The HVAC system in your Spring, TX home is essential to your family’s comfort. Most people spend more time indoors to escape the heat outside during the summer. In addition, people spend more time indoors during the winter to avoid the cold weather.

If your furnace isn’t functioning correctly, your home will be very cold in the winter, and you will need to dress in layers or cover up in a blanket. If your air conditioner has issues, your home will be hot and humid, making it impossible to stay comfortable.

DIY HVAC repairs aren’t recommended because your HVAC system is very complex. If you make one small mistake, you could cause more damage or cause a disaster. If any part of your HVAC system malfunctions and experiences any of the following issues, you should call a heating and AC repair service.

#1 The Air Conditioner Produces Warm Air

The air conditioner in your Spring, TX home should produce cold air and remove the humidity when it functions properly. If you feel warm air coming from the vents, you may need to call a heating and AC repair service.

Before making the call, check the thermostat settings. This is a common cause of this problem, and checking the thermostat will avoid an unnecessary service call. First, you should check the mode setting, and for the unit to produce cold air, it needs to be set to the cooling mode. Next, make sure the fan is set to “auto.” If it is set to “on,” the fan will continue to run when the unit cycles down, and you will feel warm air coming from the vents. Finally, check the temperature setting. The air conditioner won’t kick on unless the temperature in your home is warmer than the setting on the thermostat.

If the thermostat is set correctly, it’s time to call a heating and AC repair service. A few issues can cause the air conditioner to produce warm air; therefore, you need the help of a professional.

The most common causes of this problem include:

  • Dirty air filter: If you neglect to change the air filter, your air conditioner will have trouble producing cold air. A clogged filter will prevent air from moving through the unit, causing it to overheat and can’t produce cold air. HVAC experts recommend changing the air filter every 90 days. If a family member has allergies or there are pets in your home, you should change the filter every 45 days. If you know how to change the air filter, you can do this yourself. If not, a heating and AC repair professional can replace the filter and show you how to do it.
  • Frozen evaporator coils: The evaporator coils begin the cooling process by extracting heat from your home. If moisture forms on the evaporator coils, they can freeze and can’t start the cooling process, and the unit will produce warm air. A heating and AC repair professional can thaw the coils and figure out why they froze so they can fix the problem, so it doesn’t happen again.
  • Leaking refrigerant: The air conditioner in your Spring, TX home relies on refrigerant to keep your home cool. If the unit leaks refrigerant, it won’t be able to produce warm air. A heating and AC repair service can fix the leak and refill the unit if you have a newer system. If your unit is over ten years old, the tech can repair the leak, but they won’t be able to refill the refrigerant. Older units use R-22 refrigerant, which the EPA has deemed toxic and harmful to the environment, and the U.S. government banned production on January 1, 2020. They no longer make R-22; therefore, you will need to replace the air conditioner.
  • The outdoor unit has no power: The indoor and outdoor air conditioning units work together to keep your home cool. If the outdoor unit has no power, the unit will produce warm air.
  • The compressor failed: If the compressor fails, it will be impossible for the unit to produce cold air, and the compressor will need to be repaired or replaced.
  • The air conditioner has reached the end of its lifespan: The average lifespan of an air conditioner is between 15 and 20 years. If the unit is nearing or has reached the end of its lifespan, it won’t function efficiently and will produce warm air and should be replaced.

If your air conditioner produces warm air and the thermostat is set correctly, call a heating and AC repair service. A professional in heating and AC repair can find the cause of the problem and make the necessary repair. When the job is complete, your home will be cool and comfortable.

#2 The Furnace Is Producing Cold Air

If you turn on the heat in your Spring, TX home, it should produce warm air. If the furnace is producing cold air, you may need to call a heating and AC repair service.

If this is the first time you have turned on the heat in several days or the first time during the heating season, it can take time for the furnace to heat up. If you let the heat run for several minutes, it should produce warm air. As mentioned above, you should also check the thermostat settings.

If everything is fine on your end, it’s time to call a heating and AC repair company. A few issues can cause this problem, and you will need the help of an HVAC professional.

  • The pilot light is out: If your furnace has a pilot light, it needs to be lit for the unit to produce warm air. You will need to call a heating and AC repair service to determine why the pilot went out and make the necessary repair.
  • Dirty flame detector: If your furnace doesn’t have a pilot light, it has a flame detector to complete the heating cycle. If the flame sensor is dirty, the furnace will produce cold air.
  • The limit switch failed: The limit switch tells the fan when to turn on and off. If it fails, the fan will continue running when the furnace completes the cycle, producing cold air.
  • Clogged condensate lines: The condensate drain lines help remove moisture. If the line is blocked, it can deactivate the burners, and the furnace will produce cold air.

Your home will be very cold if the furnace produces warm air; therefore, it is best to call a heating and AC repair service right away.

#3 Strange Smells

When the heater or air conditioner runs, it should produce clean, odorless air. If you smell something strange when the HVAC system runs, it is best to call a heating and AC repair service right away. The odor you smell can help the HVAC tech figure out what is causing the odor.

  • Rotten eggs: If you smell rotten eggs in your Spring, TX home, it indicates a gas leak, which is a serious and dangerous problem. As soon as you detect the smell, turn off the furnace, get everyone out of the house and call 911. Ignoring a gas leak can cause an explosion that can destroy your home and is deadly if anyone is inside. The fire department will cut the gas to your home, ensuring it is safe to return. The gas cannot be restored until you call a heating and AC repair service and the leak is repaired.
  • Mold: If you smell mold when your heater or air conditioner runs, you should call a heating and AC repair service right away. There is likely mold in the air ducts, and when the HVAC system runs, mold spores will circulate in the air. According to the CDC, mold exposure causes allergy symptoms, respiratory problems, headaches, skin rashes. In addition, mold exposure can weaken the immune system, making it harder for the body to fight off disease and infection. Mold exposure can be very harmful to your family’s health; therefore, you should call a heating and AC repair service right away.
    An HVAC tech can inspect the ducts for mold and can use an antimicrobial fogger to eradicate the mold. If there is no mold in the ducts and you only smell mold when the air conditioner runs, the mold could be in the unit, which can be harder to eradicate. If the heating and AC repair service cannot remove all the mold, you will need to replace the unit.
  • Burning: A burning smell indicates a wiring issue or an electrical problem in the HVAC system. This is a serious issue that can spark an electrical fire if you don’t call a heating and AC repair service right away. An HVAC tech can inspect the unit to find the burning wire to make the necessary repair.

