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The best time to install an air conditioning unit is when it’s not already hot outside, so fall and spring are both good options. However, it can be tough to choose the best air conditioner for your needs. Not only do you need the right type of air conditioner, you need to make sure it’s large enough and powerful enough to cool your Katy, TX, home. If you want a simple air conditioner installation that doesn’t cost a fortune, here’s how you can pick the best AC.

Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning is the most common option for most homeowners because it provides plenty of cool air for large homes. However, central air conditioning is a little more involved than most types when it comes to air conditioner installation.

One of the biggest reasons to choose central air conditioning over other types is the fact that it provides adequate power for larger homes. If you’ve got a fairly big home that you need to cool, you can count on central AC to get the job done as long as you buy a big enough unit. With some of the weaker types of AC, you might not be getting that same cooling power.

The one thing you do have to keep in mind when it comes to central AC is the fact that you have to pay for a little bit more in terms of air conditioner installation. Central air conditioning uses ducts and vents to send air to various parts of your home, so those ducts have to be run and connected to the rooms in your home that you want to cool.

Ductless Mini-Splits

In recent years, ductless mini-split air conditioners have become another popular option. If you’re looking for a great way to cool your Katy, TX, home without having to pay a fortune for air conditioner installation or tear apart your home, ductless mini splits are a good option.

One of the most surprising parts about ductless mini-split air conditioners is the fact that they provide so much cooling power. These air conditioners have separate units that can be installed in different rooms, each of which are connected to the main cooling source. This means that you can cool different rooms in your home separately, so cooling power isn’t as much of an issue.

Another great part about ductless mini-splits is the fact that you can control the temperature in different areas of your home separately. Whereas central AC is designed to bring your whole home to a specific temperature, each mini-split unit you install in a room has separate settings to give you more control. If you have one person in your household who likes colder temperatures, they can set their AC a little bit lower without having to freeze out the rest of the house.

As far as air conditioner installation goes, ductless mini-splits are fairly easy to install because they don’t require the same type of duct work that central AC does.

Geothermal Heating & Cooling

If you want to be on the cutting edge of heating and cooling technology, geothermal heating and cooling is one way to do that. Geothermal heating and cooling works by either taking heat from your home and putting it back in the ground or taking heat from the ground and sending it to your home. While geothermal cooling is more expensive in terms of upfront cost and air conditioner installation costs, it has a lot of potential for the future.

Installing a geothermal heating and cooling system in your Katy, TX, home means you can get your warm and cold air directly from the earth. While this isn’t free, it’s a lot more efficient than using coolant or some type of gas to keep the temperature in your home at a constant.

One of the biggest reasons to avoid geothermal heating and cooling is the fact that we don’t fully know about the environmental effects it has at this point. There have been some fairly major issues with geothermal energy, and the gases from geothermal heating and cooling have the potential to become trapped underground and release into the atmosphere. Nevertheless, geothermal cooling is a solid option.

Size, Power & Efficiency

When it comes to paying for air conditioner installation by HVAC professionals, one of the biggest things you’re paying for is an AC that’s properly sized for your needs. While it might seem beneficial to simply buy the largest, most powerful AC for your Katy, TX, home, that can actually leave you paying a lot more for your AC unit and spending too much on your electric bill.

Whether you pick your own AC unit or have an air conditioner installation professional help with the decision, it’s important to do your research to figure out what size of AC you need. You can find plenty of calculators online to help with that, but it’s best to leave that decision up to a professional.

Another thing you have to consider when shopping for an AC unit is the efficiency of the unit. The efficiency rating on a unit essentially determines how much you’ll be spending on your cooling bill, so you should always consider that before paying for air conditioner installation.

Make It Easy

You need to have a good AC when it comes to surviving the hot Katy, TX, summers, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to pick the right unit. Not only do you need to choose the right type of unit for your needs, you also need to make sure you’re buying a powerful enough AC unit that’s also efficient.

Fortunately for you, you can make that decision a lot easier by choosing Cypress Heating and Air for your air conditioner installation needs. If you need help picking out an AC unit and getting it installed, give us a call at (972) 278-3506 today.

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Are you opening up a restaurant? Are you starting a new fast food franchise? Are you redecorating and renewing your Cypress café business?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you should one crucial factor in business construction and renovation: the HVAC system. What’s that, you ask?

Why the HVAC system is the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system unit that allows your restaurant to have adequate, safe and regulated temperatures, comfort, air and ventilation.

This includes air conditioning, heating, insulation and ventilation units and system parts that you must install for the comfort and health of your staff and clientele.

Every food-related business, startup, restaurant or café in Cypress should think about getting extensive ventilation, heating and air conditioning services in Cypress.

It is also legally necessary to meet safety requirements for ventilation in the restaurant and kitchen to prevent fire or safety hazards. You should check in with local laws in Cypress, TX, and make sure to get the required services.

Here is a checklist of all the key systems and technologies you need to install. You should have units for:


You should definitely get services for the installation and maintenance of ventilation systems as a kitchen-owning business in Cypress. You will do well to ventilate the dining areas to ensure that there is adequate air supply and the customers can sit and enjoy their dinner without fear of suffocation.

There should be adequate, unobstructed vents blowing out heated or cooled air into the dining area as a way to supply oxygen to the customers.

You should make sure as the owner that the restaurant’s kitchen also has adequate ventilation measures. This is because the kitchen uses gas burners and there is steam and limited air supply in the kitchen space.

