Common HVAC Problems | Air Conditioning Repair Katy

Common HVAC Problems | Air Conditioning Repair Katy

Common HVAC Problems | Air Conditioning Repair Katy

Here atCypress Heating and Air Conditioning, we take the work we provide seriouslybecause we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the highest possiblequality heating and air conditioning repair in Katy. The following arecommon HVAC problems, and tipson how to prevent them:

Clogged Air Filter

A cloggedair filter is the source of numerous heating and air conditioningproblems. The filter’s primary job is to protect the system from dust anddebris. A dirty filter can cause the need for coil cleaning, restricts the airflowthrough the system resulting in increased wear and tear, reduced efficiency,declining performance, and can result in major damage to the system. When thisoccurs, a new installation is required.

Unusual Noise

When an HVAC system starts to make unusual noisesit is likely due to a problem in need of heating and air conditioning repairin Katy. Call now to schedule a repair, as waiting can cause the failureof additional components.

No Cooling

If your airconditioning is not cooling, contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioningto schedule air conditioning repair in Katy today. The problem may bea simple one, such as a broken thermostat, or it may be a more serious problemsuch as low refrigerant due to a leak, a broken compressor, bad fan motor orany number of other issues.

No Heating

A lack of heating during cold weather can be dueto a number of issues, a bad thermostat, tripped circuit breaker, or a failedcomponent. You can rely on our NATE certified technicians to identify the causeand provide a solution.

Inconsistent Temperature

If your home is never the temperature you set, purchasea digital thermostat. Digital thermostats never lose calibration and are moreaccurate than old school style thermostats. Digital models are available frombasic models that you control, to sophisticated learning thermostats that areprogrammable with remote connectivity through WiFi. Programmable models offerenergy savings of up to 30% and a wide variety of available features.

Electrical Odors

Electrical odors are typically due to the overheatingof components. The indoor blower motor is a common example. When a mechanicalfailure occurs, the motor can over-heat, and the insulation on the wires andthe motor windings may melt, causing the odor.

An additional cause may be loose connections, andcan result in the overheating of wires or other components.

Furthermore, an extremely dirty air filter cancause overheating and burn out of components, resulting in an electrical odor.If you detect the an electrical odor, check the filter, if it is not blockedshut the unit off at the breaker and contact our professionals to provideheating and air conditioning repair inKaty.

Burning Odors

Burning odors can be related to electrical odorsand may be wires or parts overheated and burning. If you detect the odor ofburning, check the filter. If it is not blocked, shut the unit off at thebreaker and contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning for heating and air conditioning repair in Katy.

The first few times the heat pump’s backup heatkicks on during each heating season, a dusty, electrical odor is common.

Gas Odors

If you smell gas, evacuate the home immediately,do not strike a flame, or turn on or off any electrical item, such as lights,electronics, or appliances. From a neighbor’s home, or a safe distance from thehome and the odor of gas call 911, and your gas supplier. Leave the door openas you exit your home.

Remember that almost all heating systems can causean odor the first time they are fired-up after installation, and typicallylasts for about 20 minutes. The odor is due to oil on the system to protectagainst rust. Open the windows to allow in fresh air until the oil is burnedoff. This is due to oils on the newly manufactured furnace. In addition, odors are also common the first few times atthe beginning of each heating season. Open the windows to allow fresh air toenter.

The Pilot Light Goes Out

Pilot lights will occasionally go out. However,if this occurs more than once per season, it may indicate a problem, and mayindicate a safety hazard, and the need for heating and air conditioning repair in Katy. Contact your HVAC technician for diagnosis andrepair.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning offerscertified technicians with the expertise to provide a professional job thefirst time and every time. I you have a question about common HVAC problems, or to receive services you can rely on, give us a call. We offer newinstallations, replacement installations, maintenance services, heating and air conditioning repair in Katy, andother professional services. Our technicians serve Katy, Plano, and thesurrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.