Strange smells indicate serious issues that can put your family’s health and your home at risk; therefore, you should schedule an appointment for heating and AC repair service as soon as you detect the odor.

#4 Reduce Airflow

When the HVAC system in your Spring, TX home runs, you should feel a powerful rush of warm or cold air coming from the vents. If the airflow has suddenly reduced, you should call a heating and AC repair service.

Adequate airflow is necessary for the HVAC system to keep your home comfortable. Reduced airflow will make it challenging for the HVAC system to do its job, and the unit will have to work harder to control the temperature in your home. When the system works harder, your energy bills will increase. In addition, the extra work will put added strain on the system, reducing its maximum lifespan.

A few issues can cause restricted airflow, and a professional in heating and AC repair service can determine the cause.

  • Clogged air ducts: In one year, up to five pounds of dust. Dirt debris can accumulate in the air ducts, even if you keep your home immaculate. When the ducts become clogged with debris, the airflow will be restricted. In addition, the debris can affect your home’s air quality. When the heater or air conditioner runs, the debris will circulate in the air, which can cause allergy symptoms. A heating and AC repair professional can clean the debris from the ducts, allowing adequate airflow while improving the air quality in your home.
  • Damaged air ducts: The air ducts in your home are designed to deliver the heated or cool air produced by the HVAC system to every vent in your home. If the ducts are cracked or broken, the heated or cool air will escape from the damaged area, resulting in poor airflow.
    An HVAC tech can inspect the ducts for damage and repair the damaged areas.
  • Faulty blower: Your furnace and air conditioner have blowers that force the heated or cool air to the vents. If either blower fails, the air won’t reach the vents, resulting in poor airflow. A heating and AC repair service can repair or replace the blower, restoring the airflow.

Reduced airflow affects your home’s temperature and can affect your energy bills and the lifespan of your HVAC system; therefore, it is best to call a heating and AC repair service right away.

Why Choose Mr. Reliable Heating & Air?

If your HVAC system is acting up and you need to call a heating and AC repair service, call Mr. Reliable Heating & Air. We are a full-service HVAC company, serving customers in the area for years. We provide a variety of HVAC services, including:

  • Free consultations and equipment installation
  • HVAC system maintenance
  • System diagnostic and repair
  • Parts and system replacement

If you have an issue that can’t wait or that occurs outside of our regular business hours, don’t panic. We provide emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We understand that many of our customers live on budgets, so we try to make our services as affordable as possible. We often run specials that you can find on our website, and you can become a White Glove member. This membership costs $99 a year, or $8.25 per month, and provides several benefits, including:

  • Free AC tuneup on all systems.
  • Free heat tuneup on all systems.
  • 15 percent off our standard prices
  • Priority scheduling with one hour appointment time frames

To schedule an appointment for heating and AC repair service, give us a call or book online with us at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air.

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An air conditioner is a built-to-last machine. When cleaned and treated with care, it can work for up to ten years or longer without any issue. In places such as Katy, TX, it can be impossible not to run an AC unit throughout the summer. It’s simply too hot and humid not to have the machine running non-stop.

Most people can recognize a problem with an air conditioner right away. If you can’t, calling a service tech to inspect the issue is highly advisable. It allows you to get to the root of the problem quickly so you don’t lose any more sleep in a sweltering hot home.

You Know You Need Air Conditioner Service When…

Below is a list of things that could be indicating a more significant AC unit issue. Learning what they allow you to seek air conditioning repair quickly. You don’t allow a small problem to get larger with neglect. You pay the tech to come out and take care of the AC today.

Here are some signs that you need air conditioning repair in Katy, TX:

  • It blows hot air. The air that comes out of the machine should be cold. It could be low on refrigerant or need its filter cleaned or replaced. If you notice that only hot air is coming out of the unit, turn it off and call a technician right away. Doing so ensures that the job gets done right. The professional can refill the refrigerant or replace the filter faster than you dreamed possible because they’ve done it so often.
  • It leaks. Condensation is normal, especially during humid days. Leaks, however, can damage walls and flooring, so they should be addressed right away. Being mindful of the issue is enough to get you to call a repair company right away. You don’t want to damage your home or belonging because your air conditioner leaks every time you turn it on. It’s better not to deal with damages caused by water.
  • The temperature on the thermostat isn’t correct. There may be a short in the wiring of the thermostat. Either way, you can’t control the air conditioner the way that you want to when there is an issue. Consider the value of investing in a service technician that knows what to do to repair or replace the thermostat.
  • It emits a weird odor. A smell coming out of the AC could indicate that the motor is burning. Turn off the machine and call for assistance. It could be dangerous to allow the unit to stay on if it could be prone to catching fire. Protecting you, your family, your pets, and your home is your number one priority. If necessary, you may want to unplug the unit for the electrical outlet until the service tech has come to check things out.
  • It makes a strange sound. If your air conditioner worked with little issue before, but now you notice that it makes a weird noise, know that it’s somewhat of a concern. You can easily take care of the issue by having an inspection done by a professional who does air conditioning repair. They’ll be able to locate the problem and determine whether or not it’s something they can repair rather quickly. If it’s not, they may need to replace the entire unit with a new one.