The kitchen should be fitted with exhaust fans, safe burners and a range hood that covers the entire burner section.

This is to ensure that the gas supply in the burners and the heat and steam from the cooking does not build up. This can endanger the lives of your kitchen staff by suffocating them or possibly build up to a dangerous situation where a fire can start.

Heating Systems

Every restaurant in Cypress should be fitted with a heating system or a hybrid heating and cooling system. Cypress winters may not be long but they can be chilly and uncomfortable. This is not ideal for clientele.

Customers will not respond positively to a restaurant that is cold. Heating creates a warm, homely or welcoming ambience that will motivate customers to come back.

An ideal heating option for Texas restaurants, fast food places and cafes would be central heating through furnace systems. If the dining area is small, as in a diner, you should consider having space heaters. It is recommended that you do not install gas-based heating systems as gas leakages can be potentially life-threatening especially in a room with a large number of people.

You can also install ground-based heating systems if you have larger indoor dining areas, especially if you have multiple floors. This will be more energy and cost efficient and will heat the indoor atmosphere using heat energy naturally-sourced from the ground below the restaurant.

If you want a specific ambience in a bed-and-breakfast place or a restaurant, you can also consider installing a fireplace that is either electric or uses real wood. This can be used occasionally in the winters and provide a cozy atmosphere for your customers.

These can be fitted by any service that provides installation for heating and air conditioning in Cypress, TX.

Air Conditioning System

As restaurant owners in Texas, you should consider having a central or space-specific air conditioning unit so that your temperature is controlled and your customers are protected from the high temperatures and harsh climate outside.

Since Cypress sees more summer months and hot weather, it would be wise to get installation for heating and air conditioning services in Cypress, TX for either a hybrid heating and cooling system or a central air conditioning system.

Units like ductless, split or portable air conditioners can be great investments for the dining area if you do not wish to incur extensive installation services and costs.

If you want to have a permanent and central cooling system, you should either get regular central air conditioning or geothermal cooling units.

Geothermal cooling units are recommended for larger areas so that you source the cooling energy from the ground and use the system interchangeably as a heater as well. This will save you a great deal in energy costs in the long run.

If you want to cool the entire building, you should go for either of the options mentioned above but if you want to have less installation costs it will be wise to go for the central air conditioning option. Central air conditioning is especially wise in spaces that are not as large or are rented.

Even after the initial installation, each Cypress business should keep getting regular services for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.


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Our services are available for 24 hours a day, seven days a week in Cypress, TX. We are here to help if you have a poorly insulated window, a frozen air conditioner coil or even a broken thermostat. Rest assured our staff members are well-trained and able to handle anything you can throw at them.

Texas is difficult to live in if you do not have proper means for ventilation, temperature control, air conditioning and insulation in the building. So, it is important for you to get regular professionally-administered checkups and maintenance repairs for your HVAC systems.

If you have emergency heating and air conditioning services in Cypress, TX as in the case of a problematic furnace or a gas leak in a gas heater, be sure to contact us. We are available anytime throughout the week in Cypress, TX, at this number: 972-278-3506.

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Regardless of what season of the year it is, you must ensure that your house has perfect arrangements for heating and AC in Katy, TX to live comfortably.

During summers, your HVAC system will maintain a cool temperature across the house to keep it comfortable for you and your family. It will do so by keeping warm air outside and restricting it from intruding in addition to cooling the amount of air needed to fulfill your demand and sending it inside.

Likewise, in the winter season, your heating and AC system in Katy, TX will restrict chilly weather from affecting your indoor temperature and send warm air inside to keep the house cozy and comfy.

Most homeowners agree that it is more difficult to survive summer without a functional or an optimally-performing HVAC system than in winter season. The reason behind is that you can still keep yourself from the cold in winter by wearing multiple layers of clothes while you don’t have any such choice in summer.

Now when summer is reaching its peak, it is even more important for you to ensure your HVAC system is intact and problem-free in order to be able to survive the scorching days.

But how may you do so?

Simply by checking your heating and AC system in Katy, TX for certain problems and problematic components that are likely to wear out over time.

Here is a complete checklist of things you should check your HVAC system for.

The Ultimate Checklist for Your HVAC System


1.  Condition of the Filter

The filter might seem like a small, useless component of your heating and AC system in Katy, TX but the work that it does is phenomenal. Truth be told, it is the filter that allows smooth passage of air through air conditioning units in homes and other structures.

Therefore, you should inspect the filter of your HVAC unit every season if not every month i.e. after every 3 months or so. Things that you need to check it for include filth, debris, and signs of wearing out or aging.

If your filter is swathed in dust and debris, go on a cleaning spree and clean it up thoroughly. But if it looks rotten or damaged, it’s time to go for a replacement regardless of how new it might be.

Research shows that out of 10 emergencies or problems that the professionals for heating and AC service in Katy, TX, get called for, 9 are related to the filters. If you haven’t checked your HVAC system’s filter lately and your HVAC system is showing signs of a problem, it’s about time you do it!

2.  Exposure to Heat and External Elements

Your heating and AC system’s external unit is likely to be affected by heat and other external elements and cause problems because of that. The first and foremost thing to ensure here is that the outer unit isn’t installed at a spot that gets direct sunlight. If there’s no other option, you can get it covered with appropriate sheets to save it from direct sunlight. A failure to do this will cause the system to struggle to cool your house and ultimately HVAC issues because of all the hard work you put the system through.

