the ground up. A good floor heating system works better than hot air heating systems.

11.  Ductless Options and Variable Speeds

In the recent past, many people have been trying to find heating and air conditioning service solutions that combine both functionality and simplicity. Traditional systems focus a lot on energy efficiency but not so much on simplicity. Variable speed options and ductless air conditioners have been getting a lot of love lately. Systems get to run more precisely to match the heating and air conditioning service requirements of a building.

12.  Motion-Activated Air Conditioning 

Motion-activated air conditioning systems are becoming popular. The modern design uses sensors and aluminum rods. The air conditioner is activated when there is motion, it is a great way to reduce energy costs.

Are you looking for a heating and air conditioning service expert in Cypress, TX? Some of the services Cypress Heating and Air offers include;

  • AC installation
  • Puron refrigerant specialist
  • Noisy HVAC equipment
  • Air duct leaks
  • HEPA filter installation
  • Air quality concerns
  • High electricity bills
  • Faulty thermostats
  • Dust and allergy solutions

Our services are available for both residential and commercial properties. Our technicians are always available to take care of your heating and cooling needs. We will work with you until you get the comfort you deserve. We serve all the major brands. Our company has more than 20 years of experience in the installation and service of heating and cooling systems. If you have any issues with your AC, contact us today. We are happy to help even with the most complex installations and repairs. We can customize design and installation services for your building.

For the residents of Cypress, TX, you may find those tips you hear from television or rumors turn out not to be true, this can be true of several popular air conditioning myths. While believing in these myths may not hurt you in the short term, in the long term, failing to heat or cool your home properly can lead to a more expensive electric bill, and potentially having to replace an ac unit. Learn these myths and how you can save more money.

Myth #1 – Fans Keep a Room Cooler

Fans installed by properly trained heating and ac repair technicians can help to keep your Cypress, TX home cool, and ventilate rooms by encouraging airflow, but they don’t actually lower the temperature of the room. They cool the human body by encouraging the evaporation of sweat with a constant stream of air. This is bad in the case of plants, animals, or some electronics that are more sensitive to heat and don’t have the benefit of being able to sweat. Remember to use fans for yourself, but don’t rely on them to keep your laptop or sound system from overheating.

Myth #2: – Bigger AC Units are better AC Units.

Heating and ac repair technicians work to not only install different ac units properly, they also work to consult with homeowners on the properly sized ac units for their home. In the event that a larger ac unit is installed and operates, it operates to cool a home larger than it actually is, using more power and losing the efficiency a normal sized ac unit has. Because they’re larger, they also cycle more, leading to faster wear and tear through continued use.

Myth #3: – Lowering the Thermostat’s Temperature Cools the House Faster the Lower You Set it.

For Cypress, TX residents who are desperate to relax after a long day of work, you may be tempted to crank the ac and be ready to cool down faster than just turning it to room temperature. In reality your ac works at a constant rate to cool your home, so setting it lower won’t cool your home faster. The same can be said for heating, since your heater also heats at a constant rate.

Myth #4 – AC’s Only Needs Professional Service When Something Needs to Be Fixed.

Both air conditioners and heaters need to be serviced by a heating and ac repair technician at least once a year. Routine maintenance increases the lifespan of your units, keeps them operating efficiently, and prevents sudden breakdowns. Consulting technicians for specific programming instructions at the change of the seasons can also help you save money and put less stress on your ac/heating units.

Myth #5 – Air Conditioning Units Only Cool Air.

Your air conditioner has functions other than cooling air that you can use at different times of the year. Conditioning air removes excess humidity and particulate matter from the air, so on particularly muggy/humid days, some air conditioning units can work harder to remove moisture from the air. Heating and ac repair technicians can work to fix any units that run into problems related to ventilation and dehumidifying.

Myth #6 – It’s Cheaper to Run Space Heaters Through Several Rooms Than Run Your Home’s Heater

While some Cypress, TX residents may find running space heaters through your home to be a smart way to get around paying the gas bill during the winter, heating and ac repair technicians agree all this does is make the rest of your house uncomfortable to live in. The logic behind this goes, by heating less of your house, you’re saving money by using electricity, but because electricity is actually more inefficient and expensive than natural gas, and proper air flow, the cost comes out to be a little more expensive than if you just used your heater normally.

Myth #7 – Your Thermostat Can Go Anywhere in Your Home

Now this isn’t exactly a myth, but a fact that’s taken for granted that your thermostat functions the same anywhere in your home. In fact, your thermostat measures the temperature from your house by the surrounding air, so if it’s exposed to external heat, it will make your air conditioner work harder to cool your home. Having a heating and ac repair technician reinstall your thermostat on an interior wall out of the way of natural sunlight, electronic devices that generate heat, or drafts from windows can make your ac and heater perform more efficiently.

Myth #8 – Closing the Vents In Rooms You Don’t Use Saves Money.

While it may seem like common sense to save money by cutting off air to the parts of your home that don’t need to be heated or cooled, air flows throughout your home at the same output regardless of if a vent is closed or not. In this case, all closing the vent does is make the air flow harder out of every other open vent, and cycle again, just for a shorter time. having a heating and ac repair technician install special units that heat different rooms individually can help save money in the future, but normal central air units don’t have this function installed.

Myth #9 – Turning Off the AC When You’re Not Home Saves Energy.

If you’re going on a road trip or having your home renovated, you may want to consider turning off your ac or heater to save money on your power or gas bill on wasted energy. However, simply leaving for the day to go to work or run an errand is too short to save money, and actually forces your ac/heater to work harder to return your home to room temperature, especially at the height of summer/winter. Heating and ac repair technicians recommend turning down your thermostat by just 10 degrees will save you money in the winter, and turning it up when you get home will make it so you don’t have to wait as long to have a room temperature home.

In Conclusion

Cypress, TX residents may find a home with total heating/cooling efficiency to be impossible, but heating and ac repair professionals like Cypress Heating and Air recommend following simple routines like these to get as close as you can to having a perfectly efficient home.

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