Many things could be going wrong with your AC. Attempting to diagnose the problem yourself is tricky. Hiring a professional who does air conditioning repair to take care of the problem for you is highly advisable. It means that it will get taken care of the right way from start to finish.

You won’t be required to call in a professional who does air conditioning repair after making a mess of the air conditioner. You instead invest in air conditioning repair because of the value it provides to you and your family. Everyone wants to stay indoors, where it is nice and cool.

Why You Need a Service Technician on Your Side

It’s a grandiose idea to think that you can do everything on your own. Some things a professional handles better. When you don’t possess the knowledge and skills to solve the problem yourself, you end up making a much bigger mess out of the situation. You cost yourself even more money in repair bills by creating a problem that a professional cannot deal with quickly or easily.

It is our recommendation to make sure that you always call for air conditioning repair in Katy, TX. It’s less of a hassle to have a professional come out and do the work for you. They know what to look for and how to remedy the problem at hand.

Hiring a service tech saves you time and money. It gives you the answers that you need right away. It doesn’t inconvenience you for long, either, because the technician works efficiently to get the problem fixed for you.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning Is a Company You Can Trust

Katy, TX residents, cannot do without air conditioning repair. Having access to the service during the dog days of summer is imperative. The humidity alone can make a home feel incredibly uncomfortable to be in. It’s something that makes you value the convenience of turning on the AC unit inside your home and making the temperatures indoors cooler than what you’re experiencing outside.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning know how important it is to have an air conditioner that works well during the summer. We’re available day and night to service your AC unit. Rather than be stuck sleeping in a home that isn’t a comfortable temperature, why not contact us and let us take care of the issue quickly?

You can call (972) 278-3506 today with your request for air conditioning repair service. We make your call a priority. Knowing how unbearable the Texas heat can be, we don’t leave your home until we know that we’ve 100 percent taken care of the problem that was occurring with your AC unit.

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Are you considering changing out the system that you currently have for heating and AC? Are you considering getting an entirely new system put in but you’re not really sure that it’s the right decision? Maybe you’re considering just how you could save some money if you switched out the system you have. Or maybe you think that it’s just not working. There are a number of reasons why you might be thinking about some changes for your Cypress, TX home, but we’re going to talk about just why you might want to make this investment.

Your System Is Old

If the system you have is old and that’s all then it’s not a big deal. But if your heating and AC system is actually old and it’s starting to fail that’s a good reason to look into getting a new system. You want to make sure that you’re not paying for something that doesn’t work, right? And if you have a system installed and trying to function it could actually be far less energy efficient than you would think. That’s going to cost you a whole lot of money.

Now, if the system itself is old that doesn’t mean that you need to change it out entirely. You may be able to change out pieces of the system or get some minor (or major) upgrades going. This can help you keep the costs down but still make sure that you’re getting the improvements that you need. That’s definitely going to help your heating and AC system to work better and to provide you with the energy efficiency that you’re actually looking for. This is going to be important to keeping the bills down.

You Added Square Footage

If you’ve added to your home you’re definitely going to want to look into a new system. Now, it’s possible that the system you have will be able to accommodate the extra size. In general heating and AC systems are going to have a range where they are most effective. If your house still falls within that range you may not need to do anything and you can simply continue to use the system you have the way that you have been. But if you expanded your house outside of the range of your current system you’ll need to make some changes.

Again, you may not need to change out the entire heating and AC system because you’ve expanded your home. In fact, you may be able to make the accommodations that you need with a minor upgrade to the system. In general, you want to make sure that you talk with a professional to find out what your current system can do and what you need to do in order to accommodate the rest of the home. That’s going to make sure you get something that’s highly efficient and effective at keeping your home comfortable.

Inefficient System

We mentioned that you could have an old system that just doesn’t work anymore, but it’s also possible that you have a system that’s so old that it’s not actually energy efficient. Some older systems cost a whole lot more to run than you might think, and they’re definitely going to be something you want to think about more closely. You don’t want to find yourself struggling to pay your energy bills each month because your heating and AC system is running in a way that it definitely shouldn’t. Talk with a professional about why your system isn’t working right.

You may find that there are some minor issues that you can take care of or the entire system might just be so old and outdated that you need to replace it. This is one of the reasons that you might need to replace everything about your current heating and AC system, but you’ll want to talk with the professionals before you decide to initiate this process. After all, you want to be able to save money wherever you can. Talk with someone about what might be able to be improved or saved in order to cut back on the cost.

Other signs that you need to buy a new heating and AC system are leaks in the furnace or air conditioning unit themselves. These are generally not easy to repair if they can be repaired at all. They’re also going to be expensive if you need to repair them. That’s why the best thing that you can do is change out the unit (once you talk with your HVAC specialist that is).

You may notice that the air quality in your home has started to decrease, which could be a sign that your entire HVAC system is starting to fail. Of course, this could be a sign of a number of other things as well so you’ll want to check into all of the possibilities before you jump to switching out your entire system.

Finally, you may just find that your heating and AC system can’t be fixed. Maybe you’ve been fixing it for so long and pulling it along so much that it’s just done for and there’s nothing else that can be done. If that’s the case, it’s time to talk with a professional about getting something new and better for your Cypress, TX home.

The best thing that you can do is make sure that you’re paying attention to your heating and AC system. You want to make sure that it keeps working for you just the way that you would expect and you absolutely want to make sure that you can improve your efficiency. So, what are you going to do? The best thing you can do is talk with a specialist about your options and make sure that you’re putting your money in the right place. Don’t spend money on an inefficient system. Get a newer system that’s going to help you save money moving forward and last a whole lot longer in the process. Contact Cypress Heating and Air to schedule an appointment today!