When it is about air conditioner installation in Katy, TX, it is best you only hire qualified professionals. They have in-depth knowledge of such jobs which enables them to get things done quickly but correctly.

3.  Signs of Power Failure

The professionals for heating and AC service in Katy, TX can confirm that homeowners often call them to report their HVAC systems breaking down when the real problem is nothing but an absence of power. You may find it funny or hard to believe but it’s true. This absence of power is usually due to different reasons.

So, save your time, money, and efforts and confirm it isn’t a power failure that isn’t letting your system to start before you call the technicians.

4.  A Blocked Compressor

The external compressor of your HVAC unit needs proper space to be able to perform optimally. Therefore, you must ensure there is a distance of at least 2 to 3 feet between the compressor and every other thing around it.

One thing that is most likely to block the compressor is tall branches or trees in the yard. If you see any such problem, call a reliable heating and AC service in Katy, TX to reposition your compressor.

5.  Thermostat Setting

The thermostat is the component of your heating and AC system in Katy, TX that maintains the overall indoor temperature based on how it is set. More often than not, it is the failure to set thermostat properly or forgetting to set it at all that leads to problems like undesired temperature, bad indoor air quality, etc.

However, it can also be a malfunctioning or faulty thermostat sometimes.

If you notice a drop in your indoor air quality and the overall performance of your HVAC system, try to set the thermostat. If the problem doesn’t resolve, it is about time you call a professional.

Annual Maintenance and Servicing

If all of the above is too much for you to remember and take care of, the good news is that there is a way you can stay worry-free. This can be done by scheduling regular maintenance and servicing with a reliable heating and ac service in Katy, TX.

The professionals will not only give your system a revamp and resolve existing issues after diagnosis but also look for potential problems and prevent them early on. And this is simply how regular maintenance keeps HVAC systems free of problems at all time and enables them to perform optimally until they finally age.


If you are already looking to schedule a maintenance appointment or facing an issue with your HVAC system, connect with the pros at Cypress Heating and Air now.

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Heating and AC in Cypress, TX is to homes what the backbone is to the human body. Every part of the world sees days that are extremely cold or hot. That is when HVAC systems play their role to make indoors comfortable and cozy for the occupants.

Depending on the weather conditions, HVAC systems keep homes and workplaces comfortable by regulating indoor temperature through heating and cooling.

You simply can’t think of living in a house where there is an HVAC system that doesn’t perform well or doesn’t have one at all. Summer heat and chilly winter winds are both impossible to bear without the help of heating and AC in Cypress, TX and elsewhere.

And if this doesn’t seem true, imagine yourself in a situation like that. Think about how you would sleep peacefully after long, tiring workdays with all that heat. Do you think fans will be enough? Of course, not!

However, one thing that takes a toll on homeowners is HVAC systems that are both new and efficient but fail to meet their expectations. What do you think could be the cause behind?

It can be either of the two reasons:

  1. Buying the wrong HVAC system
  2. DIY installations or hiring unlicensed workers for heating and AC service in Cypress, TX.

Buying Wrong HVAC Systems – Homeowners’ Worst Nightmare

One thing that homeowners dread the most is investing in HVAC systems that are not suitable for their homes. This is because wrong HVAC systems can easily make your life miserable by failing to perform and leaving you to bear extreme heat or cold on your own.

On the other hand, buying HVAC systems is not an investment too small. Imagine spending your hard-earned money to get the comfort you deserve in your home, only to find out you ended up buying the wrong system. Not nice!

Wrong HVAC systems don’t only fail to maintain the desired temperature but also keep needing repairs time and again because of pushing themselves to perform, i.e., straining. While most HVAC systems that are professionally installed by licensed ac services in Cypress, TX have a life of about 10- to 15 years, your system can easily give up if it’s not suitable for your home. Not to mention the amount of money you will have to spend on major and minor repairs before the system finally breaks down.

So, in order to save yourself from all the misery and your well-merited money from being wasted, you must not resist hiring a professional for heating and ac service in Cypress, TX, who can guide you through the buying process.

Only the professionals know which system is needed for which type of house depending on different factors including the size, features, usage, etc.

As per the experts of heating and AC in Cypress, TX, you can’t make a good decision without considering a few things regarding HVAC systems. These are discussed as under.

Things to Consider When Buying a New HVAC System


1.   Price

Although the price is often the foremost consideration even when you are making a small purchase, this is not something you should fully depend on. Sometimes low prices mean bad quality and that is surely not what you’d want in exchange of saving a few bucks.

Heating and AC experts in Cypress, TX warn homeowners who solely base their decisions on the price. This is the best way to both waste your money and compromise your peace of mind and comfort.  It is better to do a cost-benefit analysis while considering other important things, such as the features, prices, models, etc. to make the right decision.

2.   Size

Size matters and there is no question about that, especially when it is about investing in heating and AC in Cypress, TX and elsewhere. Your choice in this regard will determine how comfortable your home is and this is why such a decision shouldn’t be made haphazardly.

As for the size of the system, it can be accurately determined by calculating the coverage area that the HVAC system is meant to cover. For example, if your home is big, you will need a bigger system. And if it is not too big, the system you buy should not be too big either. The professionals providing heating and ac service in Cypress, TX say that both these things should go hand in hand when buying an HVAC system.

Unfortunately, a lot of people take on the idea that the bigger the system, the better it is. This, however, is absolutely false. If you get a system with high capacity, you will have to get it replaced sooner or later because it will consume more energy than needed and that implies high energy costs.

