Commission A Heating And AC Repair Service To Get Your Heat Pump Blowing Hot Air Again | Katy, TX

Commission A Heating And AC Repair Service To Get Your Heat Pump Blowing Hot Air Again | Katy, TX

Do you want a way to save some money on your heating and cooling expenses? Installing a heat pump is one of the greatest ways. These units occupy less space, are less costly to install, and are highly efficient when installed properly in the right home. They work by extracting heat from the outer air and passing it via a series of coils that heat the inflowing air even more. But they might run into issues from time to time because of how they function. 

One of the common issues that homeowners who have installed heat pumps might experience is if the heating system starts blowing cold air in heating mode. If you observe this, you should enlist the assistance of a heating and AC repair service provider to inspect the unit and repair any underlying issue. Below are the main reasons your heat pump might be blowing cold air into your Katy, TX home.

Reasons Your Heat Pump Blows Cool Air

There are a handful of reasons your heat pump might be blowing cool air even when set into heating mode. They include:

When the Unit Is in Defrost Mode

 If it is too cold outside, the heat pump might become frozen. Whenever this happens, the heat pump switches to defrost mode. In this cycle, the heat pump starts moving heat from your home to the exterior unit to ensure the ice melts. This happens when a homeowner switches the heat pump from heating to cooling mode. Due to this, the cool air starts flowing through the vents. 

After the heat pump has melted the ice, it switches to switching mode. You should head outside to inspect the outdoor unit to check if the system is in defrost mode. Do you see frost or ice on the unit? Then it most likely is in defrost mode. If you notice that the unit is still producing cool air for several hours, even after it accumulates ice, you should enlist the help of a heating and AC repair service company.

The Heat Pump Needs More Time to Heat Up

When you turn on the heat pump for the first time, it might feel like it’s blowing cool air. This is mainly because the system requires more time to heat up sufficiently. The heat pump systems draw hot air from the environment and transfer it inside. This usually isn’t an issue that should worry you to the extent of having a heating and AC repair service

Sometimes, when the temperatures fall below 30 degrees, it gets more challenging for the system to draw a heater to your Katy, TX home. Whenever this happens, give the heat pump system 30 minutes to one hour. After this period, it’ll make your home comfortable and pleasant. However, if the heating system takes too long before it heats up, ensure that you have a heating and AC repair service provider come for a further inspection or repair.

Issues with Reversing Valve

All the heat pumps feature a pressure-reversing valve. It is the component responsible for helping the system change from heating to cooling mode. If the pressure reversing valve is stuck or broken, the unit might not switch to the heating mode. This valve is found inside your heat pump system. 

Hence, it might not be responsive even when you’ve flipped the switch or clicked the button that usually changes your heat pump modes. This is because the internal mechanics of the heat pump system might not be properly functioning. If your heat pump reversing valve has an issue, enlist the help of a heating and AC repair service technician to fix the problem.

Frozen Heat Pump

Whenever the temperatures drop, the heat pump might become frozen. As a result, it might not be able to produce heated air. You can ascertain this by checking the outdoor unit for any signs that it is frozen. However, never try defrosting your heat pump yourself using hot water. This is because it can result in other issues. Additionally, you could potentially damage your unit past the repair point.  

The heat pump should automatically set itself to defrost mode whenever it is frozen. If it does not, you can also fix it yourself. After it properly defrosts, the unit will switch back to heating mode. If it does not defrost after several hours, you might have to call your heating and AC repair service provider for a further assessment. The professional will diagnose the issue and take measures to fix your heat pump.

Low Refrigerant Levels

The refrigerant helps draw the heat from the outside environment and bring it into your indoor space. If the heat pump leaks the refrigerant, it will not effectively heat your Katy, TX home. Refrigerant leaks are dangerous. Hence, they need the immediate attention of a heating and AC repair service technician. Never attempt to clean the refrigerant yourself or patch the leaking refrigerant line. When the professional patches the leak, they will also top up the refrigerant to the required levels. Retain the heating and AC repair service professional for a routine heat pump maintenance and inspection service.

Thermostat Setting Issues

You can easily set the thermostat temperatures to the wrong settings. Hence, you should be sure to check that the thermostat is set to “heat” and the fan set to “auto” rather than “on.” Fan settings are highly critical. Whenever the heat pump has been set to “on,” it continuously blows the air out. When the heat pump detects that your home has reached the required temperatures, it stops heating your indoor air. 

However, the fan continues to blow the air out. When you set the fan to “auto,” it will turn on only when the heat pump is blowing hot air into your home. Thermostats can at times sustain electrical issues or become broken. In such a case, you should call a heating and AC repair service provider to inspect it. The professional can replace or rewire the thermostat to ensure it works efficiently.

Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Service Providers

For excellent and reliable heat pump repair services, contact us at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air. Our technicians are ready to handle your heating and air conditioning issues, whether it is blowing cold air or has a damaged component. They also offer other services like furnace repair, AC installation and repair, and thermostat replacement. They are licensed, dependable, experienced, and well equipped to handle any heating or air conditioning issue that you might have.

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