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Have you been looking at getting new appliances but you’re just not sure what you want to get? Well, if you’re looking for anything then you’re going to want to look for Energy Star ratings and you’re definitely going to want to make sure that the system that you choose is rated high. After all, those Energy Star ratings are going to cut down on things like air conditioning repair and other associated costs for your Katy, TX home.

Why Energy Star Matters

Energy Star ratings mean that your appliance, whatever it is that you’re buying, is rated to use less energy. In fact, there are specific requirements for the amount of energy that can be used in order for a product to be Energy Star rated. And when it has that rating it means that you’re going to save a lot of money. That’s because using less energy means that you have to pay for less energy and that’s definitely going to help increase the money that you get to hold onto, right? But what about that air conditioning repair?

You’re actually going to have less effort to run the unit and that’s definitely going to affect the amount of work that it needs to keep it running. You’re also going to have a more efficient system, which also makes sure you don’t need as much HVAC repair. Why would you want something that’s going to cost you more to run and that’s going to need more air conditioning repair while you’re at it? That definitely doesn’t sound like a good idea, right? Well, let’s get into just how you can tell if something is Energy Star rated.

How You Know

The first thing you’re going to want to look for is the yellow piece of paper that gives you the Energy Star information. This information doesn’t only come on appliances that are Energy Star rated, but you’re going to be able to see the difference when you start looking at the form. All you need to do is look for a few important pieces of information to make sure that you’re getting the type of system that you want and that you’re not going to have to spend a lot of money on it over time.

You’re going to notice a section in the upper right hand corner that tells you a little bit about the product that you’re looking at. Namely, it’s going to show you what the product is and who makes it. You might also see things like a manufacturer’s number or product code in this area. But this isn’t going to tell you anything about the Energy Star rating or needs for air conditioning repair or anything else. It’s just going to let you know you’re looking at the right card for the product that you’re considering.

Next, the upper left hand corner is going to give you a few important features of the product that you’re looking at. Again, this doesn’t say anything about Energy Star or about air conditioning repair but it’s definitely going to let you know that you’re looking at the right thing and that you’re getting some specialized features. These features will let you know more about if this is the type of product that you’re looking for and that you want for your purposes. Just make sure that it all matches the item that you’re looking at so you don’t get a card for the wrong product.

Finally, in the center is where you’re going to see just how much this product is going to cost you to operate over the course of a year. You’ll be able to see how it stacks up to similar products as well. So, the large number in the middle is going to be the yearly cost that you’re going to have when it comes to energy to keep the product going. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have less air conditioning repair, but it does mean that just keeping it on for a normal amount of time is going to cost you that much to accomplish.

You’ll be able to see a chart underneath this number that shows you what similar products cost to run and just where this product fits on the chart. You generally want something that’s average or better than average for the similar products. After all, you don’t want to buy the most expensive product to run, right? It’s going to cost you more in air conditioning repair and it’s definitely not going to be as convenient for you overall. So, look at the chart and the larger number that appears at the top of the chart.

You’re also going to see a number in the center (but under this one) that gives you a specific amount of kWh that you’re going to have for this particular product. This allows you to judge just how much it’s going to cost for yourself. You can take a look at the amount that you pay for energy compared to the kWh that it provides and see just how much you’re actually spending or saving. That’s definitely going to be an important part of the process and let you know what you can expect before you’re going to need a lot of air conditioning repair.

Finally, you’re going to see whether the product is Energy Star rated. This is going to appear in the lower right-hand corner. If you see a little box there for Energy Star then it means your product is a good one for this purpose. If you don’t it means that you’re not getting something Energy Star rated and you’re likely going to find that it needs a bit more HVAC repair over time. You want your Katy, TX home to run smoothly and that means you definitely don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on those air conditioning repairs, right? Contact Cypress Heating and Air to schedule an appointment today!

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Almost every home in Katy, TX these days has an air conditioner. After all, the hot summers can be quite unbearable and thus having an air conditioner is no longer a luxury, but instead, it’s a necessity. But as essential as air conditioners are, that doesn’t mean they can get damaged just like any other air conditioning system. Although a damaged unit should ideally be checked by a professional air conditioner repair service, it is wrong to check it on your own. An expert will be able to diagnose hidden problems that the average individual might fail to detect simply by checking the air condition within few minutes.

Cypress Heating and Air is your ideal choice and the most reliable air conditioner repair services destination in Katy, TX. Whether your unit needs filter replacement, major repairs or simple maintenance, we are the ultimate service you should reach out to. Our air conditioning repair services aren’t only dependable, they are also cost-effective as well. Our air conditioning professionals are certified, highly trained and licensed. This enables them to tackle all air conditioning problems that household and businesses encounter.

We believe you shouldn’t suffer in the brutal heat as a result of a damaged air conditioner when we have comprehensive HVAC repair services in store for you. At Cypress Heating and Air, our air conditioning experts are adept at restoring the sinking concrete slab, or unclogging condenser, our professionals can handle all that. Whatever AC problem that is threatening your unit hence preventing you from enjoying conditioned air, we will address it professionally and promptly.

Call us and enjoy our unrivaled air conditioner repair service today. Our technicians can undertake repairs on any unit irrespective of the model or make. Our services adhere to the industry-leading standards that are outlined by the relevant air conditioning bodies throughout Texas.

Air Conditioner Repair, Katy, TX

It is common for temperatures to get to triple digits in summer. Therefore, having a faulty AC is by far the worst thing that can happen to you and your family. At Cypress Heating and Air, we ensure your unit is performing at its peak all the time. We are passionate about helping clients in their quest to keeping their units functioning properly throughout the year. Our reliable air conditioner repair service is tailored to address multiple AC problems, including AC maintenance and replacement.