Similarly, buying a system too small for your house in the hope of cutting down on energy costs is also a bad idea. This might get you low energy bills but only at the cost of your comfort because small HVAC systems can’t regulate the temperature of big houses.

Systems that are too small struggle with giving coverage in big areas; that means a lot of hard work. This causes HVAC systems to quickly wear out and even breakdown. Therefore, it is always better to hire a professional for heating and AC in Cypress, TX to be able to make the most of your money.

3.   Features

The last thing that you must take into account when buying a new HVAC system is the features that you desire and the features that the system you are considering has.

If you don’t have any budget constraints, you should opt for high-end HVAC systems that are highly energy efficient and deliver superior performance.  In case you aren’t sure which system has the features that you desire or which features should you look for, ask your enlisted heating and ac service in Cypress, TX about the options.


Looking for reliable heating and AC service in Cypress, TX? Connect with the experts at Cypress Heating and Air now.


Why do we install HVAC systems inside our houses and commercial properties? This question has a simple answer as you may have guessed. These systems regulate the indoor temperature to maintain our comfort all through the year. Yes, HVAC systems are responsible for providing revitalizing chilly air during sweltering heat and cozy warm air during a biting cold. However, the function of any HVAC system doesn’t just end there. 

Every reputable contractor of heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX is of the opinion that HVAC systems are also responsible to provide clean and fresh air to the indoors. This frequently overlooked function of HVAC systems can’t be realized without working air filters in place. 

HVAC Air Filters Are Essential for Absolute Comfort

You can’t feel relaxed if your room is reeking of damp and other funny smells amid the indoor temperature is being efficiently regulated. This happens when the evaporator and condenser unit of the HVAC system are working properly but the vents are fitted with broken or clogged filters. 

HVAC Air Filters Are Essential for Health 

It’s not just the comfort that is derailed by faulty HVAC air filters. If they are broken or dirty, then you and your family can also encounter many health issues as well. Professionals have concluded that households persisting with dirty HVAC filters can experience these health issues. 

  • Chronic coughing and wheezing
  • Recurrent ENT infections with no apparent cause 
  • Sore throat 

People breathing in an indoor with dirty air filters generally experience inexplicable body fatigue all the time as if they are having flu. 

Due to these critical implications, experienced contractors of heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX advise homeowners and commercial property owners to change HVAC air filters after 12-20 weeks, depending on the use. 

If you are using washable air filters, then wash them at regular intervals. Ask the technicians of any reputed company providing heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX to guide you regarding the right and effective way of washing the HVAC air filters. 

It has been estimated that we normally spend more than 20 hours indoors (work, home, cars, etc). So, there is no way one can get around the discomfort and perils caused by clogged and out-of-order air filters. Replacing them is the only viable solution.

Types of HVAC Air Filters

There are two filters that the majority of contractors of heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX recommend homeowners for their HVAC systems.

Fiberglass Filters

It is the most common type of HVAC filters because they are cheap and easy to replace. A fiberglass meshwork is the filtration medium in these HVAC filters.  A more efficient form of these filters is made of polyesters. 


High-Efficiency Particulate Absorbing (HEPA) is a state-of-the-art air filter with the ability to trap more than 90% of airborne pollutants. They are expensive but worth the cost. Have a prior consultation with any experienced contractor of heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX to be sure if HEPA filters are compatible with your HVAC systems.

Indicators of Dirty HVAC Air Filters 

Apart from the bad indoor odors, contractors providing reliable heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX also recommend homeowners to actively look for the signs mentioned below to be sure if air filters need the replacement. 

Grizzled Air Filters 

Have a close look at the fringes and meshwork of air filters fitted on vents. If they are appearing gray, then you need to replace them. This graying indicates that a layer of dust and pollutants have accumulated in between the filter internal assembly. Try to use all-white air filters so that you can easily detect this color change. 

A Dusty Indoor 

When air filters are clogged, they can’t trap the majority of dust particles in the conditioned air. As a result, the indoor starts getting more dust. If you notice that you have to do more dusting around the house than the usual, inspect the air filters of your HVAC system. Replace them before they start affecting the cooling/heating ability of your HVAC system. 

You don’t need to look up for any of these signs if you subscribe to regular tune-ups from any trustworthy contractor of heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX. They inspect and replace the dirty air filters during these routine inspections.

Air Filters and the Performance of Your HVAC System

Timely replacement of air filters is also important because it can eventually affect the performance of your HVAC systems all through the year.  Some experienced contractors providing heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX has enlightened us with the functional implications of dirty HVAC air filters. 

In Summer

A clogged HVAC filter can’t keep up with the temperature set on the thermostat. As a result, the blower has to work for longer without any break. This definitely shortens the operating life of its fan motor. Experts of heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX have also attended the cases where dirty filters led to the complete failure of blower due to burnt coiling. Even if the motor is not breaking down due to clogged filters, you will still have to pay extra in your utility bills. 

In Winter 

Air filters can also create functional hazards for your HVAC system in winters too. Vents can’t pass all the warm air into indoors due to dirty and blocked air filters. When this happens, it starts accumulating around the heat exchanger of the furnace. The overheating of the heat exchanger can eventually lead to a sudden breakdown of the furnace. This will require a detailed repair from reputed contractors of heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX. 

Cypress Heating and Air is a well-reputed HVAC company operating in Cypress and as well as Katy. The company has one of the best team of technicians to provide heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX. Get in touch with them if you are facing any HVAC issue.

