Central Air Conditioning Installation

Central Air Conditioning Installation

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When an existing central air conditioning system reaches the end of its service life and repairs are increasing the cost to maintain it, you will face the choice between air conditioning repair or air conditioning replacement. Fortunately, there are indicators to guide you, enabling you to recognize when it’s time to stop sinking money into AC repairs and choose air conditioning installation.

Air Conditioner Age

With all mechanical devices, air conditioners will eventually wear out. With air conditioning installation of a new system, modern technology will provide increased reliability and comfort, and greater energy efficiency. The technology of the HVAC industry continues to provide consistent upgrades benefiting homeowners and their energy bills. When an air conditioning system is 10 years old or older, its age is one indicator of the need for replacement.

Increasing AC Repair Costs

With age and use the air conditioner will experience wear of components over time, especially if routine maintenance hasn’t been provided. There are a number of “rule of thumbs” on when the cost of repair crosses the threshold necessitating replacement. Ultimately, only you can decide the point of replacement, though it’s wise to consider the monthly cost of a new reliable, energy efficient system versus the average monthly cost of keeping an existing system operating.

Furthermore, most experts agree when the cost of maintaining a aging unit for the past three years is 50% of the cost of replacement it’s logical to opt for air conditioning installation to achieve reliability and energy savings. Other experts advise a system that requires greater than one repair a year should be replaced. When the repair involved is an AC compressor, almost all homeowner’s opt for replacement due to the cost.

Decreasing Efficiency

As air conditioners age, they lose efficiency, especially if they aren’t receiving routine air conditioning service by an HVAC technician. You should determine if the increased cost of operation is due to higher energy costs, hotter weather or could it be due to the unit’s age? These are viable questions, and with increasing age lost efficiency is likely to be part if not all of the answer. As it ages efficiency will continue to be lost, and lost efficiency is an indicator that it’s time for air conditioning installation of a modern, efficient system.

Annual or bi-annual maintenance on the system will assist in maintaining peak performance and energy efficiency, while extending the lifespan of the unit. While most systems experience an average lifespan of 10-15 years, routine maintenance by a certified technician has resulted in systems lasting an extra 5 years or longer.

Furthermore, routine maintenance increases reliability. While no technician can guarantee break downs won’t occur with maintenance, it’s assurance that you will experience less problems and increased reliability.

SEER means Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and it’s in reference to the unit’s energy efficiency. The higher the SEER rating is, the more you will save. With new EPA guidelines in place, the minimal efficiency rating for an air conditioning unit in the south, including Texas, is a SEER rating of at least 14. Realistically, you should purchase the highest energy efficiency unit your budget will allow. This will enable the system to pay a return on part –if not all- of your investment by cutting down the amount of energy consumed. Air conditioning installation is often a choice among homeowner’s who want to reduce their energy consumption, by selecting the right unit it can even pay for itself over time.

Noise Pollution

Older air conditioners are typically noisier than today’s new AC systems. Furthermore, unusual sounds or an increase in noise could mean the current air conditioner is at the end of its service life requiring replacement with air conditioning installation.

These are a few of the common problems that indicate the need for new air conditioning installation. A Cypress Heating & Air Conditioning professional can help by offering a free assessment of your home’s air conditioning system to help determine whether the time has come for replacement, or if repair is the best option for now. You will receive an honest opinion, because our certified and licensed technicians are truly dedicated to your comfort and satisfaction. The following are additional considerations when a new air conditioner or HVAC system is needed.

Ensure a Quality Installation

The specifications of the home dictate the options available for a HVAC system. For example, the number and type of windows and doors, such as north and south facing windows, their size and insulation qualities will affect the homes HVAC needs. There are a number of factors that are essential to assess when selecting a system. The experience, training and dedication of the installer will affect the accuracy of this assessment, and the quality of the installation. When the installation is unprofessional and performed poorly, the equipment’s life span, energy-efficiency and comfort will decline dramatically. Performance will decline and repair costs will rise on the best system available if it’s under or oversized for your home, and installed poorly.

Consider Features and Options

There are a number of features and options available for modern central air. These optional features can improve the home’s air quality, humidity level, temperature and energy-consumption. Our licensed technicians will be glad to walk you through all the options available that can meet your needs. We will ensure your understanding, enabling you to make an informed decision before your air conditioning installation. We serve Katy, Plano and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.