Our service is fast, reliable and professional. It is dedicated to ensuring you and your family don’t continue suffering in the brutal heat. Our technicians have experience repairing a wide array of air conditioners. This gives them unparalleled wealth of experience and knowledge, which serves our company well when handling AC installations, repairs, and replacement. Our experts can diagnose even the most stubborn air conditioner problems such as zone-control systems and ductless mini-split. Our expert-level repairs are done effectively and quickly. Cypress Heating and Air offer a reliable 24-hour emergency air conditioner repair service, which helps bring our service to your door any time, whether it’s during the day or at night.

Why Choose Us? 

There are many other companies that claim to specialize in AC installation and repair. However, there are several aspects that make Cypress Heating and Air is the go-to firm when it comes to air conditioning. Here are several aspects that make our HVAC repair service to truly standout.

Extremely Fast and Flexible Service

99% of all the call regarding air conditioner repair services are responded within the same day. That shows we understand that when our clients need AC installations and repairs, they need then immediately. We have the obligation to ensure that clients don’t have to wait for hours before their problems are addressed. We will quickly schedule our service as soon as you call our customer support team. We will then quickly dispatch our technicians to address your AC concerns at a time that suits your schedule.

24/7 Availability

Cypress Heating and Air operate from the profound understanding that cooling and heating emergencies can reel their ugly heads at the most inconvenient time of the day. For our client’s convenience, our service is available to them 24/7. At Cypress Heating and Air, we have call-takers who are on the call around the clock. More importantly, pour technicians are on call 24/7 throughout the year. That means we can schedule the perfect team for your AC needs irrespective of the time you want them handled.

Transparent Pricing

We don’t charge a flat rate. Instead, our pricing is entirely competitive and based on the AC project at hand. We provide clients with upfront quotes, which means you can easily tell how much it will cost to fix your AC issue. Our pricing is devoid of any additional or hidden charges.

Tools to Get the Job Done

Irrespective of the air conditioner repair service that a client wants from us, we have the right AC equipment and tools to perform it. Our technicians travel in full-stocked vehicles that carry every tool and equipment needed to get the job done.

100% Customer Satisfaction 

Cypress Heating and Air wishes to make people happy by providing them with the quality services. We always make them 100% satisfied with our work. That gives you the freedom to either ask for a refund or request for the AC task to be done again until you are fully satisfied.

Trusted Technicians

Our technicians are drug tested and their background carefully checked. Our hiring process is structured in a way that enables us to hire the best.


If you are struggling to keep your AC functional, Cypress Heating and Air for a professional air conditioner repair service that will prolong the lifespan of your unit consequently giving you conditioned air for a longer time. Notwithstanding where you are in Katy, TX, our technicians will come promptly and assist you with restoring your AC to its normal or better state.

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Maybe you’re putting in a new HVAC system in your home or you’re building a new home and want to make sure that you have the right system, right? Well, it’s going to require a bit of work to figure out just what you’re going to need. Overall, you’re looking at the BTU’s, square footage of your home and a bit more to find out so you don’t need a lot of heating and AC repair for your Cypress, TX home.

The problem is that if you get a system that’s too small it’s constantly going to be overworked and trying to keep your house at the right temperature. But it’s just not going to be able to do it. That’s going to cost you a lot in energy and it could mean that you need some serious heating and AC repair a whole lot faster than you want to. Instead, you want to make sure that you are getting something that’s just the right size for your home. You don’t want anything that’s going to be too large either.

A system that’s too large for your home is going to actually push your house full of a whole lot more air than you actually need. It’s going to work a whole lot easier, but it’s going to end up costing you a whole lot more because it’s designed for a larger space and there’s no way to ‘turn it down.’ It only knows how to heat and cool a space the size it’s built for and if your space is smaller it’s actually going to try and force that air quantity on you anyway, which also means more heating and AC repair.

Check the BTUS You Need

When you’re first starting out looking for a system you want to look at what you’re actually going to need. This is the BTUS that you’re going to want and it’s dependent on things like your windows, your square footage, the ductwork in your home, sunlight, insulation and a whole lot more. You’re going to need to take into account a lot of different things that are currently in your home and you may even need to call a professional just to find out things like how your windows are impacting your heating and AC repair and other needs or how much insulation you have.

An energy audit is one of the best ways to do this and it’s going to give you the information that you need. You’ll be able to plug in your information to get what’s called a Manual J calculation and that number is going to help you figure out just how many BTUS you need your system to be. Of course, if you hire a professional to come out they can do more than just heating and AC repair. They can actually create this calculation for you and then they can give you the level of BTUS that you actually need.

Check Your Home Size

On the other hand, you can take a look at the size of your house and get a general guide of just how many BTUS you’re actually going to need. This is going to be more generalized and if you have a house with a lot of windows or a lot of sunlight or not a lot of insulation you could find that this is a little bit off from what’s really going to keep you comfortable, but it’s going to be a good starting point to reduce your heating and AC repair needs as well.

In general, the average house is between 1,200 and 2,000 square feet. If you’re at the lower end of this, around 1,200 square feet, you can get by with approximately 21,000 – 23,000 BTUS. On the other hand, if you have a house that’s closer to 2,000 square feet you’ll want to get something that’s closer to 30,000 to 34,000 BTUS. This is going to keep your house operating at peak efficiency and it’s going to cut down on the amount of heating and AC repair that you actually need as well.

Choosing the Right Option

From there, it’s going to be time to find the right system and the right specific unit for your home. In most cases you’re going to want to talk with the professional that’s going to install your unit. They’re going to be able to steer you in the right direction and make sure that you have a quality unit that’s really going to work for your needs and your household. They can make sure that it’s not going to be too big or too small, resulting in more heating and AC repair needs.