HVAC systems are now a basic amenity for all types of constructions all through the year. Whether it’s commercial or residential indoors, one needs to furnish them with HVAC systems to cancel out the temperature and weather-induced discomfort. With ever-increasing importance and demand for HVAC systems, a lot of information is being constantly churned out regarding their best use. 

In this excess of information, a lot of HVAC myths and misconceptions have also been developed, as noted by many seasoned contractors of heating and ac repair in Katy, TX. We are penning down this article to address all such misinformation that revolves around the use of HVAC systems.  

Input from some seasoned HVAC technicians providing heating and ac repair in Katy, TX and other Texas cities is also part of this write-up.

HVAC Systems Need No Tune-ups 

Many homeowners in Katy mistakenly believe that only wall, window, and portable AC units need regular tune-ups. HVAC systems, on the other hand, can continue to run without any such touchup because they have long operating lives. And one should only call the guys from any company providing heating and ac repair in Katy, TX to sort out any major fault.

We want to make it clear that HVAC assemblies are not super machines. Like any other electrical or mechanical apparatus, they also need regular servicing to work at their optimum level. Regular tune-ups also extend the functional life of an HVAC unit.

Homeowners should at least have two tune-ups of their HVAC systems in a year: One before the start of summer and one before the start of peak winter. These biannual tune-ups can ensure efficient HVAC operations. Taking this care will also prevent the instances of sudden machine breakdowns. 

Air Filters Need No Replacement

Air filters are an important part of any HVAC assembly. They guarantee the provision of clean air inside the house. However, the majority of homeowners don’t consider them as necessary as their function is. They think that it’s enough to wash the air filter to preserve their filtration abilities. It’s true that washing a polymer or fiberglass air filter can improve its filtration. However, this happens just for a brief time. 

The washed air filters eventually fail to trap the most of dust and other pollutants. People keep thinking that their washed HVAC filters are working just fine. However, in reality, these poorly working HVAC components become the reason of many unfathomable allergies and breathing issues among the household.

As per seasoned contractors of heating and ac repair in Katy, TX, homeowners should replace their HVAC filters within 90-120 days to maintain indoor air quality. Fiberglass filters are cheap and you can replace them all by yourself. So, don’t wait for the annual or bi-annual service visit from heating and ac repair in Katy, TX for the replacement. Replace HVAC filters after 10-12 weeks if you have extensive use. Otherwise, replace them every four months. 

Keep HVAC On When Leaving Home Conserves Energy 

Many homeowners think that setting the HVAC system at a high and low temperature in summer and winter respectively in an empty house is an energy-conservation measure. The premise of this misconception is that by doing this, people won’t have to run the AC or heat pump at its max power when they are home.  

There is no credence to this ‘hack’ as corroborated by many qualified companies providing heating and ac repair in Katy, TX. No rocket science is needed to debunk this misconception. It’s simple: you save energy whenever you turn off the furnace or air conditioner of your HVAC system. 

So, don’t pay any heed to all such suggestions telling you to lower your energy bills by leaving your HVAC on while leaving the home. Instead of saving any money, you might get a hiked-up utility bill. 

Pro-tip: Instead of playing the ‘switch on, switch off’ game with your HVAC assembly, get a programmable thermostat for it. You can save hundreds of dollars on your energy cost with a programmable thermostat. Consult any reputable technician providing heating and ac repair in Katy, TX to pick the best programmable thermostat.

Location of Thermostat Is Irrelevant

Most people don’t pay much attention to the site of thermostat installation.  It’s a general belief that it has nothing to do with the heating and cooling performance of the HVAC unit. Seasoned contractors of heating and ac repair in Katy, TX keep clarifying that this is not true at all. The location of thermostat matters. Let’s see how. 

If your thermostat is installed in a basement or any other shaded location that is relatively cooler, then it can’t get the real picture of the temperature condition in the house. As a result, you can experience poor cooling from your unit. Similarly, having a thermostat in a sunnier location can misguide its temperature regulation during winter.  

For that matter, qualified technicians providing heating and ac repair in Katy, TX recommend homeowners to have their thermostats installed at the place where it can sense the right interior temperature that you actually want to regulate.

Covering Outer Units Protect Them 

In order to protect them from dust and debris, many homeowners heavily cover the outer units of their HVAC units, resulting in poor air exhaust from them. One should know that a heavy covering can eventually damage an outer unit instead of protecting it. If they can’t dissipate all the hot air at their full capacity, the internal buildup can overheat their internal assemblies. 

So, instead of covering your HVAC outer unit completely, put a shade above it. Also, do its regular dusting and trim up the surrounding plants. If you have to cover it, use a net that doesn’t obstruct its air passage.

Cypress Heating and Air provides experts HVAC installation, repair, and tune-up services in multiple cities of Texas. The company has a skilled and trained technician team that offers services for heating and ac repair in Katy, TX at a single call.

Does your home have temperature mood swings? No matter what you do one room is either too hot to handle and the other is so cold you can’t stop shivering. Even if your living room is at the optimum temperature, your bedroom may feel like the Arctic!

So, why does this happen? You paid an arm and a leg for a swanky new HVAC system only to have it break down on you. The temperature imbalance is annoying you to no end and you just can’t get comfortable no matter what you do. If that is the case, it may be time to call in heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX.

