Window Air Conditioner

It is almost surprising to see how far we have come with air conditioning systems. A few decades ago, they were considered extremely expensive luxury items. Today though, you can easily buy an air conditioning unit for just a few hundred dollars. This steep drop in the prices is because of the popularity of the air conditioners. They are one of the most common household items for more tropical regions.

Air conditioning systems come in all shapes and sizes. There three different types of air conditioners that you can buy from the market. The HVAC, split unit and the window air conditioner. The window air conditioner is the oldest of the bunch and also one of the original types. Surprisingly it is sold today by many manufacturers and the reason for that is they are still in demand.

Window air conditioners have several benefits that compel many people to choose them over the more “modern” choices. Some of these advantages are mentioned below:

1.    They Cost Significantly Less

Air conditioning systems must be a lot cheaper than they used to be a few decades ago but they are still relatively expensive. The HVAC system in particular can cost you thousands of dollars to install from scratch. The cheaper alternative to the HVAC system is the split unit air conditioners which can cost between $500 and $1000. The cheapest option in the air conditioners is the window air conditioner which can be yours for less than $500. This is a bargain considering the performance and efficiency of this air conditioner. So, if you are looking to save some money on the air conditioner then you can go for the window air conditioner. Call the best air conditioning installation in Katy, TX to install the system today.

2.    Extremely Energy Efficient

After you have splashed the cash on the purchase of the air conditioner, the next spending concern should be the energy consumption of the air conditioner. Well, if you opted for the window air conditioner then you are safe hands when it comes to energy efficiency. The window air conditioners are extremely energy efficient and consumer significantly less energy than its counterparts. So, if you are looking to save some money on the energy bills then the best choice is definitely the window air conditioner. Call for the best air conditioner installation in Katy, TX to get it today.

3.    Easy Installation

When it comes to installation process, there is simply no match in the convenience to the window air conditioners. The HVAC system requires multiple days for installation (depending on the size and design of your house). The ductless split-unit air conditioner needs a hole in the wall for the wirings and hose connection with the outside unit. Window air conditioner on the other hand simply requires a window, which is commonly available in all types of buildings. Therefore, if you are looking to save some money and time on the installation process then you better choose the window air conditioner. To install it, simply call for the best air conditioner installation in Katy, TX.

4.    Doesn’t Require Any Floor Space

One of the biggest advantages of the window air conditioner is that it doesn’t require any kind of the floor space. The HVAC system has a big indoor and outdoor unit that usually covers a lot of floor space in your house (depending on the size of course). The window air conditioner is only a single unit that can be hanged in a window without occupying any precious floor pace in your house. Therefore, if you are looking to save some floor space in your home then simply go for a window air conditioner instead of the HVAC system. to install it, call for the best air conditioner installation in Katy, TX.

5.    Multi-Functional For All Year-Round Use

As discussed earlier, the HVAC system is fairly expensive when it comes to choosing the climate control system for your house. However, it is really convenient as it can be used all year-round because of its heating capability. The split unit air conditioners do not have any kind of heating capability which is why they can only be used during the summer season.

Despite being relatively smaller in size, window air conditioners are also multi-functional climate control systems just like the HVAC. They offer the best cooling during the summer and the incredible warmth during the winter. So, if you are looking for a multi-purpose climate control system that is also pretty much “portable” then buy a window air conditioner. Call for the best air conditioner installation in Katy, TX and get it today.

6.    Flexible and Portable

Unlike the HVAC and the ductless split unit air conditioner, the window air conditioner is extremely flexible. You can pretty much place it anywhere around the house or office. all you need is a bog window where it easily fit.

The window air conditioners are also portable which means you can easily take them with wherever you move the next time. Something you cannot do with the HVAC system. so, if you are seeking flexibility and portability in your air conditioner then window AC is the perfect choice for you. Call the best air conditioner installation service in Katy, TX and buy it today.

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