Make sure that you at least take their thoughts into consideration. Remember that this is someone who knows a whole lot about the entire heating and AC system in your home. And they’re definitely going to be able to keep you from needing as much heating and AC repair if you listen to them. Choosing a system that they can understand and that they approve of is definitely going to set you up a whole lot better than trying to go out on your own to find something. They know what they’re doing, after all.

When it comes to choosing the right size heating and AC unit you want to know a whole lot more than just the overall size. You want to know how it’s going to work in your home and how it’s going to cut down on the amount of heating and AC repair that you need. So, what are you going to do and how are you going to make sure that you have the right system for your Cypress, TX home? Well, it’s definitely not going to be as difficult as you might think if you know how to work with the professionals at Cypress Heating and Air to pick it out and get it installed.

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If you have rooms in your house that you don’t use much you probably wonder if you should even bother keeping them heated or cooled, right? You might have a back bedroom that no one ever uses or an upstairs that hasn’t been used since your youngest kids left for college. But do you need to be heating and cooling those areas? You may have heard that not heating and cooling them leads to even more heating and air conditioning repair than just letting the air flow through your Katy, TX home, but is that really the case?

One of the biggest reasons that people think this is a good idea is that it’s going to save them on energy. After all, if you close off doors and vents you’re not pushing heat and air through those areas and that means you don’t have to pay as much money on your bills, right? But the truth is that you could be causing even more problems than you might think. And you might end up with even more heating and air conditioning repair needs than you think because of it.

The main reason that this is a problem is that you need to have plenty of ventilation throughout your home. If you’re sitting in your home right now and the heat or AC is not on you may not feel air movement, but your HVAC system is definitely helping air to flow around the room and throughout the house. When you seal off rooms by closing doors and closing air vents you’re actually decreasing the level of ventilation and circulation that’s happening in your home. This can result in more heating and air conditioning repair needs.

If you’re just closing off doors you’re going to find that air in the rooms that you’re not using will actually become stagnant. It doesn’t get to move the way that it should and that can lead to pressurization. When the air becomes pressurized it starts seeping out in any way it can. That air is definitely going to find every crevice and hole and space to flow out and that’s actually going to result in even more energy costs than the vents being open because you’re losing some of the air that your HVAC system would otherwise be using.

The same works in reverse. Because that air is being trapped in that specific room and can’t be pulled back into the HVAC system your HVAC is running low on the air that it’s supposed to pull in. As a result, it pulls air from wherever it can get it, including outside of your home. That means you’re pulling in cold or hot air from outside that then needs to be brought to the proper temperature. And this happens each time that the system runs. It’s definitely not going to be energy efficient and it’s actually going to cost you a whole lot more in the long run.

What if You Close the Vents?

Maybe you’ve thought about closing the vents because that’s going to keep air from even getting into that room, right? If the air doesn’t get in there then it can’t get trapped and then your HVAC system should be just fine with the air that you already have, right? Well, that’s actually not the case at all. If you shut off the vents to certain parts of your house it’s actually extremely problematic for your HVAC system and it can cause some serious heating and air conditioning repair needs.

First, your system is actually designed to heat and cool specific sizes of spaces, which is why you don’t want to get a system too big or too small for your home. If you close off certain rooms your HVAC system is still pushing the same amount of air through your house as if you had that room open and there may not be anywhere for that air to actually go. Because your home is completely filled, that air starts pushing out of the house wherever it can, which can actually result in leaks and pressure that require heating and air conditioning repair.

You could cause some serious damage to the system that you’re running if you’re not careful and if you’re not doing something right away about the closed off rooms. That’s when you’ll need more heating and air conditioning repair. If you have a zoned system or you have specific areas where the heating is separate from others you may be able to turn off the system in certain parts of your house, however just closing the vents or even just closing the doors to these spaces is absolutely not going to help your house or your energy bills. It’s just going to mean more heating and air conditioning repair needs.

What You Need to Know

The most important thing that you need to know is how to keep your system running properly and efficiently. You don’t want to be spending a lot of money on energy that you’re not even using and that’s probably why you’ve thought about closing off rooms. But if you do seal off rooms you could actually be causing even more serious problems then just paying to heat and cool extra spaces. You don’t want to be paying for heating and air conditioning repair when you don’t need to be, so make sure you’re keeping your house running smoothly.

You can absolutely cut down on your energy use by lowering the temperatures (or raising them in the warmer months) or by setting wider ranges for when the system kicks in. No matter how you do it, however, you’ll want to call Cypress Heating and Air to make sure you’re taking into account just what your system actually needs. You definitely don’t want to spend a fortune on heating and air conditioning repair when you don’t need to. And if you’re doing some of the things you’ve heard about you might actually find yourself with more problems than anything else. That’s definitely not going to be a fun experience for your Katy, TX home.

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Okay, so you’re trying to avoid some heating and air conditioning service needs by making sure you’re using the right air filters in your system. But maybe you’re not really sure what filters you should be using. If that’s the case then you’re going to want to take a little closer look here. We’re going to walk through what you need to know to get just the right fit and the right style for your home in Cypress, TX.

Filter Size

First, you can check the owner’s manual to make sure you’re using the right size filter. It’s going to be listed in that manual so that you can choose the right size when you head to the store. But not everyone actually keeps the owner’s manual, right? In that case you can also look at whatever filter you happen to have in the unit at the time. This should tell you the size that your purchased and that (hopefully) is the right size for your machine. Keeping this changed out routinely is going to cut down on your need for heating and Air conditioning service.

MERV Ratings

Once you know the size of the filter that you need you’re going to want to check out the different types of air filters that are available. Not all of them are created equally and when you think about the purpose of that filter you’re going to want something that can actually work, right? You’re trying to keep your air a whole lot cleaner and that’s definitely not going to happen if the air filter that you’re using isn’t actually pulling dust and particles out of the air that’s floating around. You end up with even more heating and air conditioning service and sick besides.