Even though temperature imbalances may be irritating, they can point to bigger issues that only professional heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX can figure out. Before you go to town on the poor thermostat, think over some of these common issues that may be causing the problem:

Unsuitable HVAC

The first thing that a heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX will ask you is the type of HVAC system you have. They will also take a look at the ductwork to see whether it is suitable for your home and if it is giving you the airflow you need to be comfortable.

Dirty and Leaky Ductwork

Improper ductwork can cause long-term damage to a system after all. During winter, it can cause the evaporator coils to freeze up and make them overheat in the summer. Either way, you may be looking at either a costly HVAC replacement or costly repair work.

In fact, leaky ductwork can make you lose over 30% of precious airflow. Even the smallest puncture can affect the internal temperature. Needless to say, larger leaks can stop airflow completely. This can happen from loose joints which a heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX can take care of.

So how do you lose air from leaky ductwork? When this springs a leak, air doesn’t flow to the end of the line. This forces the HVAC system to work harder than it has to deliver warm air to the furthest ends of a house. This places more pressure on the furnace leading to emergencies that can be avoided with regular maintenance. To prevent this from happening completely, make sure to get those ducts cleaned on a regular basis.

Poor Insulation

This is one of the most common issues that a heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TXworks on. Thin walls and poor insulation is a lethal combination that can lead to a hefty heating bill without the benefits of a cozy home. That’s because if your home cannot retain cold or heat you can end up wasting a lot of energy.

The bottom line is that a poorly insulated home can make your HVAC system work overtime. You may have to run the system longer than necessary to cool and heat it which can cost you big time.

Your Home is a ‘Greenhouse’

Greenhouses work by trapping sunlight to create a humid environment for plants to grow big and healthy. Well, if your home has become one too, chances are you are wilting from the heat. Your home will experience the same effect when sunlight enters through the windows and doors turning it into a furnace.

While you can reduce the glare by putting up some curtains, you can do one better and call for a heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX to recommend a good HVAC system. That sweat on your brow may be because of a faulty air conditioner that is failing to regulate the internal temperature. Think about it. Do you really want your home to be shrouded in darkness and block that amazing sunlight all day?

Rooms not near the HVAC System

In some cases, your HVAC system may not be to blame at all. It’s positioning might be the reason why your home feels icy one minute and hot as an oven the next.

Needless to say, rooms that are not near the HVAC system or at the ends of the ductwork will not feel its effects. They will receive far less airflow than rooms that are near the system resulting in uneven heating and cooling compared to the rest of the house. A heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX can come up with a custom plan that can resolve this issue.

Blocked Vents

Your HVAC system may be working fine but if you still think it is not doing its job, check out the vents first before calling a heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX. A piece of furniture may be blocking them and causing the hot/cool air to blow back into the system. If that isn’t the case, and you still feel too hot or cold, your vents may be in need of a thorough cleaning.

Rather than doing it yourself, you should hire professionals from a reliable heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX to clean them for you. They have the tools to clean those vents without damaging the system and may also spot other issues that may be clogging up the works so to speak. For instance, they are the ones who can determine whether redirecting air to certain areas and/or partially closing the vents can fix the problem or not.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning

If you are in need of emergency services from a reliable and trustworthy heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, look no further than Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning. We have years of experience providing timely and affordable HVAC services. Whether you want your home to be a comfortable temperature or need advice on a suitable HVAC system, call us today. We can send over technicians who can help you with your problem.

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The HVAC is a central component of any house. It performs the function of providing cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter. It does this through the system of ducts and vents in the home. It is responsible for providing you with comfort in every season, making the atmosphere of your house comfortable. If you enjoy this comfort level and wish to sustain it, you need to get regular heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX. In most cases, the problems within the heating and air conditioning system go undetected since they are out of sight. If you get regular heating and air conditioning service from Cypress, TX, you will identify the problems early and save costs of repair from damage.

There are various reasons why getting a heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX is essential. Some of them include:

Ease in Warranty Claim

Every HVAC unit comes with a warranty that lasts years. However, this warranty can only be invoked if certain conditions are met over the period of its usage. One of these conditions includes getting regular maintenance on the HVAC unit. You can get it maintained by availing heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX. This will ensure your warranty works when you go to claim it. Getting a warranty on your unit can be extremely helpful especially in cases when a huge component of your HVAC system gets damaged. In such a situation, you won’t have to pay for the cost for repair and your warranty will be claimed since your HVAC unit would already be well maintained.

The manufacturers of the HVAC unit take full responsibility for repair or defects present in the unit. However, it is the owner’s responsibility to maintain the fan belts and wiring of the entire system. Moreover, owners should also get the relevant parts of the unit lubricated, and air filters changed on a regular basis. By getting heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, you’d be able to claim warranty on your unit whenever something goes wrong.

Preventative Measures

There are a number of preventive measures you can take for the upkeep of your HVAC system. This includes a thorough inspection of drains or blockage within the unit, identification of leaks from the unit, examination of the pilot light of the furnace to operate timely and clearance of any sort of dirt or debris from the outdoor part of the unit. These repairs are extensive and important. They cannot be done alone which is why you would need the professional help of an expert technician for a heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX.

Moreover, the components within the HVAC system are complex. The moving parts of the unit and electrical system installed in the unit are prone to wear and tear with time and usage. Since these components exist within the unit, you can’t identify when a component has gone through wear and tear and is about to break. Although there are exceptions in which warning signs indicate your HVAC unit needs heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, other components such as ball bearings and belts don’t always give away signs before they stop working. A professional technician can identify signs that a component of the unit is about to break before the damage is done. The wear and tear in belts before they break is noticeable only to experienced and trained HVAC technicians.

