Common Issues That Can Affect Your Heat Pump’s Thermostat Leading To Routine <strong>Heating And AC Repair</strong> | <strong>Katy, TX</strong>

Common Issues That Can Affect Your Heat Pump’s Thermostat Leading To Routine Heating And AC Repair | Katy, TX

A functional heat pump is important to keeping your Katy, TX home comfortable during the different seasons. However, even regular maintenance on these systems is not always enough to prevent them from having issues with its thermostat. Fortunately, most of the time, you can take proactive steps to ensure your heat pump’s thermostat stays properly calibrated and functioning correctly. In this blog post, we’ll go over common issues that can arise with your heat pump’s thermostat and what you can do to fix them if necessary. This way, you’ll have all the information you need to keep your heater functioning at peak performance all year round without routine heating and AC repair services.

Dirt Build Up

Although thermostats are equipped with a cover, with time, dust particles can accumulate and affect their performance. When dust builds up, the thermostat fails to gauge the temperature of the surrounding air in the house. Older thermostats can be cleaned by dusting inside the cover. To avoid cleaning it wrong or damaging it, it is good to call a heating and AC repair expert. This way, your professional will clean the thermostat and ensure the heat pump works correctly.

Wrong Positioning in the House

If the thermostat is not installed correctly, it will have many issues. For instance, you may have installed it in direct sunlight. It is important to have it installed in the right spot, as the thermostat controls how your heat pump works. For example, in direct sunlight, the thermostat will only read the house as warm than it is, feeding the wrong signal to the heat pump. This will make it overworked trying to respond to the thermostat.

Still, the same scenario will happen if the thermostat is too close to a heat source. Therefore, ensure it is installed in a central location, away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Call a heating and AC repair professional in Katy, TX to have the thermostat moved if it is in the wrong position.

Outdated Thermostat

Like any other mechanical appliance in your home, your thermostat won’t last forever, no matter how badly you want it. If your thermostat is old, it may malfunction and affect the heat pump’s performance. A smart thermostat can learn your usage patterns to help you save energy. Because there are many smart thermostats you can choose from, you can get confused when choosing the right one. Contact a heating and AC repair technician for assistance to ensure you make the best decision.

Improper Installation

The installation of a thermostat should be done by a professional. If the installation is not done properly, the thermostat and heat pump will malfunction. Therefore, it is good to call a qualified and experienced heating and AC repair technician to do the installation.

One clear indication of improper installation is when you notice wires are not tightly affixed to the thermostat. Don’t try to pull the wires or fix the thermostat yourself, as you can cause electrical issues in your house. If the previous homeowner tried to install a new thermostat, there is a possibility they didn’t do it correctly. Don’t let an improperly installed thermostat affect your heat pump’s performance. Hire a heating and AC repair technician for a professional installation.

An Issue with the Batteries

If your thermostat is giving you a low power warning, you might want to check the batteries. If the batteries are bad, you should replace them. Replacing the batteries is easy; open up the cover and pop in new ones. Without good batteries, the thermostat will fail to monitor the temperature, and the heat pump won’t get the signal to turn on. This will keep your home either too hot or too cold. If the batteries are in good condition and the thermostat is still not working, it is advisable to contact a heating and AC repair expert for help. Many issues can cause the thermostat to fail, and only a professional can assist you.

Program Defects

Modern thermostats are computerized, and a simple defect can make the thermostat malfunction. This means the heat pump won’t work correctly. While modern thermostats are designed to work for years without problems, some are not programmed correctly. If you start experiencing issues with the thermostat and can’t figure out what is happening, the thermostat could have program defects. The only solution to a malfunctioning thermostat is to replace it. Most of its components cannot be repaired, and only a replacement can work. Avoid replacing a thermostat yourself. Contact a heating and AC repair professional in Katy, TX and they will replace your thermostat.

Thermostat Not Being Level

This is a common issue that affects outdated thermostats. The thermostat can get out of position as your house settles and shifts. If the thermostat is not level, it won’t function as intended, affecting the heat pump’s performance. Most mercury bulb thermostats need to be level to operate well. If it is not level, the thermometer inside the thermostat will not be accurate as it should be. This will make the thermostat useless as it won’t keep up with the right temperature in your home. Furthermore, your heat pump will overwork to work with the faulty signals from the thermostat. Call a heating and AC repair technician to inspect the thermometer if your thermostat is old and you suspect it is not level.

The thermostat must be in good shape for your heat pump to operate efficiently. The best way to ensure your thermostat works well is by having an HVAC expert inspect it occasionally. Most thermostat issues arise when there is a build-up of dust and regular wear and tear. If you need professionals who regularly inspect your thermostat, hire Mr. Reliable Heating & Air. Call us today, and we will fix your thermostat and ensure it is ready for any season.

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