The MERV rating is the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, which means it’s going to let you know whether this filter is actually good at getting that gunk out of the air or if you should be looking elsewhere. You’re going to want to take a closer look at what the filter is rated at before you decide on something in particular and when you’re looking you’ll find standard ratings from 1 to 16. What you need to know is that 1 is the lowest possible rating, which means it’s not doing much of anything. 16 is the best possible rating, meaning you don’t get any better than this from your heating and Air conditioning service.

Now, you don’t necessarily need or want the heaviest duty air filter that you can find. First, your heating and Air conditioning service may not be able to actually handle it and if that’s the case you’re going to end up spending more on energy (or just replacing the filter) than if you bought a slightly lower level filter in the first place. You should check your owner’s manual to find out the different sizes of filters that are approved by the manufacturer.

Filter Styles

Finally, you’re going to want to take a closer look at some of the different styles of filters that are available. What you’re going to find are the standard disposable filters that most people use, pleated filters, electrostatic filters and reusable filters along with the higher quality HEPA filters. Each of these has their own benefits and drawbacks that you’ll want to take a closer look at before you decide which one is going to be the best option for your situation and your household to improve your heating and Air conditioning service.

Disposable Filters– These are exactly what you would think when you hear the term. They’re inexpensive and simple filters that you put in and when the time comes to change out your filter you just throw them away. They generally only have ratings up to 4 and they are made with a type of fiberglass or polyester mesh. They’re not great, but they can mostly get the job done and help out your air quality.

Reusable Filters– These are very similar to the disposable filters but they’re designed to be able to be washed out and reused. They’re still made with the same fiberglass and polyester mesh and they have the same MERV ratings, between 1 and 4. You will save a little bit of money using these even though the upfront cost is higher because they don’t need to be replaced for a long time.

Electrostatic Filters– These filters are good because they actually use an electric charge to help pull in particles. This actually makes them more efficient because it means that more particles are being trapped in them. They have ratings that can go up to 15, which means you’re definitely getting more power out of using one of these for your heating and Air conditioning service. But they’re not always going to be possible with your current heating and Air conditioning service.

HEPA Filters– These are some of the best filters that you’re going to find because they’re designed to remove as much pollution and contaminants as possible. They actually offer MERV ratings of between 17 and 20 (which is completely above the norm) and they definitely help out those households who have allergies and more. The downside is that they don’t fit in most systems and they require more power out of your HVAC.

Pleated Filters– These are a simple filter that could be disposable (usually) or reusable. They have MERV ratings of 5 – 13 and they’re able to trap even more particles than a standard filter. The reason is the pleats that provide even more surface area for your heating and Air conditioning service to pull in those contaminants and trap them there. But they’re not able to be used in many different systems.

Overall, your Cypress Heating and Air service in Cypress, TX is an important one. But you’re only going to get the absolute best out of it if you’re using the right filtration systems. Make sure you know what kind of filter you need to protect your Cypress, TX home.

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HVAC units are critically important in office buildings and homes throughout Katy, TX. They are designed to enhance the comfort of building occupants, especially during severe weather. A properly functioning HVAC unit helps in controlling the indoor climate and good airflow, making sure you neither freeze or sweat. But these units also get damaged like other systems and when that happens, heating and air conditioning repair is needed to restore them to their operating condition. While breakdowns can completely disrupt your HVAC thus hindering it from performing optimally, the last thing you would wish is to be faced with the responsibility of fixing these breakdowns.

That’s why Cypress heating and air conditioning is more than willing to work towards restoring your faulty HVAC. Our certified HVAC repair experts will troubleshoot your HVAC, locate the problem and then fix it promptly. They are experts in heating & cooling technology, air conditioning, and energy product installations. Our repair service is meant to increase your HVAC’s lifespan and keep it functioning several years down the path.

We understand just how unbearable Katy, TX summers can be. Consequently, we work dedicatedly to keep your HVAC functioning throughout. Our top-notch heating and air conditioning repair service always offers the perfect solution to any HVAC problem that comes along. Whether you want air duct cleaning or filter replacement, contact us today either by phone or online and we will perform the HVAC repairs at hand,

Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Service, Katy, TX

Cypress heating and air conditioning can repair and service any HVAC unit irrespective of its model. Our technicians have specialized in virtually everything touching on HVAC systems, from coils, condensers, HVAC unit replacements, air filtration to HVAC installations. Our HVAC professionals can provide you with whatever HVAC repair service you require to get your unit up and running. We also offer preventive maintenance after performing the necessary repairs on your unit, just to prevent unanticipated breakdowns and improve your unit’s efficiency. Our world-class HVAC repair service is perfect for all types of air conditioning units. Our repairs are done with factory genuine, authorized HVAC parts. Besides repairs, our technicians are quite successful when it gets to heating and air conditioning installations. They install every HVAC unit properly to ensure that every room gets an adequate supply of conditioned air.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to heating and air conditioning repair, we are pretty sure you have a wide array of options given that there are countless HVAC repair services in Katy, TX that we have already performed over the several years. We have multiple quality services at Cypress Heating and Air. Some of them include:

Always on Call 24/7

Unlike most heating and air conditioning services, we aim at meeting customer’s satisfaction irrespective of their needs. Below is a list of the HVAC services that are available on our offer, they include:

  • Commercial HVAC repair
  • Repair HVAC repair
  • HEPA filter installations and replacements
  • HVAC balancing
  • HVAC maintenance
  • HVAC installations
  • HVAC room zoning
  • HVAC upgrading
  • Equipment retrofit and replacement
  • Dust and allergy solutions
  • Noisy HVAC equipment
  • Freon and coolant leaks

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Cypress heating and air conditioning repair services are taken care by qualified experts and they also have high-quality products for replacement during repairs. As such, we guarantee our customers with high level of satisfaction they can’t easily get with any other HVAC repair service. Customer service and satisfaction is our priority in everything we do.

