Common Plenum Problems That Need The Attention Of An <strong>AC Repair</strong> Company | <strong>Katy, TX</strong>

Common Plenum Problems That Need The Attention Of An AC Repair Company | Katy, TX

Although an HVAC system is a critical appliance for your home, it is worth noting that it isn’t a standalone component. It comprises many parts that work together to ensure that your home is cooled or heated sufficiently. One of these components is the HVAC plenum box. This is a piece of air duct that connects to the unit’s air handler. It is responsible for moving the air through your HVAC system and your Katy, TX home. However, you could also have an HVAC system with two plenum boxes, one installed on the return side and the other on the supply side of your duct system. But what exactly is an HVAC plenum? That is the question that this article will seek to explain. You also will learn of the common plenum issues and how the AC repair technician will address them.

What’s an Air Conditioning Plenum?

As explained in the introduction, the plenum is a box made from a metal sheet and connects to the air handler of your air conditioning system. The HVAC system creates warm or cool air based on the season. This air goes to the air conditioner or the furnace’s air handling unit. The plenum in the air handler’s supply side takes the newly cooled or warmed air and directs it into the air ducts. This explains how the air from the HVAC system gets distributed across your home. The plenum on the return side of the HVAC system’s air handler takes the air inside your home and later sends it to the furnace or air conditioner for heating or cooling.

What Is the Difference Between a Plenum and an Air Duct?

Can plenums be considered to be a part of the air duct system? Yes, they are. They are the piece connecting the air ducts to the central heating and air conditioning system. They are typically box-shaped and made from a metallic sheet. However, since the residential air ducts are rectangular and made from a metallic sheet, distinguishing the two can prove challenging. For this reason, any AC repair involving either should be done by a professional.

Some homes feature cylindrical ductwork made from aluminum, galvanized steel, or even wire coils covered under durable plastic. No matter what type of air ducts you have installed at your home, the plenum is always a metallic sheet box. The ductwork is a vehicle that distributes the air from the heating and air conditioning system to all rooms of your home. The plenum is the piece or part that joins the HVAC and the air ducts. It allows air circulation between your ducts and your air handler. Hence, you should have an AC repair technician inspect and fix any issues with the plenum when they come to ensure your home is adequately cooled or heated.

Do You Require a Plenum?

An HVAC plenum is essential, especially for those with a central cooling and heating system. So, do you need a plenum? Yes, you do. Two are needed for your HVAC system to work efficiently and circulate air at your home. Do you need a plenum installed for your HVAC system? Ensure that it is installed by an AC repair professional in Katy, TX. They know the ideal place to install it.

What Are the Common HVAC Plenum Problems?

Leaky Plenum

At times, air could leak from the HVAC plenum. This will result in your air conditioning equipment running long to cool the indoor air. This is because sufficient cooled or heated air doesn’t make it into your home. If the HVAC system cannot reach the temperatures set in the thermostat, have an AC repair technician inspect it for a plenum leak. Although you could repair the unit yourself, that is not recommended. This is because you might worsen the problem or even be injured. Instead, have a professional inspect the component for leaks and seal them to ensure sufficient air flows into your home.

Dirty Plenum

The plenums could experience a buildup of dirt and dust over time. Unfortunately, this might make them run inefficiently, reducing the airflow into your home. To ensure that the plenums remain clean, it is recommended that you always change the air filters after every 3 months. Additionally, you should have a duct cleaning service done by an AC repair technician. Although DIY duct cleaning is useful and important, you might need help to reach the plenums. Thus, you should have a professional clean the air ducts regularly.

Wrong-Sized Plenum

An improperly sized plenum will adversely affect the entire heating and air conditioning system. If it is too small, it will reduce airflow. If the plenum is too large, it might make your HVAC system work harder than necessary, increasing your electricity utility bills. Do you suspect the plenums installed at your Katy, TX home aren’t of the right size? Have a licensed AC repair technician inspect it. The professional will be able to test the plenum and also suggest the right replacement. Since the plenums are a vital part of your home’s HVAC system, you should not try to repair them yourself. Always have a licensed technician repair it.

Incorrectly Installed Plenum

Were the plenums properly installed? If they weren’t, you could be experiencing various air circulation problems and a regularly malfunctioning heating and air conditioning system. If you hire an inexperienced AC repair technician, they may connect the plenum incorrectly, make attachments at the wrong angles, or duct the air duct holes poorly. All these can affect the airflow. Do you think that your HVAC plenums have either of these issues? Then enlist an AC repair professional for further inspection. After the checkup, the technician can identify and resolve the underlying problems.

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