Clues You Need Duct Cleaning | AC Repair Katy

Clues You Need Duct Cleaning | AC Repair Katy

Duct Cleaning |AC Repair Katy

Owning your own home involves a lot of maintenance. Maintenance on the home’s HVAC system provides peak performance and efficiency. When having the homes heating and cooling system serviced, or if you are having AC repair in Katy, provides the opportunity to have the ducts inspected and cleaned if necessary.

Anyone who doubts ducts require a thorough clean now and then, has never seen the deplorable condition that may occur inside ducts. The worst of them are those where remodeling has occurred, where pets are in the home, the presence of smokers, and where dirt is typically tracked in. Of course the ducts more likely to be soiled are generally those with floor registers.

Cypress’s expert professionals will provide a thorough cleaning of your dirty ducts, and inspect the coils and other components where air passes through, that may be affected by dirty air and grime. Your system will operate more cleanly and efficiently, and if any problems are found, ac repair in Katy can be provided before a minor issue becomes a large one.

If it has been five years or more since your ducts were professionally cleaned, you probably will benefit from a thorough cleaning. The following are some of the beneficial effects from clean ducts:

  • Improve your homes inside air quality
  • Helps to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system
  • Reduces the risk of bacteria, fungi and viruses in your home
  • Remove harmful mold and dust that are distributed throughout the home each time the system runs, aggravating symptoms in those with allergies

Signs that your ducts may need a professional cleaning may include:

  • Increased dust on furniture and other surfaces
  • You note excessive dust in the air when sunlight angles in and the unit is running or has recently run
  • Those with allergies experience increased illness when pollen isn’t at its seasonal high
  • Musty odors are noted when the air kicks on

Changing the air filter each month is the single most important action a homeowner can take to keep the system clean and trouble free. Filters catch particles that can potentially damage the system, causing the need for AC repair in Katy.

Once per year, it is recommended the homeowner remove each register and vacuum the area that can be accessed. This will assist in removing dirt and soil that accumulate under floor registers, due to tracked in soil and other grime, and help to keep the air in your home cleaner. When the homes air is cleaner, your system will be cleaner, helping to prevent the need for AC repair in Katy

Brushing pets daily will assist in keeping pet hair and dander down, and out of the HVAC system. Removing shoes at the door and slipping into slippers will prevent dirt, grass and leaf debris from being tracked in.

Give Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning Professionals a call today to have your duct system inspected. During our video camera duct inspection we can also assess the integrity of the duct system for dislocations of joints, loss of sealing or damage and provide any necessary repairs. An intact, sealed duct system assures the air goes where it should – into your home, saving you money. Cypress’s certified and experienced HVAC technicians provide heating and air conditioning installation, furnace and AC repair in Katy, furnace and air conditioning service and professional duct cleaning.