Specialized Equipment 

We use state-of-the-art HVAC repair equipment. Our latest HVAC tools and equipment are crafted for maximum efficiency, thus helping our customers save money in the long-run. Due to our reliance on modern equipment, we always succeed in fixing our customers’ HVAC units the first time they present them to our technicians. We also ensure they are very safe and at the end of the service, no issues or incidents are observed or reported after we have completed our HVAC repair services.

Our Repair Service Is Guaranteed

Our heating and air conditioning repair service is fully guaranteed. Cypress heating and air conditioning stands behind its products and work. We offer a free annual service contact-which includes tune-ups and courtesy maintenance to all customers who use our service.

Highly Trained Technicians

Our technicians are the cornerstone of our heating and air conditioning repair service. We thus handpick the best and highly trained technicians. Our strict and competitive hiring process is intended to ensure we end up recruiting the best technicians, whose performance is unquestionable. We provide ongoing lessons to our technicians to ensure they are on track with the recent areas of expertise in the HVAC installation and repair business.

Licensing, Certification, and Insurance

One of the multiple factors that have consistently distinguished us from a sea of HVAC repair services in Katy, TX is that our service is fully insured, licensed and certified. We have received certification from relevant bodies in the HVAC and plumbing industry. More importantly, Cypress heating and air conditioning is licensed, which is a solemn sign that our company is authorized to offer heating and air conditioning repair service. Best of all, we have an insurance plan that ensures all our operations are fully insured. Therefore, customers don’t have to worry about losing money while working with us. If anything is likely to make our customers lose money, our insurance coverage ensures we can repay our customers.


There is zero doubt that Cypress Heating and Air is the right HVAC service destination to settle for if you are facing troubling HVAC faults that risk compromising your family’s comfort. Our heating and air conditioning repair service is top-notch and meant to solve your prevailing HVAC problems effectively. Contact us now and we shall address any pressing problem that your unit is experiencing.

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Okay, are you looking to finish up a basement in your home and you want to make sure that it’s going to be comfortable? Maybe you don’t even plan on spending much time down there but you want to know that it’s taken care of properly and it’s not going to cause you any problems. Well then, you might be wondering about vents and how the air actually flows through this space. That way, you can cut down on heating and AC repair needs for your Cypress, TX home, right?

If you’re going to be using your basement or not you’re going to want the space to be a ‘comfortable’ level. This is set to make sure that you will be able to go down there if you need to but even more importantly that the air quality is going to be good. If you don’t have good air quality in this space, you could actually end up with serious problems that require heating and AC repair. You’re definitely not going to want that to happen, so you’ll want to keep the air to a set standard.

If you talk with an HVAC professional they’re going to tell you to check things like the temperature and the humidity more than anything. You want your humidity level to be low because moisture that gets into the basement is going to eventually start to work its way up through the rest of your house. If the humidity is too high then it means your air is too wet. On the other hand, dry air can cause irritation and problems for the people who live in your house as well. So either way you could end up needing heating and AC repair.

You also want to make sure that the temperature is staying within a reasonable range as well. After all, your basement is connected to your house and if you’re not keeping it at a reasonable temperature whatever actually is down there will start to seep up into your home. That’s going to mean that your HVAC system is working a whole lot harder to keep the temperature where you want it and it’s also going to mean that you feel the heat or the cold (which you don’t want). You could end up with minor heating and AC repair needs from this process.

Venting Your Basement

Now, let’s backtrack slightly because you may be looking at venting your basement to the outside when you’re talking about venting and we want to address that as well. If you’re not talking about something that would deal with heating and AC repair then you’re talking about the vents that go on the outside walls of your basement and allow air from the outside to get in and air from inside to get out. Conventional wisdom was that this helped to keep the moisture levels in your basement down so that you would have less of those heating and AC repair needs.

The truth is that there’s no evidence to suggest that this actually works. Instead, it actually seems to cause even more problems than anything. If you’re looking at venting your home to the outside you’ll actually want to look at sealing it off instead. Even your basement should be sealed to make sure that the air outdoors isn’t getting inside. It’s not going to cut down on moisture and it could actually cause you more problems and needs for heating and AC repair than anything else does.

Heating and Cooling Your Basement

If you’re planning to use your basement frequently or if you find that it stays too cold or too hot then you may need to look into expanding the system that you already have to add HVAC to your basement (or improving it if it’s already there). You want the basement to be reasonably moderate if you’re not using it but you definitely want it to be comfortable if this is going to be a space that everyone tends to hang out, even just sometimes.

So, what are you going to do about it? Well, you’re going to want to call your HVAC specialist and find out just how you can set up your system to get the most out of it. You want to make sure that you’re going to have something highly efficient and that you can enjoy the space. That’s going to require you to have some level of control. You may or may not want to set up the same HVAC system into your basement as the rest of the house because if you do it’s going to try and keep your basement at the same temperature as well.

Vents into the basement are sometimes a good way to help balance out the temperatures but this will do the same. If you are going to keep your basement opened up and usable then you’ll definitely want to talk with a specialist about whether you need some heating and air conditioning repair to make sure that everything is set up properly and to make sure that your current system can handle it. The increased load may be more than what your system is actually designed to handle and that could be a problem.

Talk with the professionals about just what you need if you add a basement or if you want to make your basement a more usable space. They’ll be able to walk you through the best steps and the best way to make sure that everything stays comfortable without you having to spend a lot of money on heating and AC repair or on expensive HVAC systems. After all, you want to be able to get the most you possibly can for the money that you’re spending, right? You want to make sure that you’re actually getting everything taken care of in the best way possible? And that’s definitely going to happen here with the right heating and AC repair in Cypress, TX.

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