Common Air Conditioner Moisture Problems – Here’s How an Air Conditioning Service in Cypress Can Help

Common Air Conditioner Moisture Problems – Here’s How an Air Conditioning Service in Cypress Can Help

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Air conditioning units are perfect for curbing excessive moisture in your home. Yet, sometimes, these units can suffer from moisture issues themselves.

An AC unit can develop moisture problems for a number of reasons in Cypress. However, the frequency of these problems goes up a lot during the summer months. The main reason behind this is that humidity escalates during summers.

The human body can get through a humidity level of 30%-50% with ease. But at the peak of the  summer season, humidity in Cypress can rise up to 100% even. Therefore, it’s difficult for AC units to cope up with the rising humidity levels by themselves.

Even when an AC unit is capable of maintaining rising humidity levels, it puts on a lot of strain on the machine. The main job of your AC unit is to cool your home. But when it needs to cope with excessive heat along with handling high humidity levels, it can develop problems.

This is why your AC unit needs to go through maintenance by a professional air conditioning service at least once a year. Maintenance by an air conditioning service in Cypress ensures that your unit can keep performing optimally.

However, the AC unit can also develop problems before the time for maintenance sessions. Therefore, homeowners in Cypress need to be watchful of the following signs and call an air conditioning service in Cypress when they notice them:


Too Much Condensation in Pan

Condensation in an AC unit is a normal phenomenon. On normal days, you won’t have any issues with the condensation inside your unit. However, high humidity levels speed up the process of condensation and water vapors accumulate in the condensate pan at a much faster rate.

Even then you won’t have any issues with your unit as the drain pipe disposes of the water inside the condensate pan. However, sometimes, the condensate pan develops issues itself and isn’t able to dispose of water as efficiently as it needs to.

As a result, the condensate pan starts to overflow and leak water. On other occasions, the condensate pan develops some cracks that leak water. The probability of this happening increases when the humidity levels are high. Ultimately, you’ll need an air conditioning service in Cypress for the following purposes:

Fix the Cracks

Condensate pan develops holes or cracks after they get used excessively. The condensate tray made from metals is prone to these problems because they can develop rust.

An air conditioning service in Cypress can assess the condition of your pan and inform you if it needs to be replaced or not. If the pan is still in an usable condition, the air conditioning service will fix these holes through epoxy glue.

Clear Debris

Your air conditioning can also start accumulating debris by something as simple as a blocked drain pipe. People in Cypress often forget that their air conditioning system can also accumulate debris if the air filters are not doing their job. Other times, insects, dirt, or outdoor debris can find their way into your drainage pipe.

Clogged drain lines can cause the water to back-up and overflow the condensate. However, you won’t need to call an air conditioning service to clean the debris from the drainage pipe. To fix the problem, you’d have to disconnect the line and remove what’s blocking the pipe. You can do this with a wet-dry vacuum or a hand pump.

However, the drainage line can also get affected with rust because of a leak. If that’s the case, you can call an air conditioning service in Cypress to assess the situation and tell you how long the line will last. Asking an air conditioning service provider to replace the rusted drain line can prevent draining problems in the future.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

The condensate is not the only culprit when it comes to excessive moisture in your AC unit. Your AC system can also have problems elsewhere.


Your AC unit needs a steady stream of air flow to keep moisture from accumulating. A clogged air filter can slow this process down a lot. Homeowners in Cypress should make sure that they check the air filters of their unit every one to three months.

When the air filter becomes clogged, evaporator coils in your AC can get cold and freeze. Once you turn the AC off, these coils melt and produce excess water. Therefore, professional air conditioning service in Cypress recommend changing air filters every month during the hot summer months.

Check for Insulation Tears

Poor insulation creates openings that break the seal of your AC unit. As excess air seeps out, the AC unit starts to develop moisture problems. The unit can develop this problem during the winter months. If you notice damp spots around the insulation, call an air conditioning service in Cypress to replace those parts.

Change the Seals

After excessive use, the seals of you system can wear down. Seals are necessary for maintaining the airflow of the unit. Moreover, resolving this problem requires a sophisticated knowledge of AC units. Call an air conditioning service in Cypress as soon as you feel there’s a problem with your unit’s seal.

Who Should You Call?

Cypress Heating and Air is one of the best air conditioning service in Cypress. If you see water standing around your AC unit, feel free to call them at 972-278-3506 to avail their emergency services. You can also visit their website to learn more about the company.