By identifying the problems in their early stages, the service providers repair the problem swiftly and easily. This also serves to be less costly for the homeowners. It must be kept in mind that these problems can only be identified, if you get regular heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX for the inspection of your HVAC unit. In this way, the risk of emergency breakdowns of the unit also decreases.

Cost Effectiveness

It is pretty common for HVAC units to become less efficient with time. Over time, the parts get worn out and aren’t able to function at their full capacity. This change in the functioning of the HVAC unit is identified gradually. This is because you notice changes surrounding the HVAC unit. One of these includes a spike in energy bills. This happens because the HVAC unit starts to slow down and does not work as effectively as before. Since its effectiveness decreases, it starts to take more energy to work. This becomes evident through the increased price of energy bills. Thus, to save cost, you need to get your HVAC system maintained regularly. This will improve the efficiency of the unit.

Moreover, small problems start to build up and cause severe damages to the house and health if not responded to in the early stages. This includes the accumulation of debris and dust in the ducts that can cause health issues. Moreover, a single component breaking within the system can also damage the entire unit if not attended to immediately. Thus, by getting heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX at an earlier stage, you would be saving yourself from paying expensive expenses for potential damage. Moreover, the air provided through the ducts would be of high quality and fresh which is why it won’t cause harm to you or your family’s health.

Increase in Durability of the HVAC Unit

It is no surprise that a well-maintained HVAC unit lasts longer than one which hasn’t been serviced for years. This is because a well-maintained unit does not have to work hard for heating or cooling purposes and it draws an appropriate amount of energy. This increases the life expectancy of the unit.

In conclusion, getting heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX for your HVAC unit is extremely important. If you are looking for a trusted and well-qualified service provider, then schedule an appointment with Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning, known to provide the best HVAC maintenance services.


Aging equipment has the tendency of breaking down at the most inopportune moments. Heating and AC units too, can betray owners at the brink of a new season. It’s common for people to wonder whether they should repair their heating and AC unit or just replace it.

Buying a new HVAC unit can be costly, but it is a long-term investment. In fact, plenty of factors have to be considered before making the purchase. Likewise, depending on the severity of the issue, HVAC unit repairs can be time-consuming and costly as well.

Most people don’t realize that there is a problem with their HVAC systems until it’s too late. By that time, these problems can end up as expensive HVAC repairs and in worst cases, you’ll have to replace the unit altogether.  It can be tough to decide whether to call it a shot and buy a new unit or to consult a professional for an HVAC repair. Here are some telltale signs that may help you decide whether you need HVAC repair or replacement.


Age of the System

The age of your system is a significant determiner when opting between repair and replacement. The Energy Saver reports that an A.C. unit lasts about 15 to 20 years, whereas This Old Houseobserves that heat pump functions for 16 years and a furnace hangs on between 15 to 20 years. You can extend your heating and AC unit’s life by ensuring that it goes through regular maintenance by a professional. However, even that won’t make your unit immortal and you’ll need to replace it sometime or the other.

Frequent Repairs

If your HVAC system demands repairs more frequently than usual; it’s time to replace the system. The repair costs tend to increase in overworked systems as well. A proper technician has a good idea of whether a system has outlived its use or if it still has some time left. Replacements may be expensive but saving money from frequent repairs can offset the cost of a new system.

Loud Noises

A worn out heating and AC system has to exert all of its power to keep up with your needs and can become excessively noisy in the process. The sounds vary according to the problem. A grinding noise means bearings of the motor are worn out or need lubrication. Loud rattling sounds indicate that there is something stuck in the unit’s fan blades. Establishing a schedule regular maintenance can preserve the function of your unit, thereby enabling it to live longer.

System Efficiency

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (or SEER) is used to measure the cooling efficiency of heating or ac units. In simple terms, the higher the SEER of any heating and AC unit, the greater the efficiency it will have.

Systems with newer technologies tend to have better efficiency. Today’s heating and AC units are 50% more efficient than the ones manufactured ten years ago. When faced with high bills, expensive or frequent repairs, it’s better to keep in mind that the new machine will perform better.

Uneven Temperatures

Uneven temperatures are a clear sign that you should call a technician to look at your heating and AC system in Cypress. If there are cold or hot spots in your home, there is a problem with your ductwork. On the other hand, a weak or poor airflow through the vent means that there is a problem with the blower motor.

Switching On & Off

Heating and AC units that reach the desired temperatures in a flash but don’t maintain it are too big for your home. However, units that are too small for your room keep on running nonstop. Incorrect sized systems can result in poor humidity control and high energy bills.

Excessive Dust

Excessive dust does not only affect the cleanliness of your home, but it is also harmful to your health. Dust can contain pollen, pet dander and other airborne pollutants, which can easily trigger allergies.

If the problem is caused by a leaky duct, it can be sealed while other reasons need more permanent solutions. If you find unusual amounts of dust in your Cypress home, it’s best to consult a professional to examine your unit.

HVAC Repair or Replacement?

You can choose between HVAC repair and replacement based on the following benefits.

Benefits of HVAC Replacement

There can be plenty of reasons of replacing your heating and AC in Cypress. It can be because the machine can’t cope up with the Cypress weather anymore or may be because the repair is expensive. Some people want a new machine because the old one may be causing higher energy bills, while others just want the latest solutions that technology can offer. Your choice for replacement depends on your preference.

  • Cost SavingsIt’s better to replace your heating and AC in Cypress if it has labored more than 10 years and repair costs are getting expensive. You can save on repair costs.
  • Convenience – You won’t have to waste your time and energy finding parts for your old system.
  • Warranty –Newer units have the warranty to deal with repairs if they arise.

Benefits of HVAC Repair

People in Cypress are resourceful and understand that a good repair can add great value to their system.

  • Light on the pocket A repair is light on the pocket whereas a replacement requires a good sum of money.
  • Newer SystemsFor newly bought systems, people should opt for repair.
  • Moving –If you’re planning to move from Cypress for the next few years, it’s wiser to hold on to that long-term investment.
  • Increasing Durability – Repair and maintenance are mandatory for the heating and AC unit’s durability.


It is up to you whether you choose HVAC repair or replacement. However, choosing the right professional to do the job for you has no second answer.

Cypress Heating and Air is an established brand for the residents of Cypress. The company has a trained staff of certified servicemen and has years of experience behind them. Whatever problem your heating and AC unit is suffering from, Cypress Heating and Air will have the perfect solution for it.

For further information about the company, visit their website. You can also call them at 972-278-3506 to benefit from their services of heating and AC in Cypress.


The heating and cooling systems in the house are really important since they make the space ideal to live and move around in. They truly let you enjoy your time there. In chilly winters, you need the HVAC systems to function efficiently or else the cold can really put a hamper on the comfort levels. However, heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, has noticed that there is a steady increase in calls for services.

This is usually because heating systems aren’t used throughout the year and may malfunction during winters. The cold weather and the need for constant heating can also create issues for the system. It is important to note the common HVAC issues that might occur in winters. This way you can take steps to prevent them or know what to do if such situations arise.

As a homeowner, it is important to learn more about the crucial HVAC system operating in your home.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are often the main reason that appliances malfunction in the winters. They can hinder the efficiency of the system. Heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, often have to work to thaw out frozen pipes since that can make it harder for the heating system to increase the temperature of the home.

As temperature decreases rapidly and ice begins to accumulate on the pipes and coils of the appliances, the components can jam and cease their functions. Hydronic systems can often fail since the water supply is hindered by the ice collecting inside the pipes. Steam radiators and water heaters need a steady supply of water to function properly. The heating system may completely fail if frozen pipes become a regular issue in the house.

Frozen pipes also put a lot of pressure on the pipe itself since water expands when frozen. In such cases, you need to turn off the supply of water and thaw out your pipes. Heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, can also be called to winter-proof your pipes so that they don’t freeze during winters.

Uneven Air Flow & Temperature

Uneven distribution of heat can also become a huge nuisance. Most heating systems are designed to keep the entire house at an optimum temperature, but during winters the heat may fluctuate depending on the room. This is an easy problem to solve since heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, deal with this issue often.

They can adjust the settings so that you have more control over the heating distribution. The problem may also be due to discrepancies in the duct system. Debris and dust can often collect in the ducts, which can hinder the air flow. It is also a good idea to take time out to insulate your house properly. Any cracks or holes in doorways and window sills will allow the heat to escape.

The Heat Pump

Many homes rely on exterior heat pumps to regulate the temperature inside the homes. However, really icy winds and a lot of snowfall can damage the appliances. They won’t work to their maximum efficiency since they may get a coil blockage or broken fan motors.

Usually, heat pumps have certain mechanisms to deflect the chill, butin really harsh winters, they may fail to defrost. You may need to call a heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, to clear the frost off the fan and coil. You can also ask them to install an upgraded heat pump which has automatic defrosting settings. This will help reduce maintenance costs for you and save you from expenses building up in the long run.

Dirty Heater Filters

In winters, you need the heat running constantly, otherwise, the home can literally become unlivable depending on where you are located. This excessive use will cause the filters to clog eventually. Debris, dust, and dirt need to be clearedso that the air can flow easily and heat the room efficiently. Homeowners often don’t realize that the air circulation has choked, which is why you need an inspection from a heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX.

To fix it, they will first clean the filters properly. They may also need to be replaced if they have become discolored or bent. The motor and fans also need to be checked to ensure that the decreased air circulation hasn’t caused any issues.

Broken Thermostat

Most of the times, the problem isn’t really with the hardware but with the thermostat instead. The thermostat may have faulty wiring, which is messing with the temperature in the room. You may need to callheating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, to install a new thermostat. Homeowners may not be able to do this task alone since the new component needs to be calibrated properly with the heater or else you will continue to face problems. Newly upgraded thermostats can control energy consumption more efficiently, meaning a decrease in energy bills for you.

Faulty Pilot Light

The pilot light may begin to malfunction if you have a damaged flame sensor. The flame can burn too brightly or not at all if the light is damaged, causing disruptions in the temperature. Heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, may have to install a new pilot light if it misbehaves regularly.

Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Carbon monoxide leaks are really serious since they can make the quality of the air in the house drop significantly. In the winters, the risk of leaks increases due to overuse of the heating appliances. If the heater has rusted or developed cracks during the period of disuse, it can become quite dangerous. Do make sure that you call a heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, for maintenance and inspection before winter arrives to check the heat exchanger.

It’s highly probable that many HVAC problems will occur during the winter months. If you have the skills to identify the problem, it can become easier for you to solve them. With the help of trained professionals at Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning, you won’t ever have to deal with these issues for too long.

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